Sunday, May 15, 2011

UPDATE 1-Obama warns of worse crisis if no debt ceiling rise | Reuters

Obama warns of worse crisis if no debt ceiling rise
51511/nixon: the last conservative with a conscience/reminds me of the mark-to-market FASB 157 scam - 157 was like this incredible gift that kept on giving as it fattened up banker bonuses for the decade during which the housing bubble expanded to monstrous proportions, but when the bubble popped lo and behold - suddenly 157 was being called the most evil creation in the history of mankind by those very same bankers, because it meant they wouldn't be getting their huge bonuses any more... and so poof, it simply ceased to exist as the pressure got applied in the Spring of 2009 to Capitol Hill and FASB and the perpetual bankster con game and bailout scam went merrily on its way.Hypocrisy, conflict of interest, manipulation of markets on a scale never before seen in the history of mankind, banker bailouts financed by middle class savings totaling TRILLIONS and counting - all brought to YOU by the whores in D.C. and W.S. When the next disingenuous and highly conflicted apologist turd comes on these pages and claims that there were no laws really broken by bankers and all their accomplices (to include the regulators, ratings agencies and politicians), I would suggest you mention that if every single person who was guilty was actually convicted of even half the crap they pulled, we would cease to have a government, or regulators, or ratings agencies or politicians, or C-level bankers and all their derivatives pitchmen and foreclosure fraud staff... not that that would be a bad thing./Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the popular chief of the International Monetary Fund, would quit his job in Washington to take on President Nicolas Sarkozy/bo(h)ner is a fokin idiot 14.3T, "not time to walk away from the fight, they have lost more lives than us"-almost painfull to watch/Clashes erupted between pro-Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces in multiple locations along the country's borders Sunday as tensions flared/shit gettin wild: British woman beheaded in an apparently random supermarket attack in Spain's Canary Islands has been identified as grandmother Jennifer Mills-Westley./ Obama's warnings. It says the United States could plunge back into recession if inaction in Washington forced a debt default, with some 640,000 U.S. jobs vanishing, stocks falling and lending activity tightening. Joe is leading talks between the White House and lawmakers over how to reduce massive U.S. budget deficits and raise the credit limit./
11days lost
5311/ / /reminds me of the mark-to-market FASB 157 scam - 157 was like this incredible gift that kept on giving as it fattened up banker bonuses for the decade during which the housing bubble expanded to monstrous proportions, but when the bubble popped lo and behold - suddenly 157 was being called the most evil creation in the history of mankind by those very same bankers, because it meant they wouldn't be getting their huge bonuses any more... and so poof, it simply ceased to exist as the pressure got applied in the Spring of 2009 to Capitol Hill and FASB and the perpetual bankster con game and bailout scam went merrily on its way.Hypocrisy, conflict of interest, manipulation of markets on a scale never before seen in the history of mankind, banker bailouts financed by middle class savings totaling TRILLIONS and counting - all brought to YOU by the whores in D.C. and W.S. When the next disingenuous and highly conflicted apologist turd comes on these pages and claims that there were no laws really broken by bankers and all their accomplices (to include the regulators, ratings agencies and politicians), I would suggest you mention that if every single person who was guilty was actually convicted of even half the crap they pulled, we would cease to have a government, or regulators, or ratings agencies or politicians, or C-level bankers and all their derivatives pitchmen and foreclosure fraud staff... not that that would be a bad thing./
5211/operation that killed Osama bin Laden was designed to do just that, not to take him alive/Police Bust Cockfighting Ring at Texas Children's Party, a grisly scene of dead and dying fowl -- some suffering severe blood loss and cuts. The birds were found just feet from where the children were playing, some still armed with deadly steel blades attached to their beaks./Palin said the power dinner in D.C. didn’t hold the same appeal for her as it seemed to for presidential hopefuls who attended. Palin spoke for more than 45 minutes at a “Jews for Sarah” gathering. She never mentioned Israel in her remarks, but stumped hard against Planned Parenthood and abortion rights/Katy Perry also seemed to have mixed thoughts on the issue, "I believe in justice... but don't u think that an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind?"