Friday, January 6, 2012

1612/children laugh at obama

1612/"I want you to know you're the reason that I ran for this office in the first
place. You remind me what we are still fighting for," Obama said to tepid cheers.
"You inspire me," the students laughed at him/
1512/two grueling weeks, convicted Florida Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein laid out
in incriminating detail how far the tentacles stretched in his $1.2 billion fraud,
pointing the finger at numerous lawyers, bankers, business people, relatives,
friends and unnamed law enforcement officials and politicians. "I made a decision
to come back, turn myself in, go to prison and tell the government everything I
knew about everyone else that had committed crimes," "And everything about my
photo on her phone of a beaming Jaime in his drum major uniform standing with his
band instructors. Then she flipped through three close-up photos she took of
bullet wounds in her son's body, including one in the back of his head/police
aren't trained to differentiate between the lethality of different weapons? one
instance in which I support the death penalty. Execute that trigger happy officer,
and let it be a lesson to any others who seek to shoot first and ask questions
later/Life without national health care. medicare premium rises again to $166.00
PER MONTH. supplemental premium increased along with my co-pays. My hospital stay
increased from $150.00 per day for the first five days to $323.00 per day for the
first 15 days. republicans think it's tough by forcing those who can pay monthly
premiums for medical to pay or be fined. this a republican "thing" to protect sick
parasites, but turn a blind eye to workers?/When candidates perceive that taking
special interest money is a detriment rather than a plus, the whole dysfunctional
system is going to fall apart.  And whether you believe it or not, you are
actually the most powerful person in this change scenario/ /Romney
is so dull that he could benefit from an eye-popping scandal because it would help
tear down his plastic image and make him look more normal, according to national
pollster John Zogby/a 24-hour a day infomercial supporting the Republican nominee
(breaking God-only-knows how many campaign financing laws), during the primaries,
FOX doesn't really take sides. Without FOX News telling them what to believe,
right-wingers are like automaton drones with the mother computer shut off. They
are completely and utterly confused, supporting Michelle Bachmann, then Rick
Perry, then Hermann Cain, then Newt Gingrich, then Rick Santorum. It's pretty
clear that they are desperate for someone to tell them who they support/
1412/CANTOR'S Rewrites History: "Reagan Never Raised Taxes" Cantor refuses to
admit Reagan raised taxes/joos were plagued with all manner of conartists who
would go into an area convince the ignorant locals that they were the messiah and
take of with their money and so they devised a plan to stop this and decided they
would nail the one claiming to be the massiah to a cross and if he came down off
it then he was real and if not a scammer/liberal christian organizations are the
works of Satan appealing to the morally weak liberal/Man, who cannot create a
grain of sand, is going to do things that impress GOD/circus sideshows as a way to
remember what a cancer they truly are to humanity. hook-nosed, money-grubbing,
christ-killing, Happy New Year Con-Retard filth, racists homophobes have Jesus in
their lives/what you scum have done to Jesus. you perverted him to your own
image/neither Liberal nor Conservative. He was God in the form of man. Therefore
Jesus is incapable of telling a lie/more ashamed of them back in '95, but then,
they still had enough sense to throw Newt out/They fight for big corporations and
against the American public. Why can't Congressional Republicans try to put the
American people before partisan politics for once?/Romney says he will send 50,000
troops back into Iraq to "finish the job that President Obama
didn't"/lying/cheating/plagiarism destructive.....wherever it's found/Casey
Anthony is a rednecklican and listens to Rush Limpballs/mike gram: romney is the
jets/beat dirtynutsack you win by getting delegates and Ron Paul got most of
them/Paul & his son have been exposed as a racists to all Americans. Now we just
have to sit back and see who still supports him and they also will be exposed. The
party of NO & their tea baggers are not friends to minorities & now that they have
been exposed minorities should not vote for the party of NO/It would not suprise
me if 50 percent of Ron Pauls supporters voted for obama. Did you?/can think for
yourselves rather than falling into the trap laid by the main stream media. Don't
you know that MSM is just mouth piece of big banksters who don't want to see Ron
Paul as president? Ron Paul fights them on behalf of little guys. Do you know that
Federal Reserve is private banking cartel owned by big banks which Ron Paul wants
to audit and end?/dangerous. You talk about being uneducated but then you say ron
paul is like obama? LMAO, ohh your educated alright/distraction and fearmongering,
all this 2012-doom. This is the danger we are to overlook; What goes on in the
real world....  House Passes NDAA & White House Won’t Veto Indefinite
Detention/how did you happen upon your vast knowledge of world affairs that you
are suddenly some expert on what is "dangerous" for us. Go watch some more
FOX/Neo-Con Zionist candidates, including Obama who are a danger to us because
they keep us in endless wars to profit the banksters and kill thousands of more of
our men and women. Only Dr. Ron Paul will stop this madness/people who arent
voting for ron paul feel the need to taunt like school-aged cheerleaders instead
of promoting their presidential choice. i'm pretty sure they can't express an
intelligent idea because they just arent capable/thrown a huge setback that is the
beginning of the end of his third farce for nomination. He has already said he is
not running as a third party/Ron's supporters are Truthers and other
conspiritorial followers. So they have all their conspiracy theories ready just
incase Paul doesn't win. They will blame the media, the jews, the corporations,
the NWO, you name it/read the unbiased private university study of fact, that
tested groups of people's knowledge of current events? FOX viewers-dead last. They
proved FOX viewers are less informed and mis informed than any other group. Even
folks that dont watch tv. Nice ways to say stupid and lied too/they are really
planning on discrediting it. When they say things like they plan on sharing it
with their friends, you and I both know better, because just quoting some random
person off the internet is perfectly acceptable/liberal profs can produce a study
to show whatever you want. perhaps the average vote is also a dope: so what do you
want to do about that? have an IQ test to qualify to vote?/glad to see Ron Paul
haters it means he's the right man for the job/Santorum is the male Bachmann.
