Thursday, October 4, 2012

10412/Bobo thinks he can jive and tap-dance like he does before black audiences

10412/-CNN Poll Were People From Fox, Before Debate Romney likability 54%
CNN Called GOP-
walking Republican Lie-President Obama was not going down to Romney's
level and call the man a worthless liar. The American people are not that
blind, Romney went on the stage as a Democrat, people are smarter than
that, Romney will sink the middle class even deeper than Bush and his
Republicans did-Lehrer is a flaming PBS lefty, as you well know. PBS and
NPR don`t hire Republicans. Bobo challenged for the first time in his
life, he flops. It`s all downhill from here. He`s not the type that
thinks he has to prepare for debates. He thinks he can jive and tap-dance
like he does before black audiences. He won`t prepare for the next one
either. He thinks he knows eff-all. He`s used to the affirmative action
all-skate. Oh, and if you think last night was bad, wait till Biden
utters 90 minutes worth of howlers next week- Romney just refused to be
herded. Neither Bobo nor Lehrer knew how to cope with it. And that is the
secret when you`re in a debate moderated by a lefty. Do NOT accept the
premise of his questions. Do not allow the lefty to interrupt-not going
down to Romney's level and call the man a worthless liar. The American
people are not that blind, Romney went on the stage as a Democrat, people
are smarter than that, Romney will sink the middle class even deeper than
Bush and his Republicans did-LEHRER DIDN'T ASK ROMNEY ABOUT THE 47%
Investigation of jim lehrer favoring republicans fox new. Biggest loser
was jim lehrer- Bobo thought he could skate through debate like he skated
through college No teleprompter = Flail, fail, empty chair, empty suit-
In a debate, mano a mano, there are no extra points for being black,
half-black or ability to talk jive. Affirmative action is not in play.
You saw the results-These people are the 47% of recipients of Fedral
largesse and do NOT want to work and ONLY want a hand out that OBama has
created for them. If you want a truly GREAT country...Romney is your man-
so full of S--T, you are the laughing stock of this board. Romney cleaned
Obama's clock last night and made Obama look like the COMMUNITY ORGANIZER
he is..NOTHING more. Romney looked PRESIDENTIAL...Obama looked like a
12th grade student...Romney had ALL the FACTS...Obama had NONE-Good
morning Tards. Detardification time. What a revolting display bonobo put
on in the debate last night, He was staring at the ground, shuffling his
feet, occasionally looking aimlessly for a teleprompter, some written
words somewhere, a piece of paper someone had tossed away floating by on
a light breeze, anything he could read to alleviate the mental torture he
was going through. In the end, all he had was that deer in the head
lights look with the Romney truck bearing down on him honking 'get out of
the way you stupid hornless animal, a leader is coming to town-Romney
Should Concede Tonight, His Math Skills Will Sink The Middle Class- yc/
The neo-nazi fringe-right effort to demonize Presiddent Obama has FAILED
After suffering through a four year campaign of hate spewing and
outrageous lying, the intelligent and patriotic American voters have
chosen the high road-nazi's were national socialists. Like the democrats.
Adolph 'was a man who passed a law on the most humane way to cook a
lobster at the same time as he prepared for the annihilation of an entire
race'. You really need to be more careful how you assign your
derogatories- Obama has weathered a never ending attack by the storm
trooper Gesapo-like far right. The disinformation and misinformation
constantly hurled at Obama by the neo-nazi extremists has failed to take
root anywhere except in the weak minds of those who thrive on racism and
fascism, do some homework. Start with one of your nazi hero Joseph
Goebbels-Just calling him what he is, what he grew up as, and what he
advocates through his support of unions and community activism and
agitation by its proper name. Communism and socialism aren't bad words,
they are just bad policy, destructive, and kill a whole lot of people
(100 million in 20th century alone). He advocates spreading the wealth
and equalizing outcomes -- to a lowest common denominator of shared
common misery. There's no shame in it, from his perspective -- just ask
him. Why are you so intent on hiding it? -you are a total idiot. You
really should watch the debate again. 1st remove the cover from your eyes
so you can see. 2nd watch Obama fumble through-out the entire debate 3rd
I think he spent to much time drinking, smoking pot and probably going to
the new Stud ranch in Vegas for the true experience of supporting gay
lifestyles-You are on some other planet -- I think it's Uranus. You
name-dropping propagandists just cannot accept that the insult your
hurling is perfectly descriptive for your own party, platform,
intolerance, strong-arm tactics, and horrific results. You've decimated
black families in the past 40 years, you've destroyed the education
system, you've destroyed personal ambition, and you just continue on your
little path of destruction. Well, now you are going to be stopped-ybac/
jama (tired of the lies) lets (pretty) bigbird talk, gnut bigbird 1b
profitability sides with bully jama ropadopes as he recovers (i bet jama
could whip bigbird) 5 trillion nonfacts, nontruths bigbird shuts npr
down, running on borrowed chinese money, bully staredown, nothing else
new, facts will kill jama, on geraldo/sherry upset about pbs, barabra
thinks american needs another bully president /heroes fireundersmoke,
dancingjoos vs stocktor_evil
10312/conservatives should be thrown out because they want
to use market mechanisms to spread money to the bottom 90% rather than
the more direct approach of government transfers. Since all the market
mechanisms are rigged to concentrate money in the top 1%, they clearly
are not going to work. And it would be better if we could get some
Democrats in office to change the rules so that market mechanisms worked
better to diffuse the money rather than concentrate it. Probably through
protectionism, reduced corporate subsidies (especially to the banksters)
and support of stronger unionization. But in the meantime, direct
transfers will be necessary until we can get the rule changes in place
sa/Mitt Is Having A Very Hard Time Right Now If Mitt is that insecure
that he needs his wife to hold him up because he is under such pressure
now, what will an insecure Mitt do if the U.S. was under attack? Mitt has
never had a hard day in his life, Being President, All days are hard.