/Jimmy Kimmel: I really hope bin laden didn't get reincarnated as one of Mariah Carey's babies./The U.S. Department of Homeland Security expects "threats of retaliation" from al Qaeda in the aftermath of Osama bin Laden's death, a department official told CNN early Monday/A single reef shark can be worth nearly two million dollars in tourism revenue over its lifetime, according to a study released Monday by researchers in Australia/ Hugo Chavez set a goal to create more than 3 million jobs in eight years and end unemployment in the OPEC nation/"I am a person who loves death," the inspiration of the 9/11 attacks reportedly said. "If I am to die, I would like to be killed by the bullet." The U.S. obliged him on Sunday - Sarah Palin will share the stage in Colorado with a former senior military intelligence official who disparaged Islam while helping to lead the war on terror/George W. Bush has congratulated President Barack Obama in power nearly 10 years ago when agents from bin Laden's al-Qaida network hijacked planes and crashed them, Bin Laden was shot in the head by elite U.S. counter-terrorism troops in northern Pakistan. Four other people were killed in the raid, including one of bin Laden's sons. A handful of red, white and blue balloons were outside the gate, which was adorned with a sign that had tiny letters that read, "President Obama forgot to say ..." and then large letters that could be read from the road saying, "Thank you President Bush." A sign left on the rain-soaked road read: "Winning! Obama 1, Bush 0."/buried@sea?/Bizarro world of the Republiturds... out the door, and they CREDIT fvcktard Bush for exterminating Osama bin Laden, who Bush clearly stated he had given up/Osama now officially a MARTYR, thanks Obama/seals! Taking the Navy Seals' name in vain is a guaranteed way top a 1st rate a$$ whipping Son/I hear Bush is on suicide watch, First they attack his good friend Gaddafi and now they killed his hero bin Laden/OSAMA HID BEHIND WOMEN AND CHILDREN KIND OF LIKE THE GOP THE GOP ARE A BUNCH OF COWARDS. MITCH MCCONNELL IS A GUY LOVER/Of Course Our Special Opps Are Lying Filth!, Osama Lives In Dallas, Tx. You Cannot Believe A Word Our C.I.A. Says! They're Spooks Trained To Lie!/Trying to win the money back that George Bust shafted the Bin Laden family out of at Poker every Tuesday night/you big mouth POS...why don't you go out in the street and shout out your little opinion about the spec ops people...see how long you last before your butt is aren't afraid or a COWARD are you/there are over 10,000 pics of Bin Laden dead, be patient The nutjobs have their "phony pictures" babbling ready for posting./ I'll celebrate our great victory by heading down to the filling station and dropping 30 bucks on a can of gas to cut the grass with./dbl /Because of this devil person, all the youth of NC and also the nation will start lighting up and getting cool. This causes the problem with the Government because if all the youth in NC are smoking pot then they will not be able to fight or care about any war that is going on. You got to ask yourself this question, so you want pot to ruin the chances of you sons and daughters on getting into the military and continuing our wars? Or do you want them to lay on your couch eating all your junk food and promising you that they are going to get a job today/corporate media has given us nothing but a years old fake picture. This makes little sense, unless of course, somebody is trying to hide something, namely the fact that Osama’s dead corpse has been on ice for the best part of a decade.pp/Gaither Plantation was once a cotton plantation ran by Cecilia and W.H. Gaither the original home, several outbuildings and a relocated historic church built in 1822. During the Civil War, Confederate soldiers hid at the plantation. Cecilia and W. H. had several children. Their daughter Clara died at the age of 9. Her and her father are both buried in a family cemetery on the grounds. Cecilia was forced to sell the plantation in 1921 when she was unable to pay the $28 in taxes she owed.Several spirits are said to roam the property. Other apparitions are believed to be connected with Confederate soldiers, a murder committed at the back of the house, and a pastor murdered his wife and himself in the church./
5111/Their mobile home heaved into the air and slammed into a line of trees. Their piano landed on the couple, and the rest of the house collapsed on top of it. The family Bible landed next to them.Kathy, 46, liked to take walks in the woods, dig for wild ginseng and collect Indian arrowheads, said her sister, Peggy Lawhorn. She played piano at the New Hermon Baptist Church until a stroke last year paralyzed her left arm. /mobs attacked Western embassies and a U.N. office in Tripoli Sunday after NATO bombed Moammar Gadhafi's family compound in an attack officials said killed the leader's second youngest son and three grandchildren, ages six months to two years./
