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81921/Paul Ryan Return to George W. Bush's Foreign Policy

81912/ scroll down thru the whole thing
and keep in mind that fb removed most of the really objectionable posts
and what's left is insanity enough and we don't know what he said to the
FBI or if he had stockpiled weapons or had written plans either-being
uninformed as to how the Fed influences interest rates doesn't require
pscych evaluation, he's guilty of being an idiot, and that's now a crime-
We should let the Sasquatch vote. I bet they'd vote for Obama,
considering how Romney wants to rape the earth and all-Why you always
want to keep the sasquatch down? What's the Gov hiding? Occupy Sasquatch! Former Marine Arrested by FBI for Patriotic Facebook
Posts?-facts of this story are developing. Former Marine Brandon J Raub’s
mother claims he was taken by FBI and Secret Service on 8/16/12 for
posting patriotic Facebook posts-They say that Ryan has gone Sasquatch
hunting with a uzi machine gun. Talk about suppressing the vote. These
maniacs will stop at nothing-you are a real danger to others. Your point
of view is simply dangerous. But that does not mean that I think you need
to be locked up and given a mental evaluation. I just posted a report the
other day from a psychiatrist that said liberals have mental illness. How
would you like to be evaluated by that doctor? Or how would you like the
next Republican President to have the power to lock you up based on your
thoughts or point of view? Or how would you like to have a President that
has the power to lock you up because a psychiatrist decides that your
political view demontrates a mental illness. Or for that matter anyone
being able to lock you up for your thoughts if they are not criminal or a
true threat. Also, If we are talking about theories then Michael Moore
needs to be on a 72 hour psych hold-What a crock of horsecrap! This guy
is clearly insane-useless gibberish-by the time you have acquired the
knowledge contained in the OP state must define you as a terrorist and a
threat to liberty and the masses will be manipulated in such a way they
will cheer your death-Dangerous fear mongering rant- fb/Assad makes rare
appearance for Eid prayer R/"Die E-Control will den Strompreis durch die
Hintertür regulieren"-Straflager für Pussy Riot wcb/Acid attacks, poison:
What Afghan girls risk by going to school, People are crazy," said Razia
Jan, founder of a girls' school outside Kabul. "The day we opened the
school, (on) the other side of town, they threw hand grenades in a girls'
school, and 100 girls were killed-barbaric as the ancient Romans were,
its funny how the lands they conquered turned into logical civilizations.
 Even before England became England they were simply tribes that were
hostile to each other! You can add France (the Gauls), Germany, Spain,
Mauritania, North Africa, Turkey, etc. Its a shame they didn't reach as
far as RUSSIA and CHINA-When in the world are we going to learn!? These
bastards are NOT terrorists. They are RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISTS.  Stop
blaming the worlds terrorist act on some 'bogeyman'. They have a name -
Islamists. How about we call a spade a spade huh? cnn/
too many crazies  benstein cbs/crossroads rove superpac, hat party, jama
approval at only 47%, fn/cutter kills on abc, covers replay with
scoreboard, brad smith the star of little league world series/
81812/Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are
Rapidly Preparing For Something Big theeconomiccollapseblog/Trump: ‘Women
Don’t Get It’sexism Women make up more than half of the population and
they vote in greater numbers than do their male counterparts  from Donald
J. Trump/Watch Congress, they will move their money first. They will call
it profit taking, I called it armed robbery-people who are homesless
on the streets, are MOSTLY there by their choice. their choice brought
them there, they made a choise to stay there and suffer whatever
hardships or handout they get. some of them dont have skills, some of
them do and dont want to use them. the moral tho, is that homelss ppl
ares still people, and they still have rights like us, they just need to
clean up and use them, if not, thats their choice. they'll die on the
streets. do me a favor tho, dont blame someone else when they do. because
its not our fault their homeless bud, ive been there several times. i
know-Choice?the homless are there to avoid the race, the big boys know
they will be coming for them, they insisted on the slow bleed, no matter
wot a gusher it is-happened in 1913 fb/How can the Occupy movement help
those who are most vulnerable to the economic crisis and its attendant
austerity measures, while advancing the fight against the 1%? Raids,
Harassment at Occupy Tent Cities Start Broader Conversation About
Criminalizing Homelessness Sarah Page-the Long War on Democracy Romney's
choice of Ryan won't usher in a 'real debate' about much of anything
except, perhaps, the danger to our democracy of billionaires like
casino-magnate Sheldon Adelson (whose blessing Ryan immediately sought
this week) who are pouring tens of millions of dollars into negative
advertising, Romney admits to an income of over $20 million a year for
the last several decades. Which makes his 13 percent - or even 20 percent
[in taxes] - violate the principle of equal sacrifice that lies at the
core of our notion of tax fairness Robert Reich,-Paul Ryan Proposes a
Return to George W. Bush's Foreign Policy- The reactionary Koch brothers,
along with Tea Party advocates and gloves-off free-market capitalists
have used the Citizens United decision to pressure Romney into selecting
Ryan as his running mate Danny Weil-Federal Court Blocks Florida Attack
on Early Voting "Gov. Rick Scott (R-Florida) has been relentless in his
push to restrict the right to vote Tara Culp-Ressler, ThinkProgress-South
Africa Is Reeling After Police, killing 34 people and wounding 78,
suicides among active duty US Army soldiers doubled in July compared to
the month of June Thom Hartmann-Ryan's leadership as chair of the House
Budget Committee and author of the ‘Path to Prosperity’ Republican budget
blueprint and the FY 2013 House Budget Resolution has become a lightning
rod for criticism by other Catholic bishops, ecumenical groups Jonathan
Rosenblum, PRWatch-Robert Reich-Russian Punk Band Three young women in
Moscow were convicted of hooliganism, and sentenced to two years in a
penal colonySentenced to Two Years in Jail for Anti-Putin Stunt David M.
