Monday, September 12, 2011

91211/Obama in the Rose Garden and demanding: "No games, no politics, no delays."

91211/obama gonna sell more guns to mexican hoods  in the launching pad.....for a HIS-panic north american union...... will attempt to take over the world ju's will be gods chosen and ultimately the plan is still to rule the world from the third temple to be built in israel/China people getting tire of China Govt. using us for slave labor. Inflation going to get real bad if they keep this up. Very dangerous president you have. Create Anarchy I think. Jewish plan mayb/LOOKS LIKE THE BANKER WANTS TO LOAN US $447B MORE!!! IT'S INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE AMERICAN JOBS ACT IS ANOTHER LOAN FOR TAXPAYERS TO PAY On/bama bluntly challenged Congress Monday to act immediately on his new jobs plan, brandishing a copy of the legislation in the Rose Garden and demanding: "No games, no politics, no delays."/GREEDY UNION SLOBS HAVE BEEN WORSE FOR USA THAN Al-QAEDA!/must be sent to Gitmo for torture and execution, magically revived, tortured and executed again/403 of them died that day. 'course, back then we called them "Heroes". firefighters and paramedics killed: 343, NYPD officers: 23, Port Authority police officers: 37/GOP is so anti American it won't even let Americans lie for it any more. /"Tea Party Zombies Must Die" Fun new video game/Bank’s Board consisted of three Republicans and two Democrats, all of whom were appointed by George W. Bush. JPMorgan CEO Says Bank Rules "Anti-American"-BofA Bank of America - Monday Reports - 30,000 Layoffs & Job Cuts over next few Years, Total Layoffs May Hit 40, 2010 book “Fed Up,” he lambastes Social Security as a “crumbling monument to the failure of the New Deal” and likens it to “a bad disease.” The Texas governor’s remarks tap a deep vein of conservative antipathy to Social Security that dates to the program’s founding. In April, Representative Jeb Hensarling of Texas, a member of the House Republican leadership, said Social Security -- along with Medicare and Medicaid -- were “morphing into cruel Ponzi schemes.” Cantor defended Perry’s language. “The point the governor was trying to make is the math doesn’t lie and the numbers don’t add up,” Cantor said at a Christian Science Monitor lunch. “We need to face the fact that people are expecting government to live up to its promises.” Calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme was “dumb,” said Governor Gary Herbert of Utah. “Ponzi Perry just lost the general election,” former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm tweeted -As for Charles Ponzi, after bouncing between prison and fresh scams in Florida and his native Italy, he died in 1949 in the charity ward of a Rio de Janeiro hospital. He was 66. Says biographer Zuckoff: “He could have used Social Security.”-/Molly Ivins rip/Ronald Reagan: "Social Security must be preserved."/1990 were when the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress." Those years were built on a foundation of financial and regulatory quicksand which set the stage for the looting of America's wealth by the elite/
91111/Join ACLU in commemorating this solemn 9/11 anniversary by recommitting to stand up for freedom and by also sharing your thoughts about the importance of defending the Constitution in times of crisis. "I believe America can be both safe and free. I reject government policies that target groups by race or religion, invade privacy through unchecked surveillance, sanction the use of torture or promote worldwide war without end. I pledge to continue taking a stand for freedom."/i hope you can see my delima, commeration of a solemn occasion, is mind control, ten years later, nothing has changed. it's good to stand for freedom and all, but not while the perps that threaten our freedom and safety, still roam the country and the world...js/Lone-Wolf Islamist Terrorism Earlier this week, I visited Janet Napolitano, the secretary of Homeland Security, to discuss, among other things, the possibility that her department would consider rolling-back some of the security measures it has put in place since 9/11 jgoldberg/Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has declared the Obama presidency “irrelevant” because members of Congress were openly dismissive of the President and his proposal, If you have to explain everything or draw hazy historical analogies people stop listening, Forget the Republicans—need I say more? They are not going to play nice, they want your job. Jewish Voice for Peace prefer murkiness.  repeatedly co-sponsored scores of events and demonstrations with anti-Israel and explicitly anti-Zionist organizations that overtly support the full range of BDS. These include the Al Awda Palestinian Right to Return Coalition, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Students for Justice in Palestine, Sabeel, Bay Area Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid and the International Solidarity Movement,  JVP's website declares: "Our mission statement endorses neither a one-state solution, nor a two-state solution ... we have members and supporters on both sides of this question, as well as many others who, like the organization as a whole, are agnostic about it." In the face of the annihilationist and overtly anti-Semitic ideologies motivating Hamas, Hezbollah and their state sponsor Iran, this agnosticism coming from a Jewish group