43011/Debkafile is reporting that Hamas and/or Hizbollah may have received poison gas shells from remnants of Qaddafi's army/ In Cullman, a town about 50 miles north of Birmingham, workers have been putting in long hours to clean up debris and exhausted police officers face the same problems as the people they are sworn to protect. Emergency responders have been waiting in hourslong lines with other drivers to get gas at stations without power. False rumors, meanwhile, were sweeping the town. People were pushing debris from their yards into streets because they heard they were supposed to and filling up their bathtubs with water because they heard the city would cut off the supply. Kathy McDonald glanced around her damaged town and quietly wept. Her family’s furniture store, which sold tables and couches for decades, was torn apart. ‘‘I just can’t understand this. Are people coming to help us?’’ she said. ‘‘We feel all alone.’’/Stephen Harper’s refusal to reopen the abortion debate risks suppressing the Conservative vote, a leading voice of Canadian social conservatism says./Harper may be offering up his own wistful wish list President Obama's first phone call after the inaugurationis to PM Harper, with an invitation to visit the White HouseASAP to learn from Harper's insights and experience;-- the North American recession turns out to have been a“Dallas”-like dream sequence, and we all wake up to healthy,expanding economies with solvent banks (based on the Canadianregulatory model) and full employment, Liberal Party national convention delegates in May2009 unanimously pick discredited ex-leader Stephane Dion asthe party's new permanent “Leader-for-Life;”, after successfully democratic Afghan elections in 2009,the Taliban and al-Qaeda give up and “go home,” peace andstability emerge throughout Afghanistan, and the CanadianForces and other ISAF troops depart in victory;-- Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show” stop making fun ofCanada and Canadian politics./ / /I met my kosher honey at camp I threw her an apple over the fence,the rest is history DEAREST FRIENDS, YOU TOO CAN BECOME A HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR Being a Holocaust survivor will open millions of new horizons for you! A wide range of specialty fields in Shoah Business are open to you through the college of Hebrew Youth Public Education (HYPE.) *Learn DOCUMENTATION ALTERATION where you can make anyone into a wanted Nazi war criminal! Special instruction from former Soviet KGB operatives, the folks who gave our industry the famous, one-of-a-kind Demjanjuk SS ID Card! *Major in KOSHER ACCOUNTING, the most creative number-crunching system ever evolved, where everything add up to six million! *Make your fortune in the lucrative field of REPARATIONS RACKETEERING! Learn how to extort money from the European country of your choice by finding "Nazi gold" hidden in every bank account! *Get into the incredibly profitable HOLOCAUST BOOK BUSINESS! One of our diplomas will certify you as a Holocaust expert! In addition to the book sales there are the lecture tours, the media appearances, the guest speaker circuit at fancy-schmancy Holocaust drinkie-dos, and above all those eye-popping consultancy fees! Being a recognized Holocaust maven is a licence to print money! *Learn HOLOCAUST MUSEUM MANAGEMENT and have your own personal fantasy land! Maybe even build your own Holocaust theme park complete with weekend package tours in an authentic replica Nazi concentration camp, complete with striped suits, wash-off tattooed numbers, KZ ration meals and SS-uniformed "guards"!* *Like to travel? Then become a PROFESSIONAL WAR CRIMES EXPERT!*At graduation from HYPE you will receive a diploma, a tattoo (your social security number, but no one will ever be so impolite as to point it out), and your meal ticket for life! Fairy tales can come true! It can happen to you at Hebrew Youth Public Education!/Obama says oil companies are profiting from rising pump prices and he wants Congress to end $4 billion in annual tax breaks for the oil and gas industry. "These tax giveaways aren't right," Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday. "They aren't smart. And we need to end them."/Yahoo lied.They snuffed out the buzz on the 19th, not the 21st. This is true to form, and not shocking. But it is, nevertheless, disappointing. I'm sure your Demsocialist overlords are going to give you a cookie, yahoo. Good dog/,20263/ Sullivan months to finally stop wearing the same tattered, foul-smelling Minnesota Vikings sweatpants every day. "He was only interested in foods covered in ranch dressing or barbecue sauce, and if there was a buffet involved, he would walk up to it and begin eating right out of the trays.""He still sometimes loudly chews with his mouth open, and he spills on his shirt more often than we'd like, but it's now possible to get through dinner with David without being completely revolted by his presence," he continued.Erskine added that in therapeutic settings, Sullivan has been extremely useful in helping those suffering from difficulties similar to his own, such as 28-year-old Brian Werner, a man who was raised by television/The weather service said the half-mile wide Smithville tornado had peak