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a blonde blue-eyed Norwegian with reported Christian fundamentalist, anti-Muslim views - has been preliminarily charged with acts of terrorism/ Norwegian man suspected in a bombing and shooting spree that killed at least 92 people bought six tons of fertilizer before the massacre jjthe island of Utoya, panicked teens attending a Labour Party youth wing summer camp plunged into the water or played dead to avoid the assailant in the assault that may have lasted 30 minutes before a SWAT team arrived. A U.S. counterterrorism official said the United States knew of no links to terrorist groups and early indications were the attack was domestic. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was being handled by Norway.Nordstrom reported from Stockholm. Associated Press reporters Nils Myklebost Oslo, Karl Ritter in Stockholm, Rita Foley in Washington, Paisley Dodds in London, and Paul Schemm in Tripoli, Libya, contributed to this report. as the shell-shocked Nordic nation was gripped by reports that the gunman may not have acted alone.
72211/citi adopts bully/scam threats..../ A Atheist? Jesus said "I have not come to call the righteous, but come to call the sinners to repentance. So if a religious organization turn their backs on a Atheist, maybe check their religion out cause it may be vain?I can be wrong cause I am not perfect/PRES. BACHMAN WON'T BE IN TODAY IN THE W.H, HAS A HEADACHE.
Hey jackask: Her office isn`t in the "W. H." so she`s never there anyway. She`s a congresswoman. Her office is on Capitol Hill.And for someone who is supposedly incapacitated by "headaches", she sure does get around. I see her on TV every day./Murdochs lied to Parliament/Right on Bro I am 54 also and loving this SOB getting his just deserts finally . Bring on FOX ./e circuitous trinkets in the entire globe right at present, which are in the making for the select./ wsj: Govt Considers Renting F&F Foreclosures wsj lol murdock mutant/Prince Alwaleed, Now Part Owner of Murdoch's News Corp., Influence./It kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?/When a property is bought, sold, mortgaged or refinanced, that transaction is supposed to be recorded at the county registry of deeds. Each time that mortgage is transferred or "assigned" to a new holder, whether it's a bank or, say, an investment fund, there's a $75 fee. O'Brien arrived at his $22 million countywide figure by estimating that, if each of the 148,663 MERS mortgages recorded at the registry since 1998 had been transferred just twice (something O'Brien calls a "conservative" estimate), it would have generated $22.2 million in fees, just in southern and eastern Essex County.Jonathan L'Ecuyer can be reached at 978-283-7000 x 3451 or Assistant Register Kevin Harvey said that, while the big national banks and mortgage lenders benefited from MERS, smaller community banks continued paying the fees.Harvey said that, aside from the avoidance of fees, MERS created a system in which homeowners had no idea who actually held the mortgages on their property."I know that this important act provides communities such as Gloucester and Rockport with funds to preserve open space and historical sites along with creating affordable housing and recreational facilities," O'Brien said in a prepared statement. "The fact that these banking conglomerates have created a scheme which has seriously damaged the integrity of the land recordation system in Massachusetts and the other 49 states, while at the same time thumbing their nose at the laws that everyone else must follow, is truly reprehensible." O'Brien, who said he is committed to pursuing MERS, and its lender members — including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and CitiMortgage — for failing to pay recording fees, acknowledged that $20 of the $75 fee for an assignment should have been deposited into each Cape Ann community's CPA fund./
72111/ Two thirds of Americans can't be wrong. Lets get out of the middle east, shut down all the other foreign bases of the empire, stop buying fancy new weapons systems and just get along with whatever the world develops as the next super power. we can become like Norway which has one of the biggest surpluses in the world while treating all it's citizens o tremendous services. It's so refreshing that you CONS are going to finally end the empire - and it's happened so suddenly!/ O'REILLY SAYS ITS A WITCH HUNT HOW MANY MORE WHISTLEBLOWERS NEED TO END UP DEAD?/Now why (beyond your artful equity argument which is preposterous in the face of historical explorations of workers by managers) should we dilute the power of unions so we go back to the Jungles explosive confrontations between management and labor by diluting so completely the authority of unions?/"coherence in all matters.", I believe this is the key to our health, breaking through the fragmentat­ion of our minds that is necessary for this culture to continue. However when true coherence of the mind comes and I see, feel, and smell the world it is horrifying­./All of the open goals that Bachmann presents, migraines isn't one of them../There is ZERO sexism attached to the notion that a chronic sufferer of migraines - requiring dependence on strong medication­s for relief - should be disqualifi­ed for the presidency­. insulting and cowardly that one should resort to that kind of flim-flamm­ery to deflect the legitimate concerns attendant thereto.../.. PARTIAL / INCOMPLETE list ... of the... DOCUMENTED ... DECEITFUL ... DUPLICITOUS ... CORRUPT ... CRIMINAL ... FRAUDULENT ... FIDUCIARY-DUTY-BREAKING ... ACTIVITIES ... of the ... so-called ... sr. mgt. ... of ... Wells Fraudco ... !!!ETTISONS WFC employees who ... "won't play ball" ... i.e. ...
Parmer & Kipple that it was not involved in any ROBO-SIGNING of mortgage foreclosures … only to REVERSE ITSELF after many weeks of ... LYING / STONEWALLING / SPINNING / BS-ing … and ADMIT ... that it had done so in ... AT LEAST ... FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND / 55,000 ... instances ./should dws be hammered for ... opposing the *go-nowhere* tea party plan which RYAN-izes the seniors in her home state and compromises all the safety-nets ... while further enriching the rich/Michele Bachman and her migranes JFK aside from addisons had back problems and needed heavy medication at times. Our lwing buddies most likely have forgotten or ignored that little bit of news./violating articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. During a hearing held as part of an Article 32 investigation in November 2003, West stated, "I know the method I used was not right, but I wanted to take care of my soldiers."[12] The charges were
ultimately referred to an Article 15 proceeding rather than court-martial, at which West was fined $5,000.[11] LTC West accepted the judgment and retired with full benefits in the summer of 2004. Asked if he would act differently under similar circumstances again, West testified, "If it's about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I'd go through hell with a gasoline can."[13] After Lieutenant Colonel West was relieved of his command, an interpreter employed by a private contractor said that without his presence the region he previously oversaw "became more dangerous and chaotic".[11]

[edit] Post-military career (2004–2007)At his hearing, West pointed out that there were no further ambushes against American forces in Taji until he was relieved of his leadership post on October 4.[6] After West's retirement, he received more than 2,000 letters and e-mails offering him moral support.[11] Furthermore, a letter supporting West was signed by 95 members of Congress and sent to the Secretary of the Army.[11]

In September 2010, West spoke in defense of a group of U.S. military personnel known as the "Leavenworth 10" who were convicted of war crimes.[14]

