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12612/ leaving for Russia before they turn me into a slave

12612/obamacare vs wealthcare-Libertarian is the new cool. The best of
both worlds. Socially more liberal than a liberal, financially more
conservative than a conservative- for those who wish to impose religion
into the law, Muslims outnumber Christians 6:1, you might wake up in the
minority someday-House to meet with President Obama, claiming that "if
Fox News hosts and conservative personalities had stopped by the Bush
White House to discuss policy" the press "would have been rightly
outraged." One problem: Not only did Fox News hosts and conservative
personalities meet with President Bush in the White House to discuss
policy, but Laura Ingraham herself was in the room sitting right next to
George W. Bush himself- fb/Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President, Bars
State Workers From Quitting Jobs, Dodonov, Naturally, I'm thinking about
leaving for Russia before they turn me into a slave. 37, who earns the
equivalent of $140 a month at the Borisovdrev plant, says he could make
several times as much in Russia and would have left earlier if he hadn't
had to care for his ailing mother. "How can you survive on such a
miserable salary?, Lukashenko promised to raise an average worker's
salary at the plant from the current $150 a month to $400-$500, roughly
what it would be in Russia. He pledged to increase it further to $1,000
by 2015, but some of the workers were skeptical. My children want to eat
now without waiting for 2015," said Nikolai Khmelevsky, 42, who currently
earns about $200 a month at the Borisovdrev plant-Republicans are taking
notes.-aol/"The senate was not designed to be efficient", Sen. Harry Ried
"Mission F*%^ing ACCOMPLISHED!", Jon Stewart-WIFE  Simone Gbagbo OF
Alarming reports that Syrian military is preparing to use chemical
weapons, Rick Moran, it is possible that in bid to take Syria with him,
the Syrian president would use chemical weapons on the rebels CSM: arms
control experts say could lead to a situation either catastrophic, such
as the weapons falling into the hands of terrorists or being used inside
Syria, or their safe destruction  WMD used again to get American’s
involved in war. Do we go? Should we go? Can we afford it? Can we afford
not to go?-Syria was working on their own WMD programs well before the
2003 invasion of Iraq, so any WMD they have are probably their own
anyway. Syria didn't sign the Chemical Weapons Convetion back in 1993,
what does that tell you? Already 40,000 deaths trying to keep power, why
wouldn’t they use WMD to kill a few 100,000’s if desperate? There was a
vote of congress to go into Iraq, will there be a vote? More questions?-
Already 40,000 deaths trying to keep power, why wouldn’t they use WMD to
kill a few 100,000’s if desperate?-That would pretty well assure the
overthrow of the Assad regime yfs/butz lonely he already lubed himself
with ky for boyfriend-neonaziwarloser anti-semitic postings fact! Yahoo!
GO UP 500 POINTS ON THE NEWS-More Bogus Stats and Gov't Lies anything to
keep the FACADE alive ygs/Home prices in red light districts, more UK
college kids becoming prostitutes, not a moral issue as much as
observation of trend towards drugs and sex economies. There is nothing
wrong with bread and circuses until the bread is no longer availble. What
happens to home prices in a red light district typically?-busy with
finals in typewriter repair...Dr.F said "no 72 hour hold for Batman"...
she did sign off on a 4 minute suicide watch and poly pharma toxicty
treatment plan approved by Davita Dialysis. ybac/
12512/little richard 80 yrs old, 116 yr ol woman dies, mcstain wants to
takeout assan, citi cutting 11000 jobs, joopriest love thy neighbor, pist
the minorica is a holiday candlestick, on imus/fiscal cliff tax increase
a big prob, on in the via ales weedsandbushescan'tjamafixitgeraldo/
12412/bonobo is trying to rob $700 billion from medicare for the elderly
to fund medicaid for the poor-JUST SAY NO TO ALL UNION PRODUCTS !!!!!!!!
