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42712/compared with ojama, the arch-criminal and religious delusionist

42712/Romney Disses Dying Medical Marijuana Patient/Day in History 1773
this day in 1773, the British Parliament passes the Tea Act, a bill
designed to save the faltering East India Company from bankruptcy by
greatly lowering the tea tax it paid to the British government and, thus,
granting it a de facto monopoly responded to Fox News
pundit Monica Crowley's tweet on Thursday, saying she was disturbed by the
conservative commentator's "blatant homophobia/Rubio, one of Mitt Romney's
top potential running mates, cast one of the first votes ever against the
reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act/watering down crimes
against women mainly ga r bob franklin, died of a massive heart attack in
July 2011-Except when the victim is black. Then the defendant is called
"justifiable" before and not convicted-someone who got robbed is a
"victim", but the people raped and beaten are simply "accusers"? /I
trust ALL of y0u. My FB password is:" The street JFK was killed, numeric
FIVESIXTWO verbatim not the concept ( the letter O is a zero)" well thats
my passw0rd have fun ruining my name.Lets play a game called get him
arrested/There are over 300 million US Americans, and about 86 percent are
more or less enslaved and impaired by religious thinking, which includes
emotions of envy, hatred and revenge (an eye for an eye…). How shall one
person (Obama) change and improve all that there is faulty in that country
within just one or two years?! Obama's policy of détente regarding nuclear
weapons alone is a huge improvement for the benefit of the whole planet.
Besides, his thinking and behaviour, if compared with the arch-criminal and
religious delusionist George W. Bush, is quite different. But of course
Barack Obama will also make false decisions or err, but this is human and
in no way gives reason for all of the hatred that is directed and built up
towards him by ignorant and brainless people who are inhaling false and
hate information from mind-dulling TV shows, religious leaders, tea party
attendees, etc.) you do know, im assuming since you are aware of the
teachings, thus the truth, that obama spirit is part of the mission and one
of 140.000?? if you didn't know, you should look into it. It is in the
materials. Saalome!-Unless I have hard evidence or heard what was said
about Obama come from Billy's or Ptaah's mouth. Then I can't really believe
that from knowing what I know about the subject. I have found my own truths
from looking into things to know that the Billy Meier case is real! but
like I said, I believe disinformation is mixed with in it as well and
posted on the interne/ /sinking of
the Olympic ( Titanic ) and the subsequent reinforcing of the myth of it
being the Titanic, all being an insurance scam. Is almost insulting. If you
think that I am a conspiracy theorist on this, just go to the Meditaranean
and dive on the wreck of the so called Olympic, if there is no sign of the
major repair work that the Olympic underwent ,then what you are looking at
is the actual Titanic, is laying on the bottom of the meditaranean in about
300 feet of water, go and check for yourselves-Who Sunk the Titanic? one
more false flag. Dec. of 1913, the Federal Reserve System came into being
in the United States. Eight months later, the Jesuits had sufficient
funding through the Federal Reserve Bank to begin World War I-The
'California's' Captain to logged it, and he was looking at the 'Titanic',
only thing was she didn't look like an ocean liner, more like a cargo ship,
refraction caused that, and he sailed on never knowing Titanic was in sight
sinking. Newspapers and the public vilified him all his life, Mariners knew
though, only after his death was he cleared of negligence, very sad. The
Captain was sacked by his company because of that media pressure. /cognitive dissonance , too afraid to
confront 9/11 truth ? dont be a coward /US: Mexico seized
68,000 guns from US since 2006/Donations pour in for Zimmerman's Defense
For every donation greater then a hundred bucks you receive a free white
robe with a hoodie.-"He asked me what to do with his PayPal accounts and I
asked him what he was talking about," O'Mara told Anderson Cooper. "And he
said those were the accounts that had the money from the website he had.
And there was about 200, $204,000 that had come in to date-g8uice is known
for his ability to raise money even from criminal enterprises, as the
Sassoon family story may attest to/a palestine bird, it was a terrorist
too. It needed to be killed.-IDF better machine gun EVERY pigeon just to be
sure. After all, that seems to be their policy with Palestinian children.-
conservative, evangelical, and fundamentalist Christians who claim to
strictly follow the dictates of Scripture and worship the Prince of Peace.
It is indeed strange that Christian people should be so accepting of war.
War is the greatest suppressor of civil liberties. War is the greatest
destroyer of religion, morality, and decency. War is the greatest creator
of fertile ground for genocides and atrocities. War is the greatest
destroyer of families and young lives. War is the greatest creator of
famine, disease, and homelessness. War is the health of the state."
