Monday, December 19, 2011

121911/Obama reeducation camps-return to the days of a religious theocracy

121911/Arab money will give up on C and we will see sub $20 Sooner than we all
ANYMORe/republicans? Oh, yes, they are a bunch of low-down, low-life,
double-dealing, criminal traitors that will will perform any theater of the absurd
to stall progress and voted for everything during the bush-cheney-republican
disaster/TOTAL FAILURE zeroBOWma(WHO ACTUALLY MADE jimmah goober carter, who was
the worse president in history look like a great president/World Court is correct
to go after Bush for the mass killings he orchestrated in Iraq/BOEHNER: "Payroll
tax cuts is an issue worth ransoming" /more and more Americans, and people in
other parts of the world, now know of the intentions of Republicans/ROMNEY knows
how to cut the legs from under the American worker. JOB CUTTING SKILLS STILL
EARNING HIM MILLIONS/Mission Accomplished Cheney owns an estimated 433,333 shares
of Halliburton stock worth $20.50/share when he became VP in Jan 2001 for a net
value of $8.88 million. July 2008, the stock was worth $53.07 a share for a net
value of $23 million/great GOP success story 6,500 Americans dead 72,000 Americans
wounded 300,000 Americans suffering serious brain injury $3 trillion down the
drain/republican/na4i fascist plan to attack anyone who speaks the truth......and
ignore the issues which cause the reporting of the truth/republican CRIME WAVE in
Washington continues, KILLED the insider trading ban, BLACKMAILING THE USA AND
IT'S WORKING CLASS CITIZENS by holding the unemployment extension and the payroll
tax cut hostag, REFUSED TO NEGOTIATE A SURCHARGE TAX on the people who own 83% of
the wealth in the nation/protecting the wealthy and international corporations
which do not provide Americans with jobs, continued war against the working class
and the poor and their complete inability to generate jobs or ideas or plans for
how to gain more jobs/give it to maobowa for his racism/showing PROOF of Racist
threats against the President is worse than the Racist Threats?/emotionally driven
remarks that had no real substance, you deserve what your government has become.
All I can really say is to be careful what you wish for because setting such a
precedence can come back to bite you. I have felt deeply regretful and apologized
for my past mistakes. Can you do the same?" Manson’s racist, treasonous,
deplorable post:“Assassinate the f----- n----- and his monkey children”!/profile.php?id=1478544176 /the sort of thing the Secret Service
picked up and detained people for. And with the indefinite holding period this
Jules dude could be held forever without even being charged. "Change you can
believe in"/17 trillion in debt and you still sniff the crack of the kneegrow,
butfking good, prayer bad. merry christmas from your liberal masters /OWS throwing
a party because Wall Street Corporate Investment Banks are tanking/Barry lost his
hero Kim Jong ll/Always liked what Reagen said about Communists. "I could never
negotiate with Soviet Leaders/Bohemian grove is nothing but homosexual club, My
belief is Whatever floats someone's boat, homophobes are ones that have questions
about their own sexuality/a bogus story concerning Obama building FEMA camps but
ignore a story about a con presidential candidate that says judges that rule
against the majority party's wishes may be jailed/84 major corporations in America
paid no tax at all the last three years. Somehow the tea bagger birthers didn't
have a problem with that/People VS Corporations/Hardworking citizens vs Off shore
tax havens/privatizing the gains and socializing the losses/ manipulated market
always manipulates back/99% against the multi national Oil Corporations/In the
fierce labor wars of the last century, industrial barons employed Pinkertons and
other goons to bloody the heads of laborers or simply gun down those struggling
for a share of economic and political power. It was brutal, but organized workers
persevered and eventually gained a share of economic and political power/Supreme
Court’s decision in Citizens United vs. the FEC forced his hand. That decision,
which granted corporations the right to spend as much money as they wanted on
political campaigns, was “a complete undermining of democracy/those who are so
critical of OWS have failed to recognize inflection points in our politics. They
fail to recognize that the public is responding to OWS because it is desperate for
somebody to speak with the passion, and even anger, that has filled the public