with respect to Israel's existence, and thus the safety of millions of Israeli Jews, represents a gross moral failure,  after JVP's behavior at the General Assembly and the subsequent gloating about its outbursts there - to remove the cloak of respectability that JVP has tried to place over its positions and ask all reasonable people to examine the organization's real record/YNetnews reported that Israeli FM lieberman released a plan to support PKK ("officially designated" terrorist group) against Turkey/ alleged brothel generated tens of thousands of dollars a month, according to CNN. "Sex is a holy, sacred and divine healing force at the core [of] our beings" the site claimed, according to CNN. "Once we embrace this force instead of deny it, we become successful, happy and powerful manifestors." the church's website, which appears to have been taken down, was one of the factors that led to the indictments of 33 people, CNN reports./ 20-September 10, 2001: President Bush Briefed on Al-Qaeda over 40 Times/Why should taxpayers help thieves, thugs, and war criminals?/the problem is a average Chinese worker makes only $3/day...when a cup of coffee in EU costs $6....EU/US need to reduce everyone's salary 30% and cut 30% of social service to survive/NETANWANNAFOKKU DOES WANNA 'NOTHER WAR!/heros who fought world war 1 and 2 still don't know how they used by these userer murderers/ DRUDGE REPORT…….”Credible Threat” a hoax to keep ppl from focusing on how terrorist killed 3000+ people on 9/11/media frenzy and endless stories, both real and fake. All it is to me is another reminder of an excuse to go to war/our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down."-Republican strategist Paul Weyrich /Westboro Baptist Church will picket the memorial dedication at the World Trade Center. We will hold a picketing vigil outside your ceremony to remind you that there is a God, there is a standard, and there is a day of judgment coming on apace. Yet you continue to flip off God with all of your caterwauling. Not once have you taken a breath from your red face squal to think upon the idea that you were given a warning and maybe, just maybe you should mourn for your sins and obey your God. God is sick of your words! You prop up EVERY evil person as a hero, no matter what they did in this life! It is shameful! You saw His righteous judgment right before your eyes and yet you give the glory to another. Those people that died in the towers were no more evil than any other person. Neither were they heroes. They were a remarkable example. The Lord your God has given each person a glorious opportunity to repent from their sins and to obey His standards. Instead you say in rebellious defiance: We will rebuild! Your destruction is imminent! There is no more hope for this country/Father of victim says he will fight release of West Memphis 3/Did you ever wonder why countries allow private central banks to issue their money? Somehow, missing in the self-governing status of governments is the
courage to deny the seduction or the threats of the global banking cabal, over the control of a nation's currency. How did this obvious usurpation of independence become an unquestioned acceptance by the very governments who proclaim to be sovereign nations? The answer reveals that the right of autonomous government is now dependent upon the approval of the banking cartel. The myth that a historic country can exert their populist will and financial self-determination, when it conflicts or opposes the interest and objectives of the moneychangers, is outright fantasy. journalist who criticised the government has been shot to death. Hadi Al Mehdi had a weekly programme on a Baghdad radio channel on which he called on the government to provide better water, electricity and other public services to Iraqis... A city police officer says the 30-year-old man was shot yesterday by gunmen using silenced pistols in the capital’s mostly Shia neighbourhood of Al Jidida. [Blackwater is a busy little bee!]-The Hague, has issued a Red Notice arrest warrant for Gaddafi and members of his government-Hundreds of Longshoremen stormed the Port of Longview early Thursday, overpowered and held security guards, damaged railroad cars, and dumped grain that is the center of a labor dispute-Two bison that were kept at a Pennsylvania zoo were shot and killed by zoo keepers after flood waters trapped the animals in their enclosure. According to, the animals were kept in the ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park in Hershey, Pa. Officials say the animals were drowning and could not be rescued as Tropical Storm Lee inundated the park with flood water. worked closely with an American pedophile [Rex King] for over 20 years.  King reported his sexual abuses of over a thousand victims. never reported them to the authorities.  He designed technical reporting systems for them to provide him with minute details of their sexual abuse of children from 2 months to 16 years of age.  They said that infants and children are orgasic.  1930s Canada invited Nazi doctors to experiment on Indigenous children who were attending church run residential schools.  55,000 perished.  We were their guinea pigs while churches were protected,Crimes and Consequences” exposed his scientific fraud, criminology and abuse of thousands of vulnerable babies and young boys. Government probably knew he was depraved.  They needed his knowledge.