Christianity and War by Laurence M. Vance/(R{evol}ution is happening, and
it isn't being televised.)Not even the weather holds us back. But I can
think of about 15-16 trillion excuses to miss a Romney or Gingrich
snore-rally, even if they paid me as they have a reputation of doing. Only
one reason might make me go to a Romney/Gingrich snore fest, and that would
be to see how many other Ron Paul supporters will show up and smile for the
media cameras with a clear message: Ron Paul!/Ventura on truTV Jesse's Pic
of the Day Fluoride Used by Nazis to Sterilize Inmates, Make Them Docile,
An extremely neurotoxic chemical added to drinking water that
interrupts the basic function of nerve cells in the brain, causing docile
submissive behavior and IQ devastation, also one of the basic ingredients
in both PROZAC (FLUoxetene Hydrochloride) and Sarin Nerve Gas
(Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl FLUORIDE) - The truth the American public
needs to understand is the fact that Sodium Fluoride is nothing more (or
less) than a hazardous waste by-product of the nuclear and aluminum
industries. In addition to being the primary ingredient in rat and
cockroach poisons, it is also a main ingredient in anesthetic, hypnotic,
and psychiatric drugs as well as military NERVE GAS! Why then is it allowed
to be added to the toothpastes and drinking water of the American people?
historically used as a tool to oppress populations and was highly
regulated. But because modern industry wants to make $$$, they have forced
the idea that it is "good" for our teeth and it has poisoned a good portion
of society-conjectural Thesis on....hang on i have to grab another bottle
of water......"AHHHH" that as i was saying....hmmm i can't seem
to recall my train of thought....wasn't i talking about how a good citizen
never questions authority.-criminal baser elements know that they are
already finished....Human Consciousness is raising far beyond what they can
control let alone fathom...they are relics of the past... They are not
keepers of The Flame as they claim-one a day to keep your feet smelling
nice, at a bargin price! Not interested? Its ok, i'll just stick it in your
water supply, shovel into the food chain, force it on your kids and get my
profits via your taxes! Have a nice day ma'am, and remember - some fluoride
a day, keeps thinking at bay! :-) -claims that fluoride is a tool for
governments and industry to make money... The alternatives are rainwater
tanks and bottled water right?... So bottled water... Does that cost
money?... if so.. who does that money go to?.. Is it more expensive than
tap water?.. Does plastic production pollute the environment?.. Does
plastic production use heaps of petrochemicals? Are there taxes charged on
bottled water?.... The other alternative is what?/released from Sheriff Joe
Arpaio's jail after being arrested for participating in civil disobedience
against Arizona's immigration law SB1070. She was doing something I
consider to be very noble... fighting someone else's fight. She is my hero
for the day because she chose to stand up, and sacrifice herself, for
someone else. Amy is a white citizen of the US. She has little to fear from
any Arizona immigration law, but she put herself out there because she
knows that this is a bad law. Let's all say thank you for the peace of mind
we are all brought knowing people like her exist, three cheers, everybody,
for Amy!/Newt Gingrich suggested eliminating child labor laws during his
failed run to capture the Republican nomination for the Presidency. Now,
his biggest supporter, Sarah Palin, is claiming that child labor laws are
making America fail to EPA: We’re running out
of time, Over a million people have asked the EPA to remove the pesticide
linked with honey bee die-offs from the market. Will the agency listen in
time? Industries: "Don't Let Society Improve or We Lose
Business", an industry that needs misery,  paid out millions of dollars to
lobbyists, federal and state legislators, and governors to allow our
immigration problem to go unsolved, to make sure that no drugs are
decriminalized and that an ineffective War on Drugs continues, and to make
certain that long-term prison sentences, like California's three strikes
life laws, keep a steady flow of revenue and profits flowing to their
shareholders."-the Secret Pre-Trial of Bradley Manning, so far refused to
provide key pieces of evidence against him, despite complaints lodged by
the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and the Center for
Constitutional Rights, surprised by the lack of media presence at the
hearings-While it's unconstitutional for the federal government to do this
under the 'anti-commandeering principle,' Hu argues that it should be
unconstitutional for states to do it as well, calls the attempt by
Arizona to use federal resources for its reverse commandeering enforcement
goal '-epa cannot regulate to protect groundwater, because in 2005 Congress
exempted fracking from the Safe Drinking Water Act-Budget Control Act
Military Cuts Will Cover the Social Security Shortfall has nothing to do
with the method of financing. Well, if the country can't afford to pay the
Social Security benefits that we were promised, then the country can't
afford to maintain current levels of military spending, and the level of
military cuts in the sequester must stand. Because the two things are the
same size-GOP Plans to Cut $33 Billion From Food Assistance Programs, Super