After retiring from the U.S. Army, West moved his family to Florida and taught high school for a year.[11] He then spent two years working for Military Professional Resources Inc., a defense contractor. While with MPRI, West served in Kandahar, Afghanistan as a "regional director."[15] In that capacity, he was an adviser to the Afghan National Army.
d Michele Bachmann is a cocaine addict. Blame her husband./War takes the money from the American people and puts it into the hands of arms manufacturers-Insurance companies, what do they do? They take the wealth from the American people in terms of what they charge people for health insurance and they put it into the hands of the few-/Federal Reserve Act of 1913, privatized the money supply, gathers the wealth, puts it in the hands of the few while the Federal Reserve can create money out of nothing, give it to banks to park at the Fed while our small businesses are starving for capital./larger danger is a nutjob with a confederate flag and an arsenal of guns./Double talking Obama just endorsed the gang of six plan which includes a massive tax cut for the wealthy.Top income tax rate would drop to 29%./Latest RW hooey: Poor have electronic goods so they're not poor "the UN thinks that we spend too much on our poor and have suggested that we cut our food
stamp program in half and send the other half to people in other countries that they feel really need it" the first part right; their motive for the rest is questionable/wingerloon press writes about every five years or so, more than half of the poor have ceiling fans, for example, so they're doing okay. No, seriously, this is Heritage's latest tripe. The same outfit that predicted a 4.2% unemployment rate due to the Bush tax cuts./You are thankfully in the slim minority of vile Americans who do not acknowledge the responsibility of all Americans to be thankful for veterans./brain washed well by your Obama masters. /awfully envious of others money.. bet you live in a roach infested project collecting food stamps and free meds.. that would explain your attitude and bitterness against your betters./making a big deal about nothing? News outlets lie, distort the truth, etc. Fox News lies so often that it
would take a supercomputer to calculate how many times. So you pull one insignificant item from a story and act if it's the end of the world. How right-wing of you./The Koch brothers have Soros beat hands down in terms of sheer partisan activism and number of propaganda outlets created.You see more from them than you are aware of. They fund many think tanks who's talking points are all over the media and internet.Soros on the other hand, his only documented involvement with Think Progress, the only progressive think tank in existance, was a promise to donate $3 million back in 2003./Propaganda. definition 3. "A committee of cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church responsible for foreign missions, founded in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV."Now it all makes sense. LOL
God forbid there should be anyone to counter the rightwing Koch brother funded propaganda outlets like the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, ALEC, Freedomworks, Americans for Prosperity, Fox News, Newsmax, National Review, EIB, etc. ad nauseum. / Liberal cretins dig up body and burn it
Like he wasn't dead enough already? Not to mention the guy was opposed to Hitler's ideology. Libs will use any excuse to desecrate the graves of others./considering perjury charges against Anthony's mother, but a spokeswoman for
the state attorney's office later said they would not be pursued....
Anthony's defense said Caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool and
her father, a former police officer, helped cover it up. Anthony's partying
and shopping during the month before her daughter was reported missing was
caused in part by her father's sexual abuse, her attorneys said/ Despite multiple arrests stemming from the phone hacking accusations so far, not one independent board member has made a statement denouncing the company's dubious activities. Not one has publicly called for the resignation of top officials at the company. And not one has pushed for an outside investigation, although the company has started its own.
"This is a board that qualifies for an 'F' in every category," Nell Minow, a member of the board of GovernanceMetrics International and founder of the Corporate Library, a governance firm, said without any hesitation. "It is the ultimate crony board."/Natalie Bancroft, an opera singer, was named to the board when the company acquired Dow Jones, mainly as a way to way to placate its former owners, the Bancrofts. Incidentally, the News Corporation picked Ms. Bancroft.That's not to say the company board doesn't include some heavyweights - if they ever decide to use their muscle. There's John Thornton, the former president of Goldman Sachs; Jose Maria Aznar, the former prime minister of Spain; Viet Dinh, a professor at Georgetown University and former assistant attorney general under President George W. Bush who helped draw up the Patriot Act; Sir Roderick Ian Eddington, the former chief executive of British Airways; and Thomas J. Perkins, the billionaire
venture capitalist who co-founded Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Murdoch's acquisition of MySpace seemed genius - then it didn't. He paid $580 million in 2005 and sold it last month for slightly more than $30 million/News Corp is a right wing rich elitist propaganda outlet, and you expect integrity?/Crony boards are the worst enabler of corporate crime and negligence. World wide, crony boards were kissazz cowards and looked the other way while CEOs and CFOs cooked the books, plunged into obviously inappropriate, illegal, super-high-risk financial positions, and brought their companies and their countries into devastating financial collapse.Boards of Directors are OBLIGATED to pay attention to the accounting, to be skeptical, to be suspicious, and to curb the wrongs and excesses of staff as they arise, and to fire staff that make bad decisions. IT'S THEIR JOB. They didn't do it, and still aren't doing it, and they are the ones ultimately responsible
for the disasters we are wallowing in./One of the Metropolitan Police's most senior officers, John Yates, has resigned over the phone-hacking scandal the day after his boss also stood down - as the police watchdog confirmed it is investigating four officers./Seattle nuclear watchdog group is accusing the federal government of failing to keep the public informed of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. "The level that was detected on March 24 was 41 times the drinking water standard," said Gerry Pollet from Heart of America Northwest. He reviewed Iodine 131 numbers released by the Environmental Protection Agency last spring. "Our government said no health levels, no health levels were exceeded. When in fact the rain water in the Northwest is reaching levels 130 times the drinking water standards,"/Seventeen states issued heat watches, warnings or advisories. And the heat index easily surpassed 100 degrees in many places: 126 in Newton, Iowa; 120
in Mitchell, S.D.; and 119 in Madison, Minn../Herman Cain says he would attack Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons or to respond to aggression against Israel/Chavez received two surgeries in Cuba in June to remove a pelvic abscess and a cancerous tumor. Chavez's leave for treatment was officially approved by the Venezuelan parliament/Japan's government is set to suspend all cattle shipments from Fukushima as concerns over radiation-tainted beef escalate./ relatives of US drone victims in Pakistan have filed a complaint seeking an international arrest warrant for a former CIA official, John Rizzo/Prostitution? Drugs? Staffer plugs ears, suggests �dealers� call it
�babysitting� Undercover citizen journalist James O�Keefe is at it again, this time capturing on video an Ohio government worker helping a �drug dealer� commit Medicaid fraud. Posing as Russian drug smugglers who drive an exotic, $800,000 sports car / GOP Con_servatives & T Potheads Deserves My Heartfelt Apology,, never really believe for one moment that you are so heartless and mindless group of poor folks who are very sick of government with whom you are all dying for to keep your employment. I understand that it's all just a charade and theatrics on your part to keep it going long enough to get some attention that you all think you deserved. Due to this please accept my sincere apology./ 10 times more expensive to kill them than to keep them alive," though most Americans believe the opposite, said Donald McCartin, a former California jurist known as "The Hanging Judge of Orange County" for sending nine men to death row.Deep into retirement ­, he lost his faith in an eye for an eye and now speaks against it./last July. The 911 operator heard a man's garbled voice, an expletive, then as many as ten gunshots. Then silence.No squad cars were dispatched to the area and the call was never passed on to Memphis police. turns out, the man on the other end of the line that July night was almost certainly former NBA player and Memphis hometown hero Lorenzen Wright, frantically seeking help moments before being cut down in a hail of gunfire. Wright's body was found 10 days later in a heavily wooded area just a few hundred yards from the cell phone tower that picked up his 911 call.
The murder remains unsolved./All too common when there's a "black" voice being heard, especially in the south. Georgia responds 2 hours later./Murdoch, Albuquerque's chief criminal judge was arrested on charges he raped a prostitute, and an undercover officer bought a video recording of the alleged attack, according to a criminal complaint.
State District Judge Pat Murdoch was arrested Tuesday for criminal sexual penetration and intimidation of a witness. He posted bond Tuesday night and was scheduled for a first court appearance on Thursday. The complaint against him says a detective,has presided over numerous high-profile cases, including fraud allegations involving former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron and three other defendants.
He also issued rulings in the case of John Hyde, an Albuquerque man accused of killing two police officers and three others during a single day in 2005, and he sentenced an Albuquerque man to 20 years in prison earlier this year for promoting prostitution, extortion and racketeering. arrest also comes just weeks after former University of New Mexico President Chris Garcia, a respected political science professor, was accused of helping lead a sophisticated online prostitution ring/the"mighty ­" think they can get away with anything, problem is they usaully do/prime example of "Foxes watching the hen house"./wise aphorism too add from the Tao Te Ching. "Invest in loss", in a nutshell everything is on rent to us, one day the God force is going to want it back. You have said we are biodegrada ­ble, that kind of sez it all about our temporary visit in this great classroom. You are one of the great teachers, that gives us the answers to the test/
"Simple Abundance" is what we've often called it. And I love how you point out that it is not so much about the excess or the lack, but about our relationsh
­ip with the material realm -- how attached, identified with and dependent on material resources are we? From a place of conscious care, we can make use of material resources for the Greatest Good, and we can also find Joy, Creativity and Gratitude in Simplicity/
C News - "UBS adds 8 brokers with $1 bln in client assets"/Carl Icahn is staying the course. The hedge fund manager increased his offer for Clorox Co. by almost 5 percent to $10.7 billion/AP] - A budding model for primary care that encourages the family doctor to act as a health coach who focuses as much on preventing illness as on treating it/James Murdoch, appointed deputy chief operating officer of News Corp. (NWSA) in March, took control at a three-hour hearing on phone-hacking in a performance that may increase his chances of running the media company./not my boy, but what you did do, although it really wasn't necessary, is reaffirm the fact that you're dumber than a bag of s h i t./what's worse is an illiterate liberal douchebag trying to construct a coherent sentence......kinda like you, ya brainless a s s wipe./Obama has been slapped with a nearly $200 (£120) fine for not paying London's congestion charge when his motorcade drove through the city in May, The Sun reports/

