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92211/Perry nominating Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement gives me nightmares/ " put a monkey in a tuxedo, it's still a monkey"

“Education is dangerous - Every educated person is a future enemy”-
Hermann Goering
92211/You think this doychebag is runnig your country? The whole congress is enslaved to Netanyahu and his gang in that kosher pig farm by the name of Israel/WHY DO WE HAVE TO BACK ISRAEL, BLOOD SUCKING US 15 BILLIONS A YEAR OF MY MONEY FK THEM, WHO THEY THINK THEY ARE/They wrote the Bible/I JUST FEEL SORRY FOR ALL THE BAC EMPLOYEES' FAMILIES/I say F BAC and the employees that screwed all there costumers,greed and dishonesty is catching up with them/CBS poll: Congress: Democrats 28% - Republicans 19%/Congress approval: 12%/Imagine the world with no zioDROOLING MORONS/It's the Christian thing after all/why should Obama or any other politician fear losing the Jewish vote........they make up all of 1.75 percent of the population. Most political leaders despise Ísräél but need the money from this special interest group to run or stay in power. When they leave power they talk about Ísréäl like a diseased dog/AIPAC is a DOMESTIC lobbying group ---run by Americans/Pubs and T party dancing wall st downer brings them out like roaches/ Perry I never supported secession at that T party, God commands us to support Israel/ against any spending ....but gobbled it up when it came to their state ?? A congress and party jammed full of lying hypocrites/Perry traveled to New York City yesterday and -- appearing with foreign nationals -- accused the president of “appeasement” on the issue of Middle East peace  it’s certainly good politics for him in a GOP primary. And we get the campaign’s thinking in the moment; it was a good news-cycle hi/You don't lose any money if you don't sell. Buffett typically adds when people panic so he ends up richer when everything goes back up./where exactly the money goes is unknown-options/perhaps he shorted the market and is actually making money. Does his accountant send you a day-by-day summary?/Mongolia currently owns 34 percent of the Oyu Tolgoi joint venture company, but some lawmakers have demanded the stake be raised to at least 50 percent.The company said in a statement is fair and there was no need to revise it. mine project, which is 50 percent complete, is expected to produce 1.2 billion pounds of copper and 650,000 ounces of gold per year in the first decade of operation beginning from 2013/planning to market commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) worth $1.7 billion c&gs/Perry nominating Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement gives me nightmares/"You put a monkey in a tuxedo, it's still a monkey" -Kellybee's Uncle Leon/GOP primary electorate clearly doesn't care about electability. They want the most teabagger friendly candidate they can find/GOP kingmakers will make sure primary fight doesn't drag on and on Party elites are still divided between Perry and Romney, but they'll fall in line behind the guy who wins early. conservative voters have a great deal more affection for Perry than Romney. And some elites -- specifically the influential Wall Street Journal editorial page -- hate Romney with a passion. (And ex-Bush types seem to disdain Perry.) finally, wtf is a “forward settling cash ETF position*?” Forward settling cash position is an oxymoron, isn’t it? SPIEGEL: Can banks really control people like you? Kerviel: Of course. But you have to want to. Having more controls and regulations goes against efforts to pursue consistently higher profits at a time when all banks want to maximize their return on equity lead/sometimes I cringe thinking about her being in that snake pit of GOP lies. I know she really wants it, and that soothes me/Brown's got $10M from the Kockaroach Bros and Wall Street and this will probably end up being the most expensive Senatorial race in the country hands down. The MA Dem Party is committed to getting the word out on the REAL Scott Brown and his record.  Brown is beatable, and Warren is the one to do it/ Calling someone a name usually means you cannot find adequate words in your vocabulary to make a legitimate point/At least Hitler was up front about his goals/Only Congress can destroy America and the World.. GOP TERRORISTS AT WORK/ Perry Wins In The United States Of Mexico/all the while thumping his Bible and shouting "God Bless the USA!!". The bible belt eats that stuff up/LESSONS- RULES ARE MADE BY THOSE WHO HAVE THE GOLD and AMORAL CHARACTERS WHO RUN OVER THEIR MOTHERS FOR A DIME. NO WONDER YOUR SONS WILL DO THE SAME TO YOU- MONkEY SEE/
