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32912/Kochenomics:"Squeeze the little basterd, hard"

32912/IN SIDE JOB -- Better make a copy of this before it "disappears".
9/11 WTC Hard Drives - $100 Million In Criminal Credit Transfers Before
Towers Fell – Moments before the World Trade Towers collapsed,
$100 million in credit card transactions were sent through the computers
inside the doomed buildings/
32812/Kochenomics:"Squeeze the little basterds, hard" U.S. oil production
is up, crude prices are down, gasoline consumption is down - gasoline
prices are up ... "Cost is not relevant, it's how long and how hard you can
squeeze gasoline prices from these dumb suckers"/
How did war become so easy? How did military aggression become a "normal"
part of American life? Rachel Maddow confronts these questions head-on in
her new book, "Drift," which even Fox News's Roger Ailes admits is "worth
reading-Maddow's new book is a Progressive Pick this month, and it's in
good company. Our March Picks include a scathing indictment of
white-privilege-based politics, a glimpse into the little-known history of
US-sanctioned torture-"With her savage wit, dazzling command of facts, and
eye for the absurd, Maddow tells the epic story of how American warfare
came to be both never-ending and practically invisible. In the process, she
revives a radically old-fashioned idea: waging war should be wrenchingly
difficult for a nation, for that is what prevents unnecessary battles from
being waged. This courageous book deserves to spark a national debate about
the purpose of war-Hartmann's knowledge and wisdom is wide and deep. He
writes with prescience about the end of the age of fossil fuels and with
unique insight about Jeffersonian democracy. He is equally at home
debunking the notion of corporate personhood as he is with recommendations
for positive, nurturing child-rearing-"Dear White America, Letter to a New
Minority" [Book]: In his book-length letter to "White America," Tim Wise
urges our country to move forward, not backward toward a yearning for a
white governmental power structure. "We can continue to hold on to a
fictional, nostalgic past, "longing for a return to it, and unable to
embrace the changes that are as inevitable as the coming of our new day's
sun.... We cannot hold onto the old ways and move into the future at the
same time." Michael Eric Dyson calls Wise, "One of the most brilliant,
articulate and courageous critics of white privilege in the nation."-"The
United States and Torture: Interrogation, Incarceration, and Abuse" [Book]:
No, the US government's sanctioning of torture didn't start with the Iraq
War, as Marjorie Cohn - a law professor and past president of the National
Lawyer's Guild - proves in this important anthology-Looking Into"
Guantanamo "Suicides" an inquiry by this reporter regarding new information
on the deaths of two Guantanamo prisoners, Abdul Rahman Al Amri and
Mohammad Salih Al Hanashi. According to the Department of Defense (DoD),
both prisoners died of suicide in 2007 and 2009, respectively. But new
details surrounding their deaths, challenged government accounts concerning
what happened."-The Occupy Files: DHS Investigated Anonymous and Kept Tabs
on Political Hackers-"Protesters wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and maybe a
black hat or cape have been a common sight at Occupy protests across the
country. On the street, they were just another group of protesters, but on
the Internet, the Anonymous hacker movement they represent was seen as a
serious security threat during the first few months of Occupy, according to
internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents and emails
released to Truthout last week-Hard Questions From Justices Over Insurance
Mandate "With the fate of President Obama's health care law hanging in the
balance at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, a lawyer for the administration
faced a barrage of skeptical questions from four of the court's more
conservative justices. 'Can you create commerce in order to regulate it?'
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy asked-Lawsuit: CIA Withholds Documents Using
Legal Exemption It Does Not Have Authority to Apply
Jason Leopold, Truthout: "For the past eight years, the CIA has used an
exemption under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that 'protects
intelligence sources and methods' to justify the withholding of certain
records from requesters. But a federal lawsuit filed against the agency
charges that the CIA does not have the authority to deny records under what
is known as a (b)(3) exemption unless the agency consulted with the Office
of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and received specific
authorization in each instance it had denied records under that rule, which
it apparently has not done-ALEC Climate-Change Denial Model Bill Passes
H.B. 368 and S.B. 893, with 70-23 and 24-8 in Tennessee, which on March
19th became the fourth state with a legal mandate to incorporate climate
change denial as part of the science education curriculum when discussing
climate change.... The ALEC bill passed asroll call votes, respectively.
Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam is likely to sign the bill into
law soon- Krugman | Inequality Is Rising, but the Swedes Are No Americans
the book 'Why Nations Fail,' recently reacted on their blog to the
economist Allan Meltzer's claim that the top 1 percent is surging
everywhere, even in Sweden, so it's not a proper political issue -support
for the Afghanistan war has now reached an all-time low; an end in sight to
the bloodshed in Syria might be near; by using at least 20 different tax
shelters, ExxonMobil was able to pay fewer taxes than even Mitt
Romney-Kaplan University is the blood bank for The Washington Post and
supplies the Washington Post Corporation with 58 percent of its revenue.
Revenues at Kaplan Higher Education declined $500 million in 2011-
Reproductive Rights and the Long Hand of Slave Breeding The Nation: "I hate
liberalism's language of 'choice.' I always have. Redolent of the
marketplace, it reduces the most intimate aspects of existence, of women's
physical autonomy, to individualistic purchasing preferences. A sex life or
a Subaru? A child or a cheeseburger? Life, death or liposuction?... If
there is an upside to the right's latest, seemingly loony and certainly
grotesque multi-front assault on women, it is the clarion it sounds to
humanists to take the high ground and ditch the anodyne talk of 'a woman's
right to choose' for the weightier fundamental assertion of 'a woman's
right to be-Obama not looking through the rose-colored glasses of people
led by political opportunity and wishful thinking, but by those who see the
world as it truly is, and are best poised to make it better-We Screwed Up:
A Letter of Apology to My Granddaughter "I know a better world is possible.
We create that better world by reaching out to one another, listening,
learning, and speaking from our hearts, face to face, neighbor to neighbor,
one community after another, openly, inclusively, bravely. Democracy is not
a gift to be practiced only when permitted. We empower ourselves. Our
salvation is found in each other, together." Truthout/Personhood, the
Undead Movement, Marches On Salon/Did the US Taxpayers Foot the Bill for
Cheney's New Heart? Yes Let's Stop Fighting in Afghanistan and Wage a War
on Big Oil BuzzFlash/A Furious Lawrence O'Donnell Interrogates Empty Chair
After George Zimmerman's Lawyer Cancels Mediaite/Santorum Looks to Deny
Romney a Win by Any Means ap/Kohler Stops Advertising on Limbaugh's Radio
Show Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel/Clarence is Toni's "lawn" jockey./ say
we're talking beans instead of money and that we, as a society, have
determined that people need 20 beans to live and the bottom 50% make less
than 20 beans. How much should we tax them? Tax them 1 bean and they die -
how many do you need to kill to feel good about the tax code? for
argument's sake, that the bottom 20% have just 10 beans - either we give
them 10 beans or they simply die. top 25% who have 40 beans. How many do
they need to live? How many can they afford to contribute? The top 10% have
100 beans - they too NEED 20 but they have 100. The top 5% have 200 and the
top 1% have 400 - all of them only need 20 - and don't say they need more
because then why don't you care that the bottom 50% only have 20? So who
should be giving up their beans? The bottom 50% have none to give while the
top 1% have 380 more than they need - enough to supplement 38 people in the
bottom 20% each-If you have 400 beans, and one of your many investments
doesn't work out and that part of your portfolio fails, you can get the 10
to 40 bean people to bail you out. If you have 400 beans, you don't REALLY
pay the full corporate tax rate since you helped write the legal loopholes
that reduce your tax rates, in some cases down to ZERO
source=email_authors_alerts&ifp=0 /"A woman has brought you to this life,
So you mustn't disrespect one." - Tupac Amaru shakur.-You cannot arrest an
idea/6.8-mile-deep (11-kilometer-deep)  70-minute ascent, Cameron's sub,
bobbing in the open ocean, was spotted by helicopter and would soon be
plucked from the Pacific by a research ship's crane. Earlier, the descent
to Challenger Deep had taken 2 hours and 36
(ATREX) mission will gather information needed to better understand the
process responsible for the high-altitude jet stream located 60 to 65 miles
above the surface of the Earth.
