Monday, October 3, 2011

10311/Scalia says relion is above the law The Christian god is above everything, get these lifetime loopies off the bench. TOTALITARISM= When a small group of people pretend to enforce their view to a community, saying that they represent 99% of all

10311/Consortium News: "One set of rules on torture applies to the United States and another set applies to the rest of the world, with gradations depending on how close a country or an individual is to the United States/Perry and his family never owned, controlled or managed the property referenced in the Washington Post story. The 42 000-acre ranch is owned by the Hendricks Home for Children, a West Texas charity," "Perry's father painted over offensive language on a rock soon after leasing the 1 000-acre parcel in the early 1980s. When Governor Perry was party to the hunting lease from 1997 to 2007, the property was described as northern pasture. He has not been to the property since 2006/"Hendrick Home for Children rears children in a safe and loving christian environment. The children are reared in an atmosphere of spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual growth."/should change the original name of my home...Honkytown. When do American sheeple call racism into their collective conscience? Oh yes, lack of critical thinking and Feaux News/Scalia says relion is above the law does this come as a surprise to people? The Christian god is above everything. We need a way to get these lifetime loopies off the bench. When a small group of people pretend to enforce their view to a community, saying that they represent 99% of all/The notion that Scummocrats are for the middle class is hilarious/“The Secret Sins of Koch Industries,” reveals Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers,paid bribes in a half-dozen countries to secure lucrative contracts and sold millions of dollars of petrochemical equipment to Iran by making an end-run around the U.S. trade ban, who are major backers of the tea party movement, are running a company embroiled in several scandals FINALLY! DOJ FINGERS S & P in $400 TRILLION MORTGAGE FRAUD by S & P and the Bush gang is so huge/ rambling make-it-up-as-you-go tabloind stupidity.....the republican mind......a dark and dangerous death road of illusion and paranoia/Fox has not said anything about it, therefor,it is not true/2010, a political offensive was launched against Israel after it announced the construction of apartment buildings in Jerusalem: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton berated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a now-infamous phone call; the U.S. joined the Europeans in condemning Israel, Obama  urged Israelis and American Jews to engage in self-reflection and "search your souls" about Israel's dedication to peace the key to the Bush policy was not to distance Israel as an ally, which is exactly what the Obama administration has done pointed out that the 2004 Bush letter allowed Israel to build settlements "up and in but not out as long as no additional land would be taken and no new settlements would be built. Those supporting Israel should be very wary, considering the president's past reelection rhetoric.  Getting reelected would allow President Obama to put undue pressure on Israel, as he has in the past, at best -- and to turn the tide and recognize a Palestinian State at worse. /Recognizing a Palestinian state would be best and only a start. You have no idea what evil lurks in j00z cold hearts/it is painfully obvious, even to the deaf, dumb, and blind, the Democrats, that is, that Barack Hussein Obama, is a pathological, serial, casual, and constant liar/WHERE WERE YOU WHEN CAPITALISM DIED??? /2007 when republican sycophant weenies for the wsj and elsewhere printed op ed after op ed screaming about how the market was going to bounce at the end of that summer. filthy republican boot licking liars/What do Wall Street bankers look like? Thieves in suits/Well, niqqers...your experiment is a year from over. Keep white Christians in office from now on, and america will be fine/Do you really expect a Black Man to be able to fix the f**k ups caused by 43 White Presidents in a row/Koch brothers. And bribery. This might hurt big if proven true.Selling chemicals to Iran is a no no/14 Banks That Have Bigger Federal Debt Guarantees Than Solyndra SeekingAlpha .c/Paul Burka, a Texas Monthly writer who has long covered Perry, says that so far “he’s certainly not the guy that we’ve seen in Texas/a term used by early American masons and others to describe a "large smoothly rounded stone". In Britain, 'niggerhead' would mean "an iron post for mooring ships"-obamas been to a cracker barrel . How is this any different ?-“Those who shut their ears to the cries of the poor will be ignored in their own time of need”.