winds of 205 mph and was on the ground for close to three miles, killing 14 and injuring 40/Sirhan Sirhan was manipulated by a seductive girl in a mind control plot to shoot Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, and his bullets did not kill the presidential candidate, lawyers for Sirhan said in new legal papers. detail extensive interviews with Sirhan during the past three years, some done while he was under hypnosis. papers point to a mysterious girl in a polka-dot dress as the controller who led Sirhan to fire a gun in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel. But the documents suggest a second person shot and killed Kennedy while using Sirhan as a diversion. Sirhan said under hypnosis that on a cue from the girl he went into "range mode" believing he was at a firing range and seeing circles with targets in front of his eyes. the mystery girl touched him or "pinched" him on the shoulder just before he fired then spun him around to see people coming through the pantry door. "Then I was on the target range ... a flashback to the shooting range ... I didn't know that I had a gun,"/# Bachmann uses Holocaust to illustrate tax point/A man who had been staying at the motel for about a month notified police that his laptop had been stolen from his room while he was at church, according to police reports.Boyd and Freeman were tracked down at the Glendale Metrolink/Amtrak station by police who followed up on a tip from a motel worker.Freeman told officers that she was a prostitute and dancer from San Diego who told police that she was expecting to be paid $200 for her services/ Paul Ryan (R) of Wisconsin said federal oil subsidies should be eliminated as part of deficit-reduction. reforming the safety net, the welfare system; we also want to get rid of corporate welfare,” Ryan said. “And corporate welfare goes to agribusiness companies, energy companies, financial services companies, so we propose to repeal all that.”/“logistical coordinator” for a top Mexican drug-trafficking gang that was responsible for purchasing the CIA torture jet that crashed with four tons on cocaine on board back in 2007 has told the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago that he has been working as a U.S. government asset for years. Just as Bill Clinton’s bombardment of Serbia was launched on the back of a humanitarian hoax about fake concentration camps, establishment media outlets are already busy contriving phony stories about Gaddafi using “human shields” to convince the American people that the $100 million dollar a day attack on Libya is virtuous and noblepp/Dearborn Mayor John B. O’Reilly Jr. said Jones is partly to blame. “Even though we said, ‘Please don’t go to the barricades,’ he just ignored it,” O’Reilly said. “My assessment is this is a man without character.”/from CNET Two University of Washington computer scientists develop a software system that, they say, can recognize dirty little double entendres in sentences./2.2 million Sony customer credit cards is offered for sale on an underground Internet forum following a security breach involving the company's PlayStation Network./Libyan government spokesman says a NATO missile strike killed Qaddafi's youngest son and three grandchildren but left Libyan strongman unharmed — signaling escalated pressure on leader./Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas, also contained several makes of machine guns, rifles, a shotgun and more than 26,000 ammunition cartridges, according to Raul Avila Ibarra, the federal police commissioner in charge of the city. Police say they discovered the weapons Friday while searching a house near the U.S.-Mexico border. Avila said the police acted on an anonymous tip that there were kidnapping victims in the house, but no one was found. The mirrors of the gym opened at the touch of a button near the floor, allowing access to the secret shelter, which also held more than 50 military uniforms, as well as bulletproof vests and gas masks. Three money-counting machines were also found./Taliban announced the beginning of their spring military offensive against the U.S.-led coalition, Taliban said insurgents will target "foreign invading forces, members of their spy networks and other spies, high-ranking officials of the Kabul puppet administration ... and heads of foreign and local companies working for the enemy and contractors."The Taliban ordered its fighters to pay "strict attention" to protecting civilians during the spring offensive. A recent U.N. report said about three-quarters of the estimated 2,777 civilians killed in Afghanistan last year died at the hands of insurgents, not international forces./