92111/Friedman: "GOP Forcing A Decade-Long Depression"/Robert Reich on the difference between the rich and the middle class "We have socialism for the rich, and capitalism for everyone else."/Anything to divide everyone......and then steal everything from everyone.....and it's working because there are so many idiots who can't see through the propaganda./look forward to the 2nd Obama recession/hard to believe that cons could be this scummy but they don't seem to have any shame about it/NeoTeaCon Cries "I'll only have 400 Grand after I feed my family" "I keep putting food on my family, but they just rub it off!"/Murdoch offers bribe to end phone hacking case  at the center of the British phone hacking scandal, is prepared to pay the family of Milly Dowler £3 million (or about $4.7 million) to settle their dispute/Scientific studies confirm that the conservative brain is overdeveloped in the areas of anxiety and risk avoidance/Arabic word for slave is 'abd' which is also the Arabic word for black man/Sen.Lamar Alexander: Teabaggers Are Garbage likely chose to leave the GOP leadership because some conservative members of his party think he's too moderate/support of I.srael  folks may now give start rethinking their support, or even stop supporting due to the GOP`s butt licking/there's a much bigger problem for us to think about----obama/slamming the president while the president delivers a speech to the UN. repukes going after the independent fed. holding signs up in joint sessions. screaming inectives at the president during sotu address. making deals with foreign states. birther crap that wont die. outright lies about what obama has done. and the list goes on. the largest bunch of uncouth loudmouth dumba$$es/  recruits jittery coffee drinkers to spot terrorists as part of See Something, Say Something campaign--pre-crime face scanning lie detector set to be rolled out in airports and other public venues will aid authorities in conducting ‘security interrogations’ of individuals, despite the fact that the new device is even less reliable than the dubious polygraph test/See you worthless nazi fucks say run it like a business all the time. SO OK you FUCKING DUMBASS why not listen to 1 of the best money men in the last 50 years? Like Warren Buffet? See Paul Ryan the nazi fuck your fucking hero couldn't even say a ballpark figure how much his plan would reduce the deficit. Texas is in debt you ignorant fuck while you fuck your sister/wife tell us why? Your education is 47th cause you hate children so instead of educating them you would prefer to shoot them like we saw in Tucson, AZ. Buffet showed his income taxes were in fact lower than his secretary in percentage paid in & he was RIGHT & your a liar posting this shit. FUCK YOU ANTI AMERICAN NAZIS, all of your family as your all fucking worthless, go jump off a cliff as its not a enough teabbaggers but it would be a start at least/The largest federal crackdown in the 13-year history of the state medical-marijuana law has sent Spokane's once-open medical-marijuana businesses diving deep underground. Most of the 50-some dispensaries abruptly closed. Those that remain are mostly word-of-mouth secrets.-April, Spokane's U.S. attorney, Mike Ormsby, sent dozens of threat letters to about 55 local dispensary owners and their landlords, warning that the properties could be seized if the storefronts weren't closed within 30 days. Most quickly closed, including one in downtown Spokane run by Troy Brower, a 42-year-old with a mane of blond dreadlocks. His landlord issued an eviction. "I got out the shredder" and destroyed patient records-Seattle Times/Kvass, the name given to a traditional Russian drink made from fermented cereal grains and vegetables, generally contains less than 1% alcohol, provides lactobacillus bacteria and electrolytes, and has traditionally been used to treat the sick. BEETROOT GINGER BEER Beet Kvass is made from beetroot, salt, kefir whey and water, but tastes a little bland. The following recipe for beetroot ginger beer is enhanced with the addition of ginger, licorice, green tea, stevia and raw /Kava Kava is one of the most fascinating of medicinal plants - the beverage made from the rootstock of the plant has been used for centuries in ceremonies and celebrations because of its "Fast Calming Effect" and ability to promote sociability/electrical stimulation in the lumbosacral region was first attempted by Alan Dwyer of Australia. In 1974, he reported successful initiation of graft incorporation in 11 of 12 fusion patients. Since that time, electrical stimulation has been shown to significantly increase the probability of bony arthrodesis in spinal fusions/churchill "NEVER GIVE IN, never, never, never"/GOP Congress rating at 10% last we looked/Obama took down 3 dictators Bush protected for years-Bush never had the guts to go after these guys, but Cheney wanted to keep these scum alive-Bush and Republicans protected for years-still angry that Obama took down bin Laden and made it look easy-slap in the face to the Bush family - who took a blood oath to protect OBL, Mubarak, and Gadhafi-OBAMA took down OBL & 2 Arab dictators - Not One Life Lost Compared to the 400,000 dead and wounded Bush threw out there to defend Israel-Bolton set out to withdraw the U.S. from the UN, and burn the building in NYC. Like all Republican initiatives, he failed/obama has lost the consent of the governed/report me to, like a good little commie snitch/born for the war on drugs/mcginnis book, sara horrible parent, view girls rush to her aid/Palestinians (Philistines as they call themselves) hint to the Philistines' origins in the Aegean. Even five centuries after their arrival, for example, they were still worshipping gods with Greek names/putting Truth in its proper place. It might just as well have been said of the Greeks in general. They are