"Bomb Iran and attack homosexuals.", oh and "Down with Obama"; he IS the Devil,
you know/He just loves them enough to tell them the truth. He's not PC like most
others in this country. Sodomy is not cool people. Stop believing the father of
all lies/always looks as though he cant get the taste of Koch out of his mouth/he
probably swallows/liberal hypocrisy. You say you are all for gays but then you use
gay references to insult others like being gay is a bad thing. Just like you do
with minorities and the poor/gluten for punishment if it wants a Romney or
santorum vs obama/\
ndefinite-detention/ Paul’s coalitions team told Business Insider this week that
the campaign’s organizational strategy was focused not only on getting as many
votes as they can, but in making sure that their volunteers stuck around after the
voting to make sure that they were nominated as delegates to the county’s
Republican convention/boeing letting 7500 go in kansas, does not include
peripherial impact of huge plant closing ....counties and municipalities
leveraging resources all over the place at a time when we should keep the fire and
police employed if only to keep them off unemployment/Morgan Stanley bankster
rookie pawns in training wannabees with brand new suits and haircuts pretending in
their leased BMW's buying rounds and seducing wenches were thrown out the door
recently?/bac Lousy Deadbeat Scum Refuse Our 12% Loan Offer/Give us our money back
then. Your loan terms are being Indian Gived, you deadbeats/CNBsC work for
gsuxs..j o o o o ooo SHOULD FOCUS ON SCAMMING THE PUBLIC MORE/what today's Iowa
caucuses mean, writes Matt Taibbi: nothing. Not when the best-funded candidate
wins an astonishing 94 percent of the time. This race "may be the most meaningless
national election campaign we've ever had/corporate giants back the most likely
"prostitute" to win the election and when he/she does win the "prostitute" has
their back throughout the term/Dmitry Orlov: The Communist party offered just one
bitter pill. The two capitalist parties offer a choice of two placebos. The latest
innovation is the photo finish election, where each party pre-purchases exactly 50
percent of the vote through largely symmetrical allocation of campaign resources
and the result is pulled out of statistical noise, like a rabbit out of a hat. It
is a tribute to the intelligence of the American people that so few of them bother
to voteMitt Romney is an utter tool right down to his magic underwear, but the
fact that Obama has been a complete disappointment as our President and will be
only a marginally better choice than Romney is very disheartening/Paul is a loon.
People are attracted to his non-interventionist and "kill the fed" stances but
Libertarianism will never work/You are willfully ignorant or delusional if you
still support Obama. All the bullsh*t excuses/3rd party ticket Paul, Kucinich
./extremist Tea Party agenda won a clear victory. No matter who the Republicans
nominate, we'll be running against someone who has embraced that agenda in order
to win -- vowing to let Wall Street write its own rules, end Medicare as we know
it, roll back gay rights, leave the troops in Iraq indefinitely, restrict a
woman's right to choose, and gut Social Security to pay for more tax cuts for
millionaires and corporations. so-called "super PACs" spent $12.9 million on
almost exclusively negative ads. These groups will turn their fire even more
directly on us in the weeks ahead to prove that their candidate is the most
anti-Obama-Bank of America facing uncertain fates - their executives have walked
away with sky-high Police kill armed eighth-grader in Texas
school (AP) - The morning bell had rung and students were settling into their
first period classes/Obama said he will bypass Congress and install Richard
Cordray as head of the country's new consumer financial watchdog/
h_ashore_in_Norway___2012_starting_off_rough/ Murdoch’s troubled first tweets on
the Caribbean island of Saint Bart’s, he wrote “maybe Brits have too many holidays
for broke country! viewed the internet as “predatory”, writing: “For him it’s a
place for porn, thievery, and hackers.”/480 Officers just in one county in Arizona
have been caught breaking the law and allowed to remain "Serving the Public."
