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51012/Obama is an IDIOT

51012/Republicans, certainly a partisan battle, blocked a measure that
would have prevented a big hike for student loan interest rates. doubling
automatically for new loans starting July 1, Thank Lobbyists Who
Killed it/National Organization for Marriage contributed $425,000 to the
Vote for Marriage campaign, according to the latest reports, and the
Human Rights Campaign and its affiliates contributed nearly $500,000 to
the opposition Coalition to Protect All N.C. Families/Financial leaders,
from finance ministers to leaders of private financial institutions, the
crisis countries have to get their houses in order, little precious to
hear such pontifications from those who, at the helm of central banks,
finance ministries, and private banks, steered the global financial
system to the brink of ruin - and created the ongoing mess- The Currency
of Words or the Coin of the Realm, officers and enlisted members will no
longer be taught and institutionally indoctrinated that 'the United
States is at war with Islam and we ought to just recognize that-Greece
and France, the majority of voters have clearly rejected the policies of
austerity. Now joining us to talk about the significance of this for
Europe, but also for America, is Dean Baker. Dean is co-director of the
Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington. author of book The
End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets,Scott
Brown Goes Birther on Elizabeth Warren Mother Jones/Vermont Poised to Be
First State to Outlaw Fracking Reuters-Melinda Gates' New Crusade:
Investing Billions in Women's Health Newsweek/Last month auto sales
slowed down, yet the Volt doubled it's numbers from the previous year/
Obama judge to delete the four rules that mention G-d, Taking a chisel to
the Ten Commandments wp-approved 98-0 by the US Senate/TO ALL THE N.AZI
Prove that it's a lie, mo'fo. And by definition, I am better than you.
for the record, not only am I Ysraeli, I'm indeed a born American. Just
enjoying the best of both worlds. You said you were an American citizen
and at some point lived here, did you go to israel for your meds then? If
not, you're a liar. Enjoy your life in israel, man with all the 'spooky'
Arabs around you that you whine about 24/7/365.-J'lem hospital shows off
a vaccine that destroys cancer in 2 shots, a little early to declare it a
success. It's in the early stages. Hopefully it will work and when you
stop using American drugs, we should talk more/if khazars can call
rhemselves joos, why cant arabs call themselves palis? Rating : ...
Mizrahim, Magravim, Tenonim and so forth/Rupert lacky newspaper editor
who later became a spokesman for British Prime Minister David Cameron
began testifying cnn/Firings After Background Checks Wells Fargo & Co.
(WFC) defended its decision to fire some employees who were convicted of
petty crimes long ago, saying the law requires it Wall Street Journal/And
it begins. Time to Default to Reality! Unless Facebook and China swoop
in on magical unicorns weilding super mega all star portable printing
presses showing the world in fiat 2.0!...the world realizes the system is
nothing but optics/Republicans In Congress ARE TERRORISTS have done what
Osama bin Laden could only dream of doing to U.S.A TexasWe must make sure
we remove every one of those terrorist republicans from Congress.. They
will only continue to destroy this country and every American, The only
good republican is in a box, 6 feet under.. Republicans, the reason we
need abortions in America..hide their familes in bunkers just like
Hitler. they are no better than Hitler.. Use the bunker busters, If we
have another 9/11, hit congress first. texas, the biggest free loader
state in the country.. giving money to Texas is listed under foreign
aid.. Thank God all our states are not like any republican state..