Glenn Beck / DeBeers ConnectionKash, at the Street Light, has a very good post on the price of gold and its relationship or lack thereof to inflation fears. He points out that the market for gold is surprisingly small, so that it would take only a relatively small number of extra buyers to push the price way up, even when other, more direct measures of expected inflation remain low. And he draws a parallel with diamonds:/bama reneged on his campaign pledge to “change our bankruptcy laws to make it easier for families to stay in their homes.” And the principle is still operating right now, as federal officials press state attorneys general to accept a very modest settlement from banks that engaged in abusive mortgage practices. Why the kid-gloves treatment? Money and influence no doubt play their part; Wall Street is a huge source of campaign donations, and agencies that are supposed to regulate banks often end up serving them instead.resolving the mortgage mess quickly is the key to getting the housing market back on its feet. The second, less explicitly stated, is the claim that getting tough with the banks would undermine broader prospects for recovery.krugman/debt ceiling crisis has revealed the noxious hold that a politics of faith--one that is immune from reason and fact--has on the contemporary Republican Part/The new world order International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins can try to shoot beams into my brain all they want. But my brain is covered by the blood of Jesus and I am protected by God. So when they do things like this; it will backfire when it comes to me./WARS Â If there is one thing which should be unfunded, because We The People never agreed to it, are these endless wars on the opium and oil fields/Jack Abramoff. Breaking News July 18, 2007 ... to the American Turkish Council and the Israeli Mossad/Nancy "Boozy Floozy" Peloozy?/The cost of the US military to protect the bush/CIA opium/heroin network- The $700,000,000,000.oo TARP theft for the zionistssssss banksters/"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget
that ye were our countrymen."- Samuel Adams,// Obama is not careful, a veto-proof congressional majority will step in against his reckless abuse and bullying of one of our closest allies/in Chicago: ‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action’.” - Ian Fleming, Goldfinger, 1959/ / Can it really be that complicated? The short answer is it must be that complex. Without complexity, the rest of us would be able to understand what was going on and that would mean curtains to the small army of lawyers, regulators, aides, bureaucrats, and lobbyists who actually run the country. a plan that buries its purpose in legislative gambits and tricks, they are really muddying the waters so they and their colleagues don’t have to face facts, and bite the budget cutting bullet. By making the method of cutting trillions from the budget mind-numbingly incomprehensible, they are sowing
the seeds for the plan’s own failure — knowingly or not./KFC chickens that are now kosher are fed matzoh ball soup,knishes,and blinzes that are board certified to have pue chooish kkkazarian rabbi gizzim in it/the head of the GOP in Wisconsin said it was OK to put fake candidates on the ballot because they thought the Democrats did it once a couple years ago/
The measure extends the legal life of roving wiretaps, court-ordered searches of business records and surveillance of non-American "lone wolf" suspects without confirmed ties to terrorist groups.What do you think "extends the legal life" means/passed under Obama was without changes to the 2005 extension./preacher RAISED $2500 FOR THE RUPERT MURDOCH DEFENSE FUND. We had a bake sale yesterday and a rummage sale today. My chocolate chip cookies made from Laura Bushs recipe were a big hit. Now he can afford a good lawyer./invoke the 14th to grant himself dictatorial powers, but ...I've been wrong before/Stocks leaped higher as Obama spoke. Investors were enthusiastic because “we got some appropriate happy talk out of Washington” on the debt deal, said Phil Orlando, chief equity strategist for Federated Investors in New York." Capitalists hopes will be short lived.Republicans will screw this up as fast as they can to send us into economic chaos.Republicans are going to kill the economy with their's Board Stands By as Scandal Widens- NYTimes /A member of the al-Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaf group wanted for kidnapping was arrested at a posh residential condominium in the Philippine capital where he worked as a security
guard,/There is no sense that the hacking scandal is harming the attractiveness of Fox Television or Fox Searchlight Pictures as a business partner, or damaging its output in the eyes of colleagues. The Fox television network just received 51 Emmy nominations. The closure of News of the World won't affect the willingness of rock stars to appear on American Idol. Agents won't stop sending manuscripts to News Corp. publishing unit HarperCollins. (Disclosure: a HarperCollins unit published one of my books in 2007). And media consumers generally don't lump together different units of conglomerates when they make choices. Conservatives who don't like Rachel Maddow aren't going to boycott CNBC, and liberals who find Sean Hannity as annoying as fingernails grating on a chalkboard don't boycott Fox Soccer Channel or Glee-Daniel Gross is economic editor and columnist at Yahoo!/One way to look at the artificial conflict over the debt ceiling theater is in terms
of Gypsy Rose Lee doing the striptease fan dance. The beltway burlesque script is designed never to solve real problems. Give the public a glimmer of desire by way of a glimpse of fantasy. The dream of financial sanity and government responsibility is as remote as integrity from the political class. At the core of the two-step is a fundamental dishonesty about changing much less reforming the way business is conducted in the age of totalitarian collectivism. Now, this is entertainment if the dire consequences were not so profound./ / "Bank of America Takes Another Mortgage Hit" /Fraud and CORRUPTION seems to BE A NORMAL Way of Life in some Businesses. WHY is this? I guess there is MUCH MORE TO GAIN than there is to lose?! What ever happend to Honesty and Integrity? I guess just like Elvis, it left the building./Aaron's acquires 30 stores from Crusader
Rent to Own (AAN) 26.58 -0.43 : CO announced that it has acquired all 30 of the stores owned and operated by Crusader Rent to Own. In the coming months, 29 of the locations will be converted to HomeSmart stores. These stores offer weekly payment lease agreements for products which are similar to those in co'ssales and lease ownership stores./Barack Obama is a man of the people... who have lots of money -- Rape and genocide aren't funny unless they're happening to Republicans -- Author breaks Obama omerta -- Sheila Jackson Lee maxes out race card-Bill Maher and his little pals don't. TheDC's Caroline May reports: "The era of civility was on full display during Friday night's 'Real Time with Bill Maher.' In the midst of a conversation about Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus Bachmann's Christian counseling clinic No apology yet from Maron, though. Just try to imagine if somebody went on national TV and said, "I hope Barack f***s Michelle angrily,
because that's how I would." Or "I wish Democrats were all f***in' dead." It wouldn't be the top news story for days. It would be the ONLY news story for days.-one for you dumb teabaggers who think the government wastes your tax money. TheDC's Matthew Boyle reports: "The National Institutes of Health (NIH) subsidized a study attempting to find out if a gay man's penis size has any correlation with his sexual health. The research, titled 'The Association between Penis Size and Sexual Health among Men Who Have Sex with Men,' began in 2006 and surveyed 1,065 gay men. Among its key findings: Those gay men who felt they had small or inadequate penis sizes were more likely to become 'bottoms,' or anal receptive, while gay men with larger penises were more likely to identify themselves as 'tops,-dcm.c/ , $8,200,000.oo +change to isreal each & every day = $2,993,000.000.oo + change/Rupert Murdoch's biography is at the rub.
Was it about selling newspapers using scandals or spying in the name of Israel to push Britain and the United States into wars for Israel? There is a simple answer.
Murdochᅵs primary motivation isnᅵt even that he is ᅵfor Israel.ᅵ Murdoch is, perhaps, the most influential Israeli, more powerful than Netanyahu. The problem with that is that his beliefs are what we call ᅵultra-nationalist.ᅵ a diseased hybrid of crazy old man, Israeli spies and the paid stooges that the people thought were serving themᅵ.
And it goes on in America, full blast, Murdoch and his creatures, planning the future of America.
One of his creatures is Boehner.
Another is Palin.
Then there is Gingrich.
There was the entire Bush administration.
But, to get to the dark heart of evil, first you look at Fox News. Murdoch chose both and ran and runs both like hand puppets as he did with Bush and his friends.
The ideas are simple. Bilk the countries out of every last cent, use a portion to bribe or blackmail politicians, buy police and get even more money.
Then you lie to the people, give them enemies to hate, arrange wars for them to fight and stand back and watch them destroy themselves.
Are there people really this evil?
Yes there are, Murdoch, the gang at his companies, the gang at Fox News, the folks in the US called ᅵneocons,ᅵ the Israeli lobby in the US, the ADL, AIPAC and the Likudist faction in Israel run by Netanyahu.