42911/a study the drugmaker funded that examined records of some 78,000 Medicare recipients with AMD and found that those who received Avastin had an 11 percent higher risk of dying and a 57 percent higher risk of hemorrhagic stroke than those getting Lucentis/So If You’re Poor, Out Of Work Or Live On The Street. The Billionaire Will Build You All More Domiciles AKA Prisons. But At Least Your Food Will Be Free. Until They Figure Out That You is All Free labor! Then You Can Pay Your Way Via .14 Cents A Day. Look Out China!/Romney is a financial genius. made all his money in China/Just Observed Your Children Being Put Out On The Street. Your Grand Children Will Be Next. With A Little luck From The GOP & Wacka Crats At Work. Your Whole Family Will Be Relocated To Prison Near You./An Indonesian toy salesman has admitted to raping at least 96 boys, police said Thursday. The 34-year-old man was arrested/
42811/didn't break the mortgage securitization market, private banks did. If we remove them from the market and do away with the mortgage interest deduction we'll inflict a 50-year recession on our housing market in order to satisfy the free market radicals who can't tolerate even the slightest bit of real-world complexity in their distopian vision of self-regulating markets which can grind all the people to dust and still keep on working long after there aren't any surviving customers. I have yet to see any proof that their unfettered free market fantasy would work, or is worth the price they are asking us to pay to obtain it. Markets exist to move goods and services between people; strengthening market forces by crushing the people serves whom exactly?/lack of transparency during the financial crisis led to criticisms of the Federal Reserve's role in the economy, with members of the conservative Tea Party movement calling for a dissolution of the Fed or a Congressionally-mandated opening up of the once-secretive central bank/"our dollar is worthless and so are the castles we think we live in." Taking the podium might blunt some of the critics, assuming the public both hears and understands what Bernanke says/ Atheists Seek Chaplain Role in the Military/White's ice–core studies helped reveal two striking facts. The first is that the Earth's great ice ages are bookmarked by a clear fluctuation in carbon dioxide levels: 180 parts per million (ppm) in the glacial periods, 280 ppm in the warmer periods (the level at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution about 150 years ago). A shift of 100 ppm in CO2 concentrations meant the difference between flowers blooming in the Arctic and ice a mile deep over Chicago./All of these proposals pass the laugh test in terms of being practical and politically feasible in the sense that the public would support them. These proposals may not be politically feasible in the sense that the people who pay for political campaigns and own major news outlets do not like them./Halliburton Brings In Record $5.3 Billion In First Quarter,/Right-Wing Network Behind the War on Unions Inspired by Ronald Reagan and funded by the right's richest donors, a web of free-market think tanks has fueled the nationwide attack on workers' rights.— By Andy Kroll/‘Green Dragon’ Slayers: How the Religious Right and the Corporate Right are Joining Forces to Fight Environmental Protection Justin Greenberg/protest, organized by the group Rising Tide North Texas, is the latest sign of a backlash against drilling in Texas. Yard signs saying “Get the Frack Out of Here” and “Protect Our Kids/No Drilling” Cons dumbfounded: Texans say NO to fracking/GE. Last year, it tumbled from being the nation's 24th biggest defense contractor to being the 33rd, pulling in $844 million in defense dollars. In 2001, it lost the $4 billion competition to provide engines for the JSF; that contract went to Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies (the 21st largest defense contractor, with $1.47 billion in annual military contracts). GE joined forces with another beleaguered contractor, Rolls Royce, and successfully lobbied Congress to hand them a long-term contract to research and produce "alternative" engines for the JSF aircraft. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was a big booster of the extra-engine deal, perhaps because GE's Cincinnati construction plant was in his district's back yard./ /Large Hadron Collider, which, among other things, hopes to find evidence of the "God particle. /rumor is floating around the physics community that the world's largest atom smasher may have detected a long-sought subatomic particle called the Higgs boson, also known as the "God particle."Physicists think the Higgs bestows mass on all the other particles — but they have yet to confirm its existence./
