Saturday, November 5, 2011

11511/Koch brothers heirs' would save a combined $17.4 billion in estate taxes thanks to Romney's plan

11511/destructive impact on the economy in enabling these giant corporate banks to run amok was far greater than that of swindler Bernard Madoff, who sits in prison under a 150-year sentence-650,000 Americans have joined credit unions since Sept. 29 ... To put that in perspective, there were only 600,000 new members for credit unions in all of 2010-For the first time, the 20 most powerful countries in the world sat down to discuss taxing the financial service industry-a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation, the Koch brothers heirs' would save a combined $17.4 billion in estate taxes thanks to Romney's plan-right-wing American Family Association (AFA) victimizes women twice when it comes to the violence and profound emotional trauma-BP Fined $50 Million for Violating Texas Clean Air Act-
11411/3 PERCENT OF SMALL BUSINESSES MAKE OVER 250,000/  Could this bill encourage Christians to verbally bully atheists or vice-versa?it's a fifteen to sixty minute hate and it happens every sunday around 11am/ Western democracies, does not work without a vibrant middle class. We need to make it possible again in the United States of America/Adams came to the bench in 1998 by defeating Democrat Robert Shellenberger with 67% of the vote. The east Texas county of Aransas has a population of around 23,000. According to the Aransas County Republican Party's website, its mission is to "promote conservative values."/beating her more for his own pleasure than as an attempt to get her to stop breaking the law. He was also more concerned that she used the computer, than about possibly illegally downloading the music/Moyers: "Our Politicians Are Money Launderers in the Trafficking of Power and Policy" Politicians Are Money Launderers Not Too Different from Tony Soprano Bill Moyers/Oakland today as I'd seen during past OWS actions. Police maintained a minimal presence throughout the day. There were a few scattered acts of vandalism - windows were broken at two banks but there was no violence, and the protests were remarkably up-beat throughout the day. But that changed when night fell as the streets of Oakland once again resonated with the sharp cracks of tear gas canisters and 'less lethal' projectiles being fired, and flash-bang grenades scattering the crowd."-'letter puts about one-sixth of House GOP lawmakers on record as saying the supercommittee should consider collecting more taxes.'"-Guantanamo Bay are pushing back against a new policy implemented by Navy Rear Adm. David B. Woods, the commander of the prison facility, which calls for the seizure and review of the prisoners' legal mail and other materials from the top-secret camp where they are housed-Occupy the Koch Brothers - and Stop the American Nightmare-doubt that one in 10 British people has any idea of what the Corporation of the City of London is and how it works. This could be about to change. Alongside the Church of England, the Corporation is seeking to evict the protesters camped outside St Paul's cathedral. The protesters, in turn, have demanded that it submit to national oversight and control."-Iraq war veteran, in uniform, berating New York Police Department (NYPD) members for their continued attacks on OWS protesters. It was a remarkably dramatic moment, with one former marine facing off against a phalanx of NYPD officers. "Why are you hurting these [unarmed] people?"-Military Blew $1 Trillion on Weapons Since 9/ = We May Be Witnessing the First Large Global Conflict Where People Are Aligned by Consciousness and Not Nation State or Religion Naomi Wolf/The physical policies such as tax changes, rules of corporate governance, deregulation were essentially bipartisan. Alongside of this began a very sharp rise in the costs of elections, which drives the political parties even deeper than before into the pockets of the corporate sector/ask not of what The Corporations and rich can do for your Country, but think of what you can do for their Country/Did you tea-baggers protest when Dopey's Halliburton absconded with at least $10bil in taxpayer funds while pocketing hundreds of billions in profits (from taxpayer funds), then moved their headquarters to frickin' Bahrain?/Keeping government out of your Wall St. crooks' way, that led to trillions in wealth destroyed, is a good example of right-wing "freedom"? For-profit, non-government health insurance paying CEOs and mgt. billions to deny care and kill of sick Americans is "compassion"? Having right-wing goons intervene in the sexual and reproductive lives of Americans is "privacy"?/euro dynamicis doesn’t favor world republic transnationalism unity but only what encourages past breakdown and chaos, which favors the transnationalist agenda of JC hitler, world empire and new Caesar like lineage reign for 1000 years/to this day there has been no official reason given for how World Trade Center 7, which was not hit by a plane and had a few small fires, collapsed at free fall speed after the firemen in the area were warned to get away from the building because it's "about to come down" and the owner of the building, who had just completed insuring it for billions of dollars, stated in a documentary that he had to "pull it. The world we live in today – the one where we are all more enslaved than at any other time in history – all hinges upon this false flag event. The most recent event, with the so-called killing of Osama bin Laden and then throwing him in the ocean before anyone could be a witness to it is also full of holes so big that only fools and the brainwashed could believe it. Unfortunately, we are mostly surrounded by fools and the brainwashed/since peoples' religion of the paranormal is called the work of the devil when comes up against the state which means coming up against the elites who control the state and the religion of the state, that neutralizing and countering of the religious hegemony is very hard to do. Especially when the state can enlist most of the population of the old style belief, especially the rabid 33% of all populations, to attack and put down the peoples' religion, and peoples' world republic, like put down other religions and communism. It’s a recipe for wars and hegemony attempts, certainly/ /
