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101512/Obama is Castro, right-wing super-PAC apparatus

101512/this moralistic and high minded talk about "paying back ones
debts" is fine and dandy, except for one thing: Businesses stiff their
creditors all the time. It's called BANKRUPTCY. Mitt, in fact, made a
career of buying companies, raiding the assets, loading them up with
debt, and then filing for BANKRUPTCY. If it's good enough for Bain
Capital, and for thousands of other private companies, why isn't it good
enough for Greece? After all, that's what the Republican's keep saying,
we should run countries more like businesses, right? Right?-"TWM"? Your
comment says more about your mindset than you think: The statement "once
you give the government control of the police and military . . . " is
idiotic. The process of establishing a government is one of granting TO
the government exactly those things, and pretty much nothing else. The
government exists with the consent of the government. The government,
duly constituted, is granted the authority to enact laws and enforce
those laws. It is the prerogative of government to raise an army and
maintain the navy. Private military? That's a milita, do you want to
Apple to have their own militia, and Samsung theirs, and each establish
their own competing sets of laws, and police, and courts? That would BE
anarchy. If that's what you want, you've lost it-"And you can't blame the
GOP, expanding government spending (while saying they are cutting it),
robbing from the poor and giving to the rich, destroying the environment,
throwing the poor, seniors, students, veterans and the middle class under
the bus and charging $5 a gallon to fill that bus up with fuel while
avoiding all taxes is what they do - it's like inviting a bunch of tigers
over for dinner and then being upset when you realize they'd rather eat
you than the macaroni and cheese they said 'would be fine." That's as
good a rant as it gets! Makes you wonder how a major party has any
support at all. Can there be that many fat cats out there?-just a bunch
of dumb cats that buy the fat cats' party line, that, as we get richer,
we may let you help yourself to the crumbs that fall on the floor. all ya
gotta do is (try to) listen to faux news and faux biz channel-robbing
from the poor and giving to the rich-There is a difference between not
taking as much from the rich to re-distribute and "robbing from the poor
to give to the rich". sounds like a socialist, just like Obongo- mmitt
pretty much lied his head off when he'd bring "good paying jobs". His
firm was all about the opposite, cutting wages, firing and rehiring at
lower wages. He keeps trumpeting his affiliation with big box retailer
Staples where average employees are semi employed, low paid and barely
making 20k a year. If they have a family they'd be elgible for food
stamps-you can't blame the GOP - expanding government spending (while
saying they are cutting it), robbing from the poor and giving to the
rich, destroying the environment, throwing the poor, seniors, students,
veterans and the middle class under the bus and charging $5 a gallon to
fill that bus up with fuel while avoiding all taxes is what they do -
it's like inviting a bunch of tigers over for dinner and then being upset
when you realize they'd rather eat you than the macaroni and cheese-Is
this the beginning of some actual anti-Koch, anti-John Birch propaganda
from those who don't like them? Note, in a related Media grenade, CNN,
which has veered way too far to the Supply Side Extreme, has been airing
a devastatingly negative piece on Ayn Rand and how much Paul Ryan
worships her every comma, The Recession has been slow to heal worldwide
because of Europe, not the US. The Recession in the US would have been
gone already - at least arguably so - if not for the Rise of the Tea
Party and the Bond Vigilantes. Clearly, everything is Rick Santelli's
fault, Imagine, for a moment, what might have happened to the GOP, if the
Tea Party movement had not gained such surprising traction and the Dems
had won the House in 2010. Yes, Chameleon mitt might still have been
our candidate in 2012. But he'd be wearing his other face and running as
a conciliatory Centrist, with Rubio, Jindal, or Christie, maybe even
Susan Collins as his running mate-Between the time he ran for senator
against Ted Kennedy to the present, there hasn't been a single thing he
stood for back then that he has not repudiated since. mitt has no moral
compass, or is willing to sacrifice every conviction he ever had just to
be elected-Both parties bailed out the big banks which mis amigos is most
assuredly NOT capitalism. The mess continues and everybody in sight
should have been prosecuted. So mitt who has the spine of a jellyfish
and the positions of a weathervane is not the answer-the administration
has filed formal complaints with the world trade organization relating to
China's policy of low balling auto parts and dumping of cheap solar
panels. In fact, have threatened to apply import tariffs on Chinese auto
parts-Did Jesus: 1-Eat all the bread and drink all the wine himself ?
