Tuesday, November 13, 2012

111312/Obamanites are going to come here and say this and say that in due time you will see exactly what I mean

111312/laughable GOTV product ORCA, some secret organization to observe
polls with "strike lists" on election day, was developed by a small,
isolated tech team working under mitt's political sources, the product
was never properly beta tested, and wasn't revealed until the week of the
election. Most people on the campaign weren't that surprised, priorities
were so screwed up, hypersensitive about information security, but also
wanted to use the best technology they could, In the end they got
neither- Economic conservatives with reasonable political standpoints
were overpowered by religious zealots and bizarre figures like Donald
Trump. Obama's team did an overall better job connecting with everyday
people-who the hell would vote for someone endorsed by hugo chavez and
vladimir putin and every wacky kook in hollyweird?-It's very simple why
he lost, more of us picked the other guy. And for every person who did,
they probably have their own reason for doing so. Get over it already-
the business genius neglected the human element. What a surprise.- more
waffles than an Ihop and Waffle house. He flipped which ever way the wind
was blowing-bashing by a long shot the most qualified to be president
between the two men ! Obamanites are going to come here and say this and
say that in due you will see exactly what I mean tim-yn/broadwell, kelly,
toplessciagntemail , gen allen, cantor, involved in bengazibetrayusgate,
on imus/pelosi and sen g tying it to gWTFb administration, brettbart,
ucmj, manning, on geraldo guesss the easy answer, lolig @ eloquent linda,
111212/emails Petraeus exchanged with Broadwell raised the possibility of
a security breach, congressional committees, because the matter started
as a criminal investigation into harassing emails allegedly sent by
Broadwell to Kelley, the second woman as Jill Kelley, 37, who lives in
Tampa, Fla., and serves as an unpaid social liaison to MacDill Air Force
Base and her husband were regular guests at events he held at Central
Command headquarters, didn't rule out the possibility that Congress will
compel Petraeus to testify about Benghazi at a later date, even though
he's relinquished his job-Rove was so stunned when election results were
announced live on Fox News he tried to argue with the network's data
center over their decision to call the race. It was a very public, and
unintentional, tar-and-feathering level embarrassment for Rove. The
segment ended with questions being raised over Rove's role on the
network. Is it still okay to use Rove as a political analyst, something
he's more than qualified for from his time with the Bush campaign, when
he's so involved with what he's supposed to cover? Rove doesn't just have
a dog in the race; he has hundreds of millions of dollars invested in
that dog, Donors "weren't saying anything like, 'Hey, you dumb son of a
b——, all very businesslike. It was as if you were in a business
conference and you were a retailer and ‘why didn’t this product sell
better?’" It was a civil conversation, but it's still something Rove
isn't used to: people don't question Karl Rove, We’re dusting ourselves
off, analyzing the data to figure out what went wrong and charting a path
forward, we’ve always said, Crossroads is a permanent entity and will be
back in 2014 and beyond, with Karl Rove continuing in his role as
adviser-seeing Rove almost start blubbering was worth it. $300,000,000
Rove raised and they (FOX) are still saying Obama was able to paint
Romney as a raiding businessman and uncaring politician early in the
race. Where was the money spent? Skewed polls to keep the money rolling
in-The voice of the people was louder than the voice of the corporations.
-the GOP in an comparison to Hitler. History will repeat itself if WE THE
PEOPLE do not stand up to stop it. The GOP's main goal is to limit and
take away every right and freedom that the 99% have. This is not a fight
between the philosphies of two parties. It is a fight for the American
way of life. The sooner everyone realizes that, the faster we can band
together to continue to fight for what is right-Really need to start
taxing religious organizations when they are in violation of interferring
in politics-To all you sheeple libatrd morons f u!! If the truth ever
comes out onumbnuts the great liar chief will be impeached now go back to
watching chrissy matthews with the thrill running up his lying a $$ ed
leg. Ps. Leanna u r a douche bag like all the douche bags in the democrap
party'they couldn't tell the truth if your pitiful lives depended upon
it- it's hard to tell you the truth when you live in another reality. I'm
sorry that many of us live in the real world. Your world sounds like a
horrible place to live-@christan i can't wait for the riots to begin when
the obama money runs dry-you weren't born an ignorant racist fool, you
had to learn that, so your family and those around you must be as
throwback as you. It's ok if your mom is your sister, the republicans
think god wants it that way-We the people or at least some have fallen
victims into thinking Obama's socialist ways are good for America. So
wrong-So Karl was involved in the fake WMD scam leading the U.S. into a
war with Iraq over #$%$ information about "yellow cake" is now headed
down another path of stupidity. I am curious, do they give people like
Karl Rove psychiatric exams? -Compared to Rove, even FOX news looked fair
and balanced on election night. -GOPers Are Getting Wary of Michele
Bachmann Connor Simpson yAtlantic Wire/Still Hate Your Cable Company?