11311/planning for potential military action against Iran amid mounting concern over Tehran's nuclear enrichment programme, the Guardian has learned. The Ministry of Defence believes the US may decide to fast-forward plans for targeted missile strikes at some key Iranian facilities. British officials say that if Washington presses ahead it will seek, and receive, UK military help for any mission-Israel test-fired a missile from a military base on Wednesday, two days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of the "direct and heavy threat"-Israeli Navy is tracking two ships, believed be part of a new flotilla to Gaza-William Colton Millay, 22, was taken into custody at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson on October 28 following a joint espionage investigation-Frederick Thomas, 73, of Cleveland, Ga.; Dan Roberts, 67, of Toccoa, Ga.; Ray H. Adams, 65, of Toccoa; and Samuel J. Crump, 68, of Toccoa, were arrested today relating to plans to obtain an unregistered explosive device and silencer and to manufacture the biological toxin ricin-lieutenant who will be sentenced Wednesday for his role in a plot to cover up deadly police shootings on a New Orleans bridge after Hurricane that is going to hit the moon on the 9th of November-Comet Elenin a ship of friendly ETs/police union in an open letter Tuesday slammed Mayor Jean Quan for her "flip-flop" stance on the city's Occupy Wall Street protests, questioning her motives and why the city plans to beef up its police presence at strike-related events while giving other city workers leeway to participate/"IN THE FINAL HOUR, THE ENEMY OF GOD WILL SHOW HIS FULL FACE/why does jfk chase women? his mother never loved him cmathes/ NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Home builders, realtors and others are preparing to fight a Bush administration plan that would require Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to increase financing of homes for low-income people-when Fannie Mae lowered their underwriting standards (2006), Wall Street was already 2 years into lower standards of their own and commanded 60% of the subprime mortgage market and more than $1.5 Trillion in Alt-A mortgages compared to 40% for GSE's and under $1 Trillion.s reacting to Wall Street who was driving the market for subprimes, not the other way around as some Conservatives like to suggest/Bob Kerrey, who is now managing director of an educational tech company, it’s worth listening to the protesters in Zuccotti Park, money drives our political system, and Obama has done the best he can with a really bad playing hand/people who the gov gave our money to in the first place so the banks could be forced to lend money to the parasite class for homes they could never afford. now they want more money so the parasite class can squat in their homes without paying anything while the productive class pays our own mortgages and theirs. There will come a time in the near future when we will have the opportunity to exterminate the parasite class and right this country once again... we are the 53% (who pay taxes) who are well armed and sick of the parasites/Obama administration has approved $34.4 million in compensation to the top six executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Hey OWS - why aren't you protesting in front of the White House?/Reaganomics= trickle-down wealth. Obamanomics= trickle-up poverty/If obama and his cronies bail out another business, they better have a 24/7/365 bail out plan to avoid all the hit men after them. He's devaluing our dollar/Dems gave freddie and fannie, country wide and the others their blessing when they were selling these toxic loans knowing the loans would go bad. They also knew that the goverment would bail them out because they cant let freddie and fannie fail because the goverment is a part owner/corruption was worsened last year by the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which allowed for huge new unregulated flows of corporate political spending. Yesterday, six Democratic senators - Tom Udall (NM), Michael Bennett (CO), Tom Harkin (IA), Dick Durbin (IL), Chuck Schumer (NY), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), and Jeff Merkeley (OR) - introduced a constitutional amendment that would effectively overturn the Citizens United case and restore the ability of Congress to properly regulate the campaign finance system."-US and Israeli Tech Teams Develop "Malworm" to Take Down Iran's Computer Software, Sergey Brin at Google, Steve Ballmer at Microsoft and Larry Ellison at Oracle have been working with Israel's top cyber warriors and have now come up with a new version of a Stuxnet-like worm that can bring down Iran's entire software networks-Arab Spring Leaders Speak to the American Autumn at a teach-in with members of October 2011 in Washington, DC, on October 23. About a hundred activists at the encampment turned out to get a first-hand account of the revolution on the other side of the world that has inspired many in America and abroad."