Tuesday, September 27, 2011

92711/"It's outrageous President Obama would use the burning of 1,500 homes, the worst fires in state history, as a political attack."

92711/They rob you and you carry their bags? WHY WOULD ANYBODY IN HIS RIGHT MIND----- vote repub....> I’ve often wondered what motivates a middle class American to vote for a party which time after time has shown itself to be a party which cares little for them…party which lessens their ability to better their lives with every piece of legislation they propose…a party whose single aim appears to be to find better ways to keep the Koch brothers and their rich buddies happy. I now know why they refer to us as elites and elitists…we’re better citizens than they are/Force birthing women is the ultimate power trip of the religious Gods law crank. Leading the way in the war against women are Ohio, Virginia, Kansas and South Dakota, Indiana, and Missouri/110th Congress of 2007-2008, with Republicans in the minority, there were a record 112 cloture votes. In the current session of Congress – the 111th – for all of 2009 and the first two months of 2010 the number already exceeds 40. The most the filibuster has been used when Democrats were in the minority was 58 times in the 106th Congress of 1999-2000/AFL-CIO labor union appears, at least theoretically, to support violence and vandalism when union members use those tactics in the interest of furthering “legitimate union activity.”Come to Texas and try that schit you maggots and see how long you live/the amount of sick, twisted, and violent people on the Right .... And most have the audacity to blasphemously called themselves Christians/Micheal Moore On Death Threats, In his concern for the weak and poor, he is Mahatma like, or a great soul, which is what the word Mahatma means. Conservatives would like to crucify him, apparently, as they did Jesus, or burn him at the stake, like St. Joan. Such people sometimes frighten the narrow-minded/Bloomberg News bankruptcy columnist Bill Rochelle report on the latest statistics predicting the number of large companies that may resort to Chapter 11 if the economy turns to recession once again/Deloitte & Touche LLP, one of the so-called Big Four accounting firms, was sued for failing to detect a fraud that allegedly led to more than $7 billion in losses at defunct mortgage lender Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp. Deloitte, which audited Taylor Bean’s financial statements from 2002 to August 2009, ignored red flags in the company’s books.  “convicted felon Lee Farkas and his co- conspirators committed their crimes,”  bizarre notion that his engines of theft are entitled to complain of injury from their own crimes and to sue the outside auditors they lied to defies common sense, not to mention the law,” Deloitte quit in 2009 after company officials refused to provide explanations during its audit, both complaints claim/denied the plaintiffs’ request for attorney fees and expenses, and rejected a request from Brown -- who died in December 2010 -- for an incentive fee award of $25,000. Brown’s attorney, Lynda J. Grant, didn’t return a voice-mail message seeking comment on Fried’s ruling.The cases are Brown v. Blankfein, 650003/2010, and Central Laborers’ Pension Fund v. Goldman Sachs, 600036/2010, both in New York State Supreme Court, New York County/News Corp. directors will be sued in the U.S. by victims of phone hacking by reporters at the News of the World tabloid, a lawyer said. Legal action will be started in the U.S. within 10 days /American Securities LP Chinastockwatch.com million of notes in a transaction underwritten and sold by New York-based Citigroup, according to court papers filed Sept. 22 in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan.Danielle Romero-Apsilos, a spokeswoman for Citigroup, declined to comment on the complaint/Tate George, a former player with the National Basketball Association’s New Jersey Nets and Milwaukee Bucks, was charged with running a $2 million Ponzi scheme that targeted former professional athletes-Citigroup Inc., the third-largest U.S. bank, was sued for fraud by IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG over a sale of $4.2 million in residential mortgage-backed securities/Fire them all, get a real CEO, and put AMERICANS back to work. Otherwise, HP is headed to the tandoori garbage dump along with PeopleSoft, Sun, Bell Labs, and just about everyone else who thinks they can "save" money using 3rd world labor/dailymarkets.com/stock/2011/09/27/a-european-tarp-fund/This unofficial plan calls for increasing the size of the Euro-zone rescue fund, known as the European Financial Stability Facility or EFSF, from the current level of €440 billion to perhaps €2 trillion to €3 trillion/Goldman was also sued by The Allstate Corporation (NYSE:ALL), the largest publicly traded U.S. home and auto insurer for misrepresenting documents in the sale of over $123 million in mortgage-backed securities from April 2006 to March 2007./ Ivanhoe Mines Ltd (NYSE:IVN), issued a statement which says that its investment agreement for the Oyu Tolgoi project in Mongolia is “fair and legally binding.” The statement was released by the Canadian miner after the Mongolian government said it wants to renegotiate the agreement/ben&jerry go fudge yerself/perry dancing with j00z vid on orriely?/