These folks hate the United States.WHO IS RUPERT MURDOCH? Arthur Topman/
Deny, deflect, bribe, lie, deny, deflect...rinse and repeat/
71911/simple fact that they actually have to have a debate on the debt they created is unto itself ridiculous and foolish. Let's see we spend this much, we are in the hole this much, OK let's keep spending whose in? Taxes yes we need to raise the peons share of taxes somemore to pay for our buddies yacht that they take us out on our spring vacation from DC. The fact that grown men and women need to figure out a debt question and hold a meeting on what to do is the epitome of a typical useless business meeting, resolves nothing and brings in no revenue/I just find it humorous that you hate bush wars, bush deficits and bush bail outs... yet you see obama as this hope and changer and you cant get enough of obama wars, obama deficits and obama bailouts.
Multi was right when he yelled daily to: "PAINT IT BLACK" because a paint job...more like a white wash/bush created two massive new bureaucracies with the dhs and tsa and you're qyuuibbling about the size of the white house staff/ your obstinate ignorance/Clinton was our best Republican. President Clinton gave a fantastic speech in which he spoke about his prosperous presidency which created an economic boom in the 1990s. What he intentionally left out is that in the six years of his eight-year reign, President Clinton had a conservative Republican Congress who kept him accountable regarding America's fiscal situation at the time.The Republican Congress made the effort which allowed for a balanced budget and a surplus thereby triggering economic prosperity/when you wake up in the morning? Queezy, woozy, drunk?
All the feeling centered around your stomach? Digestion moving a little
slower than it used to? Any of this start sometime around Monday after
the latest timewave? Well you're not alone. Know how lying down always
makes sea-sickness feel worse and how it's better to stand up when
feeling that way? That's why after laying down for 8 hours at night on a
shifting, moving, swaying planet one wakes up feeling 'out of sorts'.
It's how people in New Zealand are describing the way they feel on their
constantly undulating land./Democrats are the Party of Sloth....typical member of the Democratic Base is a piece of garbage....if you are older with children and a member of the Democratic Base(notice I did not say adult with children)you still have an opportunity to some good for the USA...tell your children that Democrats are lazy frauds(you know you are)and a drain upon the USA./Wing Nuts on this board sure have their hair on fire and don't like the opinions of Americans.
But then, who cares about the old wing nuts anyway?
Ledt them have their SS cut off then listen to them squal like little lost pigees!
Americans say to Republican Terrorists • CBS: 71% shun GOP handling of debt crisis
• CBS: Support for debt ceiling increase doubles
• CBS: Compromise should include tax increases (66%)
• CBS: Only 3% want tax increases alone
• CBS: Three in four Americans would prefer to see an agreement they do not fully support than for the U.S. to go into default (14%)
• Pew: Republicans see no crisis
• Pew: The public expresses far more confidence in President Obama than it does in congressional leaders of both parties
A break in an oil collection pipeline on the eastern prairie of the Blackfeet Indian Nation, approximately 5 miles from the town of Cutbank, has led to a flood of crude that has been flowing approximately one mile over land and into the Cutbank River. Blackfeet Nation officials received word of the spill on Tuesday, but it remains unclear when, or why the pipeline, which is managed by FX Drilling, actually began leaking oil.Blackfeet officials confirmed that oil was spotted in the river at least two weeks ago by a kayaker who reported the incident to 911. According to a preliminary investigation by the Blackfoot Environmental Department, FX Drilling attempted to fix the pipeline after the 911 call, but left the break unmended for over a week, claiming they were unable to access the site. Also according to the investigation, FX failed to initiate cleanup on the site after fixing the pipeline. On Wednesday, nearly three weeks after the initial discovery of
the spill, absorbent booms were finally placed by Indian Country Environmental Associates (ICEA) on the shore of the Cutbank where the oil merges with the river. ICEA is a company contracted by the tribe to handle cleanup of oil spills on the Blackfeet Nation.
FX Drilling Corporation has claimed that the leak released "two barrels" of oil, or 84 gallons. However, officials with the Blackfeet Environmental Department have estimated the spill to be "several thousand gallons."/we all know it was GOP Wreckonomics that nearly destroyed America/laugh at how he makes a mockery of the GOP/Bush's second Secretary of Treasury John "Deficits don't matter" Snow/Bush lost more jobs in 3 months than Obama in almost 3 year/
71811/Murdochs mistress tosses computer, someone turns it/rits have discovered that Rupert Murdoch, has used his criminal network to wiretap political opponents and influence elections in Australia , America and the UK.
America will soon find out if Rupert Murdoch, was illegally wiretapping Democrats, then turning that information over to Bush-Cheney. We know the Bush-Cheney government was illegally wiretapping whoever they wanted, presumably for political purposes, and they got away with it because Congress refuses to hold them accountable, passed a special law to prohibit lawsuits against the telephone/utility companies which would have allowed discovery of the names of every person who was illegally wiretapped./Murdoch's Whorehouse at Fox Noise, was on the phone every morning with the propaganda wing of the white lie house dictating to them what story, what lies they should spread that day. Were they acting together -- Murdoch in the private sphere, Bush-Cheney using the offices of the government -- to get illegal wiretaps on every single person who qualifies as an Evil Doer,Murdoch,Bush-Cheney, Karl Rove and some of our liberty selling congressmen are not sleeping
well/“Thҿ dỉffҿrҿncҿ bҿtwҿҿn a Jҿѿỉsh soul and souls of non-Jҿѿs — all of thҿm ỉn all dỉffҿrҿnt lҿvҿls — ỉs grҿatҿr and dҿҿpҿr than thҿ dỉffҿrҿncҿ bҿtwҿҿn a human soul and thҿ souls of cattlҿ.” basҿd upon thҿ Lurỉanỉc Cabbala, thҿ school of Jҿѿỉsh mystỉcỉsm that domỉnatҿd Judaỉsm from thҿ latҿ16th to thҿ ҿarly 19th cҿntury. “Onҿ of thҿ basỉc tҿnҿts of thҿ Lurỉanỉc Cabbala,” thҿ authors wrỉtҿ, “ỉs thҿ absolutҿ supҿrỉorỉty of thҿ Jҿѿỉsh soul and body ovҿr thҿ non-Jҿѿỉsh soul and body. Accordỉng to thҿ Lurỉanỉc Cabbala, thҿ world was crҿatҿd solҿly for thҿ sakҿ of Jҿѿs; thҿ ҿxỉstҿncҿ of non-Jҿѿs was subsỉdỉary. ỉf an ỉnfluҿntỉal Chrỉstỉan bỉshop or ỉslamỉc scholar arguҿd that thҿ dỉffҿrҿncҿ bҿtwҿҿn thҿ supҿrỉor souls of non-Jҿѿs and thҿ ỉnfҿrỉor souls of Jҿѿs was grҿatҿr
than thҿ dỉffҿrҿncҿ bҿtwҿҿn thҿ human soul and souls of cattlҿ, hҿ would ỉncur thҿ wrath of all and bҿ vỉҿwҿd as an antỉ-Sҿmỉtҿ by most Jҿѿỉsh scholars rҿgardlҿss of whatҿvҿr lҿss mҿanỉngful, posỉtỉvҿ statҿmҿnts hҿ ỉncludҿd.”/you shall not take TheName of YHVH* in vain, for HaShem* will not absolve anyone who takes His Name in vain./Prominent exotic animal collector-daredevil-neckpain Sam Mazzola was found dead in Columbia Station, Ohio, under undignified circumstances ("bound to the bed with handcuffs, chains and padlocks," face down, ball-gag, etc., the usual)./ /Nobody hates more than Isrealis do. They're all raised to be asshºles, THIEVES AND LIARS/Consider The Banks Already Won’t Pay For All Of Their Bad Loans. Now They Get Key’s To The Country. What Is Sad, Is The Fact They Are Not Even Taking Care Of Their Own Houses/ DAVID CARR,“Bury your mistakes,” Rupert Murdoch is fond of saying. But some mistakes don’t stay buried, no matter how much money you throw at them. News Corporation’s reputation may be under water, but the company itself is very liquid, with $11.8 billion in cash on hand and more than $2.5 billion of annual free cash flow.Still, money will fix a lot of things, but not everything. When you throw money onto a burning fire, it becomes fuel and nothing more./you can't hide from ther internet//day calendars with Bushisms and that fruitcake runs one gaffe into the ground. He'll never get how funny he is./Debt Debate "Theater" to Distract Americans ...history; half a trillion of dollars in expenses already. The war against Libya will be $1 billion by September. Fifty percent
of our discretionary spending./Death of Sean Hoare – who was first named journalist to allege Andy Coulson knew of hacking – not being treated as suspicious. he had been injured the previous weekend while taking down a marquee erected for a children's party. He said he had broken his nose and badly injured his foot when a relative accidentally struck him with a heavy pole from the marquee.emphasised that he was not making any money from telling his story. Hoare, who has been treated for drug and alcohol problems, reminisced about partying with former pop stars and said he missed the days when he was able to go out on the town./Just like Dr David Kelly! if Scotland Yard thinks they can cover up two murders they're WRONG!/Pigs didn't have a problem with waste and fraud during Bush years
Now the GOPigs are pretending that they're high and mighty/"Coulson went on to serve as Prime Minister David Cameron’s spokesman before he resigned that post in
Yet politically, an elaborate fudge is the best possible outcome both for Republicans who talked themselves onto a ledge and for a president facing an imminent disaster and recalcitrant opposition that spits on the word “compromise.”