republican state: land of the uneducated, lowest paid people in the
country-There will be NO USA left if we just have democrats and old
guard republicans. Ron Paul is the ONLY answer If you don't realize that
you are all turds-Citibank shareholders and multiple customers will
definitely hear about this incompetence and wasted two
f'n hours of my valuable time and Citibank expects me to continue being
an f'n customer? Does Corzine have anything to do with this company?-
problem is a symptom of a disease.  But Greece, with other friends who
are tired of the idea of using government tax money to pay off bank
loans, watching their neighbors lose their jobs and go hungry, while
bankers pull down millions in 'well-done' bonuses after sinking the ship
of state. Nothing has been so short-sighted as corporate titans still
taking huge bonuses after ruining the global economy with unmitigated
greed and then begging governments to bail them out with the money that
is now needed and no longer available to fund work, education and social
systems in countries around the world. These CEO's should have gladly
publicly rejected bonuses for the rest of their lives. Instead, because
of their hubris and greed, some of them may end up swinging at the end of
rope instead. If Greece pulls an Iceland, and tells the banks to suck on
their debt, Spain will be next, and then Portugal and Italy and then
France....and the European banks will fold. And if the European banks
fold, English and Japanese and American and Chinese banks will fold. That
is the reason to fear Greece, by itself, will not sink the world-You
can't go anywhere without seeing masses of women wearing tents. Don't
even get me started on the bearded terrorists smoking cigarettes and
slurping their putrid coffee. Something needs to be done-
5912/Emails Newsletter Urging 'Armed Revolution' If Obama Reelected
A monthly newsletter published by the Greene County Republican Committee
in Virginia is raising eyebrows for including a column in its March
edition that calls for an "armed revolution" if President Barack Obama is
elected to a second term in November
exposes health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA) who are conducting a "War of Terror" that is killing millions of
unknowing people around the world renowned authority in public health
education, covert intelligence agency operations, and emerging diseases
investigations /Women Against Romney (W.A.R.)/
Republican terrorists continue to destroy this country, they have done
more damage than 1,000 Osama bin Ladens.. The next 2 elections should be
enough to remove all those terrorists from our government/I'm PRO
semetic. I just despise Fraud St. Kyke thieves - and their shills/ outcry
to vote against President Barack Obama was heard loud and clear in West
Virginia, Federal prisoner earns votes against Obama in West Virginia
primary, Keith Judd, a prisoner in Texas serving time a for making
threats at the University of New Mexico in 1999/MAObama Says Al Qaeda Is
No Longer A Threat/Republicans have used 300 filibusters to stop changes
to Bush's last disastrous budget Romney to use those ads about $5 gas?/
1000 point drop in DOW is not very far banks could fall 10% in one day as
the money makers withdraw their support for the PONZI market. be careful-
The current monetary system will start to collapse in 2013, US has about
$16 trillion sovereign debt right not but it has more than $50 trillion
liabilities on entitlement programs. I will show you that it is only
Bernanke's pipe-dream to expect 3-4% real GDP growth over the next
decade, Do you really think that Obama can do whatever he wants?? an
Avatar, a puppet acting as an interface to serve his masters. Bernanke
could no longer hide his fear of financial disaster, Think about: why we
will see sovereign crisis in Europe, UK and US? the system is a PONZI
game. When it collapse, the asset prices, such as real estate,
corporation, stock, etc would decline significantly, so that there is not
enough money in the system to refinance all the outstanding sovereign
debt coming due, The weak job number simply proved that the Bernanke
recovery is fake and hopeless. And he is peeing his pants, he could not
be able to do anything about the "fiscal cliff", i.e. tax hike and
spending cut, coming on Jan 1, 2013. wanted the "fiscal cliff", i.e. the
tax hike and spending cut at Federal level, to be postponed yet again. Is
he crazy, or does he expect the end of the world?-hello? he isn't the
President. We have an idiot in charge of all those handouts/17.5 year
sentence for extortion, currently has received 40 percent of the vote,
with 83 percent of precincts reporting, ap-says more about the lack of
intelligence of voters in west virginia than it does about Obama's
popularity. He probably married his underage cousin while in prison-
hillbillies in west virginia would ever accept a black man as president?-
truth in Politics. Thought I'd NEVER see the day-most sophisticated state
in the east-a lot smarter than the over educated loonie left that still
support obama-Obonehead is just a lousy President. It doesn't take a
rocket scientist to figure that one out. You Libtards are so tolerable,
always calling people by names-only %21 turnout -    Obama is black, he
is an IDIOT- WVA last year and there are bill boards everywhere
denouncing Obama for his attempt to destroy the coal industry. They hate
him and rightly so-monkey in a tree with a briefcase?-yall doing me like
rodney king- A branch manager-smell dez nuts won't ya. Smell them bra.
You can do it. Mother-Faaker. I kick yo nasty az and put it on u-tube.
Yea Punk-   smart but not smart enough to not get caught-proves there is
a fine line between convict and gov't employee-Proof the whole election
system needs to be redone-its fair to say the West Virginia is an
embarrassment to America-the stupider and more aggressively illiterate
the state, the more they hate Obama. More confirmation of the study which
showed that people with low IQs are more likely to be racist and embrace
conservative ideology-how a prisioner even got on the ballot. You cannot
vote if you have been convicted of a felony. Just asking-    Once they
have done thier sentence their right to vote is reenstated. Get your
facts strait- if their crime did not involve a weapon or firearm they can
get their gun rights back too. Try looking up the law sometime instead of
"guessing" and looking like a Idiot-convicted felon can NEVER run for
public office, being said, the biggest threat to democracy is an ignorant
voter, hence, West Virginians appear to qualify-liberals envy FOX and
their ratings-Fox ISN'T allowed in Canada. It's because they have "truth
in newscasting" laws that prevents them from airing-    It's not good to
forfeit the individual thinking process to a corporation with an agenda.