2-Take all the wine and all the bread and multiply it and share it among
everyone? Whose economic policy most reflects simple parable? 1- Jesus
was a Socialist, Communist? 2-Jesus was an ardent Capitalist? -YOu
contradicted yourself: You said you would vote for mitt who will cause
deflation and depression then said you would follow the money. That
exemplifies the whole republican conundrum (and marketing strategy) -
confuse and conflate-Typical Fox "news" Republican tactic: when caught in
misrepresentations, refuse to answer, definitely avoid being be specific
(Hello, Paul Ryan!), smear your opponent, declare victory and quit. How
embarrassing, for you. You surrendered. You just outed yourself. I note
with amusement that you did not deny that you are you funded by some
aspect of the right-wing super-PAC apparatus. Rock on, Orwell, Obama is
Castro? And you accused me of "opinions?" Your readers should read up on
the facts, so they'll see you are just pedaling the uber-rich's
propaganda. Did Karl Rove direct some super PAC money to you?-This blog
seemes to be infested with Lefties. The rhetoric is insane. To make
comments that Obama is a savvy, economically educated person can only be
attributed to people totally ignorant or maliciously Left wing. He is a
left wing agitator who knows nothing about capitalism other than he hates
it. Obama hates this country as most Lefties do. He is a communist with a
small c (not a member of the CPUSA), but wants to reduce us to the level
of Cuba. The reason is simple: left-wing radicals can not raise living
standards, but they shure can destroy them to make it all "fair." Then
only Party members will be well to do. It is pointless to try to reason
with lefties. They have been brain washed at our institutions of higher
learning-your vision is wacky and your understanding of history is
woeful. Societies move forward and the rapacious policies of the 19th
century are not in vogue in case you didn't notice-many women say ryan
reminds them of Ted Bundy. To me, the resemblance is more to Rasputin.
But there's clearly an aggressive, unhinged side to his personality that
women don't like. That's not a party thing, certainly. Howard Dean had
the same quality. Nor does it have much to do with age. Women like Rubio.
And women in general are comforted by Christie, the Ryan pick destroyed
pretty much everything. It was just abominable, especially when you
consider that every crazy young male Nihilist on the planet seems to
adore Ryan. I'd bet Ryan would have been a hero to Timothy McVeigh or the
nut cases who shot up Virginia Tech or that movie theater in Colorado.
Women, on the other hand, generally have a viscerally negative reaction
to Ryan. I don't know a single woman, Democrat, Republican, or
Independent, who likes him. -does not only have an excellent record as a
turn around and efficiency specialist (Staples is the most visible
example), but he has a record as a Governor that successfully worked with
a state that was predominately controlled by democrats. If we want to
turn the economy around and return to a fiscally responsible government,
you need a guy that focuses on not only how to succeed but how to achieve
consensus. Anything less and we just continue on the same road we're on
for another four years-mitt's success as Massachusett's governor is a
myth created by the GOP & a myth denied by the people of
Massachusetts-private equities focus on the public sector and mitts
ambition to be president. These people do not have the ability to build
and Apple. But they have the ability to game the system to steal. They
are cunning not smart. Buffett himself admits he does not have the
smarts. So he built a conglomerate. Watch his companies numbers decline
over time as there is less built up wealth to steal in America. Thats why
the desperation to get into the public sector pension-We have become a
bribe-ocracy Everyone is always running for reelection and Citizens
United (again, orchestrated by the Big Money, on a 5 to 4 vote by all
Republican-appointed justices) made it "unconstitutional" to rein in the
often anonymous Big Money-A new 'populism' WILL emerge after our "Dark
Period" where a David Walker (centrist/realist Republican) AND an
Elizabeth Warren (centrist-realist Democrat) both lead interchangeably as
President or Vice-President Lobbyists = Deconstruction of the Empire
formerly known as the United States of America-Obama was going to act
compassionate and let mitt be overly aggressive. The undecided women
voters would be shocked by mitts viciousness and swing to Obama. Not
sure it make sense but that was the idea. So it was an intentional rope a
dope.-he was doing a rope-a-dope. Nothing like being in bottom of the
ninth, one run down with a man on base, and hitting a homer. Then again
someone said he might not really want a second term. With flaky people
threatening his family, who could blame him-I was beginning to lose faith
that there are still people who think rationally in this country-mitt
was more aggresive, rude and dishonest during the debate, that's all.