(Proverbs 21:13)-exas republicans used to hang the gays and blacks. and their biggest accomplishment: euthanize your brothers and sisters that had a birth defect, or even a small disability- nothing as intolerant as (misnamed) liberals. Read through these comments. They carelessly hurl insults and labels and just pure ignorance. The same ignorance that won Barack Obama the presidency. I'm well informed, and I'm voting for Perry. He happens to love America. Something that no one ever has or will accuse Mr. Obama of doing-Are you a racist because a liberal/democrat calls you one or is the liberal/democrat a racist because they are always the first to make the accusation-when obammy was with that nigra Rev. Wright who was the racist then-You are a racist when you judge a stranger or neighbor purely and usually negatively because of their race and blame everything on them usually with racial slurs and mean comedy, this is almost always a race that you dont belong to and is usually filled with much hate and anger upto promoting exiling shipping jailing that entire race and even murder. genocide would not come soon enough for the really extreme racist, moderate racist are only racist among those like themselves or the internet anonymously, but act like they are not among the group they hate, it is usually learnt and passed down by parents or they may have been harmed by another race and now blame everyone of that race, or may have been passed up for a job they think they was more qualified for nd they may be true but now they blame a whole group of people they dont know for that which is really even more unfair, since we as people have no say in who our parents will be. A good apology would put this to rest rather quickly otherwise it will linger on like many of the pledges replubs have been ask to take-wrong in your assumption. Wisconsinites are called cheese heads because you MAKE massive amounts of cheese in your "dairy state"... not because you EAT cheese. You are not only racist but ignorant-there has never been such a serious threat, natural or man-made, as the threat that the belief republicans have sold the people, that taxation is always bad and is always to be fought, tooth and nail- Bush was the worst president in history, but Republicans won't rest until they come up with someone worse-fauxNews is backing away from all the current GOP hopefuls. They are still hoping for someone else to run because none of the current hopefuls can beat our current President. If Fox has realized this it's not going to be long before the Tea Drinkers do also. The GOP can spin and plan all they wish but in the words of another TX Governor {This Dog Won't Hunt} LOL-antiquaited logging and trucking term used to define a large round rock or outcropping of rocks usually on an unpaved road bed-as prejudice as a state can possibly be. cesspooltexas is a dump site, where all the crap goes to brag and boast!-so is it ok to say jewfish? (real species btw)-not offensive when originaly made. The words nigardlly , niggling and even the scientific term "black hole" have been mistaken as offensive. A different article stated the property was leased, if so you can't destroy things you don't own-stupid tea sniffers my crystal balls, You tell me you tea sniffing doofus clowns couldn't see this man was a racist animal. Tea Sniffers are terrorist KKK....Rick Ferry is proof...Watch out man-spouting his liberal ignorance and hatred as usual- Perry, is a psychopath. He is conscience-less. He has been the governor of Texas for how long?? How is that possible?? Did Texans realise his nature before they voted for him? They could not possibly have voted for this. From all I have read about Rick Perry, (by accessing articles in the Houston Chronicle), he has sank Texas. People who have been consistently voting him into office have literally voted to destroy the state. They have voted against humanity and completely against themselves. All of this is so transparent. I guess we have George Bush to thank here. Maybe it is his only accomplishment. Somehow after eight years of Mr. Bush, the country really is less tolorant of these right wing nominee- save your crocdile tears Perry was a democrat at the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's one of the reasons the NAACP is suing our democratic party ... you may resume your crying!-Most people consider left-wingers like you nothing more than clowns and leeches on society, you're getting your arse beat in election after election after election, and as your own leaders have stated - they have nothing to run on, and they plan to use the race card to paint any opposition to Obama and the Democrats with (hence why idiots like you are removing the stigma attached to the word  Carteresque!-like how first that psycho high school quitter Palin, crashed and burned then, that ego maniac Trump, Then the opportunistic hypocrite Gingrich, then that dummy Perry. I betcha Bachmann, Cain, Paul and Romney are next. And if the Christie Dream Donut runs he will crash and burn too. The GOP are crying in their beers because they have to use them to douse the flames for all these inane and insane fools running for president-Obama’s Reverse race card was played against white people (they will tell you I look funny, I don't look like the guys on the money etc.) & that was blatantly racist & shameless, Democrats voted against civil rights in the 50's and again in the 60s when it passed. JFK and Al Gores Daddy both voted against it. They also voted against the 13 and 14th amendment, created the Jim Crow laws, ruled the south for a hundred years and manned the army of the KKK. Of course the party was founded by slave owners, including Andrew Jackson, to maintain slavery and its members ran the South in the Civil war.-original definition:1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2: racial prejudice or discrimination Stupid much?