ITS WORKING WE WILL BEAT THE UNION IDIOTS-Unions represent the best the
Democrats have to offer. Over paid and lazy they are one step above
welfare #$%$. Goverment unions are the biggest joke- way to go #$%$ no
worker income, no taxable income. low wages, means suplimental income
from government. example: wal-mart pay low wages. so employees cannot
afford insurance. so they apply for social assistance. ie.; medicaid,
food stamps, low income housing, they got you on this hate unions and you
can't see the real cause behind it. low wages means more corperate
profit. bigger ceo and top brass pay. look at the koch brothers, over 50
billion dollars. how about adelson and others. yet they can't get enough.
where do you fall in that catagory. do you think they are doing this for
you and antiunions. and you call yourself an american. get a life TOOLyc/
Did Mitt Romney moved to California to get gay therapy treatment?- If
Romney were gay, he would be a Democrat. Not a Republican ybac/
12312/Pentagon Sending Hundreds of Additional Spies Overseas wp/ Obama
Debt Limit Proposal Sees Quiet Celebration on Wall Street The Hill/
Taliban Attack US Base in Afghanistan wsj/Donald Trump: Chinese Made Up
Global Warming Media Matters/Ballotpedia, Judgepedia, WikiFOIA and Her
Right-Wing Bedfellows When reporters and other users of The Lucy Burns
Institute's resources cite the organization's work, they may not be aware
of its close ties to right-wing funders and organizations including
foundations and organizations associated with the Koch brothers Sara
Jerving, PR Watch-History of Iran: The Origins of Aryan People, Iranian
People & Tribes: The Origins of Aryan People By: M. Sadeq Nazmi Afshar
bruthas and sistuhs, don't go to whitey's schools! the man just wants to
introduce you to drugs, watch you drop out, and then hire your blackaz as
his janitor. /You can make more money the ez way, sell your vote to the
non-ideological course of supporting business and job creators and
maximizing energy production on federal lands the Great Recession would
never have happened. Instead he sat on his hands for two years focused on
Obamacare and let the economy deteriorate-The great recession preceded
Obama, it happened in Bush's term, as any normal person knows. Where you
been boy?-Its the party of neotardation!-How do you explain the
employment turn around in the first three months and the end of the
recession in two quarters then ybac/understand people's reasoning for
opposing certain symbols, it let's them concentrate all their fear,
hate.... whatever emotion into one small focused object. however, when
people let a symbol dictate or elicit that much emotion or response from
them the "evil" that it represents wins-a group of Jewish Hippies wearing
Swastika tattoos and I'm still puzzled as to what that was about. Maybe
they were trying to desensitize the symbol in some way? All I know is
they were defiantly Jewish, defiantly hippies and were defiantly wearing
Swastika tats on their ankles, Where is the peace and love in that? Is it
a symbol of peace and love originally? fb/ here's how the banks try to
buy their way out forbes/ +Hari Sreenivasan: David Coleman Headley's Web
of Betrayal The American behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks was dedicated to
one thing: himself/digging holes and successfully analyzing the martian
surface. anything more than that is extra scoops of ice cream, if you ask
me- Organic molecules: it's a big deal- In the beginning God created
heaven and earth...did he create Mars too?- "We have no definitive
detection of Martian organics at this point, but we will keep looking in
the diverse environments of Gale Crater," said SAM Principal Investigator
Paul Mahaffy of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md-
WARNINGS....YOU ARE BEING WATCHED ALL THE remember this when you
completely loose your rights !!!! RT talks to William Binney,
whistleblower and former NSA crypto-mathematician who served in the
agency for decades. Virtual privacy in US, Petraeus affair and
whistleblowers' odds in fight against the authoritiesTIME g+/ a friend
who got sauced and threatened her boyfriend and she was arrested for
"terrorist threats"It all depends on which pig comes when you call.Giving
a cop discretion is like giving an infant a hand grenade-cl/ beau sez why
16T, why not 100T clintons fault, not 41 or 43. on imus/12% believe in
endtimes, on geraldo
12212/A disciple of former Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler, Shaun
Winkler, who unsuccessfully ran for sheriff of Bonner County this year,
said a supporter is donating 8 acres near the town of Priest River that
he hopes to develop into a place for white supremacists to conduct
meetings, cross burnings and other activities, wants to build a new
compound in Northern Idaho, Many an ss-holes will move there yip/Widows
Pushed Into Foreclosure by Mortgage Fine Print Just as the housing market
is recovering, a growing group of homeowners, widows over 50 whose
husbands held the mortgage, are losing their homes, the rate of
foreclosures among people over 50 increased by 23 percent from 2007 to
2011, resulting in 1.5 million foreclosures, botched forms, unanswered
calls and the peculiar frustration of being asked repeatedly by servicers
for the same documents echo the concerns that culminated in a $26 billion
settlement over other mortgage flaws with the country’s five largest
mortgage servicers. . nyt/harvard kinksex club?/It's Not Just That
Corporations Are Ignoring Global Warming, They Are Profiting From It
To the detriment of planet earth and its inhabitants, climate change
presents a new frontier of profitability for the fossil fuel and resource
extraction industries. Shirtwaist 2012: Discounting Lives to Maximize
Profits Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash/Fracking's Health Calamities Left to
Fester Currently, fracking is taking place in 36 states across the
nation. It has become the new gold rush for those who stand to benefit.