since the inequities and failures of our economy have become so apparent. and is
only one reason Obama will be re elected/I wouldnt doubt Obama attempts to
construct reeducation camps/
121811/Telling people what bulbs they have to use would like telling people they
have to drink a glass of tomato and orange juice everyday and they can only use
two squares of toilet paper to wipe and it has to be single ply/After Raping Us Of
Half Of Our Jeffersonian Rights, Republicans have saved us from the tyranny of
compact fluorescent lightbulbs, Like THAT was really fücking important after your
Rights to Free Speech, Free Association, A lawyer, a trial and to face your
accusers Aare long gone and you wind up locked in a 6 by 8 cage in Guantanamo Bay,
At least you'll still have that single incandescent wonder of 1880 technology
lighting up your windowless cell/As harsh a critic as I am of the GOP they are not
solely responsible for the erosion of our freedoms by any means/Lyndon Johnson was
better than Bush. He only committed us to an undeclared, no-defined-victory,
endless quagmire of a war. He didn't also trash the economy and stuff trillions of
dollars into the pockets of the top 1%, as Bush did/trillions in bailouts to banks
and other corporations/And this waste of money is also related to militarism, so,
for economic reasons (and etc.) it is wrong/people will spend everything on wars
to protect their interests, and then advocate cuts to the poor, disabled,and
elderly to pay for it. Republicans are criminals of the highest order/Ron Paul's
positions scare the F outta me"/Then enjoy your slavery because you're scared of
ending endless wars (I assume that's your fear)/rabbi talking on the radio advised
a cancer sufferer(among other things) to wear red. red corresponds to the base
charka. faithfulness- rebellion/citrus-flavored sodas such as Mountain Dew,
Squirt, Fanta Orange, Sunkist Pineapple, Gatorade Thirst Quencher Orange, and
Powerade Strawberry Lemonade or Fresca Original Citrus all contain BVO, you may be
ingesting this substance that has health professionals up in arms. A synthetic
chemical known as brominated vegetable oil (BVO) — first patented by chemical
companies as a flame retardant — is increasingly being identified as a threat to
your health. Many sodas contain mercury-filled high-fructose corn syrup, or the
carcinogenic artificial sweetener aspartame/Paul's Constitutionalist, Anti-War
Stance Supported By U.S. Troops, Establishment media attacks-US Special Forces
Mass On Syrian Border Troops airlifted out of Iraq to face Assad's
forces-Napolitano has directed ICE to prepare for a mass influx of immigrants into
the United States, calling for the plan to deal with the “shelter” and
“processing” of large numbers of people Lafayette psychic who
told clients she needed their cash to "draw out the bad energy" has been convicted
of 14 counts of theft. She reportedly stole $300,000 from
hn-Duffy-sacked-sex-boy-14-boast.html Duffy was in charge of the scene at
Stockwell Tube Station where Brazilian electrician John Charles de Menezes was
wrongly shot dead by police in 2005/\
zz1dnmcxjaG  NOT "Legal" For Congress To Insider-Trade -- The SEC Should Launch
Investigation Immediately Henry Blodget The fact that many members of Congress
appear to have traded on non-public information in their personal brokerage
accounts during the financial crisis is outrageous/
GlaxoSmithKline's alternative to deadly Gardasil is just about as unsafe, with one
13-year-old entering into a `waking coma' only one day after receiving a Cervarix
vaccination. She now sleeps for 23 hours per day, after being unable to walk or
talk after receiving the HPV shot at school/ the
Franklin Scandal and the Portuguese pedophile scandal and The Dutroux
Scandal and The French Pedophile Scandal and the U.K. Pedophile Scandal and the
world wide Israeli sex trafficking trade of all sexes and ages and many more too
numerous to mention comes the Sandusky sex ring for underprivileged old, rich
white men, which also includes a murder. It also gets much darker than that and
even darker than this. We can factor in the abuses of The Catholic Church, which
requires no links because if you don't already know-nine dead Gulf of Mexico
whistleblowers and all those dead microbiologists. This should clue you in to why
Congress, The White House and many another agency is in lockstep with the terrible
trends of the time and why they lie, steal and murder, without any seeming sense
of conscience or regret/''I haven't seen a half-monkey, half-person yet.''