a nation of liars: brilliant liars, spectacular liars, breathtaking liars. And anyone who calls me racist for saying so is also a liar. It is probably this capacity, nay, this quality, which makes the Greeks among my favourite people on this earth. Yes, yes, we British are liars too, we’re just not so honest about it. We are sneaky liars, political liars (‘Your new haircut really suits you”, and “Economic recovery is just around the corner’, and “HM Government hereby guarantees the constitution of Cyprus”). We actually expect the other person to believe our deceptions, whereas with the Greeks a good fabrication is simply an invitation to open up a negotiation on the nature of reality itself. You have to think of it like bargaining in a market place. A proffered lie is simply an opening price: you’re not expected to accept it.“All Cretans are liars.” St. Paul confirmed this observation in one of his epistles. Well, he would do, because when he tried to land in Crete to propagate his twisted version of the Christian gospel, the natives had the good sense to beat him back into the water with long Chubby Checker. Trade maturing debt..For longer dated treasuries!!/Republicans made this mess by lowering regulations and supervision. They don't call Bush, Jr., the dumb President for nothing/CRIMINAL GOP TO BERNANKE DON'T MAKE OBAMA LOOKS GOOD. SAY NO/BANKING Crisis II" IS Rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now America, you NEW Hell Month IS "November"/our arrogant narcissist goofus waves, putting his hand right in front of the face of the guy next to him. And even MSDNC publishes it. Two years ago the photo would have been buried. The bloom is off the terdblossom. The doofus is not only a crook and Soros stooge, he`s become an embarrassment/Navy just named its new destroyer "USS Obama"/ANY nuclear attack on American or an American ally's soil WILL be interpreted as an attack from radical Islam in whatever form has issued the video threat and we will nuke both Mecca and Medina in response and whomever carried the attack out WILL be responsible for the vaporization of and permanent poisoning of the two holiest places in Islam./Infantile chatter. Only immature people talk about nuclear bombing of anyone on a religious basis/Your delusions are boring. Isaerl will destroy Egypt and Turkey, and America will help them do it trash shouldn't run around falsely accusing your betters of your own stupidity.Is..rael may soon be nothing more than a very unpleasant memory. poor fundie Christians, who will become very upset and looking for revenge when the Great Rapture goes poof. Aren't you concerned that they might look you up through one or more of your many IDs, and drag you out of bed to deliver their brutal justice? H3ll, for that matter, this vengeance could be sought by many Americans when they realise the terrible price they have paid on behalf of your little terrorist wonder......Is..rael./ Perry has made your pathetic character assassination of the intelligent a target/ if you as a homeowner owe the bank 100,000 and can't pay ---YOU have a problem, If the bank is owed 100 million and the debtot can't pay THE BANK has a problem/You can come over to my house and mow the Lawn, pull weeds, and trim my hedge, and I’ll pay you $50. Then I’ll take you Over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out, and you can give Him the $50 to use toward food and a new house. ‘ She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in The eye and asked, ‘ Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do the work, And you can just pay him the $50? ‘ I said, ‘Welcome to the Republican Party.’/Much of what has gone on with globalisation really should be seen as treason. It is hard to imagine that the proponents could see what would happen, and this has been nothing less than the destruction of Western economies. Insatiable greed should carry life in an Arctic or Antarctic penal colony. Actually, the Arctic would be best, as polar bears could be encouraged to hang about by feeding them, but not so much that they wouldn't appreciate a free meal, in the personage of an escape/ just like a draft notice by the government to a young man to go into the military service. If refused, the person is tried for treason and imprisoned. When Republican Sarah Palin announces that paying taxes is dumb, she is guilty of treason, plain and simple. When Republicans take pledges not to increase taxes ever in any way, they are guilty of treason, and quite seriously, they are endangering our country's national security. They shouldn't ever be elected. They should all, each of them, be tried for treason and put in prison for the rest of their lives/American Public Supports Palestinian Independance as do the Brits, the French, the Germans/ibertarians score higher on intelligence tests /