PAC sugar daddies, Congress debates student loans, the federal campaign
against marijuana dispensaries-a symbol used to mark suspected queers for
death in the Holocaust, ACT UP appropriated the pink triangle, now flipped
on its base, pointing upward on a black field, away from the grave, signed
with the call to arms, 'SILENCE = DEATH, took back those same streets,
alongside activists from the Occupy movement, itself aspiring to be the
kind of umbrella that can gather and propel young queers and allies to work
together-while young people are paying as much as 18 percent interest on
private student loans, 'the banks they're paying that interest to are
getting, basically, a zero-interest loan from the government every day-In a
carefully choreographed wfc protest, simultaneous marches left Justin
Herman Plaza on the city's waterfront, the site of the Occupy San Francisco
encampment last fall. Demonstrators walked up parallel streets into the
financial district, where they encircled the block in which the meeting was
set to take place Truthout:/Corruption Law That Scares the Bejesus Out of
Corporate America The Atlantic/Occupy Wall Street Gears Up for Nationwide
Strike Care2/GOP Tries to Water Down Violence Against Women Act, Expresses
Willingness to Tolerate Some Domestic Abuse ThinkProgress/Rupert's
Email Bombshell, when Jeremy Hunt apparently hid behind a tree to avoid
being seen while sneaking to a dinner with James Murdoch. All these
revelations at Westminster somewhat contradicted the Wednesday testimony of
Rupert Murdoch who appeared a mile or so away at the Royal Courts of
Justice. As the inquiry explored over thirty years of Rupert Murdoch’s
dominance of Fleet Street, the media mogul’s recurrent theme was that he
never used political pressure to achieve any commercial ends, at the
Leveson Inquiry, confidential information passed by Smith to the company
during their contentious $16 billion bid for BSkyB. The 163 emails
demonstrate an intense and cozy relationship between the office of the
culture minister and one of James Murdoch’s closest aides. Many of the
emails contain advance notice of parliamentary statements, internal
arguments with the regulator and other officials, which were both market
sensitive, and highly compromising for the culture minister, who was
supposed to be overseeing the bid in an impartial "quasi-judicial" process.
Labour accused the Conservative minister instead of being a "cheerleader"
for News Corp. and that throwing his special adviswr under the bus in order
to save his career was in breach of the ministerial code-I kind of admire
him for having all of these pols eating out of his hand, people I despise
are the politicans who bend over for him and the viewers and readers who
believe the shit his papers and TV stations produce. If a man can get rich
from pedaling exposure and influence (and printing lies, horse-shit and
tits) who can blame him for doing so?-The fact that all his dirty laundry
is surfacing right now is karma, pure and simple. No one here gets out
alive-next...America.; ) bye bye Faux Noise-all the tongues that licked
Murdoch's boots they should be shining enough to blind-karma comes looking
for rupert-All Politicians are for sale why blame Murdoch some one needs to
buy them, If not him some one else. Get use to it, it the new world order
every thing is for sale to the highest bidder-when MSNBC is brought to
trial for being the campaign headquarters for the Obama Adm, not reporting
the news, gets the very same scrutiny that Murdoch does, same blokes backed
Blair & Labour. Where is the media storm?-Thatcher wanted that to happen to
break the unions. So, first and foremost the torys are responsible for the
sorry state of the British media, including Murdoch's criminal media empire
 Daily Beast/zim gets 200k$ defence fund donation, marciano 49-0, edwards
hush money builds mansion, bernie about jama's stick and fallon, funier
than ron white, mike gramm o'stick is biden, loves paul rand, cavotto
worried about losing his monogram shirt, imus
42612/Spain today. The people are being thrown into poverty, everything
they have is being taken away. Healthcare, social security, housing. Also a
new law has been made that makes people pay their mortgage tot banks even
after execution sale of the house (which the banks buy at low prices).
And most important the right to protest has been taken away, it is now even
illigal to tweet calls for peacefull protest/testimony alleges that Prince
killed or facilitated the murder of individuals cooperating with the
federal government's investigation of Blackwater, and destroyed
incriminating evidence of their personal crimes and those of the company.
The two men say that Prince shipped illegal weapons into Iraq on his
private plane, and generated "substantial revenue" from the illegal arms
trade, the former employee, who remains anonymous for his safety,
Prince "views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating
Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe/The long term effects of oil
spills, Mass death of crabs exposed to oil and dispersants Anyone who believes "the constitution was written
around the rules of the bible" is a brainwashed preachers' pet, radically
out of touch with the fact that democracy is a repudication of biblical
authoritarianism. These brainwashed church monkeys are the only real
enemies this county has/Bill Clinton: Netanyahu killed the peace process
Who's to blame for the continued failure of the Middle East peace process?