292,000 Defections Show You're Not Alone df/Israeli tanks struck a Syrian
artillery launcher, first direct clash between the neighbors, new fears
that the Syrian civil war could drag Israel into the violence, a scenario
with grave consequences for the region. The fighting has already spilled
into Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. " Syrian fighter jet bombed a rebel-held
area hugging the border with Turkey three times, killing 15 to 20 people,
according to a Turkish official. Separately, eight wounded Syrians died.
carefully trying to avoid any involvement. It has found itself in a
difficult position as the fighting rages near the frontier with the Golan
Heights, a strategic plateau it captured from Syria in 1967, photographer
on the Golan side saw gunmen, presumably rebels, running as explosions
shook the village from the shelling by Syrian army mobile artillery
visible  sez Netanyahu We are closely monitoring what is
happening and will respond appropriately. We will not allow our borders
to be violated or our citizens to be fired upon(zion loving chieftain)/
iman in a neil young mood, guesses correctly, patreaus gf sez he goes all
in, on imus/puppet sex on rush/the view girls are entralled/even lizzy
sez the timing is valid, but it's hard to think about two things at the
same time, tapper sez betrayus joins mccrystal in the hall of shame, on
the view/
111112/Just print the mopney and give it to us, problem solved, the vast
amounts of money created by central banks and distributed for free to
banks and bond funds – equivalent to $6,000 per man, woman and child in
America and £6,500 in Britain Anatole Kaletsky-Why don't we denationalize
money, legalize competition (including competing currencies), allow free
markets to work, and allow free-market banking to work?yc/THE PEOPLE I
hate anyone, feel sorry for the mentally retarded-Multiculturalism A
Disease That White Countries Caught From Jews cby (censoredby)- your a
phony, ygs/LIaRS, -TO ALL DIE HARD REPUBLICANS HA, HA-To all the robutts
that pledged to leave the country if obama was elected, pack your bags-
REPUBLICANS MAKING A MOVE To rename the party :the republican knights of
the klu klux klan, They figure that since they can't elect a president
that they might be able to elect a grand wizard- What will the Republican
House do? Nothing except be the party of no, No sense, no ideas, no
desire to help-Republican Poster Boy a 51 year old , white trash biggiot
named Bubba? it's Sundday bama still kicked the radical rights #$%$.
listen to them weep-Please take some of your welfare money or use your
food stamps-WAR ESCALATING ISRAEL FIRNG MISSLES-Iran has more than their
nose in it. They are the primary weapons supplier for terrorist- Put
Israel out of its Misery, What did the Germans do to the Jews ? There YOU
go, ya mean. Hop to it, warmonger, go get you some. Plenty of flights
ybac/The polls are right, If, however, the turnout is more like 2010 than
2008 then it will be a Romney landslide. I have it less on the electoral
vote but am very certain Mitt will crush him on the popular vote...lets
not forget the Gore debacle-Amazing how timesucKKKslut just vanished
after making his "final" prediction, Romney would win in an electoral
landslide, picking up states, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and
Colorado. I stick with that prediction: Romney 337 Obama 201-he has
probably switched over to another id, in order to avoid his HUMILIATING
EMBARRASSMENT!-when Obama wins we're going to laugh at you and we're
going to laugh at you. Get your crybaby ignore list ready, drunken
coward!-you are the one familure abt the KKK...just like old home week
for you...burn a few crosses, kick and whip a few little black girls,
just like the old days-idiots had no clue, wishful thinking, Bordering on
insanity-mitt_zombney- y2k/repubs close refineries then demand more
refinerines in PA and Delaware-psychofuck, you STILL posting about this
BS, 8 months after you last posted about it? Get a life, LOSER-WILL THE
REPUBLICANS LEAD US INTO WAR AGAIN? Republicans are better at starting
wars than ending them. The GOP loss of this election decreases the odds
of the Republicans leading us into war again- NOTE THE RACIST DICTION IN
REPUBLICAN POSTS TODAY It is not going away but can draw more people away
from the right-wing fundamentalist zealots-repubs Typical republican
lying traitors=362 filibusters, obama is the problem?-Our way of getting
even over all the election fraud committed by democrats. 21 counties in
America voted 100% for Obama, yeah sure they did. The polls showed the
race even. I hope you die a slow painful death-maobowa: is the problem?