That's not my definition of winning. He didn't win on substance. Second,
just becauce mitt bashes Bernanke and China during the campaign doesn't
mean he will follow through with these threats. He's trying to win votesI
am in disbelief that any American voter would consider handing the
presidency to someone as antithetical to their interests as mitt. If
he wins, it's a testimony to the overwhelming ignorance of American
voters. Why would any Internat'l business want to set up shop in a nation
where bigotry overwhelms simple common sense-sa/would linsey grahm in
womans clothing, or poolboy in thailand surprize anyone? on imus/ eric
bowling and spitzer slapfight, on geraldo/mitt backs out of deal, lizzy
demonstrates how not to debate with barb, joy states the obvious, sherry
shines moments of clairity, (wishes whoopie would advise as lizzy
defends, employment issues if mitt wins) good photoshoping mitts hair on
jama, and visa versa, but fails to white face, on the view/
101412/If you have spent the last four years calling the President a
terrorist, Marxist, market ruining Socialist, a Communist, created death
panels, wasn't born in America, hates the flag and also America, loathes
our men and women in uniform, destroys the Constitution, or any form of
racial slur, PLEASE DON'T LECTURE ME ON DISRESPECT-Janis Lane Mississippi
Tea Party says women are too emotional and diabolical and should not be
allowed to vote to vote-stupid shit! she's invalidating all other women
along with herself-something more than tea in their bags...crack, or born
with one half a brain-How they get into an office of power is another
very excellent question-She should boycott the election. One less vote
for the Gluttons Of Privilege-she embraces the chains that bind her-this
dumb hag-What planet do these idiots come from?-including herself and all
her Stepford Housewife friends- fb/Miley Cyrus Cleavage Miley Cyrus Risks
Having A Nip Slip On 'The Tonight Show hp//long-standing strain in
conservative thought that America is essentially a conservative country
that has been led astray and duped by the “liberal media” and Hollywood.
The most recent articulation of this view is in books like “Obama
Zombies” and documentaries like “The Obama Deception,” that contend that
the election of Barack Obama was the result of a brainwashed electorate
bk/rip arlen spector @82/
101312/goosing the market, This euphoria is spilling over into a dream
that there will be "A New Housing Boom." This from Roger Altman, founder
and chairman of Evercore Partners, and Democratic insider (book cooker)
and power broker. What seems to be behind this movement? The Federal
Reserve,  "Fed's Bond Buying Set to Send US Mortgage Rates Even Lower."
This is based on the fact that the new quantitative easing program of the
Fed envisions substantial new purchases of mortgage-backed securities
every month for the foreseeable future. The Fed's third "throw the
spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks" effort seems to be having
some impact, who is benefiting? large banks. And, homeowners whose home
values are not underwater sa/Big Joe and the Joyful Noise The ultimate
impact and import of what went down during Thursday's vice presidential
debate won't be immediately known, but the simple fact is beyond dispute:
Joe Biden owned the night, and owned Paul Ryan, in a way rarely seen in
modern debate history William Rivers Pitt- BP Amnesia: Life and Death
After the Spill As weathered oil and dead marine life continue to wash up
on Gulf shores, environmentalists worry that America has failed to heed
the lessons of the summer of 2010, when an ocean of oil gushed from a
broken pipe, and mesmerized a nation.  Mike Ludwig,-Ryan Told 24 Myths in
40 Minutes Just as mitt did during the presidential debate, Paul Ryan
told his own "facts" during the vice presidential debate against Joe
Biden. He stretched the truth on everything from health care to taxes to
Iranian nuclear ambitions. Igor Volsky, ThinkProgress- Mitt mitt Lies
to the World Mitt mitt gave a rousing speech about how his foreign
policy would be much more muscular than President Obama’s. But mitt
displayed again his proclivity to lie on specifics and distort the
broader reality, too. Robert Parry, Consortium News- Three People Now in
Jail for Refusing to Talk About Other Anarchists Grand juries have
historically been used against radical social movements as a tool to
intimidate and to gather information. Self-described anarchist Leah
Plante was taken into custody on civil contempt for refusing to talk
about her beliefs, along with two other anarchists Will Potter, Green Is
the New Red-Walkergate Trials Heating Up, Plea Deal Has State Buzzing
Though Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker himself has not been charged with any
crimes, the "John Doe" investigations look into whether his staffers set
up a secret wireless network in his office to conduct political work on
state time, and allegations of embezzlement of veterans' funds Mary
Bottari, PRWatch-Truthout:/Paul Krugman: If Mitt mitt Wins, the
American People Will Pay the Price- Missing From the Abortion Discussion?