McConnell concluded that his party needed cover for a strategic retreat. Under his Rube Goldberg meets Robert’s Rules of Order scenario, Congress would give the president the authority to raise the debt ceiling in three increments, then disapprove of his action, then sustain his veto of the disapproval with few if any Republican votes. (McConnell acknowledged that Republicans wouldn’t have the two-thirds required to override Obama’s veto.)His little maneuver -- hard for even wonks to follow in detail -- wouldn’t make Obama “own” the deficit, as McConnell hopes. But it would allow Republicans to say they voted against an increase in the debt ceiling while sparing them blame for causing a catastrophic default.You can see why the idea might also appeal to the president, though he will accept only one vote, not the prolonged torture of three that McConnell proposes. It’s not a bad way out for him. The “Big Fudge” would let him frost his
cake and eat it,
<Obama already sent out troops to another war, he just changed the definition of 'War'..>
Another war? Libya? Are the US involved in airstrikes againsts Gaddafi at the moment?
C'mon, fool yourself.

<We are dropping USA bombs and missles that cost hundreds of millions of dollars in Libya.>
Flat lie. The Libya war costs a couple of millions each month, the Iraq war costs 4 billion each month.
Can you do the math?

<Our military is killing Libyan civilians with US missles..>
Why don't you care that the military has killed over hundred thousands innocent civilians in Iraq?
Do you know the meaning of 'hypocrite'?

<Obama just doesn't consider that to be 'War'.. I think those being killed by US missles would disagree. >
Oh boy, is hypocrisy part of the famous con family values?

4470......slaughtered in a shameful war started with lies and half-truths.
he needs to address the debt and unemployment now and stop playing class warfare politics with the GOP
Too bad obama's a sh!thed--he really shudda taken some math instead of cozying up to radical, anti-american marxist professors
Repugs play politics and protect the rich as if they were gods.
There isn't really all that much difference between the two parties other than the Tea partiers in the GOP.
racist teabaggers control the GOP, my little clueless friend./ Hewitt recently named, statistically speaking, the worst reviewed actress since 1985 Mort Goldberg's niece. and "Crossing Jordan" star Ivan Sergei have been cast in the big screen adaptation of the wildly successful stage comedy, "Jewtopia,"

Hillary Clinton Compares Greek Austerity Plan To 'Chemotherapy'
Nearly Nine of Ten Chicagoans Convicted With Pot Are Black Men

When an officer asks if you smoked pot recently, thirty seconds ago isn't exactly the best answer.
Police at a Nova Scotia traffic checkpoint were baffled to discover a local man casually smoking a joint while awaiting inspection last Wednesday.
"I honestly don't know what to think," Royal Canadian Mounted Police traffic services Cpl. Andy Hamilton told CBC News.
Despite the minimal amount of police work required to catch the stoplight stoner -- the suspect reportedly lit up within plain view of mounties -- police eventually confiscated the stash and sent the man on his way without charging him. "I can't get into this guy's mind, but he felt comfortable enough to light a joint within eyesight of the police, probably figuring he'd finish it off before he gets there and no one will be the wiser,"

And as for the man's poor judgement of smoking locations, all Cpl. Hamilton could say was that the traffic stop toker is lucky stupidity is not against the law.
"It's probably a good thing that it isn't," he added. "We wouldn't be able to write enough tickets."/Driver smokes joint at police stop | News/
The Fed's definition of legitimate medicine:

- Cannot be free.
- Cannot be mostly or purely natural in compositio ­n.
- Cannot be easily produced.
- Must be taxable.
- Can only be prescribed by a doctor in said approved network.
William Randolph Hearst mounted a yellow journalism campaign against hemp. Hearst deliberate ­ly confused psychoacti ­ve marijuana with industrial hemp, one of humankind’ ­s oldest and most useful resources. DuPont and Hearst were heavily invested in timber and petroleum resources, and saw hemp as a threat to their empires. Also petroleum companies knew that petroleum emits noxious, toxic byproducts when incomplete ­ly burned, as in an auto engine. Pollution was important to Rudolf Diesel and he saw his engine as a solution to the inefficien ­t, highly polluting engines of his time. But in 1937 DuPont, Mellon and Hearst were able to push a “marijuana ­” prohibitio ­n bill through Congress in less than three months, which destroyed our domestic hemp industry./
Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine and a leading critic of the Big Pharma, puts it more bluntly: "Psychiatr
­ists are in the pocket of industry." Angell has pointed out that most of the Diagnostic and Statistica ­l Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the bible of mental health clinicians ­, have ties to the drug industry. Likewise, a 2009 study showed that 18 out of 20 of the shrinks who wrote the American Psychiatri ­c Associatio ­n's most recent clinical guidelines for treating depression ­, bipolar disorders, and schizophre ­nia had financial ties to drug companies.

"The use of psychoacti ­ve drugs - including both antidepres ­sants and antipsycho ­tics - has exploded.. ­.[yet] 'the tally of those who are disabled.. ­.increased nearly two and a half times."
Under the tutelage of Big Pharma, we are "simply expanding the criteria for mental illness so that nearly everyone has one." Fugh-Berma ­n agrees: In the age of aggressive drug marketing, she says, "Psychiatr ­ic diagnoses have expanded to include many perfectly normal people."
http://eng ­lish.aljaz ­ ­ndepth/opi ­nion/2011/ ­07/2011731 ­3948379987 ­.html/ The federal government wants to control the economy(i.
­e. the citizens wallets). MJ could potentiall ­y eliminate the big pharma industry and revitalize the farming industry with alternativ ­e use hemp crops./
If anyone had any idea how many strains of MJ there are(they are plants people they are not one size fits all) that could economical
­ly alleviate their medical conditions and improve the quality of their lives the monthly trips to the pharmacy would stop and they'd have cash in their pockets again.

People apparently never understand the issues of moderation and correct dosage. People don't take 12 aspirin to cure a cold. They use the correct dosage for their bodies.

Marijuana would put money in American citizens pockets and remove money from the rich CEOs. This government is deliberate ­ly choosing to poison its citizens. The stomach,li ­ver, and endocrine damage caused by pain killers, anti-depre ­ssants, or mood altering meds are far more harmful and widespread than MJ. Then of course extra meds are needed to alleviate the symptoms that the first meds caused.
Sara Davidson, 06.16.2011
Author of "Leap!" and "Loose Change"
How can the feds, as they've threatened, prosecute everyone from growers to legislators and regulators, now that 16 states and D.C. -- nearly a third of the country -- have legalized medical marijuana?
Kids Turn In Dad For Pot PossessionComments (785) |why does the US government have a patent on "Cannabino
­ids as antioxidan ­ts and neuroprote ­ctants"? US Patent # 6630507

http://pat ­ft.uspto.g ­ov/netacgi ­/nph-Parse ­r?Sect1=PT ­O1&Sect2=H ­ITOFF&d=PA ­LL&p=1&u=% ­2Fnetahtml ­%2FPTO%2Fs ­rchnum.htm ­&r=1&f=G&l ­=50&s1=663 ­0507.PN.&O ­S=PN/66305 ­07&RS=PN/6 ­630507
Anyone who blames the right or the left or the liberals or the conservati
­ves are the people that should be blamed.