92611/"There Are Two Ways To Enslave A Country.... One Is By The Sword. The Other Is By Debt." — John Adams1797–1801/Republicans (including Tea Party) DO NOT CARE about you and your family. Republicans will cherish your vote until they fulfill their goal of making you penniless and powerless, irrelevant and at their mercy/GOP wants to bring America back to the dark ages. They want a country full of hate and intolerance. Conservatives are absolutely appalling and are nothing but hypocrites/in Federal elections. Since 1960, the highest percentage of people that could legally vote that actually bothered to vote, was in 1960. 63.1%. 2008, was #4 on the list. 56.8%. the 2010 mid-term elections, 37.8%. It never even reached 64%. To many people sit on-line bit#**#*ng about how this country is being run, but can't be bothered to do anything to try and fix it/not quite communist enough for them. That's what they're disenchanted about. He hasn't marched conservatives into the re-education camps, yet/thanks to this little Kenyan hate monger and racist. This guy has done more to create hate, racism and class warfare in this country than all the others combined and he's still going full steam/bamma is a Hate monger like Hitler Stalin and mao/bama charged Sunday that the GOP vision of government would "fundamentally cripple America," as he tried out his newly combative message-has criticized them as obstructionists while demanding their help in passing his $447 billion jobs bill-Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan responded, "It's outrageous President Obama would use the burning of 1,500 homes, the worst fires in state history, as a political attack."-ap/ NYC Cops Mace Peaceful Protestors..  youtube.com/watch?v=PbYrFoJp3 /youtube.com/watch?v=nU316h5JDP8&feature=related carlin spreading the truth-the american dream, cause ya have to be assleep to believe it/Texas state fair starts this weekend/Slick Rick Perry the sleazy TexAss con man will have a booth there if you want to sign up for his Death Insurance flim-flamPerry was promising the state big money in exchange for helping Swiss banking giant UBS set up a business of teacher death speculation. All they had to do was convince retirees to let UBS buy life insurance policies on them. When the retirees died, those policies would pay out./Eight percent of J e ws define themselves as hareidi, 12 percent as religious, 13 percent as religious traditionalists, 25 percent as "traditionalists who are not so religious" and the remaining 42 percent as non-religious or secular-end of 2010. At that time, the I s raeli population numbered 7,797,400/
92511/discovered the class of the 'working poor' doesn't get the attention and credit they deserve. There is so much media about the struggles of the job creators and unemployed but, the working poor don't get anything (except another job)/And they won't get another job if the job "creators" can find a way to "create" the same jobs over seas for lower pay rates, less environmental restrictions and so forth/product of labour: The worker is alienated from the object he produces because it is owned and disposed of by another, the capitalist.  alienation identified is a lack of control over the process of production. We have no say over the conditions in which we work and how our work is organised, and how it affects us physically and mentallywe are alienated from our fellow human beings. This alienation arises in part because of the antagonisms which inevitably arise from the class structure of society. We are alienated from those who exploit our labour and control the things we produce. Work bears no relationship to our personal inclinations or our collective interests. The capitalist division of labour massively increased our ability to produce, but those who create the wealth are deprived of its benefits Marx's descriptions of this process in the Manuscripts are extremely powerful indictments of the system/James 2:17: "Even so in faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone (in itself)."Robinson said those passages define why it is important that churches also meet the physical, social and economic needs of their audiences. Those "Biblical warrants" explain why churches are investing significant dollars in education, health centers, decent housing and entrepreneurial projects in their neighborhoods and beyond-"Our faith is holistic; it never has been one-dimensional. Jesus wasn't one-dimensional. He clothed and fed people, and put people to work," Spencer said. commercialappeal.com/news/2011/sep/25/secular-roots-churches-resources-make-a/anthropology.net/2008/10/01/race-as-a-social-construct/ChinaUSAGDP Size$5.745 Trillion$14.6 TrillionLabor Force780 Million154.9 millionUnemployment Rate4.30%9.70%Population below Povery Rate2.80%12.0%Budget-Revenue$1.149 Trillion$2.02 TrillionBudget-Expenditures$1.27 Trillion$3.397 TrillionPublic Debt17.5% of GDP58.9% of GDPOil Consumption8.2 million bbl/day18.69 million bbl/dayCurrent Account Balance$272.5 billion$ -561.0 billionDebt - External$406.6 billion$13.98 TrillionFDI Abroad$278.9 billion$3.507 Trillion/Throughout all the realm of "Christianity"...Christians have been programmed to pray to the white Jesus with the blue eyes... ;-) ... the long silky hair... ;-) ... the pale white pink skin... ;-) ... the feminine facial features... ;-) Is there any wonder about the state of affairs of the world today?