But for those who stand in the way, it can be devastating Jan Goodwin, On
The Issues Magazine:-A report from the United States Government
Accountability Office (GAO) finds it possible to close Guantanamo and
move the detainees to the US, but the report doesn't address the
transparency or human rights issues that have plagued the facility since
it was first built. Yana Kunichoff, Truthout/ While the rhetoric of "free
markets" tends to be all about reducing state interference in the
economy, in actuality state interference increases, but only for the
benefit of large corporations and banks. Andrew Gavin Marshall, Occupy
Cleveland Anarchist Bomb Plot Aided and Abetted by the FBI Rather than
target real risks of domestic terror, like neo-Nazis, the FBI entrapment
machine demonizes anarchists and Muslims Arun Gupta, The Guardian-
GAO Report on Guantanamo Doesn't Touch Indefinite Detention, Civil
Liberties Offenses/Fake AP Graph Exposes Israeli Fraud and IAEA Credulity
The Associated Press story displaying a graph alleged to be part of an
Iranian computer simulation of a nuclear explosion raises serious
questions about the International Atomic Energy Association’s (IAEA)
claim that it has credible evidence of such modeling work by Iran. Gareth
Porter, Lobelog/ Manning Testifies About His Torture; Was It Aimed at
Turning Him on Assange? According to Michael Ratner, who is the lawyer
for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning describes cruel and
unusual punishment and offers to plead to lesser charges Paul Jay, The
Real News Network: . GOP Extremists Continue to Push Repugnant Anti-Women
Laws Sarah Seltzer, AlterNet: Some Republicans are continuing to fight
the same noxious battles, in some cases putting women’s access at risk.
Indefinite Detention: Senate Votes Down Military Imprisonment of
Americans hp/Historic Strike for $15 an Hour Fast-food workers from
McDonalds and other outlets are demanding a living wage and the right to
unionize Jaisal Noor, The Real News Network/ Obama to GOP: I'm Done
Negotiating With Myself wp/ The Syrian government shut down the entire
country's access to the internet on Thursday during fierce fighting in
Damascus. The government is blaming the move on terrorists, but internet
experts have traced the stoppage to government-controlled tracer
routesSteve Williams, Cause2/ Senate Backs Quicker Afghanistan Withdrawal
ap/ Pat Robertson Challenges Creationism cnn/ Why Are Cows' Tails
Dropping Off? As farmers lease their land to oil companies for fracking,
evidence of contamination in the animals and plants grown nearby is not
reassuring. Elizabeth Royte, The Nation/Supreme Head Scratcher - Court
Surprises Watchers, Does Nothing (yet) on Gay Marriage, Ariane de
Vogue's report- Fiscal State of PlayWashington took a step closer to the
dreaded "fiscal cliff" today with campaign-style sniping replacing
negotiations and There's a stalemate,"Boehner sez "Let's not kid
ourselves. Right now, we are almost nowhere." The public posturing
matches what is going on behind the scenes. Talks appear to have reached
a standstill - deadlocked on the big three issues: taxes, entitlement
spending and the debt ceiling. A key senator told ABC News chances were
"slim" that an agreement would be reached before the so-called fiscal
cliff results in across-the-board tax hikes on Jan. 1. "That's sort of
like the lump of coal you get for Christmas," President Obama said at a
campaign-style visit to a toy manufacturing facility in Hatfield, Pa.