They support the system that both criminal entities use to fleece the people and go to war.
What would one expect from an agency trying to justify their own existence? Their jobs are on the line. . . . of course they have to make them appear vitally important.

Clinton said Greek's politically painful plan for a medium-term fiscal strategy and bringing down its whopping debt were like "chemotherapy," but would bring results in the end. nited States was also grateful to Athens for taking steps to prevent a planned activist flotilla from sailing for Gaza earlier in July, heading off what Washington feared could have been a dangerous confrontation between the pro-Palestinian activists with Israel, which had vowed to block the ships.
Tunisia -- A 14-year-old boy was killed by what authorities called a stray bullet in a violent protest in the Tunisian town where the uprisings around the Arab world were first unleashed, Tunisia's official news agency reported Monday. Demonstrators hurled Molotov cocktails at security forces, and police and soldiers responded with warning shots in the overnight violence, the TAP news agency/
71711/Marcus Bachmann's gay queer homosexuality rumor grows louder I wonder if Marcus was who Larry Craig was foottapin' for in that there Minneapolis airport/ying no-good animalistic filthy swine JOs..put us in long-term debt and then demand a balanced budget all the while paying the wealthy more money at the expense of the poor and the working class/a buffoon desperately grasping at straws, like Netanyahu soon will be doing/If it's true, then it's the liberals in congress who are the corrupt ones. If it's false, it doesn't support your claim that the banks created the policies that were the downfall of the global economy./The hackers' collective Anonymous may have obtained "literally explosive" information concerning Bohemian Grove, an annual gathering of power brokers from the US and Europe set to meet this week in California, which many see as a nefarious avenue through which elitists secretly manipulate world affairs/far more serious than the �summer holiday camp� tag routinely attached to the powwow by the establishment media, noting how members �constantly� discuss business and politics.-police intelligence analyst who was asked to create a strategic assessment concerning terror threats was fired when he told his superiors that the threat of an "internal tyranny" was far greater than that of Islamic terrorism, after discovering that both 7/7 and 9/11 were false flag attacks.-burning the clock� in order to push a decision close to the deadline, echoing how Congress was threatened with �martial law in America� before the 2008 bailout-Walkout Linked To
Debt Panic Ploy?-relying on stirring panic in a similar vein to how the 2008 bailout was passed on the back of bellicose threats of martial law and economic / instead of each party blaming the other for not agreeing, everything would be right in front of the cameras where the public could see who is to blame for not coming to an agreement. Let the blame fall where ever it falls. Some people would probably not be re-elected. to see the Neo-Con utopia of no regulations and no social safty net?
> Move to Haiti/Tao of Tea, This Sunday, 2 PM: Tea Social for Self Mastery students. Olney, MD Not political, just beverages. No tea bagging, please!-a natural gravitation towards ethical and compassionate action, and increases tolerance, intuition, and empathy/print up 15 trillion$ start lending money to consumers for 0% to pay their debts....banks will get their money hord it, and still attempt to take peoples money....ergo everyone is debt "free"....What really motivates Barack Obama is an inherited rage � an often masked, but profound rage that comes from his African father; an anticolonialist rage against Western dominance, and most especially against the wealth and power of the very nation Barack Obama now leads./Bush being called Hilter, called a war criminal, depicted on posters as Hitler, depicted on posters with a bullit in his forehead, and hanged AND BURNED in effigy -- all that was all in good fun. RIGHT?
Shelia Jackson Lee is one IGNORANT good-for-nothing piece of crap who wants a race./Harry Reid, NBC’s Meet the Press, December 5, 2004 MR. RUSSERT: When the president talked about Yucca Mountain and moving the nation's nuclear waste there, you were very, very, very strong in your words. You said, "President Bush is a liar. He betrayed Nevada and he betrayed the country."/We've been fighting this war for quite a few decades and the misinformation
keeps churning out, I've been staying informed on some of the attacks on natural
care through this site here, among others, and a site I listed in this message.
My rep seems to think the FDA is the great savior, judging from a response I got
regarding them and the latest attack on supplements. We need to let them know
what's going on, the FDA allows so many dangerous substances through, but now
this Durbin guy put a sneak attack on supplements, making claims of dangers,
though they are far less dangerous than a lot of what the FDA allows. This issue
affects everyone, so many people use vitamins and what is called "dietary
supplements." Durbin has been on the offensive for many years. Please help?
Natural supplements have greatly improved my life! This Durbin guy, a senator I
think, seems to think the people who produce these products don't know what
they're doing. /Some of the long void lunar cycles that have been plaguing this month are becoming shorter in duration. This pattern continues for about the next 10 days. Therefore, today's void uncertainty zone by the Moon begins at 5:24AM PDT (during the monthly Moon-Mercury polarity) and remains in effect until 10:14PM PDT - a time-period of 16+ hours.Trying to make things happen your way during any void lunar twilight zone can backfire with nasty results. It is preferable to go with the flow, complete odds and ends, and mellow out.Giving you a nurturing, comforting boost is a subtle and yet still helpful, 30-degree rapport from Ceres in Aries to Neptune in Pisces (11:17AM PDT). The main challenge of the day arrives at 4:57PM PDT when Venus in Cancer forms an off-kilter, 150-degree tie to Vesta in Aquarius. Playing fast and loose with hard-earned savings is taboo. You could make some headway in studying financial
affairs and investment strategies if you proceed with patience and determination.When the void lunar cycle ends at 10:14PM PDT - with the Moon entering Pisces for the next 2+ days - compassion and empathy for the truly needy and disadvantaged are highlighted. Immerse yourself in a bestseller or enjoy a film classic. Keep a notebook by your bed to record Technicolor dreams and out-of-the-body visions as the Moon makes its monthly union with far-out Neptune (11:03PM PDT).Love, Light and Abundant Blessings,LadyHawk/
71611/Scotland Yard officer has told The Sunday Telegraph that News International executives – including Mr Murdoch’s son James – are being investigated for any alleged role in covering up the extent of “industrial scale” hacking./resignations of executives Rebekah Brooks and Les Hinton, the arrest of Andy Coulson/or any other senior executive knew the information handed over in 2011 was actually in the system in 2006 and suppressed it/BOB BARR It will be a very, very difficult battle as we saw by the unprecedented and, I think, highly improper virtual booing of the president when he simply said that the system is going to be bankrupt and the time is now to fix it.2/3/05 /Bush is a "moral coward" who is too "weak" to say no to political backers in the coal, oil, utility and mining industries, former Vice President Al Gore/Pelosi on Thursday called President Bush "a total failure"/ Kennedy explained that we seek such challenges “not because they are easy, but because they are hard”. What the GOP refuses to admit in its ideological rigidity is that from the transcontinental railroad to the internet, the government has played a major role in making the hard possible. Cutting through all the talk about spending cuts and revenue “enhancements”, ultimately this is a debate about who we are as a nation and whether we still have the courage to do what is hard and the compassion to do what is right./ Puerto Rico (AP) - Physicians are threatening to stop serving nearly a million Puerto Ricans as a result of a dispute between the island's government and an insurance company over reimbursements for treating poor people./
/Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - the so-called BRICS countries - meeting in Beijing said their collaboration would help strengthen health systems and increase access to affordable medicines for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis/3-2 vote split along party lines, the Consumer Product Safety Commission cleared the way Wednesday for the limit to be lowered next month so that most products intended for children 12 and under will move from being about 99.97 percent lead free to 99.99 percent lead free/Salt diet dangers may be influenced by potassium/The Defense Department lost 24,000 files to "foreign intruders"/Blackwater employees say they have new evidence that the company may have overbilled the federal government more than $300 million for 'security services' in Iraq and Afghanistan. /the Red Cross in Pakistan, said that the fake programme could make it more difficult for medical officials in other parts of the country to administer 'critical' vaccines. [In reality, *actual* vaccine programs by the pharma-terrorists/US government are more deadly than the CIA's fake drive./Colombian army colonel has admitted his unit murdered 57 civilians, then dressed them in uniforms and claimed they were rebels killed in combat. Colonel Luis Fernando Borja was sentenced to 21 years, reduced from 42 years for accepting responsibility/ Michael P. Adams, of Bristol, is charged with second-degree harassment, inciting injury and second-degree breach of peace. Adams, 36, was arrested after a business complained that he had posted a comment on its Facebook page saying he "hoped that Governor Malloy [would] be shot by an angry New Yorker during his visit to New York,/BI has opened a preliminary inquiry into allegations that News Corp. employees sought to hack into the phones of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and tried to bribe law enforcement officers for information,/ BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (AP) - A 6-year-old golfer sank a hole in one on a course in central Illinois and calmly walked back to her cart. Why such a quiet reaction? Reagan Kennedy's father had told the Bloomington girl not to make a lot of noise/a woman says she's having numerous financial troubles because of a bank error that caused Chase Bank USA to declare her dead last November./
criticized by a Massachusetts congressman and lampooned by Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert.Talisman Energy says "Talisman Terry's Energy Adventure" is no longer being distributed following a barrage of criticism.Critics called the coloring book's depiction of land before and after drilling overly rosy. The post-drilling image adds a rainbow and an eagle to the scene where the hydraulic fracturing drilling process took place./ /73% of 1,010 Palestinia­ns in W. Bank, Gaza agree with 'hadith' quoted in Hamas Charter about the need to kill J***(w)s hiding behind stones, trees. /the conservative moron who doesn't understand that the rich are exploiting tax loopholes that were never intended to be there. You must enjoy supporting the big corporations who pay no tax./they are now OBAMA'S tax cuts (not Bush's any longer) as he pushed to extend them last year stating it was "good for the economy"./Reuters) - Most Americans want smoking banned in all public places but only 19 percent believe that cigarette smoking should be illegal in the United States/the police state mentality that the liberals accused the Bush administration of becoming. Unfortunately it is the 'there ought to be a law against that...' mentality that has become ingrained in our society. These are the types of freedoms this country was founded to allow/Morons like you should be banned. There is a strict no-moron policy on my property. /frickin cry babies. My heath my health! You're probably screaming this as your cramming a bigmac down your throat. PUH LEASE./Jehovah sucks. So glad you are brainwashed into that made up religion./srael wants to be recognized but that can't happen usless israel recognizes that Palis exist and recognize that Palestine exists/no different than what you accuse Moslems of. You accuse Moslems of living in the are you different; how is israel different?/number of JUICE in the world would likely today be at least 26 million, and perhaps even as much as 32 million, says Prof. Sergio DellaPergola of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem/Faber ("The Brain") also commented that Citi is about to..."explode"...could be some interesting day(s) ahead for Citi/urdoch accepted the resignations of The Wall Street Journal's publisher and the chief of his British operations/
71511/Clinton left Bush a $246 BILLION surplus which Bush blew through his first week in office after stealing the presidency/Bernie Kereck incident? Murdoch paid Regan $11 MIL to keep her mouth shut./Murdoch's a scumbag, through and through/..The real question is, how much did he pay Reagan to pencil whip his US citizenship paperwork, Something that could take decades for normal immigrants./ How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory Rolling Stone./Obama can raise hundreds of billions in new revenue by closing tax breaks and tax loopholes. Meanwhile, the republicans look like chumps for not cutting government spending after they swore they would and Obama won't have the deficit hanging over his head in 2012. He can play for time knowing that the republicans are going to push to Kill Medicare and commit suicide for him./GOP is getting ready to fold!
The president played them like the fools they are/Brooks called it the "Mother of All No-Brainers".Turns out that it was the rookie negotiators in the GOP who had no brains.Obama offered them the moon, knowing that they were going to turn it down/Boehner is making noises that the McConnell option is going to be adopted.They are laying the groundwork for a total capitulation!/GINGRICH is spending $50,000 more a month than he is taking in Newt is $1 million in debt./FL TEAPARTY Governor Approvals sink to 27% - lowest in country..."We need a whole new set of lies"/ Perfect storm for GOPigs: McConnell caves, Murdoch investigated...and their "leading candidate" is Batcrap Bachmann with her goofy Queer husband in tow./
They won't know how to function without The Thoughts of Dear Leader Murdoch./17 dead muzz + 100 wounded. more to come. Syrians stage largest protests/ Palestinians are more genocidal than the inhabitants of Nazi Germany because Hitler hid his plans for the Final Solution/wonder why it's so easy to make fun of all things repub??? Because they spout nzie propaganda, and have made fear mongering and hate mongering a fine art./Obama vs. Fox News,Talk Radio, the Heritage Foundation, Clear Channel, Koch Brothers, Big Business, Wall Street, AEI, NRA, Washington Times, Moonies, Religious Right,..Cons are always on Yahoo shouting "OMG LIBERAL BIAS OMG LAMESTREAM MEDIA".Oh, and Paula? Bury it the way Faux buried the Ailes story?/documentary claims to tell the story of an African Muslim prince who was sold into slavery in the South.The story of Prince Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori is used as a springboard to incorporate Islam into American history,
misrepresent it as an anti-slavery creed and convince African-Americans that their cultural background is Muslim. The website set up for “A Prince Among Slaves” even claims that the Blues originated from Koran readings.wholly consistent with Prince Abdul Rahman’s statements and attitudes. With his entire history of slaughtering Africans and viewing them as an inferior race./When did they become a credible 'news' source?They all blow. Nothing but Zionist propaganda machines/ox is a Republican propaganda machine that churns out garbage 24/7. There is no "mainstream liberal" media. In case you didn't notice, all the major networks are owned by giant corporate interests and they don't give a rat's behind about anything beyond protecting their own interests/all you dumb a-- must have cnn and obama up your as-. if you watch cnn msnbc they dont talk about real news they talk about bullshi% they want you to think is news,i just cant belive how far this
country has sunk/OK to include left wing new media, but when it comes to the right wing, just put them out business. What about hearing both sides which is rare/Mother Jones ? Media Matters ? I can't believe you would fall for that Soros propaganda./Fox a news network is like calling Ms Bachmann well-informed. People who are intelligent, educated and well-traveled tend towards progressive attitudes, which is what you see in much of the media. People who are untraveled and uneducated tend to be less intelligent, more conservative/if the billioinaires were liberals, then they would just be throwing their money at social services and programs, and this wouldn't be an issue./OX....being so far could report that the Earth is really still flat ...or ALL the planets in our solar system circle the Earth....and those who watch their channel would just agree, nod in agreement and swallow those lies as truths/Republicrats are laughing at all you
partisans/Reagan was a fraud?!!! After all, he is the retardlican messiah even though is fiscal policies are what are destroying the U.S. economy./tolerant left-winger..."You have a different point of view, die!/Do you think those talking heads like Hannity are spouting THIER opinions? Who writes their checks?/you are all f**king retarded! News anchor "opinions" are not stating the facts.
Seriously, commit suicide. PLEASE. American needs to progress and your the lame horse that needs to be shot./when they have them hypnotized,the veiwers do what their told and they go out and try to preach it to the masses/people get screwed when they vote for republican. They whine & scream all day/50 year employee resigns from murdock shithole/quite the opposite, that every liberal when in fear have conversative tendancies, basically turn into a conversative when cornered;) research that, if you still know how to think for yourself./who should be taxed. Companies who send American jobs oversees for slave wages. No need to respond tea baggers. Just continue getting your faces slapped with a big hairy ball bag/f they make 98% of the money, they should pay 98% of the taxes/who is going to pay for Bush's Trillion$ wars to steal Iraq's oil??/
Being hauled before a hostile group of legislators marks a rapid change of fortune for the 80-year-old Murdoch, long accustomed to being courted by prime ministers and other politicians scared of provoking the wrath of his editors.
"Murdoch is like a beast or a god. He can attack you and destroy you or he can give you great power and glory," Lord Maurice Glasman said Friday in a House of Lords debate. "He was outside the constraints, outside of law. He makes and breaks kings."
British police have arrested seven people in their investigation of phone hacking, and two others in a parallel investigation of alleged bribery of police officers for information. Police say they have recovered a list of 3,700 names — regarded as potential victims — but so far have been in touch with fewer than 200 people. no reason a bailout for consumers is ahead @ 0%, add in what they been robbed of, then they can again buy things, other than pay off debt, the banks will have worthless paper, and can raise rates at will, they would have a great time finding new ways to take peoples is all guaranteed by the fed/imf? one day declare, "even day", then and forever even...a few (16) trillion$, appoximately 4 c40's packed with paletized 100$ bills... done and done crisis averted,, consumerism would pick up, china would strain against the load, then we could all dance in the heat, figuring out wtf to do with people wanting to buy things/ / evidence about Peter Wallison, who has been pushing the clearly false line that Fannie and Freddie were actually leading the charge into high-risk lending. maybe this email is reaching you too late but I think wmt [William M. Thomas] is going to push to find out if pinto is being paid by anyone. But while the non-Wallison GOP commissioners basically agreed that the whole thing was bogus, they avoided saying so clearly. And that was clearly political. So on the question of stupid versus evil, we have a winner.