Herszenhorn-Truthout/at what age, you begin to lie and steal? your liar
skill peaked when you got a manager job by lie on your resume. your kids
will just like you, they will learn lie from you and lie everyday. us
will over supply liars and how can your kids and you sucess in the future
when you find almost everybody is liars?-liars vs liars. caused by more
liars. beginning of human interaction you lie to impress. because society
is so corrupt right now we teach them to lie-starts at the circumcision
in certain instances-approve of GS and the fallout of its criminality   
With GS being above the law, naturally there is tremendous resentment!
Yet not one rabbi speaks out about the damage caused to the chosen
people-Mitty's 13% taxes, CLEARLY he has much to hide... Even his father
released his taxes-ygs/Unemployment rates rose in July from June in
almost all states, including those where the presidential election fight
is expected to be fiercest, according to data released on Friday by the
Labor Department-r/OCCUPY GRANNY ARRESTED, Portland, OR, 16 Aug 2012:
Great Grandmother Nan Wigmore, arrested and zip-tied at the Obama
headquarters demonstration to free Bradley Manning. Nan is a life-long
activist and very brave one too. When she was in Chicago (she took a bus
for 3 days to get there), the cops forced her to get in an ambulance (she
was not ill) and they confiscated her walker! When she got back to
Portland Occupy took up a collection and bought her a new one. She is a
hero!-SHE-ROE!-Ryan Wants Mitt Romney’s Tax Rate To Be Less Than 1
Percent, Democrats hoped Obama would seize on that fact tpm-Brandon’s
Facebook group “Richmond Liberty Movement” members providing all the
information of the current situation: Last night at approximately 7:30pm,
Brandon J Raub, founder of the Richmond Liberty Movement, was arrested.
When friends came home they witnessed Brandon being detained by the
Police, FBI, and Secret Service, loads of vehicles on scene. Video exists
of evidence showing Brandon being taken away. Friends and family asked
what had happened, they were told they were tipped off that Brandon had
“posts” on his FB that led them to believe he was a danger to others
and/or himself. Brandon believes 9/11 was an inside job and questions the
actions of government like most of us. Brandon is a level headed,
logical, non violent, Marine veteran. He has no known history of being a
menace or previously arrested. They were told he would be taken to jail
for resisting arrest. They were told he needed to be mentally evaluated
for PTSD (due to being a vet). (He was also not read his rights according
to his mom who was on the Josh Tolley show). As of this morning his
family and friends have contact the FBI and Local Police. They are now
being told there is NO RECORD of him being taken into custody fb/
81712/ As the GOP candidates tour the country preaching austerity, the
Empire State Manufacturing index fell from 7 in July to -5.85 in August
with new orders dropping to -5.5 and prices rocketing to 16.47 from 7.4
(up over 100%). Overall, the report is no more catastrophic than all the
other data we've been getting lately but we may be getting into promise
fatigue on the stimulus talk as Central Bank after Central Bank fails to
take action in what is now the 3rd week after Draghi promised to do
"whatever it takes" to fix things-true rathole is Afghanistan and Iraq. I
applaud the Chinese government for at least investing in the right stuff-
thank you for pointing that out. Those "ratholes" beyond comprehension,
the amounts of money flowing into those could have revolutionised the
solar sector 10 times over-three key points here. First, health care in
any country as wealthy as the U.S. should be available to all as a right,
not a privilege. Second, health care, if available and affordable for
all, can be organized to deliver services far more efficiently than at
present. Insurers MAY have a role here, but mostly in the mechanics of
paying for services rendered, rather than in cost cutting (they have by
and large a terrible record in this regard, increasing their premiums at
typically four to five times the rate of inflation). Third, if insurers
continue to be used as the conduit to pay for services, then being
covered must be mandatory (as it is in Massachusetts) because 99.999% of
people will require some form of health care services before they die-
S&P 500 trades 1.32 times sales...range for the last 2 and half years has
been 1.10 to 1.38 Significant drop in 2 year euro swap spread..60 now..2
months ago 85 - Amazing the effects of printing cash. Pure magic
material-A Trillion Dollar Question, Now we have dueling Fed heads
weighing in on QE talk. CNBC interviewed Boston's Rosengren (dove), who
