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9512/Obowelmovement is as Christian as Ali Babba

9512/MITT ROMNEY IS MORMON... vs. OBAMA IS CHRISTIAN-Bomama Christianmyass: "The Democratic National Convention starts on Monday and its Committee is raising eyebrows after making the decision to host Islamic Jumah prayers for two hours this Friday, ahead of its convention. The three day event is called: "Jumah at the DNC." And….it was given the thumbs up, right after it a Catholic Cardinal's request to say a prayer at the same event-Obowelmovement is as Christian as Ali Babba-BETTER OFF 4 YEARS FROM NOW WITH MITT THE RETARD AKA ROMNEYHOOD-Right-wingers stunned and dismayed to find that voters actually remember what the country was like four years ago. DOW Jones 8,000 and collapsing, unemployment increasing by 600,000 jobs per month GDP imploding at a 6.5% annualized rate Financial system on brink of collapse Iraq War claiming 60 US soldiers per month with no end in sight Osama bin Laden on the loose and taunting America with video tapes Be careful what you ask people-yc/'s called truth and reality.....something you know nothing about, Obama is a better President on his worst day than bush or reagan or nixon was on any of their best days.-MATHEMATICS OF DNA "Imagine that someone gives you a mystery novel with an entire page ripped out. And let’s suppose someone else comes up with a computer program that reconstructs the missing page, by assembling sentences and paragraphs lifted from other places in the book. Imagine that this computer program does such a beautiful job that most people can’t tell the page was ever missing ycve/while I srael treats He zbollah threats as Iran's Rivlin says Obama doesn't understand Middle East Knesset speaker says Democrats' removal of J_erusalem as I_srael's capital from platform is a bigger problem than disagreements on Iran, may have far-reaching consequences"The Zi. on is t regime separated from America has no meaning, and we must not recognize I srael as separate from America" The M.uslim senses an opening, a breach between America and I.srael, a weakness in this administrations's I.srael policy, and he's immediately exploiting it and all over it like flies on sh****t. When Obama commented about I.sraeli construction within Jerusalem, a policy shift from other administrations, Abbas sat on his azzzz and saw no need to reestablish peace negotiations with I.srael.You'd think a president who spent many years in Indonesia would understand more about Islamic culture-yip/Iran says it treats I sraeli military threats as American-r/ brigormortis republicans? biden has a history of helping domestic abuse laws & ryan eh... not so woman friendly.& besides- it's mittens. right there that's a BIG etchy sketchy strike against them. oh i can't wait for the debates- I don't trust anyone that speaks for the American people. Once someone thinks they know what "The American People" want, I know that they've gotten it wrong. I don't want to work with Democrats. I want to defeat them. I want their foolish agendas crushed. I'd like to be civil about it- they will go all the way till they are stomped on. after all sheldon addelson is paying for mitt's soul & the koch bros are bankrolling ryan's. yfs/the obsession continues. Newsflash tranny, Bush isn't running. Tell ohblowme to brag about his accomplishments. Oh, sorry, nevermind-Food Stamps and Obama-      According to U.S. Census Bureau, about 28 percent of households that receive food stamps are African American, while 59 percent are white-the first 5 years of Bush with his republican House and Senate the number of Americans needing Food Stamps increased from 17.3 Million to 25.472 Million Americans... a 47% rise.... by the end of his failed presidency that number had grown to 32 Million. Remind your pea sized brain that prior to gw bush being elected the number of Americans needing Food Stamps had fallen for 8 years. Had that number not almost doubled under Bush you might have a point-ype8/Treasury Department said Tuesday that the national debt has topped $16 trillion, the result of chronic government deficits that have poured more than $50,000 worth of red ink onto federal ledgers for every man, woman and child in the United States-the right wing won't let him do what needs to be done. And I would bet dollars to donuts that Thinkfree or any other right wing advocator wants to give back their 600 dollar Bush era feel good welfare checks to help shrink the deficit though,but they'll whine and cry about government debt. Where did you people think the money for two wars and bailing out all of the Bush bank buddies was going to come from,when Bush eliminated the source that usually pays for that kind of stuff? Who in their right minds starts two wars while then giving 700 billion dollars to his friends in high places? Furthermore,who in their right minds thinks that this was something that could have been fixed in the months following the last election or even two or three years following said election? "Duh,just stop spending." Say all of the people with negative balances on at the very least,one credit card. F'ing hypocrites-yn/Old oil has washed up on some Louisiana beaches after Hurricane Isaac and officials are testing whether it's left over from BP"s Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010. abc/
9412/Obama brokers nonaggression deal with Iran, Happened over the weekend. Direct from White House to Tehran. Deal brokerd through two neutral European peace loving nations. Netanyahu scratching his head. Don't worry all, no Americans will have to lose their lives because of I srae-will mean absolutely noting to Israel who is bent on domination of the mid-east and that means their rival destroyed which is Iran-reported antisemitics to yahoo-ygs/your kids can be saved (it happened in the 60s when the children of the idiots who voted for people like McCarthy grew up to completely reject their parents "values") and it's not too late for them until they pull that first lever. Even then it could be argued that, if Jesus and Satan are running in an election and you vote for Satan - that doesn't make you Satan and it doesn't necessarily make you evil - just deluded. The Republicans are not Satan and the Democrats are certainly not Jesus so it's up to you to vote for a future