"That's a scrooge Christmas." The Dem proposal that made Mitch McConnell
laugh out loud - Jon Karl reports-Republican Congressman Making Waves in
'Fiscal Cliff' Negotiations? Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) made headlines this
week when suggested that his Republican colleagues should join with
jama on a quick "fiscal cliff" fix by voting to extend the Bush tax-rates
for everyone but the highest income earners, and leaving the rest of the
debate for later-abc/edsels grandson thinks lincoln is there for the
long haul, bazooka joe semiretirement,jefferson, sally hemmings, 600
slaves whipped to be more productive, moroca sez internet is one big
bathroom stall , on cbsundaymorning/
"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."
~Albert Einstein fb
There is a huge gulf between what policy makers think should happen and
the consequences of their actions for police officers in poor areas.
Indeed, vowing to beat gangs into submission, as Mr. Alckmin has
promised, stokes the fires of retaliation. His recent claim that “Anyone
that hasn’t resisted arrest is alive,” a phrase also used by a former
governor to describe the 1992 massacre of 111 inmates at Carandiru
prison, has inflamed the P.C.C., sent the body count soaring and returned
São Paulo to an era of repressive policing. And the victims are often the
closest and easiest targets, Police officers cannot live up to the
public’s expectations when they are preoccupied with hiding their own
identities. Approaches to public security need to reflect this reality.
Increasing wages and removing career barriers would be helpful.
Ultimately though, Brazil and other Latin American governments must find
ways to make police officers more valued and respected in their own
communities by presenting a more sympathetic image of the police force.
One possible way is to have them deliver other respected community
services as a second or third job. Last week’s announcement that the São
Paulo public security secretary and the region’s two police chiefs had
been fired is promising. Openness to new ideas and a cold reckoning with
the system’s shortcomings are desperately needed nyt/Perry: God Commands
Us to Back Israel, supporting Israel isn't just good policy, it's a
religious duty that Barack Obama isn't fulfilling-Israel needs our help
to take care of the Palestinians?? Most of them are only rock throwers-
Righteous living = God's morral laws. Killing babies. Gay life style.
Fornication. Adultry. Blasphemy. Taking the Lord's name in vain. Lying.
Stealing. Drunkenness. Selfishness. Hatred. Laws that prohibit public
prayer. Would u like me to go on? All these things have become the norm
so much people dont even feel they are wrong any more. But just because
seciety shifts it's morals-If you actually hear yourself, you'd realize
how crazy you and that sounds. Well, I'M Christian and that means
everyone should follow that, because I'M clearly always right. It's
ridiculous-assisting butthurt about pali in the un, assisting zioizzys
implicates everyone, they alone must face the music, fer ricky,
it's not his fault, been drinking fracking water so long now-fb/
wotamerica thinks, rasmussin, after election slapdown, attempts to do it
again for the fauxsnooze masters/bob parrots douchbag talk points, 23B
cuts out farm program, , crammer sez the resession will happen, till 2014
bartiromo, norquest sez jama pushing the cliff edge, on mtp/citi bp
northrup on abc
THE REASON FOR DICTATORS Destroy banks money stream through harsh regs
and you will have a 1929 like market crash-Right wing fanatics need to be
exorcised from their racist and seditious demons-bound up by Satan's
demonic legions that never stop spewing racism, sedition, hatred, lies,
and all things foul and evil, Seditious right wingers: Do your patriotic
duty and volunteer for fodder at the maggot farm-The maggots may object
to that. They are used to eating higher quality.-Masturbative posts from
your Instutional cage will not be permitted. You know that. Boxing gloves
back on for you, you racist little twerp ybac/LIAR Bush To Republicans:
Start Wars, Kill 10,000 Americans, Disable 50,000, No one will notice we
did it. Republicans think they will win more elections by doing the same
thing because they have 47% of Americans with the lowest education to
vote for them. The Tea Party was found to be the dumbest group in
America, even illegals from Mexico rated much higher. Republicans are the
White Power Group in America, they will never occupy the White House-Get
a F KING life you left wing zealot. Everyone on this board knows that you
are a handicapped peon who's bravado for the left is shameful. Along with
Stocktor for the right wing, you two should meet in an ally and start
sucking each others ding dong. Pathetic-Strong Long Wrong- Amazing
thoughts- Before it's all over, the butler in chief will fill the whole
white house kitchen cabinet (not to mention the toilets) with black
tards. Say good bye to what was left of the United Sates of America and
hello to the United Hoods of America-The ones who send check studs shall
be rewarded! yc/MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) sez If the
IRS grabbed 100 percent of income over $1 million, the take would be just
$616 billion," writes John Stossel. "That’s only a third of this year’s
deficit. Our national debt would continue to explode President Barack
Obama's plan to raise taxes on the wealthy would only generate enough
revenue to fund the federal government for eight day-I don't want to
question my President or Modern Day Lib-Retardism Clause's good
intentions. Doing so would clearly make me a racist who wants to starve
children, deny the elderly heathcare, hate woman, want dirtier air,
water, unsafe food and want to destroy the planet with Climate Change.