They don't often fire police officers for breaking the law..The Powers That Be'
just put them on their most valued , "BRADY LIST"." Many of these officers show no
hesitancy shooting their own countryman> /3-step program for dealing with Atheist & homosexual cyber-stalkers: They're mean spirited bullies.  24 (37%) 1. Reply to cyber-stalker with honest and reasonable debate. 2. If they insult you, pull out some scripture on them. Alternatively block them. 3. If they
continue to harass you, contact police
exual.html /7/19/11 Rick Perry should make Yahweh his vice president;
if America defaults on its loans, it will be on par with Zambia; and David Carr
believes the Murdoch story is just starting/
1312/Voices From the Occupy Movement Across the country, the Occupy Movement is developing new forms of exposing the 1%\
&jumival=7744-7 of the Nastiest Scams, Rip-Offs and Tricks From Wall Street
Crooks /How many high-level Wall Street players have been put in jail for the
crimes that led to the financial crisis? Not. Even. One.\
cks_from_wall_street_crooks?akid=8055.268655.3o_hvx&rd=1&t=2 /the
expansion of the secret U.S. drone war in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Arabian
Peninsula. As U.S. troops leave Iraq, thousands of private security contractors
remain to guard the U.S. embassy—the largest in the world/ /WaTCH RAGE AND FEAR SPREAD over the next couple of months, you will see spree killings,
etc grow,, deoressed and frustrated people driven to selfish acts of violence,
This is just so easy....Bate bait rage sage da truth/Those in power want to keep
the sheeple in a fear mode. When they cannot do that anymore, they will
topple/1979 Zbigniew Brzezinski & Osama bin Laden Founded, "The Base" Al
Qaeda!, We Have Been Murdering People In Afghanistan Ever Since/"The U.S. must
take care of its own crisis, and won't give a dollar to save Europe," Romney told
La Stampa/American can still be salvaged but not if we keep trying to implement
European socialism in America./Most of you dolts wouldn't know socialism if it bit
you in the a$$, but you like to spout as if you're educated/Bain, like all the
other hedge funds, corporate vultures, etc operated throughout a period that
treated American manufacturing like a dead carcass on the African
savanah....buzzard meals just waiting to be picked over and torn apart without
thought to the bigger picture of what they were doing to the `herd` or the
country.... Just take a company, lay off 1/3rd, force the rest to pick up the
balance of the work and cut their pay/bonuses, etc.... or just sell off pieces and
ship the work overseas.... Basically a cheap payday for the vulture funds Mitt
Romney at BAin is a matter of timing/Kashmir, a forgotten India barely reported
abroad, a peaceful resistance as inspiring as Tahrir Square has arisen in the most
militarized region on earth. As the victims of Partition, Muslim Kashmiris have
known none of Nehru's noble legacies-5,000 blackbirds fell out of the sky in a
small town in Arkansas just as the calendar year turned over into 2012-Debacle!
How Two Wars in the Greater Middle East Revealed the Weakness of the Global
Superpower-Santorum, Obamas are good role models for the great number of
dysfunctional black families, is going for the GOP voters who feel that their
taxes are being taken from them and redistributed to minorities. CBS News found
that of the people on food stamps in Iowa, only nine percent are black and 84
percent are white-Truthout /George W. Bush Barely Mentioned in GOP Campaign
Associated Press/BP Asks Halliburton to Pay for Gulf of Mexico Spill BBC/
Past Lingers for Company Formerly Called Blackwater, the old company is no more.
Blackwater - some of whose security operatives were accused of killing civilians
in war zones, and several of whose top executives face felony firearms charges -
is dead and buried, a stake plunged into its hear. 2007 shooting incident in
Baghdad in which 17 civilians were killed. Four ex-Blackwater guards face federal
manslaughter charges in the case, contracts, which form the bulk of the company's
revenue, dropped to about $160 million in 2011, a seven-year low, 2009 audit of
that award by the Defense Department's inspector general found mismanagement  potential violations of federal appropriations law valued at more than $20
million. Erik Prince, retained the rights to the Blackwater name, and it's clear
he doesn't plan to let it fade, sold it to an investor-owned consortium in late
2010 after agreeing to pay the State Department a $42 million fine for 288 alleged
violations of federal arms export laws and regulations. He now lives in Abu
Dhabi, products including T-shirts, gym bags and toy guns, Some will be high-end
"James Bond stuff" like folding knives and armored briefcases, Also a graphic
novel telling "the inside story of Blackwater Blackwater logo - a bear paw in a
gunsight Virginian-Pilot/used hid Dad's money to start Blackwater and their
Republican family connections, campaign contributions to Bush lead to billions of
American tax dollars being funneled to Erik Prince, wonder he had to flee the
country after leaving behind a trail of murder, hiring prostitutes for Blackwater
employees and tax evasion. Erik Prince should be brought to justice for the crimes
he directed/“Security Guards” or “Contractors” when they are nothing more than
x-military and paid assassins or more commonly what everyone else calls them as
“MERCENARIES” or guns for hire?/Mercenaries Inc?/Apparently, they must have felt
our military was incapable or didn't have the resources, they ought to seek out
and question the decision makers within our government who hired and paid them/

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