Women Salon-In VP Debate, Paul Ryan Attacks Same Medicare Cuts in His Own
Budget tpm/Mitt Ad Spending: Candidate And Allies Greatly Outpace
Obama hp/rwn sez jama is a communist on msnbc/
101212/South Carolina Voter ID Law Blocked for 2012 tpm/House GOP Outs
Undercover CIA Operation in Libya on C-SPAN wp/Private Health Insurers
Are Preying on Medicare,  Expect Paul Ryan to act just like Mitt mitt,
private health insurers are preying on Medicare, telecom corporations
have once against escaped any sort of punishment for spying on American
Thom Hartmann/TransCanada Transforms Area Around Tar Sands Blockade Into
Police State Firedoglake/The superior man acts before he speaks, and
afterwards speaks according to his action Confucius/right wing crybabies.
'biden was interrupting!' 'biden was smiling too much!' oh gosh grow the
hell up/Biden acted like an obnoxious drunk at the debate. Oh, so he
acted like John Boehner?/We don’t care about your Super PACs; We don’t
care about Karl Rove; Don’t care about the Koch Brothers or their massive
treasure trove. Don’t care about your voter suppression, or that you have
to cheat to win;  We’ll expose your dirty tricks; We’re not buying your
bogus spin. NO more starving the poor to feed the fat cat! Your policies
stink-like it or not, Obama won the election in 2008. It wasn't even
close. That means he had the support of the "majority" of the people. The
majority supported his ideas and policies. Those 241 blocked bills
subverted the will of the majority, not even allowing those bills to come
to the floor for debate. Un-American and un-patriotic party politics,
unrivaled in history- The Christian Left/if you think Joe Biden won the
VP debate! right-wing media pushes conspiracy theory that Joe Biden was
drunk during the debate Following Joe Biden's strong debate performance-
Denmark Reaches 2020  goal of 200 MW solar power generation capacity for
Solar Energy 8 Years in Advance cleantechnica-those poor and rich
hillbillies 4 Wrongney-fb/activists from MoveOn. org stage a mock trial
and perform original cabaret songs protesting the amount of US taxes paid
by Inc., Bank of America Corp., Boeing Co., BP, Citigroup
Inc., Exxon Mobil Corp., FedEx Corp., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., General
Electric Co., Google, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Wells Fargo & Co., during
a nationwide 'Make Them Pay' demonstrations forbes/David Siegel, the
founder and chief executive of Westgate Resorts, a national timeshare
company, has continued to succeed in spite of a very dismal economy.