-If you think you've got a case for impeachment based on misconduct, lying or other crimes, go for it. Don't whine at us here about Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers (the case "against" both has been discredited by even Sean Hannity as being totally vacuous), etc., go for impeachment. But don't expect to "win" or even have sensible people listen to you when your introduction and examples don't mesh and you misuse words. One thing you are very good at is bringing up red herrings. But anyone with a brain can see what you're pulling is a snow job meant to bury people in a mountain of "information"-I'm a minority person and my observations over the years that racism exists in every minority, and used against other groups when a minority person feels rejection on any level even if imagined rejection. I've heard much more racism in minorities than I've ever heard from whites, probably because whites are now so sensitive to racial complaints. It's time for minorities stop using racism as a victimization crutch, and begin to 'man up'-Quit complaining about 'omg that black guy called me a honkey waah' because you and i both know at the end of the day you wont lose your job or get arrested unfairly over it-Only white people deny their racism. Probably at least 80% of whites are racist but only about 5% will actually admit i- Try applying for financial aid for college and be a white male. Don't judge, unless you've been there. Growing up poor and white was harder than growing up poor and black I promise you that. My mother could not even get Welfare or Food Stamps because we were not minorities-It did'nt matter in Texas because they are a bunch of good ol boys, redneck bigots-they like the name. Now it matters, nationally. We don't want some redneck, rascist puke in the White House-ush's DWI came out when he was running for president but was missed when running for gov. (he didn't pay enough to have it hidden) His response when it came during the presidental election? He didn't want his daughters to know, what parent wants their kids to know you're a drunk driver? They are both lying fruitcakes-Texas is a state that nobody cares about and all of its governors have been buffoons in the past. You wait till that buffoon runs for something that he can actually do damage- strong reaction from the racist pigs, good for you! I bet most of them belong to the Teahadist Party aka the GOP: Great Oppression Party. Racist fools, your stupity amuses me, you misable pathetic souls-If it's not CLEAR they don’t have YOUR and YOUR FAMILY’S BEST INTEREST at the forefront of their minds, Corporations, outsourcing jobs, being Anti-education, Anti-science, trying to control peoples lives with their religious beliefs, and FEEDING on Greed, Bigotry, Hatred, etc. And YES, they will LIE and say they are doing it for your best interest, being proud of their duplicity, hypocrisy, and obstructionism, SANE people know Republicans don’t care about jobs, economy, what is best for U.S. citizenand that you should STOP VOTING for Republicans, then I think you will never GET IT . . . Keep voting for your Wealthy Masters, as they continue to LAUGH at you on their way to the BANK-congratulate the people of the great state of Texas on electing a mornic buffoon to be their governor. Fortunately the rest of the country is not quite that stupid- we have all elected idiots now we can reverse / correct our mistakes- they elected Obama. The talker that does NOTHING-he avoided the gov. debates like the plaque, wish he had of debated, I don't think he would of been gov. of Texas, I know he was ignorant, I don't call him slicky sicky Ricky for nothing-why can a black woman enter the MIss American Pageant, but a white woman can not enter the Black Miss American Pageant?-the same reason harley davidsons never win motorcycle races....good question tho-do you think Jesus would tell the poor the can't have health care while giving it to the rich? That's what the repubs want to might want to rethink which party is more in line with the teachings of your beliefs-I believe that Jesus Christ himself would say that you have much hubris to think "love" between any two people is perverse, love in and of itself is the highest form of altruism/YOU ARE AN IDIOT OR AT LEAST SUFFERING FROM DELUSIONS. GO SEEK HELP FROM A PHYSICIAN-really nifty to force everyone else to follow only YOUR religious beliefs? So if you're "Christian," it's just ducky to be a hater? So you want to focus a national election on homosexuality instead of on such trivia as the economy, terrorism, illegal immigration, health care, crime, and/or joblessness? You hate gays and you're against abortion -- what are you FOR?-Lennie Lickensniffer says, thanks for sharing your thoughts and beliefs. I can tell that you're a deep thinker-/howard kurtz, the obama of 2008 returns on imus/protesters who have been camping out in Manhattan's Financial District for more than two weeks eat donated food and keep their laptops running with a portable gas-powered generator. They have a newspaper — the Occupied Wall Street Journal — and a makeshift hospital, arrests of more than 700 people on Saturday as thousands tried to cross the Brooklyn Bridge seemed to pour oil on the rage of those who camped out overnight in Zuccotti Park. the group has grown much more organized. "We have a protocol for most things," she said, including getting legal help for people who are arrested. Jackie Fellner, a marketing manager from Westchester County, "We're not here to take down Wall Street. It's not poor against rich. It's about big money dictating which politicians get elected and what programs get funded," public school teachers sat in the plaza, including Denise Martinez of Brooklyn. Most students at her school live at or below the poverty level, and her classes are jammed with up to about 50 students. "These are America's future workers, and what's trickling down to them are the problems — the unemployment, the crime,"/Wall Street protesters urged to dress as corporate zombies as part of continuing … Full Story »Wall Street Protesters Dress as Zombies in NYC, ABC.c

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