42711/Remember to make a list of vets or veterinary hospitals in other cities where you might need to temporarily shelter your pet if evacuating the area. radiation threat, commonly referred to as a "dirty bomb" or "radiological dispersion device (RDD) Demand State Board Take Action Against Gitmo Psychologist Valerie Sinason - Clinic for Dissociative Studies"Attachment Trauma and Multiplicity" by Valerie we have not found evidence of fundamentalist religious beliefs, only two out of 51 subjects who had any link with evangelist religious groups made contact with them after disclosing ritual Satanist abuse, and only because no-one else would listen to them./ for MI6' accused of bombing two Christian churches and a luxury hotel in Pakistan in 2002 was at the same time working for British intelligence, according to secret files on detainees who were shipped to the US military's Guantánamo Bay prison camp. Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlili, an Algerian citizen described as a "facilitator, courier, kidnapper, and assassin for al-Qaida", was detained in Pakistan in 2003 and later sent to Guantánamo Bay. But according to Hamlili's Guantánamo "assessment" file, one of 759 individual dossiers obtained by the Guardian, US interrogators were convinced that he was simultaneously acting as an informer for British and Canadian intelligence./The Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for downing a NATO helicopter in Kapisa province -- some 65 kilometers north of the capital, Kabul. NATO has confirmed one of its helicopters went down in Alah Say district in the country's east..US Commission on Wartime Contracting says hired contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan have been caught bilking billions of dollars from the United States government.. Press TV/Tokyo Electric Power Co. workers agreed to a management proposal to cut their pay by as much as 25 percent out of a sense of responsibility/ Foster children in Michigan would use their state-funded clothing allowance only in thrift stores under a plan suggested by State Senator Bruce Caswell. Caswell (R-Sociopath)/court in Pennsylvania ruled that Abu-Jamal, a former Black Panther who has languished on death row for nearly 30 years, must have a new sentencing hearing within the next six months. The 57-year-old African American was sentenced to death in 1982 after being found guilty in the murder of a white policeman -- a crime he has always denied committing./Grace Commission was formed by the Reagan administration to try to solve the national debt crisis. "100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt ... In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government."“If fundamental changes are not made in Federal spending, as compared with the fiscal 1983 deficit of $195 billion, a deficit of over ten times that amount, $2 trillion, is projected for the year 2000, only 17 years from now. In that year, the Federal debt would be $13.0 trillion ($160,000 per current taxpayer) and the interest alone on the debt would be $1.5 trillion per year ($18,500 per year per current taxpayer).” Grace Commission Report Jan 12, 1984/ Former chief U.N. nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei suggests in a new memoir that Bush administration officials should face international criminal investigation for the "shame of a needless war"/thousands of cops, firefighters, construction workers and others who survived the worst terrorist assault in U.S. history and risked their lives in its wake will soon be informed that their names must be run through the FBI’s terrorism watch list/ /BP finds unexploded WWII mine near major undersea oil pipeline /
42611/Blacks and other minorities with cancer are more likely than whites to say they would spend everything they have on aggressive treatments that might prolong their lives/Do you just get here from another planet or just play dumb? You can only fool yourself, cretins. Fanatism has no place here. By the way, keep these stupid comment for yourself./
42511/ al-Qaida's "travel agent," sporting a beard and an eye patch. Zubaydah was captured in Pakistan in 2002 and taken to several CIA black sites overseas until he was transferred to Guantanamo in 2006 for the second and last time, /604 detainees have been transferred out of Guantanamo while 172 remain locked up/Fearing a stalemate in Libya, Sens. Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman and John McCain, all members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, called for immediate military aid for Libyan rebels fighting Moammar Gadhafi's forces, stepped up NATO airstrikes/Hindu guru Sathya Sai Baba, worshipped as a god by millions of followers worldwide, died Sunday morning in a hospital near his southern Indian ashram. He was 86/If Gold and Silver adjust to the proper value against the counterfeit of the Federal Reserve and other failed paper systems silver will go to $2000 and Gold to $38,000 plus or minus, Criminals will try anything they can to prevent this. G & S are real money. If we have real money they can not steal from us at will./The Fed and Bilderbergs have won, never forget they also want world population dropped 2 3rds. If we were not armed, this would have been over a long time ago. You and I worked our whole life, for what? This country is toast. I love watching these union protests. They think they are actually making a difference. Good Luck Comrades./all a dog and pony show.the dollar will always be here.dont be fooled by the media.there in on it to, are you gonna take a bar of silver with you to by groceries/Chinese have a phrase, the bragging wind. Telling one's boss what he wants to hear