your children, and their children, will have to live with when you are gone, The good news is that the Romney-Ryan campaign has likely created dozens of new jobs among the legions of additional fact checkers that media outlets are rushing to hire to sift through the mountain of cow dung that flowed from Ryan’s mouth. Said fact checkers have already condemned certain arguments that Ryan still irresponsibly repeated- who should be outraged that SA is deciding which content you should be able to read, not just that my content was censored but think about how this pressure affects authors for whom SA is their main outlet. This is how the powers that be crush freedom of speech - in this case under the guise of what "is marketable". It's good of SA to protect you from ideas you may not like - you don't seem like a guy who could handle a mental challenge but Freedom of Press is right next to Freedom of Religion in our Constitution and you (not me) are being programmed like a little robot to only think between the lines. I'm sorry but the Government has obviously failed to educate you so I must say something here in the hopes that maybe some light will trickle through. You are using a page called the Obama Meter. They are obviously not a pro-Obama site. In fact the purpose of this site is to point out how many promises he breaks. After almost 4 years, they have identified, according to them, 244 promises although, if you follow the links (and I know you did not), are, for the most part taken grossly out of context.-
He pretends he is doing SA readers a favor, he is not, I take back what I said earlier, he is so blatantly biased that it clouds his analysis - I will treat his writings just like I would Karl Marx, as informative writings that let me know what the fringe are doing - and why this country is in bad shape. People who are so liberal are just as bad as neo-cons. It's too bad that SA keeps publishing Phil's stuff, OK for making some good market calls.However he is way of in his political liberal crap. The Dems are steeling 800 billion from Medicaid ,say something about this theft Phil. Obama has done not mush to get this country on track yes vote for change and Obama out before this country falls apart-how have those "divine guidelines" been working out for us over the last couple thousand years?? Lets see... hundreds of thousands dead in religious wars, corrupt leaders using religion as a tool to become wealthy and crush movements that support positive social change, close minded non-analytical thought suppressing science and medical advancement, Shall I go on?? If believing in God made you more successful in your life than all members of the clergy would be millionaires and great political leaders. Oh wait a minute! Each year more and more churches are foreclosing and shutting their doors in bankruptcy. Yes, these are the people we need running our country(sarcasm). Thanks for the comedy routine--Both our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are based on writings of the Puritans. Our founding fathers did not make this stuff up, but borrowed it from the Puritans. The Two Treatises of Government by John Locke are worth a read if you are interested in America's History and how we got here. More importantly, if we implemented the principles outlined in Two Treatises of Government, these malfunctioning markets would fix themselves and all of us would not need an over reaching government who is trying to play god.- I lean towards Stephen Hawking's view. No disrespect to the founding fathers, but we do possess exponentially more knowledge now. To me, religion is a human created concept. I can understand humans fought for resources, for survival, but not ambition/ego such as Alexander, Hitler, or ideologies such as Crusaders and Islamic extremists, and for the matter, the Republicans and Democrats. The practical way is somewhere in the middle.-"Elect persons who fear the God of the Bible..."Given that the God of the Bible was notorious for interfering with the weather, it is surprising that the Republican Party has been so quiet about his role in postponing their convention in Tampa with the threat of a mighty tempest. Previously their supporters have usually been quick to promote the theory of bad weather as a punishment for evil doers-a tough one. If you are Germany, you are the lifeboat that is overloaded with countries you are trying to rescue by taking on weight (debt). The problem you have is, even if they die, you are stuck with the weight. The only way to lighten the load is to throw them off while they are still alive but, each one is a "customer" to you as well and was helping keep you afloat by buying your goods which, for this example, we can think of as helping to bail out the water.So, since they will surely ALL sink and die by taking on more weight/debt, Germany has to evaluate each passenger in terms of how much more they will cost to keep on board vs. how much they are able to contribute if they stay. When a country has a dead economy like Spain, Greece or Italy - their reciprocal contribution to Germany is minimal and there's no logic to add more weight by keeping them OTHER THAN the fear that if one goes, they all go. So, as the Captain of the boat - is Germany going to be more interested in taking on more debt or firewalling the nations that are useful to them over the long run. It's not that Germany CANNOT allow the EZ to collapse - it's just that they would prefer an orderly collapse they can control. It's a condemned building and it's going to come down - a controlled demolition is a lot smarter than building another building inside it or around it so you don't have to face up to the fact that it's not supportable-Do you think the big banks aren't participating in a quid pro quo with the current admin? This is Dem problem worse than it is a Rep problem. You talk about conservatives as if they're evil, want to kill granny and impoverish as many people as possible. This is crazy nonsense like the rest of your liberal, childlike, diatribes- sa/Made in America festival in Philadelphia included sets by Odd Future, Drake and a reunited Run-D.M.C. Kingpin Jay-Z topped the whole thing off by making a surprise appearance with Pearl Jam, who backed him on "99 Problems rs/

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