—Glenn Beck, calling evolution ''ridiculous''/bama Throws Away Civil Liberties
With Defense Bill
bill.html /Bishop George Packard of the Episcopal church, a former military
chaplain in Iraq and a decorated Vietnam veteran, was arrested Saturday during
Occupy Wall Street protest
121711/Congress pats itself on the back for avoiding a government shutdown, like
the congressional leaders are doing right now. Maybe after they get back,
tens of thousands of protesters should camp out and give them physical gridlock in
exchange for their inexcusable legislative gridlock/almost half of the American
population lives in poverty or is classified as “low income,” Criminals on Wall
Street and their accomplices on K Street and in Congress skate free and eat steak,
while Americans barely scrape by/opposition to the ALL FOR THE RICH agenda that
left those trying to claw there way into the middle class with stagnant and
declining wages. We ALL wonder about lower income Repubs who are routinely conned
into shilling for their corpie masters and against their own economic
interests/they have forgotten how to come up, get their noses out of the arse of
these repub rich lovers and breath fresh air/surely the miserly pay of Walmart, of
the fattest bottom line in history made you eligible for subsidies too. You do
know that we taxpayers chip in over One Billion EVERY year to subsidize this
richest of companies' payroll/you address "the clowns" and then berate them for
"name calling", can't make this projected hypocrisy up/arrogant know-it-all's are
going to get taken down a few notches. I wonder if the principals in this breaking
scandal are Roman Catholic's? If that's true there is a disturbing pattern
developing here. I wonder how many other incidents are going on, unnoticed by the
public/ /as for the payroll tax
break, that's a laff. It avgs, out for the regular American worker to $13 a week
/clown fits those who are so upset with those posting using it. at least you know
who you all are. now get in the clown car and enjoy the ride/BANKING AND FINANCIAL
SERVICES! THANK YOU DEMOCRATS (especially Barney) for taking us from 13,000 DOW,
3.5 GDP and 4.6% this CRISIS by (among MANY other things)
dumping 5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae
and Freddie Mac FIASCOES, the 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets.
That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in
deficit spending. After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and
that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets/"My friend Christopher
Hitchens has died. I loved & prayed for him constantly & grieve his loss. He knows
the Truth now," tweetedRick Warren, founder of the evangelical Saddleback
megachurch in California./GOP presidential candidate and one-time debate sensation
Gary Johnson became the latest to level a “serial hypocrisy” attack at frontrunner
Newt Gingrich, Gingrich, proposed law, you could be put to death for possession of
as little as 200 joints, “proposed the death penalty for marijuana — for
possession of marijuana above a certain quantity of marijuana, and yet he is among
100 million americans who smoke marijuana.” “See, when I smoked pot it was
illegal,” he told WSJ’s Hilary Stout in 1996, “but not immoral. Now, it is illegal
AND immoral. The law didn’t change, only the morality… That’s why you get to go to
jail and I don’t.”/he was making a love child on the campaign trail, unbeknownst
to his cancer stricken wife whose illness was used as fundraising fodder/support
the Repulican leaders who are supporting the busting of criminal OWS/Gary Johnson
may switch over to the Libertarian party; there's also Rocky Anderson, mayor of
Salt Lake City, who is just in the process of starting up the Justice Party; he
wants to put all the banksters in jail/Stereotyping shows a lack of intelligence.
But then again it's what intelligence agencies do to get feedback when
domestically spying on a nation/please. Smoking weed was all the rage in the late
sixties. Its statistically, logically and realistically less harmful than alcohol.
This country is forever  puritan and myopic/unforntunately I see Perry pulling out
an improbable win.  He is the Tim Tebow of GOP politics/would rather run
hypocrites and Christian right war mongers instead of someone sane.  Or is it
because Johnson can't be bought/So to recap: Newt cheated on his wife out of
marijuana-even-though-he-smokes-marijuana/ stupid claims with absolutely NO
evidence to support his unfounded poppycock and balderdash/You are a sad clown of
a whore, oozing with foul custard and slack and sloppy as an over-used trash bag
/kluckers want to return to the days of a religious theocracy so you can force
feed everybody your phony azz values....coulter is right for
conservaturds look like nutts/trolls spreading propaganda. Psy-ops overload/ bad
sign when Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly are the ones bringing sanity to the
Republican Party, Tea Partiers didn't realize the big steaming pile Gingrich wants
to leave on their beloved Constitution/
121611/Dems support for anti-Americans policies, the older citizens who sacrificed
for their country will be bankrupt like the country they love, just so the Dems
can live their lavish lifestyle/Obama is even considered an extremist to many of
them/Republicans know how to create jobs is to start wars for their friends to
make a profit on/start a war on stupid so we could be rid of you/the trouble in
voting for the leser of two evils is that you end up with evil/casino billionaire
Sheldon Adelson, currently the 8th wealthiest American with a net worth of $21.5
billion, is preparing to donate an astonishing $20 million to help Newt Gingrich's
presidential campaign. The donation, which is not even in the same stratosphere as
the $2,500 legal limit for direct campaign contributions/ Hopes
to Reshape the Judiciary According to her 'Biblical View of Law', Christian
Sharia, Bachmann has made so-called “activist judges a consistent target of her
presidential campaign, dubbing them “black-robed masters and in last nights debate
she called for Americans to take the Constitution back from the courts. Railing
against the judiciary is a safe bet for Republicans trying to pander to social
conservative voters, but Bachmann's view of the legal system has come out of her
experience as a Religious Right activist and student at Oral Roberts University
Law School/

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