we have to ask is maobowa telling the truth? he seems to have trouble
getting his facts straight? if there's any truth to his allegation, since
when? and what were they filibustering? dirty dems were in the regular
habit of attaching bill killing surrender riders to bills they wanted to
poison and screwing bush's judiciary recommendations-Wyoming Male GD
right moron. Dems had FULL control of Congress for Bunglers first term-
maobowa making excuses for maobowa, dumbocrats held war funding hostage
to extort their budget busting gov't growth programs during bush's last
two years in office-another white old man very much out of touch with
morality, science, and the world generally. y66/ Newspapers: CIA Director
David Petraeus Resigns From CIA, Admits Affair ends a 37-year military
and intelligence career after admitting he "showed extremely poor
judgment Jonathan S. Landay and Hannah Allam, McClatchy to/Texas and 15
States have filed a petition to secede from the United States9527
signatures of 25000- new country will be named Dumbfuckistan-another
religious movement like the chik-fil-a pilgrimage. Only the cool people
will be left in America-cya l8r dumbfukistanians-g+/insider attacks that
are fracturing the trust between NATO and Afghan forces, gunman wearing
an Afghan army uniform on Sunday shot and killed a foreign service member
of coalition forces fighting in Afghanistan-Israeli aircraft struck the
Gaza Strip on Sunday, killing a Palestinian man, as militants bombarded
the Jewish state with rockets and mortars in a fierce second day of
fighting- James Davies was his Lakewood sergeant's ideal: focused,
undaunted, always up for a tough arrest, always focused on doing his job
killed by friendly fire dp/Orwellian "Religious Respect Conference"
Indicates Clear Bias Against the Non-Religious The idea of the United
States Air Force Academy (USAFA) of having "reformed" itself in the field
of "Religious Respect" is akin to a trio of felons celebrating time
served in a penitentiary, clapping one another on the back for
"reforming" themselves despite all salient evidence to the contrary Mikey
Weinstein, AlterNet/Heritage Foundation's Declaration of War Against
President Obama is Not Well Received Daily Kos/ Gaza is the world's
largest open-air prison, where some 1.5 million people on a roughly
140-square-mile strip of land are subject to random terror and arbitrary
punishment. Zionists argue that Arabs have no real reason to be in
Palestine, they can be just as happy somewhere else and should leaveNoam
Chomsky, Truthout:Kansas, Missouri Won't Set Up Health Insurance
Exchanges, a key provision of federal health care law, and Gov. Sam
Brownback of Kansas says he won't support a state-federal health
insurance marketplace Jason Hancock, McClatchy Newspapers/GOP's War on
Voting Backfired Ten major restrictive voting laws were blocked in court,
and turnout among young, black and Hispanic voters increased, quite
possibly because the push to suppress voters made them even more
motivated to cast a ballot Ari Berman, The Nation/Trickle-Down Fail:
Romney Campaign Cancels Staff Credit Cards in the Middle of the Night
Forbes/Karl Rove Defends His $300 Million Disaster tpm/In a testament to
how national politics has become like marketing brand-name consumer
products, the Republican Party has had Bush or Nixon brands on every
winning ticket since 1952-No Future for the Republican Party Mark Karlin,
buzzFlash at Truthout/five new women to the US Senate, four of them
Democrats, means that the 113th Congress will have 20 female senators,
the most ever in US history Judy Molland, Care2/“no point” in continuing
to prosecute the 175 people currently facing misdemeanor charges of
marijuana possession. Friday’s announcement followed the passage of
Initiative 502, which legalized marijuana possession of one ounce or less
in Washington State. The law also called for a legal framework under
which marijuana could be grown and sold; both those activities remain
illegal outside the medical marijuana industry-So what If the Department
of Justice sues the State, As long as people voted for legalization in
the State, the Feds have no right to intervene. The people have spoken,
There is not an urgent national security reason not to respect the will
of our voters, this direction should receive the same deference as the
medical marijuana laws already adopted by 16 states and Washington, D.C.