said not only is QE necessary but that "it needs to be substantial enough
that it off sets some of the shocks that we're getting from abroad and
some of the concerns that people have with how weak the world economy has
been - so we're in a global slowdown." Isn't that great? He thinks the
global economy is TERRIBLE and that means we should rush out and pay
5-year highs for equities, right? What a silly market we have.. -sa/ Two
U.S. Troops Killed By Afghan Police Officer; Latest 'Green On Blue'
Attack- Women In Russian Punk Band pussy riot, Found Guilty Of
Hooliganism- npr/after performing a song critical of President Vladimir
Putin at a cathedral in Moscow cnn/ motivated by religious hatred y
/Obama camp offers to pull back on tax attacks if Romney releases 5 years
fn/the record speaks for itself. If Romney's statement was a lie then The
Obama campaign doesn't have to say a thing. On the other hand if what
Romney says is true then it is only the PACs he has to contend with. I
suspect the democrats know something is there. Romney sure makes it look
that way. Why is it Romney couldn't even get his 2011 returns done on
time or at lest in the period allowed by an extension? Ryan is already
caught claiming he didn't ask for stimulus money when he did. For Romney
to be found wrong about the taxes he paid would be the final nail in the
coffin. 13% tax rate is bad enough when most tax payers compare it to
what they paid-They will be much better off. We are in a bull market and
the war is going to come to a close soon!-.ybac/.we did not get the hope
and change Obama promised. Anyone with a brain, knows it is time for a
change and probable hope- fb/Proof That Kardashian Marriage Was Staged-
Bride-to-Be Stabs Groom Hours Before Wedding-Everyone loves a good Loch
Ness story -- same with Bigfoot, el Chupacabra, and a well-dressed pig
prancing down the highway. Most of us enjoy the momentary escape these
stories provide -- they take us, very briefly, into a fantasy where our
world does, in fact, have monsters and huge hairy men who live in the
woods. It's ridiculously fun-Newser/kourtney and kim take new york
wetpaint- What a douche. Who wants to see her coochie? I don't Her
coochie is on a show you don't have to watch and why did you click on a
story with the FAMILY name on it? Sheesh your an idiot-Well because, The
shows title does'nt say the "Coochie show " I didnt even know she was
showing her cooch until I read these posts- she tries to b young and sexy
well guess what its not working u old hag shes had so many face lifts
that her bellybotton is under her chin yuk lots of luck miss nasty.
Newser/"To ensure financial accountability, the financial statements of
the Federal Reserve Banks and the Board of Governors are audited annually
by an independent outside auditor, Federal Reserve's FAQ sa/the problem
has always been, oh yeah mcfarland 38 us military suicides, june 24
(believed wmd story, screwball hook)cm, damascus joy ride bernie does
kissinger, 6ft 275lbs pee wee-halloffamer ponzi scheme w, spitzer hooker
pregnant, pussy riot convicited of ho0liganism facing 7 yrs paul sez stay
strong, wyatt rodeo injury, cavotto pergatory in a handbasket,
nyc chessmaster dies, on imus
81612/Biden recently told a crowd on the campaign trail that Republicans
would "put you all back in chains-Fascism should more appropriately be
called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power,
Benito Mussolini-Only folks with cognitive deficiencies will vote for
Romney. Any one with a brain can see he's absolutely toxic-conservatives
are SCARED TO DEATH that your guy won't get into the Oval Office in
November and start running the American economy back into the ground like
George W. Bush did-Ecuador to Let Julian Assange Stay in Its Embassy, the
founder of WikiLeaks, to remain indefinitely in its London embassy, where
he has been seeking asylum-fb/You go about your world and I'll go about
mine-like an old hag, keeps butting into everyone else's world, where he
is as foreign as an invading virus-Not having to fear everyone I
encounter that's skin is different than mine makes things go along
smoothly ypi/If you're sharing something, Did you know that what you say
on Facebook can be used against you in a court of law?Facebook court
ruling: What you share on Facebook is admissible as evidence-y/for repubs
its all about Obama, they are told by Hannity its all Obamas fault and
they swallow it like roadside hookers. The Blame it all Obama crowd cant
even be considered for time to respond anymore.-one thing that kills me
about the jews or the JC's or the islams and that is.. god that is for
ever and ever all things.. them all the paths to god are good.. if you
dont believe that then you are doomed.. foerever and ever Hell is where