/If there are 1.3 million salted 400 oz bars in existence, and each one is
75% tungsten, then that makes 390 million ounces of gold which in truth
isn’t there. At $1,660 per ounce, that’s over $600 billion which people
think they own but don’t. To put that number in context, it’s roughly half
the total quantity of subprime mortgages which had been issued at the
height of the housing bubble. On the other hand, it’s also possible that
the number of salted 400 oz bars is zero, that the 1 kg bar recently
discovered was an amateurish aberration, and that there’s nothing to worry
about at all. just goes to show that the problems with gold aren’t just the
obvious ones surrounding things like the risk that the price of gold might
plunge. There are non-obvious ones, too, which have the potential to be
even bigger./Just because you wear a hoodie, doesn’t make you a hoodlum,”
Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill, said. “I don’t mind being out of order if it means
standing up for freedom and justice and human dignity. This is just another
part of the struggle, Kicked Off House Floor for Wearing Hoodie in Support
of Trayvon Martin-against House rules to have a hat or head covering on the
floor. I get what he was trying to do but you have to know the rules and
operate within them-If the jury finds this to be self defense +Matt Rodgers
what are you going to say then??-Hmmm. White man gets off without
punishment for killing a black man? UNHEARD OF! This have everything to do
with racism. Try looking past what Fox News reports. Or are you busy with
your KKK meetings? /
200000-galaxies/ wisconsin gop attempts to classify single parenthood as
child abuse-done with both parties im voting ron hes nominated
or not then im reregistering as a done with both these other
parties theve had like forever to get it rite and they just bleed us all
like leechs and treat us like sheep tell us what to eat what to think-more
sheer GOP idiocy. no other word could express how depraved their actions
are. idiocy. fighting for a 1950's white 'MeriKKKa-Republicans are
destroying this country with guns, hate, and fear! Lest we forget,,,these
fascist bastards are serious....nothing short of a complete DEMOCRATIC
MAJORITY-not so long ago that single women were put in 'asylums for the
insane' for having the temerity to have a baby out of wedlock (note - wed
LOCK). Even if they were raped. This primitive attitude still exists in
many parts of the world, indeed in our own country/investigative reporter
reveals Massive New Spy Center that the NSA has established listening posts
throughout the nation to collect and sift through billions of email
messages and phone calls /Boycott F1 in Bahrain Campaign./Dump
all the insurance companies, our health care would be way cheaper if it was
a pay as you go program. Think of all the money that would be saved not
paying all those salarys and so much less fraud/Anna Brown, 29, died on the
floor of a jail cell within an hour of being dragged from St. Mary Hospital /Missouri State Senator Jane Cunningham (R)
has introduced a bill to repeal the child labor laws. /Spanish court on Wednesday
dismissed an allegation that one of the world's richest men, Saudi Prince
Alwaleed Bin Talal, raped a young woman/Occupy protesters arrested in
Zuccotti Park on March 17th were pressured to give retinal scans to the
authorities - retinal scans! - by the same police that spied on and
infiltrated peaceful liberal/progressive organizations, while the mayor
broke bread with the worst of the Wall Street thieves.... The crushing of
dissent, the official identification of dissenters, the vast expansion of
federal power, and the hyper-arming of local authorities. Nothing to worry
about, right?"- Taibbi,Raging Hurricane of Theft and Fraud" Foreclose
the Banks: "There are two things every American needs to know about Bank of
America. The first is that it's corrupt. This bank has systematically
defrauded almost everyone with whom it has a significant business
relationship ... It is a giant, raging hurricane of theft and fraud,
spinning its way through America and leaving a massive trail of wiped-out
retirees and foreclosed-upon families in its wake. The second is that all
of us, as taxpayers, are keeping that hurricane raging."-Maddow Writes on
America's Love Affair With War, not just the small-potatoes post-9/11
Homeland spending that feels a little off mission. It's the big-ticket
stuff too. Nobody ever made an argument to the American people that the
thing we ought to do in Afghanistan would be to build a brand-new
neighborhood in that country's capital city full of narco-chic McMansions
and buildings with giant sculptures of eagles on their roofs-Koch Brothers
Spent at Least $3.9 Million in Unreported Partisan Attack Efforts During
the 2010 Election-Organized Money From Cities, Unions and Churches Moving
Out of Big Banks-Congressman George Miller ... complained that House GOP
members were blocking the release of a National Labor Board Relations
Inspector General's report. -Study: Four Hundred Afghan Women Jailed for
"Moral Crimes" ap/Katrina vanden Heuvel: Republicans Are Causing a Moral
Crisis in America wp/Illinois Tea Party Republican Congressman Joe Walsh
would probably agree with this article as he had his current wife with
serious health issues go without health insurance. This is the same Joe
Walsh who stiffed his ex-wife on $100,000 child support. The same Joe Walsh
who uses the music of the musical artist Joe Walsh (the real Joe Walsh)
without his permission and does not cease in using those songs in his
political campaign. The bottom line is these people are living in an
alternate universe. I do hope that Rapture really works./imus coined term left with the dogs, kinky coined wussy-ingram werked for, no comment, justice thomas chasing ojama's family tree. dodgers sell for 2B, pilot goes nutz durring flight,
32712/Re: DIMWIT Scalia: "So, like you want to force broccoli on everyone?
considered not bad for this clinical idiot-In Gore v Bush, the dunce Scalia
said: "we had to end it, America was looking like a fool"

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