-Lakota Tribes "Refuse to Cooperate" With Tar Sands Proponents As people gather to protest the greed and corruption of Wall Street in downtown Manhattan and throughout the world, the territories of indigenous peoples and nations have been the front lines of this conflict for a long, long, time-the first of its kind since 1946, it's up to the Greek people to determine the fate of the global banking system, Democrats Tom Udall and Michael Bennett introduced a controversial amendment that would overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, Republicans on the Gang of 12 Super Committee are pushing for the same policies that created our deficit - enormous tax cuts-Renegotiating mortgages on foreclosed homes at a reasonable interest rate keeps people in their homes and helps neighborhoods. It is not a bailout or charity-Move Your Money: Campaign Grows to Divest From "Too Big to Fail" Banks to Local Banks, Credit Unions-Bloomberg's recent ramblings and his strategic and sometimes brutal assault on Occupy Wall Street (OWS); he is embodying crony capitalism. His "third way" veneer of nonpartisan government is giving way to cliched and inaccurate right-wing Republican message points on behalf of the richest American This week, he lectured the OWS movement on its alleged "naivete." it was "cathartic" and "entertaining" to blame people (i.e., the "victims" on "Wall Street, protesters are protesting against people who make $40-50,000 a year and are struggling to make ends meet-Private firms dominated the subprime market boom of 2004-06, and were not even subject to the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act some Republicans vilify. Thanks to decades of financial deregulation, capped by President Bush's decision to appoint Wall Street regulators who believed their job was to help banks rather than curb banking abuses, financial giants were able to turn the mortgage market into a high-stakes / Caught on Video Beating Daughter 'Needs Help' image provided by the Aransas County, Texas Court-at-Law webpage shows Aransas County Judge William Adams. PORTLAND, Texas, who handles child abuse cases. the beating is on display to the world on YouTube thanks to a secret video she made, and her father, Aransas County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams, is the subject of a police investigation.Hillary Adams, 23,  2004 video online last week is tempered by the sadness that it's her father lashing her 17 times with a belt and threatening to beat her "into submission." The 8-minute video had been watched nearly 2 million times. he said it "looks worse than it is" and that he doesn't expect to be disciplined. "In my mind, I haven't done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing," Adams said. "And I did lose my temper, but I've since apologized."  Hallie Adams 2007blamed her ex-husband's bouts of violence on his "addiction," calling it a "family secret." minutes into the video, Hillary's mother barks at her to "turn over like a 16-year-old and take it! Like a grown woman!", elected in 2001 and has dealt with at least 349 family law cases in the past year alone, nearly 50 of which involved state caseworkers seeking determine whether parents were fit to raise their children /Beating Of Teen With Cerebral Palsy Sparks Sachs Got Billions From Taxpayers Thru AIG For Its OWN Account, Crisis Panel Finds; Contradicting SWORN Testimony From Execs certify that you are the original author of the feedback (except as expressly indicated otherwise), that the consent of no other person, firm, corporation, or organization is required to enable ESPN, Inc. to legally use your feedback and name, and that ESPN Inc.'s use of your feedback and name will not violate the rights of any third parties. You agree that this authorization contains the full and complete understanding between ESPN, Inc. and you regarding use of your question and cannot be modified except by a document signed by ESPN, Inc. and you/"I congratulate the FBI on their ability to sniff out and entrap old, feeble minded Georgia morons with dreams of terrorist grandeur. Now if they could just apply some of that industry to telling us the truth about the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, we'll all be better off." --Mike Vanderboegh, "Lazy journalist's guide to my reaction to the evil bad scary Georgia Geriatric Terrorist Plot." /arrested 62-year-old Glendon Swift of Lenoir City on Wednesday. He is accused of leaving two voicemail messages idiot called Congressman Cantor 7th Dist Virginia, a “Jew boy.”, threatened to rape Cantor's daughter and kill Cantor's wife.  must be KKK, Neo-NAZI, ROP, Obama minion/crazy MoFo wacko militants that have no hesitation to start wars of Aggression, UNLIKE Iran. Iran is surrounded by nuclear powers threatening it and breathing down its' neck. Certainly SELF-DEFENSE is as valid a reason to develop nukes as far as Iran is concerned as ANY OTHER REASON.... i submit....even more so rational for an attack against Iran. It makes ZERO sense. It would be like shooting yourself in the foot. It will not be the end of the world or a national security danger to America if Iran gets some nukes. I would like to hear someone explain HOW it would be a worse national security risk than the USSR oir China and why Iran is any different/Jimmy Carter, who – as described by PBS, “sensed that the nation had lost a degree of affection for some of the policies of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal and Lyndon Johnson's Great