Mitt's 3 am Call at the White House may be answered by his wife, she has
bigger nuts than he will ever have-a new round of talks with foreign
lenders to bridge differences over 2 billion euros of disputed austerity
cuts, with time running short to clinch a deal before a meeting of euro
zone ministers next week. Athens has been haggling for weeks over 12
billion euros of cutbacks that its European Union and International
Monetary Fund lenders have refused to sign off on over fears that some of
the proposed savings are unlikely to materialize. The IMF wants Greece to
cut its debt further to make up for going hugely off-track from the terms
of its bailout, The Greeks aren’t buying the plan and have taken to the
streets to protest. One protestor held a banner saying: "They handed 200
billion to bankers but cut down on medicine, treatment and benefits for
the disabled." Yes, the European central planning experiment has gone
awry! And guess what, it’s going to get worse-Supreme Court Justice
Potter Stewart famously wrote in 1964 while attempting to define
precisely what was - or wasn't - to be considered hard core pornography.
It's a quip that's not only stood the test of time but has been applied
to all sorts of different circumstances over the years, the latest of
which coming on Capitol Hill, where a gaggle of lawmakers, regulators and
investment industry players are trying to tackle one of the most
contentious and dangerous problems facing our capital markets now
referring to "high frequency trading" (or HFT) and the ongoing debate
over what to do about it that has raged since the Flash Crash rocked the
markets in May of 2010. While individuals and institutions have knocked
high frequency traders, called them names, and blamed them for all sorts
problems, veterans like Joe Saluzzi, co-founder of Themis Trading and
author the book "Broken Markets" says you have to "define the problem
before you fix it-yb/Right wing extremist G Will: Obama Is Winning
Because He's Black pushing the concept of Race Traitors, just cloaked in
some not so fancy words but that's the essential message, like my Pappy
always says "A piśś poor excuse is better than no excuse at all
yfs/Turkey's military struck targets inside Syria on Wednesday in
response to a mortar bomb fired from Syrian territory which killed five
Turkish civilians ygs/ahright yal niggggers, get yo ho out to da kitchen
startin all up on frying them chickens pieces and chittlins and collard
greens. she needs to be gettin da cornbread and cracklin in da oven and
icein down them colt 45s. yall be sittin down to get up under some
chrispy chicken and chittlins and watchin this debait thingy. yall be a
yellin all round evertime obamas gets off a good line. yall niggggers be
gettin all excitted and schit, doin them nigggera dance things like da
football niggggers do when they catch a pass or score a touchdown. yall
be hi 5-in and and jumpin up and bumpin chectses wid a piece of fried
chicken hangin all out yo mouth and a fist full of chittlins.
and after obama wins tha debait yall be servin watermellon and moon pies.
aghright now jiggaboos, have a good evening now yall hear?-that 47% that
has no clue would have no moral compass and accept anything their messiah
would do-Giving more to the underclass is akin to feeding the rabbits
your harvest that will feed you through the winter-Oh, God. You're
going to make me do improv, you wretched girl, MacFarlane quipped in
Stewie's upper-class English accent, adding, I think, at this point,
Obama could walk out onto the stage with his penis out [and] he's still
going to win-a summer filled with protests and counter-protests over the
restaurant chain's stance on marriage equality, Chick-fil-A reportedly
agreed to stop funding groups opposing rights for LGBT people, some of
which had been labeled as hate groups. But just two days later, the
company changed its tune. Chick-fil-A and its charitable-giving arm, the
WinShape Foundation, did not agree to stop making donations to groups
that support the biblical definition of marriage in exchange for being
allowed to open a franchise in Chicago-explain to me how higher taxes and
more regulations help businesses?-Regulations (laws) is a mighty big
umbrella. It'd be stupid to assume that regulations are all alike. So how
do they help business? Often they don't. They weren't designed to. They
were designed to protect the people from shady dealings, environmental
rape and to create a level playing field to promote innovation and
competition. In that sense, they do help business. At least they help the
up and comers go against the Goliaths- rbg/ heroes; someoilwithyou
10212/Obama has made some executive decisions that you are too ignorant
and hateful to consider. Your civil rights do not super cede mine. I have
a right to feel safe on the streets and I am grateful to Obama for NDAA
in this crazy time when radical right-wing haters are on the loose. What
do you think OBama should/could have done better? Denied police the right
to search people?! Denied Federal laws? If you want to smoke pot, help
change the laws, you lazy bums, instead of always bitching like a bunch
of spoiled brats fb/Catholics are the real enemy in our midst-That movie
said mohammed was a perv.Perhaps mohammed was Catholic-Obama spent a
TRILLION more in 4 years than Bush spent in 8 years.. and we are supposed
to just turn a blind eye because he is the great Obama? been raping
our children every year for four years.. with the debt he is laying in
their laps-The deficit was never high under Bush yfs/Netanyahu, Prime
Minister of Israel, draws a red line on a graphic of a bomb while
discussing Iran during an address to the United Nations General Assembly
in New York City-The whole Iran controversy is driven by politics, not
facts. The National Intelligence estimates of 2007 and 2010 make it clear
that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. Nuclear weapons breakout
capability is a guaranteed right to any signatory to the Nuclear
Nonproliferation Treaty such as Iran ( and Germany, Japan, Brazil, etc.).