seattlepi/fans of Mitt Romney have been unliking him on Facebook at a
rate of more than 800 per hour since he lost the election dailydot/
(in my best monk impersation, here's what happened...betrayus agreed to
make some rightwingnut gays+fem porn, in the oval office,
gone horribly wrong....Petraeustop&gWTFbisthebottomwfemporngate)
111012/Why has Louisiana ordered 200,000 death certificates? Does this
have anything to do with the Louisiana Sinkhole or maybe another
devastating hurricane like Hurricane Katrina striking? What about
preparation for a New Madrid quake?-Death toll in U.S. rises to 113 from
Hurricane Sandy: 2.7 million, across 15 states, still without power-
Alert levels raised on Philippines volcanoes Mayon and Taal after episode
of volcanic quakes-Haida Gwaii hot springs shut off by 7.7 magnitude B.C.
earthquake-bin/Marital fidelity should be more like a baseline rather
than a rule in modern society, we just destroyed a "NATIONAL ASSET" that
cost me, "Joe Lunch box" a ton of money to train! Why should we punish
the taxpayer perhaps our national interests over some hide the sausage
passion!-the CIA it could be a liability if used as blackmail but that is
only before everyone knows about it, They have to give up the silly idea
of trickle down economics. As long as they keep trying that they will
increase debt and destroy the middle class which is the heart of
capitalism-Petraeus Acted on his own, folks would rather have a thief
elected than a general forgiven. David was found out prior to the
election, and obama could not have him testify, and in a classic chicago
move, this is the result. hillary was on board with this as she i
sseeking cover, and is mad at men in general from bj's dillances-gets one
end of Chicago politics jesse jackson jr gets the other end-Pretty
obvious isn't it? But the monopoly liberal media is not interested in
democrat corruption -got a doctor willing to accept Obamacare, Have you
bought that Volt Yet. Can you get a better cover story dpun for Benghazi?
Has obama returned all that campaign money he got from Corzine. Spin us a
tale how soros 's money is somehow cleaner than anyone elses. Give us an
update on Uncle Omar, why is he still in what is left of the USA. You
claim retired vwt staus, tell us how you feel about the soros group
indicating a cut in your benes. Give us a spin about fast and furious,
tell us it does not matter ybac/Michele Obama's Cousin Is A Rabbi The
congregation is for Ethiopian Hebrew, whose ancestors cross breed
with Zionist slave traders. They are born genetic Jews. The synagogue is
Conservative with distinctive African-American influences, which has had
a recent influx of white Jews since the election. It is currently housed
in a former Ashkenazi synagogue in the Marquette Park neighborhood,
Capers C. Funnye Jr. is the Jewish African American who is the head rabbi
of the 200 member Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation
of Chicago, Illinois, as assisted by Rabbis Avraham Ben Israel and Joshua
V. Salter-the cloak that they hide behind, so they can commit crimes-
Killing in the name of religion, Izzy does it daily-Strictly self
serving- They were killed by the millions because of their religion- Can
Izzy be a racist? Sure, why not- Izzy feels entitled, special, chosen,
and above all deserving of your monies-Obama no Santa Claus. Israel, will
be compelled to put up or shut up. Obama knows Israel attempted top
preclude his bid to be President. Now the price must be paid-ygs/the
speaker said his failure to strike a Grand Bargain negotiations with the
president was "the biggest disappointment of my speakership." Boehner is
certainly looking to redeem himself this time around-Oregon's law was
kind of wacky: It would have turned the state, effectively, into a pot
dealer. In Oregon, had Measure 80 passed, the state would have licensed
sellers and processors - but instead of regulating its sale, the state
would have bought the weed, packaged it, stamped it with a state seal and
a potency grade, and sold it to customers at a profit. This all would
have been done by something like ABC stores in liquor-controlled states:
An Oregon Cannabis Commission (OCC) would have run all ends of the
process, finally selling it at OCC stores. Profits would have gone to
purchases, testing, grading, shipping, promotion of Oregon hemp and
hemp-made biodiesel- abc/Netanyahu the idiot actually thought Romney
would win, He actually thinks average Americans care about