you think it is-fb/Question: If you mix a
cocktail of 'black liquor,' biofuels, diesel and a generous splash of tax
subsidies - then have it shaken vigorously by a U.S. senator and served
in a golden goblet by corporate lobbyists - what do you call it? Answer:
Koch Brothers' Moonshine Jim Hightower-"We Are Prepared to Die": Workers
in Colombia at General Motors Plant Sew Their Mouths Shut to Protest
Backbreaking Labor ConditionsParra and Ospina say more than 200
Colmotores employees have been injured while working at the automotive
plant outside Colombia's capital city of Bogota. Herniated discs, severe
carpal tunnel syndrome, lumbar scoliosis and chronic tendonitis are among
the list of complaints they claim many have suffered after years spent
doing repetitive, physical work making GM's car parts. Instead of
providing medical care and changing the work patterns of injured
employees, GM fires them, Miriam Wells, AlterNet-Israel's Iran War Talk
Aims at Deal for Tougher US Policy "Two recent interviews apparently
given by Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak provide evidence that the
new wave of reports in the Israeli press about a possible Israeli attack
on Iran is a means by which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Barak
hope to leverage a US shift toward Israel's red lines on Iran's nuclear
program." Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service-Why Romney-Ryan's Desperate
Attempts to Spin Medicare Won't Work In May, the Romney team promised a
laser-like focus on the economy. But that was then and this is now. This
week, Romney changed the conversation when he caved to his right flank
and chose Paul Ryan as his running mate, a man known for a budget
proposal that's so toxic voters in focus groups, 'simply refused to
believe any politician would do such a thing.'" Joshua Holland, AlterNet-
A Guide to Disaster at Home and Abroad: How Not to Reconstruct Iraq,
Afghanistan, or America Failure in the strict sense of the word is not
necessarily a problem for Washington. Our purpose is served by the
appearance of reconstructing. We need to tell ourselves we tried, and
those (dark, dirty, uneducated, Muslim, terrorist, heathen) people we
just ran over with a tank actually screwed this up. And OK, sure, if a
few well-connected contractors profit along the way, more power to them."
Peter Van Buren, "Truthout: " mitt wants to cut npr on
fallon/death of elvis 35 yrs ago, varney humps ryans leg, cuddles goldman
sacs- bildoe writes to 4th to 8th grader, jw booth killed lincoln due to
lincoln's son's love triangle, booth,oswald parallels-after earthquake,
terrorist attack iran, on imus
81512/ Worker Wage-and-Hour Suits Lawsuits Rise in Difficult Labor
Market, U.S. workers contesting wages and hours, including demands for
overtime pay, reached a 20-year high this year as unemployment remained
above 8 percent.Bw/Parmer and Barr were "drinking heavily" at the house
of the deputy chief of mission for the U.S. Embassy there. It said Parmer
took the BlackBerry of another employee, Peter Vincent, and sent "lewd
messages" to Barr, approached me and offered to" perform oral sex. Morris
Fischer, who represents Hayes, told his team is in the
process of gathering more evidence fn/Still Reaps Huge Profits From
Bain's Vulture Capitalism The Nation: "Romney was a robber baron. And he
continues to profit to the tune of $230 million and counting - from the
'vulture capitalism John Nichols,-Closing of Illinois Supermax Ends 14
Years of Prisoners' Silence  in Solitary Confinement, the story of
something positive that may have  come out of a recession, about what may
be the last throes of the  supermax movement, and what a campaign against
torture accomplished in  less than four years Yana Kunichoff and Jesse
Menendez-Yet another cynical appeal to poor white votersuses Banksters'
Money to Play Race Card the growing right-wing racist fringe, [Mitt
latest TV ad] conjures up images of working people of color as lazy and
non-industrious, while the so-called 'job creators,' like Romney and his
supporters, are busy shipping employment overseas, Danny Weil, Truthout/
Billionaires Prepare for Economic Meltdown (NewsmaxWorld-if the past
thirty years of right-wing central planning and  de-facto socialism for
the rich and corporate fascism is better than socialism for the average
American. I'll take socialism for the rest of us any day-Socialists in
Europe are now picking through the debris left over from their policies
for the past decades, and trying to find something of hope for the
future. Our Socialists ( currently occupying the White House ) are
offering to "double down" on the same policies that  destroyed the

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