The rogue states who are nonsignatories such as North Korea and Israel
have no such rights. Israel , who apparently supplied mjuch of the
misinformation leading to the disasterous US invasion of Iraq has an
interest in maintaining its threatening posture as the only nuclear power
in the mideast. The whole drumbeat to war with Iran is mostly a ploy by
Netanyahu to deflect attention from the slow ethnic cleansing of the
occupied territories and to extort money and weapons from the US. In this
it has been very successful. But even Israel's intelligence says there is
no weapons program in Iran and all of the military oppose the idea of an
Israeli strike. But getting the US to do it and take the losses in lives
and treasure is clearly Netanyahu's goal. We should not fall for this.
lat/European Court Ruling Opens Door for Extradition to Torture
Conditions in US Federal Prisons The emerging gulag state has a friend in
the European Court of Human Rights, where American officials lied about
the United States' inhumane Article III prisons to sway the court's
decision to extradite alleged terrorists. Chris Hedges, Truthdig-Spain
and Greece Are Being Forced to Suffer to Save Germany From High
InflationPeople in eurozone countries are sleeping in the streets and
eating out of dumpsters in increasing numbers due to the callous
austerity demands of the now-infamous troika: the European Central Bank,
the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund Dean Baker-
US's Most Dangerous City Lays Off Its Last Unionized Police Officers, New
documents confirm warrantless surveillance of phone and email
communications has increased dramatically since 9/11, Elizabeth Warren
pulls further ahead of Scott Brown in Massachusetts US Senate race, at
least ten Florida counties have now discovered the fraudulent
registration forms falsified by a Republican-hired firm to block
Democratic votes-Trump is in the process of building a brand new golf
course in the Bronx - and he's managed to get the city of New York to
hand over $97 million in taxpayer money to help him build it, Thom
Hartmann- A cynical foreign policy/campaign strategy bombshell lurks,
largely unnoticed, in the full transcript of the now-infamous '47
percent' tape secretly recorded at a Romney fundraiser-Manipulating the
voter registration process to favor one party is a crime, and a
consultant for the GOP and the Romney campaign appears to have violated
election laws. Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash-Walmart Workers Ask for Basic
Rights, Walmart Calls Riot Police-Pastor Who Said God Sent Hitler to Hunt
the Jews Warns America of Obama's "Absolute Socialism"- BuzzFeed-The Real
Mitt, speech to the financial super-elite, he seemed to actually believe
his trope about people who depend on the government and pay no federal
income tax Romney Emerges Paul Krugman-  Truthout/ orreilly a poor
kennedy, on imus/82% jama, malone dsen ny and johnson rsen wis (alciada
is alive and well) debate candidates, joan walsh, jama i'm just ok, on
allegedly kills himself, family, over paranoia about Obama re-election,
people like rush, a mental case himself glen beck, and others pushing
hate and fear/Achmenijab appeared buffoonish at UN, the same tired
answers to questions He evades, by denying The Holocaust u are not taken
seriously-He stated clearly that there are many J's in Iran and they fit
comfortably into the country. Furthermore, he said the statement of
"wiping Izzy from the face of the earth" was a bad trasnlation from the
original statement. In Farsi, it reads, "we must rid the Z oppression
from the face of the earth" Finally, the IAEA is on the ground and
supervising all the N testing. I think this whole bomb thing is a ruse by
Izzy to justify more expansionist wars. Izzy has hundreds of N bombs,
illegally yfs/Sarah Silverman and Samuel Jackson just made the news this
week with their video clips about voter fraud and waking the F$&@ up and
getting out to vote cl/j3wish man who was ring leader of munich massacre:
Munich massacre leader Luttif Afif alias Issa (Jesus in arabic), Afif
told the German negotiators that he had been born in Nazareth, to a
Christian businessman father and to a J3wish mother. Issa was described
by Manfred Schreiber, chief of the Munich police, as "clearly fanatical
in his conviction-GOPigs halt voter registration in 5 swing states due to
possible GOPig voter registration fraud, poor GOPigs. Liars AND cheaters-

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