Society. Carter signed a bill bailing out the Chrysler Corporation even as he was canceling military pay raises despite high inflation. particularly the savings and loan crisis of the Reagan years. In a 1990 piece on the S&L bailout, named by Utne Reader as one of the top ten stories of the decade, I described a scandal that the mainstream media (and politicians in both parties) never took seriously,Clinton has barely mentioned civil liberties. They do not seem to be of much concern. The president has, in fact, engaged in the worst kind of politics, namely the kind that trades human life and suffering (e.g. capital punishment and mandatory sentences) for popular support. He appears willing to ignore the great residue of Reagan-Bush offenses, especially those growing out of the war on drugs and attempts to gag and intimidate government and defense workers.  time to occupy the Democratic liberal philosophy and replace it with some true progressive populism. It’s worked before. That’s why we have a 40 hour work week, a minimum wage, and Social Security/396-9 vote came at the request of Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) – in part over President Obama’s refusal to correct remarks he made that misstated the motto as “E pluribus unum” instead of “In God We Trust.” bi-partisan resolution not only affirms “In God We Trust” as the national motto, but it also “encourages its display in public buildings and government institutions.”/4,479 U.S. military fatalities 30,182 U.S. military injuries 468 contractor fatalities 103,142 – 112,708 documented civilian deaths$3 – $5 trillion in total economic cost to the United States of the Iraq war according to economist Joseph E. Stiglitz and Linda J. Blimes/ Israel has cancelled its membership of UNESCO in protest at the UN agency's vote to admit Palestine as a full member. already taken other measures in retaliation for UNESCO's move, which saw 114 UNESCO states agree to accept Palestinian membership.Netanyahu has now ordered a halt to Israel's financial contributions to UNESCO in protest. The US provides around 22 per cent of UNESCO's funding. the cut in funding from the US will threaten some of its programs including Holocaust education and a tsunami warning program/
11211/Chomsky, "I've never seen anything quite like the Occupy movement in scale and character, here and worldwide. The Occupy outposts are trying to create cooperative communities that just might be the basis for the kinds of lasting organizations necessary to overcome the barriers ahead and the backlash that's already coming- transmogrified it into the one thing the Washington press corps loves above all else: a juicy cover-up story."- people will converge on downtown Oakland to shut down the city. All banks and corporations should close down for the day or we will march on them."-Public Comments on Keystone Pipeline Have Disappeared Into a Procedural Black Hole-protester from Boston calling herself 'Mom': 'Not only does it detract from our anti-fraudulence message; every time we have to answer questions about it, it takes away from what we came here to do, which is protest against greedy, scheming corporations.'"-Occupy Wall Street's Elegant Message Danny Schechter, Consortium News: "One of the most frequently repeated, recycled and dismissive questions about Occupy Wall Street is its supposed lack of an 'agenda.' The 'what do you people want' question has featured in media interviews almost to the exclusion of all others. It's as if the movement won't be taken seriously by some, unless and until, it enunciates a list of 'demands' and defines itself in a way that can allow others, especially a cynical media, to label and pigeonhole it-  Truthout:/U.K.-based Staite also believes that the "volatile and uncertain environment" in Europe will drive corporate and investment banking customers into the arms of "the strongest banks such as JP Morgan." Staite has an "overweight' rating on JPMorgan. Citing layoffs by Credit Suisse(CS_)and Nomura, Staite sees an opportunity for JPMorgan to pick up market share. & SECOND-LIEN MORTGAGES: A CONFLICT OF INTERESTS/ $972 million repayment from AIG; insurance giant still owes Treasury $50B government provided AIG with $182 billion at the height of the 2008 financial crisis. Treasury has recouped $18 billion of the $68 billion it provided the company through the government's Troubled Asset Relief Program. The rest of the money came from the Federal Reserve. AIG has repaid all but $17.5 billion of those loans/American Supermodel Defends Gadhafi Family, Loses Job/More than one in five Mississippians is on food stamps will sit there and throw stones at each other over political crap . Your a full blown idiot if you think that ANY of today's politicians are in your corner . All they want is a paycheck . They don't care if it means YOU starve , just as long as they get paid . The sooner the American people can figure this out , the better we can make ourselves and rebuild this Country . Quit letting them blind you so much that you are oblivious to your own stupidity/ a poster of a zombie president is going too far, but a Hollywood produced "mockumentary" about assassinating President Bush is good taste?/GOP SICKNESS - Reboobliclowns afraid to admit they gutted the Clinton surplus to fight a war in Iraq that had no just cause, killed 5000 of our troops and bankrupt us. Now the same reboob psychos blame Obama/Many people hate Obama more than they love the country/ ignorance is astounding/gotta love it when these creeplican dirtbags form a circular firing squad/

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