Anxiously awaiting my education here today. Please teach me how a
reduction in growth is truly a Cut. Thank you dearly in advance-The poor
have gotten the lion's share of tax cuts in the last 14 years. Wealth is
now concentrated with the poor. The poor have too much money so we should
raise taxes on them.that did not explain the math. It was just more
rhetoric to distort and distract away from the root cause and the truth
that we do not have a revenue problem that can be fixed with taxing the
rich, but a spending problem the result of Modern Day Lib Retardism
Clause. Wanny try again?- Did mathmatical reality and the truth of Modern
Day Lib-Retardism Clause scare you away? yfs/Hatred does not cease
through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an
unalterable law. Buddha/
113012/Humiliation of Bradley Manning The pre-trial hearing, even
Manning’s Marine jailers were worried about the controversy over his
degrading treatment in their custody Ray McGovern, Consortium News/
Republicans likely will hold things like extended unemployment benefits
hostage; a movement is underway in the US Senate to get rid of the NDAA's
highly controversial indefinite detention provision; a new report by the
Government Accountability Office confirms that enough prison space has
been cleared in the US to securely hold the 166 prisoners currently
detained in Guantanamo Bay hartmann/upset about ambassador rice, McCain
and Lindsay Graham were 100 percent behind the weapons of mass
destruction falsehoods- Walmart, Sears and a Mass Grave in Bangladesh-
BuzzFlash/ UN Grants Palestine Observer State Status BBC/Executive
Bonuses: Twinkie Maker To Seek Approval For $1.8 Million In Bonuses
During Liquidation-hope Walmart buys them and gets the Sno Balls back on
the shelf soon. Hopefully cheaper too. It's up to you now remaining
executives-you should not get any bonus - you failed in your jobs! One of
the things CEOs, COOs, and CFOs are supposed to do is the ensure that the
company continues to be profitable. Among the things that should have
been done is to produce a product more in line with today's health
standards and the public's demands. They didn't do that. The management
should have been able to successfully negotiate a labor contract. They
didn't do that. And yet, some judge decides to reward them for
incompetence. I have a problem with that-Cremnophobia is spreading among
American companies. That’s the snazzy word for “fear of cliffs,” and in
this case it’s that fiscal one that everyone’s talking about-economic
damage was confined mainly to the Northeast. In other parts of the
country, the economy picked up in early November, when many New Yorkers
were still without powereconomic damage was confined mainly to the
Northeast. In other parts of the country, the economy picked up in early
November, when many New Yorkers were still without power..the picture
alone is worth the visit, Damage Worse Than Expected At $62 Billion
hp/sad fact: People are blind to the danger of having a Welfare Black
Obama as their leader and lead them to Cliffs of No Return! Spending $
1.2+ Trillions USD a year on Food Stamps!-Recall: Movement Underway to
recall Boehner yc/Agentes Desinformadores del Nuevo Orden Mundano (David
Icke, Alex Jones, Zeitgeist, etcetera) youtube/Metodo Pempenides El Libro
de la Vida BIENVENIDOS!!! Sitio dedicado a la evolución integral del Ser.