I miss Bill Buckley and President Reagan, who didn't need a Fox echo
chamber to get people to believe their ideas had merit-Surveys have
repeatedly shown that people who rely on Fox News for their information
are the most poorly informed of all.-West Virginia ranks 49th in income
levels and 49th in math and science scores out of all the states- Romney
couldn't win a job a dog catcher. I can hardly wait until november to see
the long faces coming from you idiots. Get ready to start paying your
fair share, or do like ya'll alway do, just don't pau them. that's why so
many players are in dire straights now. Yal'll are such idiots. I can't
wait to your faces-goes to show how moronic the voters there are there
should be an IQ test before anyone is allowed to vote. these idiots
would fail miserably-1 in 5 WV adults cannot read and comprehend a short
news article according to the state of West Virginia-It's a bunch of
Republicans voting in the Dem primary to discredit the President. How
does a convict get on a ballot? If he is a write-in then there was a
planned scheme most likely bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers ent-vo
te-031637339--abc-news-politics.html /Why Do We Continue To Accept
Obama’s Corruption As The Norm? I have been shouting about our
government’s actions from the rooftops for more than three years, while
so many US voters just hide from the limelight and say "But Fox News
says...." Fox News is owned by Murdoch, who is more concerned with
ratings than the truth and has so much power over Fox /Making Chemical Giants Happy at Our Expense by Jim
Hightower on /.350M deductions, plus israhell-
Metta World Peace and I will elbow you in the ear if you obstruct his
celebrations. VOTE OUT the Greedy GOP,INC and their CORPRATE MASTERS in
November and take our Country back/Hero Dog A pit bull named Lilly risked
her life to pull her unconscious owner from the path of an oncoming
freight train last week. The loyal dog suffered serious injuries
fn/shocking U.S. Army document that outlines the implementation of
re-education camps, admitting that the manual was “not intended for
public release” Parks Gets Statue Washington
National Cathedral is preparing to dedicate a new carving of civil rights
pioneer Rosa Parks in a section of the church devoted to human rights-
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has been granted citizenship in
Switzerland hp/NO more sence than banning "whites" from marrying "blacks"
or "Catholics" from marrying "ews". Love comes in many forms, we may
judge, but we have no right to condemn, let alone deny basic rights.
Holding out for the Supreme Court on this one- the move to strip away
domestic partnership insurance coverage began TODAY-I hate living in a
world where hate is considered Moral, what an oxymoron of me LOl/awesome,
intelligent comments.. here, among like minded individuals, it is just
table talk. Take to the streets, to the churches, EVERYWHERE
oppression/discrimination is tolerated (oxymoron?-only a matter of time
before the attacks extend to other groups/Blackwater, also know as XE
Services, the notorious company known for providing the bulk of US
mercenary services gets a new ethics chief, John Ashcroft critically ill
in 2005, he resisted a White House mission to his hospital bed entreating
him to reauthorize warrantless surveillance
Newly-released videos Blackwater in Iraq runs over woman /having to find reasons to criticize
President Obama for things he's done right, Mitt Romney finds ways to
claim those achievements as his own- of mentally ill
Kelly Thomas before beaten to death by Fullerton Police/Fisker fire in
TX: I fully understand the need for active concern and input regarding
the media and the message for companies like Fisker and A123. But it is
all to easy to have my skepticism peaked by statements such as, "I've
worked homicide scenes with less secrecy," from the local chief fire
investigator. It's not even surprising that he states so many engineers
were present. But the secrecy part smacks of past eras in automotive
history where manufacturers were famous for "balancing risk"/ saudi
underwear bomber double agent, travolta welcome back carter sexcrime,
platiff #2, grease was the word, rubber hose up nose, lighting hopkins,
vini barbarino blues, cher wont breath the same air as romney's golden
teabagger masters, bradley sen humps new book, filibuster structual flaws
in politics, money   imus
5812/Drugs are cheap. Patent monopolies are expensive. These are simple
facts that everyone should know, but for some reason few do.... The
higher prices due to patent monopolies are the reason that many people
have difficulty paying for drugs. If all drugs were sold in a free market
as generics, paying for drugs would not be a serious issue except for the
very poor-You can't sit anymore in churches listening to stodgy
liturgies, 'They put you to sleep. Most of these churches are museums
with floorshows-Corporations Win in Battle Against Investment Regulation
multinationals are gaining ground in the fight against state regulations
that aim to protect the environment, public health or social
policies-Japan shut down its last nuclear reactor Saturday to widespread
public celebration, GOP war on women renders widest gender gap in US
voters' preference for presidential candidates since the 2000 election,
the nation's four largest oil companies are all ALEC members-The Worst
Yet to Come? Why Nuclear Experts Are Calling Fukushima a Ticking Time
Bomb-not only obsessed with military values shaping foreign policy, but
war and militarism have become a mediating force that begins to seep into
almost every aspect of daily life. That is we see war and its dynamics of
cruelty and punishment seeping into a whole range of institutions....