/Obama* told blacks on Saturday to quit crying and complaining and "put on your marching shoes" to follow him into battle for jobs and opportunity/begining Phase austerity contagion spreading globaly, no one will be left untouched. Historians will write and speek of the last decade and its outcome as they do of the civil war, WWII , fall of the belin wall/ECB board member accepted that banks bear much responsibility for the economic crisis in Spain and elsewhere with cheap mortgages and other lending but said that punishing them could lead to huge unemployment, lower living standards, and a lending squeeze. "If one just follows the principle that the ones who did wrong should pay (for their mistakes) then the results can be unacceptable/Republicans lean more toward pedophilia. You know, something where they can have a big power trip while screwing up someone else's life. republicanoffenders.com/Pedophiles.html/Ron Paul can help move power back toward the individual and away from the overlords in D.C./Gods and religions die with their Empires.  They always have, from the Egyptian Fairo's to the Greeks and Romans, The Incas and Aztecs, and soon the Christains, Jews and Muslims. All religions die.  It a matter of time.  The sooner the better/I don't know who's fucking creepier, Rick Perry or Eric Cantor?/the longest war in American history. We are Nation Building a country that grows opium/Fed is a contrivance of Congress to let the central government off the hook for spending & taxation through the destruction of the currency. Yes the bankers are involved up to their eyeballs in this dark arrangement...but it is the people asking their representatives for shit we collectively can't afford that keeps the debt machine going./Saudi King Abdullah on Sunday granted women the right to vote and run in municipal elections, in a historic first for the ultra-conservative country where women are subjected to many restrictions. "Starting with the next term, women will have the right to run in municipal elections and to choose candidates, according to Islamic principles," he said in speech to the Shura Council carried live on state television. Women's rights activists have long fought to gain the right to vote in the Gulf kingdom, which applies a strict version of Sunni Islam and bans women from driving or travelling without the consent of a male guardian/"The Palestinians want a state, but they have to give peace in return. What they're trying to do in the United Nations is to get a state, without giving Israel peace, or giving Israel peace and security," Netanyahu told NBC television's "Meet the Press" "That's wrong. That should not succeed, that should fail," the Israeli leader said-David Cameron, speaking of the Palestinians, made it clear that "of course they should have a state."-Palestinian negotiator shot back that it was Netanyahu's Israel that has placed "unacceptable preconditions" on peace talks. "It wants to annex Jerusalem. It wants to remove the refugees from the agenda. It wants... everything and it wants to annex all the settlement clusters and then says, 'Let's talk'," negotiator Hanan Ashrawi told ABC/Lopez, whose right to run was upheld last week by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, is with the centre-right Will of the People party. He said he would take part in February 2012 primaries for the Democratic Union opposition alliance, which is looking to field a unity candidate to mount the strongest possible challenge against Chavez Chavez said the "politically motivated" rights court ruling sought to "stimulate" corruption, and said the case was now in the hands of the Venezuelan Supreme Court-channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp_world/view/1155396/1/.html/6 pesticides scientists here declare that if a class of pesticide called neonicotinoids isn't banned soon, despite attempts by the pesticide manufacturers to distract, divert and even blackmail them into finding some other culprit. Clothianidin, Imidacloprid and other neocicotinoids must be withdrawn from use IMMEDIATELY or our bees are assuredly doomed This could lead to food shortages and worse forbiddenknowledgetv.com/page/4882.html/  federal review found that  AZ had written up teachers for pronouncing 'the' as 'da,' 'another' as 'anuder' and 'lives here' as 'leeves here.'"- "Given what we know about Gov. Rick Perry's keen predilection toward 'crony capitalism,' we should not be surprised to learn that he's a big fan of private for-profit prisons-Europeans Hit the Streets Headlines this week have been saturated with protests against unaffordable food, unfair taxes and unsustainable austerity measures-Occupy Wall Street Protest Enters Second Week; 80 Arrested at Peaceful March-Wall Street has given $41 million in campaign contributions to the members of the Congressional 'supercommittee' charged with finding $1.5 trillion worth of deficit reduction measures, according to a report released today by two watchdog groups-Republicans took a vacation in the middle of the spending/shutdown battle, Florida Gov. Rick Scott brags about killing jobs, police used violence against Wall Street protesters this weekend despite no clear evidence of provocation-2012 Presidential Election "The unregulated energy hucksters behind the infamous Enron scandals of a decade ago created an array of dummy financial funds to evade public scrutiny and perpetrate fraud. To disguise the scams, they dubbed these phony funds names like Chewco and JEDI. While Enron's house of cards did of course collapse, 'Enron accounting' lives on in corporate America today."- Truthout:/Obama decides to give Palestinians Arizona for a new homeland. Now they can shoot mexicans and set up their tents in the desert/

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