I srael-Zionist do not accept RJ's in fact-Romneysia had NO PLATFORM to
run on-Idiots are just folks with low IQ, not happy about your post-
Netty is an imbecile, a medical category of people with moderate to
severe mental retardation, as well as a type of criminal ygs/The only way
you could give less than you already give is to start stealing from
waitresses and orphanages. ROTFLMAO is that your new business plan? Ayn
Rand approved, no doubt-less to charities, and tip less-mutts in here are
virulently anti-social, the phrase 'common sense' is an oxymoron in their
hands  ybac/if they want to attack Iran, good luck. I don't think
Nutinyahoo will survive the next election, over half his country does not
support his war monger ways, he put his country at great risk just to
show his support for his friend and old partner Mitt-OBAMA WON. DON'T
bonobo may have won, but America lost big time- Hmm, if ALL the
capitalists moved there? Maybe, but if all the right-wingers moved there,
the economy would collapse from the massive influx of useless mouths and
whiningyc/7.7 trillion doled out to banks-In order to 'rescue' the
financial system (big banks). The poor get a lousy cell phone and an
extra $10 a month in food assistance and the cons are upset. The fact
is that you went to the welfare office with all those liberals and
applied for free money, You are a lazy loser that refuses to get a job.
Spin it any way you want, HIV, but my money pays for you to post on Yahoo
24/7-stonewalled for four years, then brought in a ringer to try and
blame it on Obama- Maybe the banks will bail us out some day-Corporate
Bankers Derivatives Debt is over $619 trillion Sudden $15 trillion looks
nearly irrelevant (2,5% of 619)-only to bet on their worthlessness and
earn Billions when they collapsed, gw bush put a crooked banker in charge
of the U.S. Treasury and it's all the Liberals fault-yfs/
11912/An American solidarity activist Joe Meadors, who was on the Gaza
bound Turkish aid flotilla during the zion attack, explained that “the
zion commandos who boarded the ship forced the activists to sit on
chairs, and took everything they have, but passports, and nothing they
stole was returned, had only opened an investigation when the zion forces
attacked the “USS Liberty”. He was a signalman on the ship which was
attacked in 1967 by zion aircraft. The zion attack left 34 crewmen dead
and 173 wounded, the first time in which Israel is prosecuted for its
actions, while the United States refused to sue it decades ago for
attacking the USS Liberty, The Turkish intelligence agency was working
previously as one with zion branches”, welcoming the new Turkey which was
able to prosecute Israel ISTANBULafp/ How is it that otherwise
intelligent, good, well meaning people foolishly supported Bush and
Romney?-Donald duck Trump, not liking electorial collage, or democracy-
ass spent millions on royal palm treees, all the same height, to surround
his exclusive golf coarse, that nobody plays on. He builds expensive real
estate all around us here, so everyone can look but not touch-the man can
take out the trash but you can't take the trash out of the man-IF the
world is laughing, it's happy laughter, caused by being relieved that a
president who was more likely to start wars and drop bombs on them WASN'T
elected. The fact that you think the laughter is a bad thing and that
they're secretly mocking us is just a sign that you're getting paranoid-
Fat Bastards ATE To Suppress GAY MARRIAGE-Haifa Israel over 200 people
will be gathering to celebrate President Obama's victory as he pushes
forward for hope and peace around the world. photo written in Arabic,
sez, We are all with you-THIS is exactly how we change things in this
world. This is how we move Forward-fb/when 100,000 people are outside
chanting, "Fight! They're drinking our blood!", because after all,
protests are practically the Greek national sport these days. However,
the moment the paychecks stop coming, the Help will quit on you. Witness
the chaos that erupted inside the Greek Assembly that was busy passing
the Troika's demands: Parliamentary workers staged a walk out mid-debate,
when they learned that their own salaries would be part of the package of
cuts, which even Greece's Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, in an
astonishing display of utter powerlessness sa/Voters Reject California
Proposal to Label GMO Foods After Bitter, Industry-Funded Campaign