[W]e see schools as being modeled increasingly after prisons. We see
police forces being paramilitarized-the story of how a few 'shareholders'
went inside Wells Fargo's meeting to confront its president and CEO. With
our share certificates in hand, we arrived more than three hours early to
the Wells Fargo shareholder meeting. Although the police had already
blocked all the entrances, we were allowed to pass once we showed our
shares. We must have taken them by surprise because we were quickly
escorted out to wait in an alley-major US banks are invading the payday
loan, small loan and prepaid credit card businesses for big profits-
Truthout/Forgotten Murdered in Mexico and in the US: Disposable People
'Rogers' family signed a surface-use agreement with a fracking company in
2009 to close their 300-acre dairy farm in rural Pennsylvania. That's not
the end of the Rogers' story, but the public, including the Rogers' own
neighbors, may never learn what happened to the family and their land as
drilling operations sprouted up in their area. The Rogers did not realize
they had signed a nondisclosure agreement with the gas company making the
entire deal invalid if members of the family discussed the terms of the
agreement, water or land disturbances resulting from fracking and other
information with anyone other than the gas company and other
signatories.-The Corporate Media's Attempt to Kill the Occupy Movement
Michael Corcoran and Stephen Maher, Truthout: "This May Day brought the
explosive global resurgence of Occupy, one of the most significant social
movement in decades. In New York City, the heart of global capitalism and
center of the movement, the New York Civil Liberties Union estimated that
30,000 demonstrators took part in a massive rally and march down
Broadway, led by a score of city taxicabs. As has become alarmingly
common for a country that constantly proclaims its zealous devotion to
democracy, the day ended with brutal police violence and arrests-
secretive right-wing group, Veterans For A Strong America, is attempting
to do to President Obama what the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did to
Sen. John Kerry in 2004. And they aren't shy about it. The group's leader
and sole employee, Joel Arends, 'Yes, it's the swift boating of the
president.- indiana's Richard Mourdock, Lugar's right-wing opponent, has
been boosted by some $3 million in outside spending by gun industry
groups and big business Super PACs, like FreedomWorks. The flood of
outside money, enabled by the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision-
Mozilla, the Mountain View, California-based developers responsible for
creating the hugely successful Firefox Web browser, has issued a
statement publically condemning the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and
Protection Act, or CISPA. In a memo sent to Forbes' data security
department on late Tuesday, Mozilla's privacy and public policy official
explains that its newly-publicized stance is not one that encourages
online cyber attacks, but merely establishes that the company is in favor
of protecting the rights of its users- New Wall Street Racket Looting
Your City, One Block at a Time the notorious 75-year lease of their
parking meters to a consortium headed by Morgan Stanley. That sale
promulgated a system wherein the public is held hostage by private
finance, due largely to the inclusion of arcane legal stipulations like
'non-compete clauses' and 'compensation events- North Carolina: Marriage
Rights (but Not Equal Rights) on the Ballot- Occupy's Lockout- Sotheby's
Struggle Enters Tenth Month, "The Scream" - an artful interpretation of
human anguish and suffering - and they're going to profit tremendously
tonight, while at the same time they continue to create anguish and
suffering among their own workforce "Truthout: "The forgotten - the ones
who haven't risen on the economic scale or who have the wrong skin color
- are all too often statistics in death, not names. They are just bodies,
not recognized as people with families and loved ones. In this sort of
discrimination - the diminishment of a value of a life - there is no
border between the United States and Mexico-Why America's Rich People Are
Better Than Everyone Else's-Will any movement be able to battle the power
of unrestrained money that is used to further enrich the already
gluttonous wealthy? The dice seem loaded, but remember the fall of the
Berlin Wall. Justice may be trampled on and denied, but sometimes it is
just taking a long march on its way to triumph over the architects of
greed-BuzzFlash/Krugman: "The French Are Revolting. The Greeks, Too. And
It's About Time nyt/ Republicans Lead the Way in Ludicrous Political
Slugfests BuzzFlash/ US Should Return Stolen Land to Native American
Tribes, Says United Nations Guardian UK/Murdoch's Pride Is America's
Poison Read the Article at The New York Times/ Gas drilling is quickly
changing the landscape in Washington and our own backyards, and it's time
to hold the government and industry accountable

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