they marry them young, on imus/hoffa and other assorted knotheads on
geraldo/kscity millionair gives 50k to sandy victims, insurance problems,
112912/Fueled by War on Drugs, Mexican Death Toll Could Exceed 120,000 as
Calderon Ends Six Year Reign, dispelled the myths surrounding the
failed US Mexico war on drugs. newly released statistics that indicate
the predicted death toll from the alleged war turned bloodbath will
likely far exceed past estimates Mark Karlin/Better Off Fighting to Keep
Wonder Bread in a Union, conspicuously missing in the Hostess saga is the
voice of the people on the shop floor. Mike Hummel on his time at
Hostess, and why he supported the strike Yana Kunichoff-Death in the
Family, and the Question Is: Whodunit?  Like a character in a bad Agatha
Christie whodunit, the private equity outfit that had taken over Hostess,
the one so insistently pointing the finger of blame at others - turns out
to be the one who killed the Twinkie. Along with the livelihoods of
18,500 workers Jim Hightower Truthout/CEOs Try to Shred the Safety Net
While Pigging Out on Corporate Welfare, bailed out by the American
taxpayer after a Wall Street-driven financial crash.To show their
appreciation, they have joined forces to promote economically disastrous
and socially irresponsible austerity, Lynn Parramore, AlterNet/Heartbeat
Bill and Defunding of Planned Parenthood Look Dead in Ohio Senate
Cleveland Plain Dealer/The Coming Liberal Wave The American Prospect/
Kerry's Senate Seat May Be the Real Target of the GOP Benghazi Suicide
Squad, Speculation is rampant on why three GOP senators are conducting an
utterly disproportionate attack on Susan Rice. Could it be that their
real goal is winning a senate seat for the GOP? Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash/
Not a Single Woman Will Lead Any of the Major House Committees in the
113th Congress Politico/Fiscal Cliff in Powerball (580M2winners)s
1,600,000,000,000/550,000,000=2909.09 So the Fiscal Cliff Negotiators are
looking for 2909 Powerballs between now and Jan. 1. Or 4,324 Powerballs
after taxes-a start, The U.S. govt. could save $146 million per year if
it got rid of dollar bills-Ann Romney's love for horses and the
competitive equestrian sport of dressage, has more time to enjoy other
interests. One perhaps a little more well known but with at least a
little something in common with the sport of horse ballet, seen at
dancing with- abc/the largest grassroots campaign in history to re-elect
President Obama. Here's a breakdown of what that looked like in
communities across the country. 813 field offices 10,000 neighborhood
teams 2.2 million volunteers But it wasn't just about offices and
volunteers, it's about what you achieved: 1,793,881 voters registered
Over 150 million calls made and doors knocked on More than 25 million
calls made and door knocked on during the last four days alone obc/fights
broke out during the second day of the viewing of slain fighter Hector
"Macho" Camacho Wednesday, including a scratching match between the slain
fighter's alleged lover and his girlfriendespn/H.W. Bush has been
hospitalized in Houston for treatment of a lingering cough. kusatv/
A film by Jeffrey M. Smith Jeffrey M. Smith, head of the the Institute
for Responsible Technology,Genetic Roulette: The Gamble for Our Lives
believes that when the US government allowed genetically modified crops
into our environment and food supply, it was "a gamble of unprecedented
proportions." In this documentary film, evidence that Americans' health
is deteriorating, especially among children, as a result order by phone,
call (213) 489-1971 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time/emogene webber
sez biber on the way out, iman sez stewart varney is an abject idiot even
with british accent, on imus/kimball, at jama's request, sez mitt visit
to whitehouse will include pointing out all the things he missed out on,
bernie briefing/concern about linsays latest frackas, asks if it
substance abuse or bad genes, train wreck or target, looking to
obituaries for answer, zionizzy spokesman  blames palis, for netandyahoo
sez, disappointed about palis, broke peace negotiations by joining un
seat, zion wants to play nice now, eyeball to eyeball, caller sez
evangicals are zionizzy's only friend, glibby unziongoon sez wotever
makes them happy, jack sez ireland peace is proof izzy (pinkarabs) can
get along with palis too, rwnut att intel capitol records, nevada harley
tycoon lance gillman 1% bothell sez the better start getting along
healthcare gutting businesses, rabbi sez isreal is not jewish the jew is
not jesus, mustang ranch rio runaway, multitasking gretta van sesteron
sez poorsusan rice should tell state secrets bengazigate coverup and take
care of the fiscalcliff via fauxsnooze robert ales, on (isrealiperyoria
proudzionist hamas is suni fiscalcliff 33days) geraldo/ rightwingnut
holiday feelgood book (crownforum), the joy of hate, on wabc

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