Saturday, August 20, 2011

81411: reduced to begging the rulers within to please be just a little less ruthless cont.

Yale University conferred 2,907 degrees — 1,251 to undergraduates — and awarded another 229 provisionally to students in the Law School and in the School of Medicine’s Physician Associate Program, who have not yet completed their courses of study./sure hope they can lawyer, or doctor better than they can add.....js/Perry's execution cover-up /THE GOP AND THE TEA-PARTY HAVE MUCH IN COMMON. "/I noticed that too when I followed GOP-TP? funding/evolving god: “You shall have no other gods [b]before Me." -- Ex 20:3 Note the accompanying language. "for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God,..." -- ex 20:4 god predominant, but not the only one in the universe. (Existence of others not denied. Worship of others possible, but not as alpha god.) God: " were not to know any god except Me..." Hosea 13-4 Note also in the same passage, "I have been the LORD your God Since the land of Egypt;" (Other gods acknowledged, their irrelevant now.) GOD: "‘I am the first and I am the last, And there is no God besides Me. " Isaiah 44:6 (Monotheism)/ONE TRUE GOD ALMIGHTY!!!BUT THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF FALSE gods/sort of what Hosea was saying/Most rich really don't have much of an income as they have there foundations and many are incorporated...and only pay corporate tax...they get a lot more tax breaks as they can write all expencences like vacations, meals, or even houses in some cases off....unlimited on what a corporation can write off../Buffalo Commons is a conceptual proposal to create a vast nature preserve by returning 139,000 square miles (360,000 km2) of the drier portion of the Great Plains to native prairie, and by reintroducing the buffalo, or American Bison, that once grazed the shortgrass prairie. The proposal would affect six Western States (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas), and four Midwest states (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas).[1]/When Jesus used the word Hades, He referred to the local jail-the place where the sinner is bound until the judgment morning. Then, on Judgment Day, the sinner comes out of the local jail (Hades), stands before the Judge (the Lord Jesus himself), is found guilty, and is subsequently transferred to the final penitentiary of souls (Gehenna). The lake of fire is usually synonymous with Gehenna./Religious makeup of our 'leaders' xians are FAR and away the largest makeup of congress.So XIANS are to blame for ANY problem we currently doubt ARE A COWARD IF YOU DO NOT STAND AGAINST EVIL!!! GOD HATES EVIL AND WANTS EVIL DESTROYED/Acts of Archelaus and Mani 1, ANF VI, 179, we read: “A case of the rejection of military service by Christians in the region of Mesopotamia is recorded for the closing years of the 4th century where a large number of soldiers having been converted while on garrison duty, ‘threw off the belt of military service’.”/USA WILL STAND WITH TINY ISRAEL AND BE BLESSED BY GOD!! NO WORRIES!!! NOW LETS GET GOV. PERRY ELECTED/History of Christianity by E. Gibbon, pp.162,163: “They refused to take any active part in the civil administration or the military defence of the empire. It was impossible that the Christians, without renouncing a more sacred duty, could assume the character of soldiers, of magistrates, or of princes/marvin clarty affion crocket russel /Bush was far too stupid to make any decisions on his own, good or bad. He was merely an all too willing puppet for the corporate war machine. It should be obvious to everyone Cheney was the real President/off-duty corrections officer crashes into a family of three in Aurora, sending the whole family to the hospital. The officer reportedly told police he had been mixing alcohol and Vicodin/we are not "all the same". It's ignorant people like you that are all the same, ignorant. It's like saying all black people are bank robbers, or all white people are serial killers and rapists. You are no better than a racist bigot. I have never, and will never, commit a crime. I live my life to the highest ethical standards as possible, as do MOST of my brothers and sisters in uniform. As "duh" states, you only hear about the foolish law enforcement. We are human afterall./The crash occurred just after 9 a.m The family of three, which included parents Jonathan and Diane Price, and their 2-year-old daughter, were hospitalized; Diane and the couple's daughter were released a few hours after the crash. Jonathan remains in the hospital with multiple broken bones.Ulrich was also injured in the crash, and remains hospitalized Sunday. He could face time jail time upon release if blood samples collected after admission show that drugs and alcohol were in his system at an impaired level/arrogant fool. I will never again vote for anyone from the Texas R. party./
-friend/. I'd almost rather have Palin in charge. Or any moderately house broken cat. Either of which would do less damage, if only because the former would get bored and walk out half way through her first term./chosen by the Bilderberg group but since the Bilderberg group is just a crazy conspiracy theory you may ignore that/

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