There is no question that the economy has changed for the worse and we
have not seen any improvement over the past four years. In spite of all
of the challenges we have faced, the good news is this: The economy
doesn’t currently pose a threat to your job. What does threaten your job
however, is another 4 years of the same Presidential administration. Of
course, as your employer, I can’t tell you whom to vote for, and I
certainly wouldn’t interfere with your right to vote for whomever you
choose. In fact, I encourage you to vote for whomever you think will
serve your interests the best. If any new taxes are levied on me, or my
company, as our current President plans, I will have no choice but to
reduce the size of this company, I can no longer support a system that
penalizes the productive and gives to the unproductive/huckabee sez,
hobbly lobby shouldn't pay for employee birth control, excuse me mr
biden, im having a heart attack from ur laughing and smiling, on imus/out
of control biden, huckabee sez biden was patronizing, condesending,
obnoxious, douchebag mike, on geraldo/
10112/Yet Another Bailed-Out Bank Accused of Fraud the state of New York
filed suit against Wells Fargo for years of fraudulent behavior in the
mortgage market. The case comes on the heels of another just filed
against Chase, they're the Coke and Pepsi of the commercial banking
world. Wells Fargo got as much as $36 billion in federal aid after the
crash and got a massive push from the government to help it buy up the
dying crash-era megabank Wachovia for $12.7 billion, a shotgun wedding
that created the second-biggest bank in America. Wells Fargo not only got
$25 billion in TARP funds just before it bought Wachovia, it got a
special tax break from then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, which some
reports say was worth as much as $25 billion to WF at that time, the same
gazillionaire dickhead who two years ago ripped people experiencing
post-crash economic hard times, saying they should "suck it up and cope"
and that anyone who wants to complain about the Wall Street bailouts
should realize they were "absolutely required to save your civilization"
(Munger thinks a lot about "civilization"). He added that even if you
didn't like them, "you shouldn't be bitching about a little bailout. You
should have been thinking it should have been bigger-Taibbi/14-year-old
German teenager took his mother's jewellery worth between 2,000 and 3,000
euros ($2,500-$3,800) and pawned it for 300 euros ($380) to finance two
trips to a brothel for himself and a friend- tALLAHASSEE, Florida an
embarrassing mistake, Florida Governor Rick Scott gave out a phone sex
hotline number to Floridians seeking information on a deadly fungal
meningitis outbreak-Kate Middleton's dancing cousin bares it all- X47B
the future of autonomous aerial warfare- popular Tunisian children's
magazine is to be prosecuted for telling its young readers how to make a
petrol bomb-Beppe Grillo, the leader of Italy's second-largest party,
launched a local election campaign in Sicily by swimming the treacherous
Straits of Messina- R/Why Richard Branson Gave $400,000 to an 18-Year-Old
(OPEN Forum- Magnetic pole reversal not a sign of doomsday (EarthSky) /
The First Debate: Mitt's Five Biggest Lies-Pete Townshend: 'I Remember
Mick Jagger's Penis Being Huge and Extremely Tasty'-Jon Stewart 'What the
Hell Happened to CNN?-We're So Fucked-Ann Coulter Is Breathtakingly
Idiotic-rs/Obamas’ Strong Marriage Produces White House Drama,
Dysfunction, Bloomberg/Problem 46 Times Bigger than U.S Economy Edges
Closer, Profit Confidential/Jason Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding
For Embassy Security: 'You Have To Prioritize Things-Ryan Hits Biden On
HE GETS OFF THE GOLF COURSE.-Based on a computer analysis of your post
(all in caps,) your total IQ is 74. Start practicing the phrase "Do you
want fries with that"-DesJarlais' divorce from Susan DesJarlais,
which was finalized in 2001. The filing included allegations that he held
a gun in his own mouth for hours in one instance and that he "dry fired"
a gun outside his wife's bedroom in another. teabagger DesJarlais'
campaign vigorously denied those charges in his 2010 race against
Democratic Rep. Lincoln Davis, saying they were hauled out of history for
political purposes and had not been deemed credible at the time. But the
new transcript and other revelations from court documents paint a more
damning picture of a man who was a serial philanderer willing to push one
of his lovers -- whom he met as a patient with a foot problem, to
terminate a pregnancy, even when he suspected he was the father. "You
told me you'd have an abortion, and now we're getting too far along
without one," DesJarlais tells the woman at one point, then discuss
whether he will accompany her to a procedure to end the sort of life the
congressman now describes as "sacred." he eventually admitted in court
papers to at least four affairs. Court records indicate that at one point
in the marriage, they had a "written agreement to date other people hp/
holder takes bernie to political debate school, interruping like he
learned on hannity, jama sez joe will whip ryan, on imus

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