92011/ freemason deal at wh/Dolores Hope, wife of Bob Hope, dies at 102/AMERICA IS ISRAELS LIL Beeyotch/Be Republicans For A Day..Go home and beat all the rights out of your wife and go party with a hooker.. Lets have the same family values as a leading republican, white boys club does not want to give up anything they value, like a good hooker/SEC Ex-Counsel Referred to Justice Dept. Over Madoff Work/JUST ANOTHER GOP LIE... IN REALITY, MOST OF EM WIND UP IN AIRPORT BATHROOM/I DEMAND THAT BLOOD SUCCERS ISRAEL AID TO BE CANCEL..NO MONEY ASAP/OBAMA MUST GO = OMG!!! HES RUINING THE BANKS!! HE ANS SOROS ARE THE DEVILS/If the government printed the money instead of the criminal Fed, there would be no debt/The Federal Debt As Criminal Scam/the government is supposedly spending this money for your benefit...and of course they know how to spend it much more wisely than you ever could. They use it bribe foreign countries, support free-loaders, make their buddies rich, buy votes, etc. You would probably just waste it on your family's well-being/congressman Fleming opposes President Obama's tax increase on those earning more than $1 million per year, host Chris Jansing said that Fleming has an income of more than $6 million. Fleming quickly corrected her, saying he actually takes in a fraction of that gross amount--about $600,000. "The amount that I have to reinvest in my business and feed my family is more like $600,000 of that $6.3 million," Fleming, of Subway sandwich shops with 500 employees, explained. "So by the time I feed my family I have, maybe, $400,000 left over, most people feel that being successful in their business is a virtue, not a vice, and once we begin to identify it as a vice, this country is going down."/the poor and middle class will never get a fair shake with a wealthy as*shole in office .... Their only goal is to use that office to create more wealth/The $600,000 leftover should be straight profit, at least that's what i was taught in my college business and economics/People who actually make a great deal of money seem to be out of touch with the average worker/why not just give every American $1,000,000? That should take care of the poverty issue/this guy wants me to feel sad for him because he only has a few hundred thousand left in his wallet?/same old crap in Washington. The elite will always ALWAYS protect themselves first/The Republican Party will eliminate the "minimum-wage" as soon as they get he opportunity under the guise that it will "create more jobs." The poor in this country can work for $2/day. They do it in China!/You are jelous zelots that have bought into the socialist way of life, because you can't make it like he did/These stupid #$%$ worthless entitlement oriented liberals here are noworth minimum wage/Go help that poor, pitiful, starving, picked-upon Congressman. You could give him some of your money to help him create jobs if you are so concerned for his welfare/clueless #$%$ with the mental capacity of a grain of sand/gop won't let the facts get in the way of a good argument, and there are enough idiots who think that the GOP is looking out for them as opposed to their big donors. you all deserve what you get/foreign labor work for 80-200 per month is evil/prejudicial attitude is ruining this country!/how in the world did you manage to get your head crammed so far up your own #$%$/employing maybe a few hundred people, paying them minimum wages and giving them no benefits. Wake up and see what is happening out here in the rest of America/"working poor?" They work jobs and STILL need government handouts and food pantries. Why? Because their employers (Wal-Mart is especiallt guilty of this) know the government willl "subsidize" their employees, via the rest of us and our taxes/no one at all should be allowed to contribute money for elections... no unions or corporations... in any level elections/stupid ignorant rethug. Greed and their "better than you" attitude is sickening/Trickle down economics, aka Reaganomics, NEVER worked, NEVER created a job, NEVER helped a poor person, and, in fact, only served to make the wealthy wealthier and the poor poorer, which was exactly what it was designed to do. Reagan will be remembered in history as one of the worst presidents ever, with Georgie Boy a close second NOBODY is interested in your infantile opinion that you obviously heard from some other nitwit/Dear Congressman Rep. John Fleming, I really can't believe you have the nerve to say you can't get by on $600,000. , Then I would suggest you start living with your means/you don't have a country or an empire without any meaning and this country has no meaning we build walmarts and taco bells/Bush tax cuts. Where are the jobs? Oh, that's right, they created jobs in other countries! I have no sypathy for the "wealthy". They created this mess, along with the help of politicians, that has crippled our country for their own greedy gain/Do you really believe all the rich people made their fortune honest and hard working? Grow up please/J O B,=Just Over broke/If only the people you are talking to weren't to dumb to understand: the trickle down theory is a farce/Perry pledges strong support for Israel and criticizes President Barack Obama for demanding concessions from the Jewish state that Perry says emboldened the Palestinians to seek recognition by the U.N-iddle East policy of appeasement has encouraged such an ominous act of bad faith.”-“repeated efforts over three years to throw Israel under the bus and undermine its negotiating position.”