someone claiming that Fannie and Freddie were responsible for large amounts of subprime/risky lending, you should remember that this is based on essentially phony numbers: people at AEI invented their own definition of subprime, which isn’t the standard definition, and, more important, doesn’t work: the supposedly high-risk loans that F&F were making or buying were, demonstrably, not actually high-risk:
I obviously never had a very good opinion of Rupert Murdoch’s role in US and UK affairs. But I never expected to see the kinds of things now coming to light as the phone-hacking scandal metastasizes — hacking Gordon Brown and the Queen, bribing the police, hiring investigators to dig up dirt on the people investigating the hacking, and on and on.
realizing that there’s a lot you can do to reverse a short-term slump isn’t magical thinking — it’s what basic macroeconomics, what we learned through hard thinking and hard experience, tells us. Rejecting all that may sound judicious, but it’s actually an act of intellectual amnesia. Does anything matter to Republicans more than protecting tax cuts for the very wealthy? Developments of the last 18 hours suggest very strongly that the answer is no./Skilled rhetoric can still overcome many peoples intelligence. And now days he openly says "Yes people we have tu cut spending and leave within our means" Of course, now when the QE2 is finished, bailout is done, the whealty has become whealtier and on of the biggest re-distributin of wealth from the middleclass to the top 5% has been completed, it´s time for a breake so that people forget this and then let´s make a new bubble.../Republican’s won't rest until the middle class and poor in our country have been completely water boarded.The lack of strong opposition of the democratic party has opened a void for the weeds of the republican party to not only take root but to destroy the whole damn garden!
I blame the democrats for failing to fight. We are all doomed if they don't!/
So what have we got? people get income - money that goes to them. Let's not worry where it comes from - it could be wages, portfolio dividends or even entitlements! Let us take time out of the equation for the moment. Giving someone money, then taking 'x' back is the same effectively as giving them less to begin with - the original amount minus 'x'. Using this logic, we can see that the Republicans are effectively saying, "We must not raise taxes, except it is okay to raise taxes on people receiving entitlements"./
71411/All of you bashing Obama you just better know that he is the smartest man ever to be president and you opposing him due to race or favoring the rich are actually getting in the way of a recovery you are hurting every American that isn't rich. I bet you feel real good about yourself when you look in a mirror./we can expect to continue to elect politicians like Obama who promise to give them more by "taxing the rich" and the "large corporations". One day we Americans will wake up and find "the rich" have all left the country and all the corporations have built plants overseas and no one will be left to pay for the food stamps and welfare./Obama admitted that he is bluffing House Republicans in the current debt ceiling/cost cutting meetings.There is no other way to characterize the event.Before abruptly abandoning the latest negotiations in a fit of pique, the president warned House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.): "Don't call my bluff."/Republicans
Dont want to Pay for the Bush Mess /Commons Culture Select Committee has issued a summons to media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his son/i'll have to wait till the tabloid lamestream calms down to find out if there's anything to their attacks.i do know the NY Slimes regularly puts National Security and our Soldiers/Agents in jeopardy...they're apparently immune./"It is revolting to imagine that members of the media would seek to compromise the integrity of a public official for financial gain in the pursuit of yellow journalism," King wrote. "The 9/11 families have suffered egregiously, but unfortunately they remain vulnerable against such unjustifiable parasitic strains.""I make this request not only as the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, but as a Member of Congress who represents a district that lost more than 150 constituents in those terrorist attacks," he wrote. "It is my duty to discern every fact behind these allegations."Peter
King (R-NY)/An Austrian atheist has won the right to be shown on his driving-licence photo wearing a pasta strainer as "religious headgear".Niko Alm first applied for the licence three years ago after reading that headgear was allowed in official pictures only for confessional reasons.Mr Alm said the sieve was a requirement of his religion, pastafarianism. When W started doling out taxpayer money for faith-based initiatives, I was tempted to go buy a bass boat, claim it as my church, and let the govt. fight me on it/Cantor doesn't know who he's focking with. Obama will go all predator drone on hisass./ Perry in late May told a group of East Texas business leaders that he was "called to the ministry" at age 27, suggested that the governor's office was his pulpit and that God put him "in this place at this time to do his will."/as the scum signs death warrants. praise jesus!/Only 8% of Americans blame Obama. Deal with
it.miamiherald.typepad.comOnly 8% of Americans blame Obama. Deal with tried to warn you that your stupid anti-regulation policies were going to ruin the economy for years to come but you were just too stupid to listen.Now look what you've done.90% of people say that Bush is responsible for the lousy economy/
71111/HYENAS NEVER TRIED TO OBLITERATE SIX MILLION OF HIS TRIBE, BABBLING IDIOT!/ The $6 billion a year (in America alone) Kosher scam and every nickel of it tax free and into the pockets of the "chosen folk"./Christians are your friends.>And hyenas are yours/Exxon Lied, A River Dies
Now they have a reason to raise prices/Netanya man killed the children, aged 10, 8, and 5, on his ex-wife's birthday a year ago.
Ben Dror was convicted in a Petach Tikvah courtroom on Sunday of murdering his three young children. living with their mother at the time, but had come to visit their father at his home. convicted on the basis of his prior confession, though the court proceedings did not include witness testimony/Double amputee's theme park death reignites regulatory fight/PERRY SECRETLY ME WITH THE KOCH BROS IN COLORADA ABOUT 3 WEEKS AGO, AMERICA IS BEING SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER/Texas state seal should be a scab/Perry infamously saying Texas might secede from the Union over passage of Barack Obama's health care law last year/Obama is being suspiciously quiet on this one. He helped the Muslim Brotherhood (the mother of Al Qaeda) kick out of office the American-friendly and peaceful leaders of Egypt and Libya and maybe Tunisia./Scientists find first superbug strain of gonorrhea/system is fine - it's the dummies running it. Crooked NAZI cops and idiotic, corrupt
lawyers/The joke is that Murdoch is taking the heat for a wierded corporation that's off the rails and beyond the ken -- at eighty he's trying to appear the heroic cowboy out of some film like, "Wall Street," whereas in reality what his company was doing was made legal in government by the Bush administration for whom he's taking the industrial parallel of "heat," and too little, too late...he should retire to the Playboy Mansion with Hefner and get out of the boardroom -- he's like a bad version of "Citizen Kane," without the "Rosebud"/As for responsibility - you left out bush jr, scooter libby, dick cheney alberto gonzalez yer doin' a heckofa job brownie michelle bachmann cryin' bohner the flipmiester romney who invented healthcare reform before he was against it - even iran/contra had one liar and crook who stood up and said he did it - and now that same liar and crook works for... you guessed it faux news./ Rasmussen: Americans Blame Bush for the
America gives Bush's Republicans 8% approval. "keep your hands out of our Government" :/the same lot who thought that since "Adolf" was a saint's name that their Nazi criminal leader was a good catholic; to them "St Rupert" is a holy rich man who relieves their anxieties with lies and thoughtful, solemn pederasty/"balanced" is a relative concept. For instance, you can weigh 500 lbs and be sitting on a bar resting on a fulcrum and be "balanced" by a 25 lb kid sitting far enough away from the same fulcrum. Same concept with news. The term "fair" usually comes down to whether or not the reporting you are hearing agrees with your political philosophy and personal biases.As someone said, you are entitled to your own opinions, you are not, however, entitled to your own facts. Problem is, opinion is more and more being presented as fact. And far too many people dont want to distinguish the difference especially if it will weaken their arguements../The pen is
mightier than the sword.. and... He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Goodnight King Rupert./a product of Reagan's deregulation and it is not coincidence that they are far right wing/
71211/Amy Dean-The real fight is between 'cheap patriots,' who are trying to destroy the American dream and 'deeper patriots,' who are trying to restore it.fundamentally, the deck is stacked against patriotic corporations that want to hire in America./All these 1960's ex dopers got elected and voted for their lifelong dream of a huge American commune aka socialism. It's just like Atlas Shrugged,....these idiots have killed the golden goose./Thirty years ago, an astute minority of observers, saw minor cracks in the economic creek bed and knew things didn't look good; however, we believed the gaps would close up and the so-called free market would prevail. Now that the cracks are as wide as the Grand Canyon, the rest of the world finally steps up and takes notice./The last 30+ years have been devoted to catering to the rich and keeping everyone else down. This is not a liberal agenda, this is the corporate agenda. They keep destroying education and driving
down wages so they have plenty of low wage workers. The benefit to them is more money, more money, more money/
That is rediculous and stupid. A big piece of off-shoring is corporate America can
not find decent, literate and thinking employees in this country. I recently read an
article that 50% of the Detroit population is illiterate ../Stop acting like the spoiled children that you are and grow up. Take responsibility for yourself./
Our government is totally broken and is not repairable. I am old enough that I can live out my life OK (maybe in a tent, LOL) I feel truly sorry for what we have left to our children/Unfortunately, those who steal millions sometimes have to pay back half and keep half (and not go to jail), but those that steal $50 go to jail. Everyone that steals should go to jail, and should have to pay back everything stolen. Between Wall Street, the big banks, the politicians, that would be in the trillions to put it modestly./parroting what they here on Fox. Get a grip, the Wall Street bailout continues to this day via discounted lending thru the Fed and highly increased subsidies. Nothing like being told to "read up" by fools who sit on their butts taking TV "news" seriously. Watching TV isn't "reading" Foxbots./Trillions printed over the last couple of years and loaned at 0% interest to banks to buy up stocks and bonds. Ta-da! Stock market doubles/.cut militaryspending by 10%, eliminate secret service details for former presidents, no pension healthcare for politicians serving less than 16 years in office. 8% luxury tax on salaries and bonuses over $5 mil, 1% import tax, 1% fed excise tax on security trades, elimate earn income credit, cut child tax credits, cap welfare so people quit having more kids to have more income. cut algriculture and energy subsidies. And quit leading the fight in every battle around world...Yeah i think after all that we would again have a surplus to start fixing our @#$% problems here in the U.S.A./debt pays for the benefits. You can't hit your finger with a hammer and not have it hurt./
I will however no longer be quiet when someone tells me about the good republican or the good democrat. You both are the enemy of my Nation and my neighbors/
71011/a TRILLION TAX DOLLAR HANDOUT to the Billionaires in Big Oil because of their own INCOMPETENCE AND GREED/U.S. regulators express concern that diluted bitumen from Canadian oil sands may be corrosive to pipelines and risk should be assessed./Ä•wish nationalism(1) and democracy are incompatible in Israel
Ìșrael does not have the right to exist AS A ĴEWISH STATE./1st commandment 'your lord is one...make no graven images of god'....josea 'god is not a man' testament 'jesus is god'..jesus is 'fully god and fully man'....'god is a trinity...3 distince persone in one essence'....huh?...and pastors/ministers wonder why the cathederals and churches all over europe are dark on sunday mornings...oy vey..thanx//it's possible that Rupert could becharged with bribing the police officers. It was his money after all./a shocking pattern of crime, conspiracy and corrupting influencein the political system of England led by Rupert Murdoch.There must be a Congressional investigation now into how far News Corp's criminality/ totsBaby-faced children aim AK-47 rifles as they train for war on British troops. They are being taught about combat even if they can barely hold the lethal shows toddlers as young as five being trained as 'martyrs' at a secret al-Qaeda camp. They are learning how to blow up buildings and mount roadside bomb attacks./British commanders in Afghanistan say Taliban fighters are increasingly using children as suicide bombers and as human shields during battles.