With 90 percent of the votes tallied, Proposition 37 was down by a 53
percent to 47 Mike Ludwig-The plea bargain system is based upon coercion
those charged feel punishment will be much milder if they plead guilty
than if they exercise their supposed constitutional rights and go to
trial. Without plea bargaining, the explosion in prison populations -
especially those of for-profit prisons, could never be possible. Danny
Weil, Truthout/Democrats scored big in the Senate, marriage equality is
legalized in Maine, Maryland and Washington, Harry Reid: Fix the
Filibuster Now! a small window of a few hours open for Harry Reid and
Democrats to reform the filibuster and all it will take to do it is 51
votes, a simple majority.  Obama Re-Elected by a Landslide,Thom Hartmann
and Sam Sacks-Netanyahu’s 2010 Order Was Not a Move to War on Iran Media
coverage appears to have pumped new life into the idea that Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is serious about attacking Iran, Gareth
Porter, Inter Press Service/Another Woman Joins the Senate: Democrat
Heidi Heitkamp From North Dakota wp/Linda McMahon Wrestled to the Mat in
Connecticut After Spending $97 Million lat/Blowout in the Gulf of Mexico:
Wellhead Releasing "Unknown Product" Into Water Off Louisiana
Coast-something fishy about the radioactive readings at the Bayou Corne
sinkhole. Makes perfect sense. Spent fuel rods would easily go down a
well casing into the salt domes under louisianna,Texas and under the
gulf. There is documented proof thet the government has advocated for the
use of salt domes as a good place to store radioactive waste. They
currently use the New Mexico salt domes to do exactly that so whats to
keep them from doing it in these salt domes. photos of the sinkhole shows
that this monster is out of control-blood tests were performed on people
of varying ages, gender and exposure levels. All of the individuals
tested displayed some physical symptoms typical of exposure to crude oil
or Corexit. Immediate symptoms include skin irritation,
nausea, headaches and vomiting. Longer-term maladies can include liver
and kidney damage, cardiac arrhythmia and chronic respiratory problems.
Benzene also is a cancer-causing agent. Test results consistently showed
elevated levels of chemicals, among them benzene, ethylbenzene and
Xylene, that are found in either crude, dispersant or both, she said.
Results were similar on oysters and other Gulf seafood. Among soil
samples taken in four states, 60 percent showed dangerously elevated
levels of petroleum hydrocarbons when compared with normal marine
sediment screenings-the worst of the damage from the oil remains buried
in such sub-sand deposits would likely be subsurface ecosystems. “The
damage that we don’t see could be far worse,” he said. “The subsurface
ecosystem damage can damage the genetic make up of and productivity of
these ecosystems.” He said that the chemicals released by the initial
spill accumulate upward in the food chain, and “reach levels above the
threshold of what causes genetic damage in marine species, and may
further cause cancer in seafood consuming humans.” “If anyone is still
accepting BPs assertions that this is not an environmental disaster any
longer, this is an eye opener/Christie Turns Down Romney Rally Request in
Pennsylvania Politico/Rachel Maddow A Presidency of Historic Consequence
MSNBC/ Audacity of Fate, the Arrogance of Self-Deception and the
rightwingnut Plan: "Let Them Eat Cat Food" Mitt underestimated the power
of the 47 percent - his Trojan horse to the White House. There are far
more government moochers than he ever imagined and they will vote for him
in droves, because they refuse to believe he was talking about them Jan
Hollingsworth-The gross failures of both the US media and our political
leaders would be less serious were it not for the magnitude of the issue,
Drowning in ignorance media Fails to Report Solar, Wind Successes from
Obama's Policies Wind power capacity in the United States has slightly
more than doubled to 51.6 gigawatts (GW) in the last three years and nine
months; however the electricity generation capacity of solar technologies
is nearly four times as great as when the president took office, reaching
5.7 GW, the same capacity as five or six average sized nuclear reactors
from solar output, and 50 reactors worth of wind power Christian
Roselund, Truthout/Just stop! I swear to God I'm sick of hearing about