Former President Bill Clinton said today that it is Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu, whose government moved the goalposts upon taking power /The intuituive mind is a sacred gift and the
rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors
the servant and has forgotten the gift. Albert Einstein/War on the
Homeless? mayor of Houston proposed a new law that would impose a fine on
unpaid volunteers for sharing home-cooked food with the needy in public /Stop complaining. Fight for your independence, your
freedom and liberty for your children in a future world. It's Your
Revolution. This is our revolution ... it begins ... Then, Sister and
Brother in arms, we must fight together. Because Nazism has no place in our
world, because we are freedom fighters, because we condemn all idéoligies
contrary to human rights. Tonight we have an example, a Nazi site reference
has just been destroyed. We Fight For Liberty Because: We are anonymous, We
do not forget, We do not forgive, We are legion, Expect U.S../Rupert
admits phone-hacking ‘cover-up’: ‘I failed’, that there was indeed a
"cover-up" at News International--led by "one or two very strong
characters"--and that he had "failed" to uncover it. "Someone took charge- /GO WITH THE FLOW im a creative person and when i break the
flow it hardly ever gets done go with the flow until the tide ebbs like a
rippje on the water neverending/RIDICULOUS. Bank Under Pressure To Forgive
Dead Student's Loan hp/Dark Twin of Earth in Sky and Planet X Near Sun |
UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abd, recent photos taken in
the sky of the what the Hopi call the Blue Katchina, which is the Dark Twin
of Earth. It is the same size of Earth, in the same orbit of Earth, and
usually on the opposite side of the Sun, unseen. But, as Planet X, aka
Nibiru, aka The Winged Globe /Dr. John Malley of the U.N.
Panel on Extraterrestrials and he has confirmed that the ship circling the
sun is from Planet Gootan.  ”The Gootans have been planning an attack on
the Sun – for the last five decades,
/website that George Zimmerman set up to help raise money for his legal
defense in Trayvon Martin's shooting has been disabled, a spokesman for his
lawyer said Wednesday. The website was no longer functioning/Religion is
shite in politics. Look at the Commonwealth of England and the Protectorate
that followed, overly godly politicians - all those paliaments never lasted
long. The so called parliament of saints... didn't last a year... all proof
ultra-religious zeal in politics doesn't work-Religion is man made not of
God. If we were to live the way the bible teaches then we would have a
political system that was truly respectful of all people. Religion teaches,
do it my way or else, Christ taught to love one another. Not like some who
are now trying to heat up racial emotions in the US. Most of all her
President-what happens when a man who has no regard for God is like. He
thinks he is god?-it is generally debilitating for society to associate
religious institutions with right wing politics. That's like saying water
is bad for us because we can drown in it...duh-Goverment is mathematics.
Religion is fiction writing and fantasy. Oil and water. Which don't mix
umless shaken up-if God had wanted you to think, He'd have given you a
brain. Idiots like you give religion a bad name!/Amnesty International’s
Middle East and North Africa Deputy Director Hasiba Hadj Sahraoui said,
“The Bahrain authorities’ delaying tactics are toying with the life of
Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, who is on death’s doorstep as he enters his 75th day
on hunger strike/When a person won't listen to their conscience it's
usually because they don't want advice from a total stranger/The Secret
Service reports that threats against this president have out numbered
threats against other presidents over two to one/Murdoch on trial today
said.."You know, after a while, if these lies are repeated again and again,
they sort of catch on/called national karma, this country and middle class
was founded on stealing land and having slaves, so now that the party is
over, the rich are done sharing their scraps and crumbs with the so called
"middle class"./GREEDY CORPORATIONS WHO BRAINWASH the poor Republicans into
voting against their own best interests/Ovomit and his Commie friends have
taken over./Texans To Rick Perry: Time To Hang Up Your Boots ‎2012.
registered voters of Texas aren’t enamored with the idea of Gov. Rick Perry
(R-TX) running for President again. Or the state’s governorship tpm/
Ridiculed For Highest Job Losses in the Nation Ed Schultz rips apart Scott
Walker's worst job losses in the country record. But the fun doesn't stop
there Linked to Religious Disbelief, Study Implies A
rare and controversial study merging science and faith suggests that
analytic thinking, a process that favors reason over intuition, promotes
religious disbelief. Canadian researchers used math puzzles and “priming,”
a technique that plants subtle suggestions in pictures and text to claim the Bolsheviks were not JEWS?! Do you know
how to use google?/If you thought that conservatives were heartless by
waging their war on women, then you are really going to be angry when you
realize they are in fact also waging a war on your children/Gary Stein, 26,
a nine-year veteran, has been “separated from the Marine Corps” for his
“misconduct,”  posted comments on Facebook and other websites calling Obama
a coward and “the economic and religious enemy,”/ / faux snooze coverup
walmart corruption, stewart varny non voting or american still more than
don, orreilly doesn't think, backs cavutto bernie smoking cracl, orrielly decries
namecalling, imus
42512/Iceland Receives Debt Forgivness and The Rothschild controlled
mainstream media has not reported it

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