-The U.S. has promised a veto in the Security Council, but the Palestinians can press for a more limited recognition of statehood before the full — and much more supportive — General Assembly. The Obama administration has pushed hard for countries around the world to block the Palestinian bid-.Perry to criticize on Israel WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE...until Texas executes one/when the political parties competed for the votes of African-Americans, and I'm old enough to remember when most black people were Republicans. The Republican Party was the party of Abraham Lincoln and could do no wrong. When that message (i.e., of racism) is coupled with anti-Semitism, with homophobia, with anti-Catholicism, and with a real contempt for American democracy, then the whole message becomes bankrupt and has to be discarded and set aside.” Julian Bond/SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests/Bagram, Afghanistan" which includes "detainee housing capability for approximately 2000 detainees." It will also feature "guard towers, administrative facility and Vehicle/Personnel Access Control Gates, security surveillance and restricted access systems." The announcement provided: "the estimated cost of the project is between $25,000,000 to $100,000,000."-Pakistani officials and aid agencies is said to have followed the CIA's fake vaccination campaign earlier this year aimed at obtaining DNA samples from 'relations of Osama bin Laden' [and harming as many Pakistanis as possible with vaccines-London Philharmonic Orchestra has suspended four musicians for nine months for using its name when they called unsuccessfully for the cancellation of a concert by an Israeli orchestra at the Proms. The move follows the [insane] indefinite suspension of an unnamed LPO violinist after she allegedly launched an anti-Israel "rant"-Obama's $320 Billion in Health Cuts Targets U.S. Drug Purchases --White House plan would also cut $248 billion from Medicare, $72 billion from Medicaid-unveiled a $3 trillion long-term deficit reduction plan that relies heavily on raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans. "This is not class warfare -- it's math,"-Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on the southern edge of Tucson was locked down Friday morning amid unconfirmed reports of gunfire. In the end, no shots were fired, and no weapons and gunman were found, base commander, Col. John Cherrey, said. The commander, who held a two-minute news conference to discuss the five-hour lockdown, didn't answer questions from reporters/"a lot more" undiagnosed cases. Sound (Sufferers of Unique Narcolepsy Disorder) was launched at the weekend by parents whose children have been diagnosed with narcolepsy. So far 30 potential cases of narcolepsy have been identified by the Health Service Executive (HSE)while the Irish Medicines Board said there were 16 confirmed cases of narcolepsy in individuals vaccinated with Pandemrix swine flu“When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against may know that your society s doomed.- Ayn Rand/Lloyd’s insurance syndicate has begun a landmark legal case against Saudi Arabia, accusing the kingdom of indirectly funding al-Qa’ida and demanding the repayment of £136m it paid out to victims of the 9/11 attacks, which paid $215m compensation to companies and individuals involved/gamers, produced an accurate model of the enzyme in just three weeks. Cracking the enzyme "provides new insights for the design of antiretroviral drugs," have achieved a feat beyond the realm of Second Life or Dungeons and Dragons: they have deciphered the structure of an enzyme of an AIDS-like virus that had thwarted scientists/Warren Buffett  presented his quick and easy solution to America 's debt problem "I could end the deficit in five minutes. You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than three percent of GDP all sitting members of congress are ineligible for reelection/Republicans on Tuesday took the unusual step of telling the Federal Reserve to refrain from further "intervention" in the economy/Their combination of ignorance and arrogance is very dangerous/the majority of crazy, bigoted Yahoo posters conservatives? Is there something so inherently flawed with their beliefs that they must resort to name calling, race baiting, and fallacious reasoning to keep their beliefs alive? What a pathetic crowd/school board in southwest Missouri,Wesley Scroggins, a Missouri State University associate business professor, objected to those books and other materials he said "create false conceptions of American history and government and or that teach principles contrary to Biblical morality and truth." on Monday restored two books it had banned from public schools for being contrary to teachings in the Bible. two books - "Slaughterhouse-Five" and "Twenty Boy Summer" - available to students for independent reading as long as they are kept in a secure section of the school library. Only parents or guardians can check them out/Truth is they are afraid their students will find that Christianity is a lie, so they suppress anything that hints at the truth/Saudi Arabia will pay $200 million to the Palestinian Authority, the official Palestinian news agency said on Monday, funds that will ease a financial crisis faced by the authority as it prepares to apply for full U.N. membership/

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