Among Јɇẁish nationals
• some Јɇẁs may not marry others - (Ȼohen and non-Ȼohen)
.."Not Јɇẁish enough to marry a Ȼohen"
• some Јɇẁs may not go to the same schools as others (Așhkenazi and Șephardic)

Among Ișȓaɇli citizens
• Some citizens may not marry others (Јɇẁs and non-Јɇẁs)
• some citizens may not go to the same schools as others (Јɇẁ and non-Јɇẁ)
• some citizens may buy the same land as others (Јɇẁ and non-Јɇẁ)

• All the same racișm as above
- plus -
• some residents may sieze and keep land of others and expel them under the protection of the state
(Јɇẁs and non-Јɇẁs)
Child of forbidden marriage barred from Ɉẻẇish school (Ȼohen father married convert mother)
[[U.K. Ɉẻẇish school sued for barring pupil over conversion...
One of the parents, David Lightman, said his wife underwent an Orthodox conversion in Israel 20 years ago, and although they keep a kosher home, go to synagogue every Saturday and are very active in the community, the London religious court said she had not been sincere in her conversion because he is a Ȼohen (descendant of a priest)/1/14/11 - $14.01 trillion (current as of this post)
1/20/09 - $10.63 trillion (President Obama Inaugurated)
1/20/08 - $9.19 trillion (1 year before President Obama took office)
9/30/10 - $13.56 trillion
9/30/09 - $11.91 trillion
9/30/08 - $10.02 trillion
9/30/07 - $9.00 trillion
9/30/06 - $8.51 trillion
9/30/05 - $7.93 trillion
9/30/04 - $7.38 trillion
9/30/03 - $6.78 trillion
9/30/02 - $6.23 trillion
9/28/01 - $5.81 trillion
9/28/00 - $5.67 trillion
9/30/92 - $4.06 trillion
Firebomb hurled at Palestinian news agency in Gaza/Syrian StyleIbrahim Kashoush was a singer, songwriter and activist in Syria. His throat was slashed/ REPUBLICANS ARE BORN DIRTYthey are now willing to see the economy collapse just to help them win the next election/ REPUBLICANS ARE BORN DIRTYthey are now willing to see the economy collapse just to help them win the next election and ha./"In 22 states across the country, Republican lawmakers are ginning up the specter of voter fraud to pass highly restrictive photo identification laws that would severely restrict the voting rights of millions. But yesterday, the Republicans in the Ohio House secured passage of “what could become the nation’s most restrictive voter identification law.”//fly-in flotilla” planned for Friday has fizzled as foreign authorities ban most anti-Israel activists from boarding flights. Police are still on alert at Ben Gurion International Airport, but so far have encountered only six protesters.Far-left foreign activists had planned a mass event for Friday in support of the Arab world's demand that millions of descendents of Arabs who fled pre-state Ysrael be allowed to “return” as citizens. While some activists said they planned to enter Israel quietly and travel to Palestinian Authority-controlled regions to protest, others were planning to riot at the airport to draw attention to their cause.Ysrael responded by issuing a list of 347 pro-PA activists believed to be planning disruptions, and asked airports to prohibit them from boarding flights to Ysrael. Airlines were given an explanation from Ysrael's security apparatus as to why the “fly-in” protest is seen as a threat, and were warned that passengers from the list who succeeded in reaching Ysrael would not be allowed to enter the country.Fifty activists were kept off a Lufthansa flight to Ysrael at Charles de Gaulle Airport and in protest refused to leave the terminal, Ysrael Radio reported. “Charles de Gaulle Airport is under Ysraeli occupation,”/ 'Arab Spring' roils, revolutioneries discover they just can't live ...
"Fifteen-hundred liters of water used to cost $5, but now cost $20,"// Jihadist in the White Houseapproves sale of tanks to Egypt Phil Boehmke The Defense Security Cooperation Agency/She was not randomly singled out by the news media — not even by Nancy Grace, HLN’s virago of vengeance. /vagina js/He was admitted to the bar in 2005, but continued to run afoul of it, The Sentinel reported. The bar received a complaint about a claim on his Web site that, at the Miami-Dade public defender’s office, he had won 32 of 34 jury trials. This boast failed to mention that when those cases were tried, he was not yet a practicing lawyer, but a helper instead. It has since been expunged from the site. , the not guilty verdict for Casey Anthony — who in all likelihood bore responsibility for her 2-year-old daughter’s death, but will never pay for that particular crime — was reassuring. Juries are supposed to presume the innocence of even the vilestdefendants. Evidence must outweigh emotion. And in the end there simply wasn’t enough lucid, specific proof that Anthony had murdered her little girl./7911/FEMA’s website for the number of disasters in America and found that FEMA listed 59 STATES that have had declared disasters./Cantor's investment in ProShares Trust Ultrashort 20+ Year Treasury ETF, a fund that "takes a short position in long-dated government bonds/ Gaddafi threatened to export the war to Europe in revenge for the NATO-led military campaign against him, and to crush his enemies./nazi wilders caught in a lie nyt 'islam and democracy are incompatible/though the Ĵĕws claim Ìșrael is the state of the Ĵĕwish nation, this is not true. More than half of Ĵĕwish nationals are not Ìșraeli citizens and a quarter of Ìșrael citizens are not Ĵĕwish nationals. The Ĵĕws are a statelss nation. The only difference between Ìșrael and other countries the Ĵĕws sojourn in, is that in Ìșrael they are a majority and in other countries a minority. The Ìșraeli supreme court has ruled that there is NO ÌSRAELI NATIONALITY, only
citizenship. Ìșrael recognizes 136 nationalities, and not one of them is "Ìșraeli".//Perry is SUCH a religious man, why didn't he share more of his wealth with some church? According to an anticle in The DallasMinnesota congresswoman is pledging to protect women and children from "all forms of pornography." As Justin Elliott at Salon notes, this could certainly be read as effectively being "a porn ban.'/What’s with all the GOP pledges? When did the Republican Party become a Fraternity and Sorority?/Christians see Christ's blood as washing their tablet clean; therefore, they cease to be as concerned about the black marks. The great unwashed however, have no instant tablet cleaner. Therefore, we take greater pains to ensure to keep those marksfrom forming in the first place./turns out that Is_rael has had a potential wiretap on every phone in America for years, along with the ability to monitor and record who any person is calling, anywhere in America; information of great value even if one does not listen to the calls themselves. Amdocs, Inc., the company which subcontracts billing and directory services for phone companies around the world, including 90 percent of American phone companies, is owned by Is_raeli interests. Yet another company, Comverse Infosys, is suspected of having built a “back door” into the equipment permanently installed into the phone system that allows instant eavesdropping by law enforcement agencies on any phone in America. This includes yours.Fox News, alone of all the media, actually ran the story as a four part broadcast, and put the story up on its web site. Then, without explanation, Fox News erased the story from their web site and have never mentioned it again./Perry is SUCH a religious
man, why didn't he share more of his wealth with some church? According to an anticle in The Dallas Morning News out of his millions of dollars of income, he only contributed a paltry one percent of his income!//Newark's city council voted Thursday to require all late-night restaurants that serve less than 20 people at a time to have an armed security guard posted from 9 p.m. to closing./Mgr Pican will be asked to explain why he failed to report to the police
the activities of Father René Bissey, sentenced to 18 years in jail last
year for repeatedly raping one boy and sexually abusing 10 others between 1989
and 1996. A long list of similar offences dating back to 1970 had exceeded
the statute of limitations.
sentenced to 10 years in jail for sexually abusing girls -
Gang member used Facebook as part of a campaign to sexually abuse more
than 100 schoolgirls in the Torbay area Steven Morris and Sandra Laville, Friday 8 July 2011 A member of a gang believed to have
sexually abused more than 100 schoolgirls in a seaside resort has been
sentenced to 10 years in custody.Jake Ormerod, 20, used Facebook as part of his "campaign to groom naiveand immature girls" and then "mercilessly corrupted" them to satisfy his
"insatiable need for sex". He admitted 13 charges of sexual activity with eightgirls.He plied victims with drink and drugs in the Devon resort of Torquay,before having unprotected sex./
Married father of two Leat, from Bristol, admitted 36 offences involving
five pupils aged between six and eight over five years. The offences
included sexual assault, attempted rape, voyeurism and possessing extreme
this DVD) lies a subtle EPIPHANY of critical importance
concerning the EndTime of the Unrighteous/Greedy Warmongering Wicked!
Please, Share with us if you are blessed to unravel anything more than what has
already been said!
THE SHOCK OF THE HOUR by Minister Farrakhan!
Kryon who says it most succinctly. His idea of religion
is "giving your power away to God--self-taught unworthiness."
"The important thing is to master all of the physical with
involvement, not detachment from those that suffer . . . when you
are able to remove yourself from self, and place yourself in the
position of another, then begins the evolution of the planet. Then
this planet begins being the paradise that it was planned to be. . .
Humankind must not take itself so seriously. It must begin to
experience within itself the joy of divinity, the joy of its oneness
with the Universe. It must pull itself out of this bondage; it must
stop living in a situation of victims."
ATF's gun-running disaster was funded in the stimulus bill. Think about all the criminal and drug cartel jobs saved or created. And our attorney general once bragged to a Mexican audience about implementing it.
This could be, no pun intended, the proverbial smoking gun in a growing administration scandal that deserves as much mainstream media attention as Iran-Contra or Watergate.a/ll 1600 guns found in Mexico over the past two years are a result of Operation Gunrunner./economy was murdered by the Republican corporatists. Poor Obama keeps putting the paddles to the corpse but can't get a heartbeat.../
Right there in the stimulus bill that no one in Congress bothered to read is $10 million for Project Gunrunner (aka Operation Fast and Furious) Holder is clearly not telling the truth about his role in Gunrunner. He knew about it, boasted of it and took credit for it. Now he's orchestrating a cover-up of it. President Obama needs to man up about Gunrunner and either take responsibility for this tragedy or admit, under oath if need be, that even he didn't know what was in the stimulus bill.
During an interview with a Univision reporter that aired in March, Obama said he was "absolutely not" informed about the ATF program that deliberately funneled guns into Mexico. "I did not authorize it," he said. "Eric Holder, the attorney general, did not authorize it. He's been very clear that our policy is to catch gunrunners and put them into jail."
Clearly somebody is lying here. At a House oversight hearing last month, three federal firearms investigators testified they wanted to "intervene and interdict" the guns at the border, but were repeatedly ordered to step aside and let the traffickers proceed./Holder is clearly not telling the truth about his role in Gunrunner. He knew about it, boasted of it and took credit for it. Now he's orchestrating a cover-up of it. President Obama needs to man up about Gunrunner and either take responsibility for this tragedy or admit, under oath if need be, that even he didn't know what was in the stimulus bill.
During an interview with a Univision reporter that aired in March, Obama said he was "absolutely not" informed about the ATF program that deliberately funneled guns into Mexico. "I did not authorize it," he said. "Eric Holder, the attorney general, did not authorize it. He's been very clear that our policy is to catch gunrunners and put them into jail."
Clearly somebody is lying here. At a House oversight hearing last month, three federal firearms investigators testified they wanted to "intervene and interdict" the guns at the border, but were repeatedly ordered to step aside and let the traffickers proceed./APNewsBreak: Visa again blocks funds for WikiLeaks/
Montana governor threatens lawsuit over oil spill
give me the choice of who should pay more taxes, my vote falls with the guys raking in the billions that pay nothing rather than the guy trying to keep a roof over his head because the guys with the billions pulled the rug out from under him and moved to greener cheaper pastures}
Plenty Money for war*s-why this was on Tv evening news?/Medicare and Medicaid are "on the table" and may be sacrificed in order to meet Republican demands for budget cuts. The end result of Barack Obama’s photo opportunity golf game with Republican House Leader John Boehner, is that Boehner wins and the people lose./The reelection of Bobo the clown will be rooted on the popularity of the war in Libya. Trying to out neocon Bush.
Morning News out of his millions of dollars of income, he only contributed a paltry one percent of his income!/"My feelings as a Christian point me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter" - A. Hitler/Vow 9,

if this seems discombobulated, it probably is, & i am very sorry, but till next time, happy trails,

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