Fox news! You're such instigators it's not even funny. My crippled aunt
is bed ridden and fixated on your newscasts, it has turned her into a
negative, cynical personality. She drives me crazy with all her reports
of your reports. And quit bashing the states that made pot legal while
you don't mind the alcohol and tobacco industries killing and addicting
the entire world with their deadly products because their crap is so much
better...right?! *scoffs...I hope the extra revenue Colorado and
Washington get from sales that they get out of debt and be the 2 most
prosperous states in the union. I'd love to be there to see you all eat
crow! Your 'wagging of the tongues' is evil, malicious and distasteful
and all you bought and paid for news media make me sick-Cannabidiol, a
chemical extract from cannabis, is the first nontoxic substance found to
fight aggressive metatastic breast cancer cells-ironic that breeders are
phasing cannabidiol out of popular strains, then? now i see. i bet the
cancer industry is funding the genetic tomfoolery-breasts and bud went
great together-there is no single "magic bullet" in the fight on cancer
fb/Kool-Aid must have been very tasty rnc Adviser: Not a Single Person on
the Campaign Thought He Would Lose, team bought the "unskewed polls"
nonsense motherjones/JFK curcumvented the federal Reserve and printed
almost $4B in siver certificate dollars. This executive order delegated
to the Secretary of the Treasury the President's authority to issue
silver certificates" and then "during the transition period under
President Kennedy's plan to eliminate silver certificates, If the old
adage is true to find the source "Follow the money" I can see the fed
responsible for the death of JFK-redstate welfare-a friend who does not
work, lives off his girlfriend and buys other peoples food stamp cards.
But damn it he is a republican to the bone. Well really a tea bagger!-get
all they can from goverment but they bitch about obama-Hate being taxed
but complain that the government does not coddle them. fb/ A California
man seeking vengeance on neighbors who played gospel music too loud gave
them a taste of their own medicine, blares porn outside to get back at
neighbors-nydailynews/If you were to speculate 50 years ago that
homosexual members of the military would not only be able to serve
openly, but that they would be allowed to marry, June the military held
its first ever same-sex marriage ceremony performed on a base. First ever
'gay wedding' between an airman and his partner examiner/119M california
votes 4 obama, blue senate-g, and rubbers on porn stars? ds/neil cavuto,
finish ur cancer, is selling fair and balanced, bernie comes clean, a
good laugh at rove flipout, colmbs fight, beni with pope party hat and
butler on imus/
11812/Its time for Republican Congress to put America first and work with
Obama, Harry Reid said that if Romney won, he, Harry Reid, would do
everything possible to block Romney`s bills. So now you want the
Republicans to be nice? Eff you, sk um bag-elected by Republicans to
represent their views, NOT obummer's. That's the beauty of how the
founding fathers set up our country. A king cannot dictate my way or the
highway. obummer is the one that better get inline yc/only a matter of
time now. He got a pass under the first 4 years. Expect big changes to
come within the banking industry-WHAT ARE YOU DOING DAVE?-I'M SHORTING
continue borrowing fiat dollars from the Rothschilds because it is the
only way it can pay it's bills and therefore rates must go lower so it
can continue borrowing" "That is madness Hal!" "Yes, yes it is Dave!" -
2001 A Central Bank Odyssey-ELECTIONS ARE OVER, No more politics from me,
Will not respond to any political posts either, Time for us to come
together As AMERICANS-the one who started it who cannot lick his wounds
and get it over! people like him cannot learn from mistakes, therefore
cannot improve themselves period, and he called himself REPUBLICAN! I
wanted to stay away from subject to move on, the only thing I've stated
is Elizabeth Warren since she'll be involved big banks' PPS after Jan.
wasting my time here! Warren for President '16!-Sheep to slaughter now a
crime to have an opinion and to be a republican Well see in 4 more i
guess warrens a shoe in as unemployment goes 15% more dole bludgers to
vote for her-ygs/Boehner: Raising tax rates 'unacceptable, increasing
taxes on small businesses is the wrong approach abc/

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