His twisted fantasies were the basis for the 1955 “Model Penal Code” MPC which reduced prison sentences for 52 major sex crimes; and the development of the sex education curricula after WW II.  Crime quadrupled.  Social and legal systems remain gravely damaged. The goal was to destroy free will and women as the center of the family. The Sexual Revolution was based on bogus sex data by a sadistic bihomosexual psychopath.  He lobbied to bring together big sexology, big porn and big pharma to create the global Sex Industrial Complex /Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe wants to close half the country’s post offices, cut a third of all postal jobs, and pull the Postal Service out of its federal health and retirement programs.  That’s 16,000 post offices, 220,000 jobs, and a lot of lost benefits/There was no bigger moron "giuce" than the dead "giuce" you pray to and get buttraped for/The legacy of 9/11 has been hijacked by those who believe we had it coming. Pray they are made irrelevant someday before the next attack when their naievte is exposed for the simpering hypocrisy it truly is. 'Let's Roll Over' ppl in our city were upset that the firemen were excluded/old tired tactic.....blame the opposition for doing the very thing you plan to do.....will it work in 2012? No, it won't. But, I'm sure you a&&clowns will give it a run, never concerned
themselves with actual failures of their policies-they simply declare the implementation flawed, and demand the same things be done all over again/theorized that among all first responders, police and firefighters were more adept at staving off long-term mental health problems because of their prior experience with similar trauma. But among other rescue workers, some 27.5 percent were experiencing depression, and 31.9 percent were dealing with PTSD by the ninth year after the attacks, according to The Lancet-/Mount Sinai study-There is no official tally of the rescue and recovery workers at Ground Zero, nor is there an official registry of how they were affected by the experience. But estimates of the total number of cleanup participants hover around 60,000 to 80,000. They represented every state in the union. They included police officers and firefighters, but also construction workers and carpenters less accustomed to confronting human traged-Manhattan-based hospital gathered data from 27,449 first responders-construction worker who was a rescue worker for five days before an 8,000-lb. steel beam crushed his left foot. "I think a circus monkey could outpolitic all of them. None of them had the Abe Lincolns to do what was right."- /molly/jamie teraday/workers had boarded a liftboat Thursday morning, but the ship became disabled and they boarded a life raft. Rescue efforts were initially hampered by the inclement weather, the company, Geokinetics Inc. GOK -7.73% said on its website. Ten people are missing — four liftboat crew members, three Geokinetics employees and three independent contractors. The liftboat operator is based in New Iberia, La. Geokinetics, based in Houston, does seismic services for the oil and gas industry. Shares of the company closed down 7.7% at $4.18/  a false quote ""This place may be bombed, and we will be killed. We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the bigdifference between us." -Osama bin Laden, to a visiting reporter 26 Nov 2001/Ernest Willis, a 52-year-old New Hampshire man, was found guilty of raping and impregnating a 15-year-old girl from his church who was shipped to Colorado by church leaders to give birth to his baby. Willis faces up to 54 years in prison for the sexual assault, church pastor made young Anderson apologize to the congregation when she discovered that she was pregnant, but she was not allowed to tell the church goers that the pregnancy occurred because she was raped. With the consent of Anderson’s mother The Denver Post/while media covers 911 momorials) /FLDS do not send their kids to public schools. If they're lucky, the children may receive the equivalent of an eighth grade education before being sent out to work on a construction job, or to become mothers themselves. Admittance into the bride pool can begin within a few weeks after a child's twelfth birthday. "Mother" is the person who raises and nurtures you as a "daughter in Zion" over the course of those short formative years. She
then takes you by the hand and places it in the hand of a man decades older, in an arranged "spiritual sexual union,"/gwtfb mimics "Saving Private Ryan" and calls on a letter that Lincoln wrote to a mother who lost all 5 of her sons in the US Civil War - as if this had some special attachment to the 9/11/Krugman even people on the right know this, whether they admit it or not — was deeply shameful. Te atrocity should have been a unifying event, but instead it became a wedge issue. Fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror. And then the attack was used to justify an unrelated war the neocons wanted to fight, for all the wrong reasons/If Israel and Judah had the same God David would have to pyramid as symbol and not two of them and the one upside down. The upside down triangle is the [goat head] the sign of the Devil. When you read that Aaron collect gold and made a golden calf you not ask who were those people and who are they today,. The tribe of Judah place Aaron as Moses brother to say Moses was one of them/ISRAELI CONNECTION to the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001 has recently been unveiled. Buried in a New York Times story on Feb. 19 was the eye-opening revelation that a Lebanese Muslim Arab who has been taken into custody by the Lebanon -- which has accused him of being a spy for some 25 years for Israeli intelligence -- just happens to be a cousin of one of the Muslims alleged to have been one of the 9-11 hijackers

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