seems to be a strong tendency in all cultures. In China, they have raised it to an art form./Jewish Greg Gutfeld's own 'Red Eye' program,(for something trulyobjectionable),almost any night on Fox 'News' at 3 A.M. Easterntime,to hear the degenerate Gutfeld himself say, - (often after somecrude remark about some supposed Hispanic or Vietnamese 'house boys'who he fantasizes forcing homosexual acts upon) - that 'if you don't agree with me,then,you sir,are worse than Hitler/the truth is that whether Adolf Hitleror Adolf 'Heidler' or Adolf'Schicklgruber' had any European Jewish ancestry or not - (some evenattribute Hitler's granfather to be a Rothschild because Hitler's grandmother, Maria Anna,who bore her first and possibly only child atthe age of 40,was employed as a servant in the Rothschild household on or aroundthetimeof her pregnancy), he was still unable to pass his and his Nazi or National Socialist Party's own requirements for proving otherwise !And much of the evidence that would prove or disprove one way or the other his own grandfather's illegitimate birth to be that of Jew or 'gentile' was purposefully destroyed at the expense of leveling all surrounding villages in the Austrian region of his birth and removing or destroying records,(and people),by Nazi soldiers under his command, a secret document proved that Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived her son. At that time, she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Salomon Mayer von Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy, she was sent back to her home in Spital where Hitler was born/everyone knows terrorists don`t read the NewYorker. They prefer the Daily Kos for their politics, and Cat Fancy for their masturbatory fantasies. Or maybe I have it backwards....And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler/Maybe Rupert Murdoch's boy Greg Gutfeld should consider it was this very irresponsible throwing about Hitler's name in both daddy George H.W. Bush's's Gulf War, repeated again by his moronic killer son W with cooperation of both CNN and Gutfeld's Zionist boss Rupert Murdoch's Fox 'News' that got American in the mess it is in the first place - then shut up/how a jew,even one who is not even a semite, a German Jew or Askenazi who is definitely not a semite, can be so flippant about the use of labeling anyone who disagrees with him as,'worse than Hitler',even in jest. on the other hand no or very few jews stood up to W Bush or his father before him during the Gulf War for so readily labeling Saddam Hussein as 'Hitler' either.And those depraved right wingnut jews were as fast to wag their tongues as out little war coward,instigator of mass murder of innocent Iraqis and tool of petroleum traffickers, George W Busholini, himself. A real daddy's boy. Bush Family Connections to Genocide and Financing Hitler Samuel Prescott Bush, son of a Episcopalian preacher converted over to the satanic side by George Herbert Walker /undamentalist Christians, Hitler not Jesus who died for your sins. German Jews lived a mythology aided and abetted the false Christian view, thought that they were SEMITES TOO. All Jews aren't semites, All Semites aren't Jews. Judeo-Cristian-Moslem FUNDAMENTALISTS ARE JUST BAD NEWS, doesn't matter who's their 'savior', religion is just bad learned behavior. /house in Rastenfeld were documents about Alois Hitler were found Left: the graveyard in Spital Right: The grave of the Pölzl-family/1877, at the age of 39, Alois Schicklgruber changed his name, It remains speculative whether 'heil Schicklgruber' would have resounded as far as 'heil Hitler'/Döllersheim, Strones, Spital and Wörnharts, Döllersheim, the birthplace of Hitler's father and his grandmother's burial place, was turned into an army training area and obliterated on Hitler's orders. Strones was also obliterated by the 30 kilometre-wide training zone/90% of those today calling themselves "Jews", are actually descendants of the Khazar people, from southern Russia:. Jews from Eastern Europe and Western Asia descended from Mongolians and other Asiatic peoples who had adopted Judaism as their "religion" over 1,000 years ago/ /With Congress debating the government’s role in residential mortgages reminds us the federal government plays an important role in regulating lenders to ensure flow of capital. In tough times when private financing will not or cannot participate in the home loan market, the government needs the ability to provide interim financing. Thomas Piercy, managing member of IMA, said only five of the 1,128 loans are delinquent with just one in foreclosure. About 72% of the mortgages, accounting for nearly 80% of balance outstanding, are in California, with 13% of the loans in Arizona and 6.5% in Washington. Less than 100 loans are spread across 14 other states./Demopedia reports in Who Killed John O'Neill at the time of 9/11, AIG, and subsidiaries Marsh McLennan, With Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member Maurice "Hank" Greenberg as the AIG godfather, curled around the heart of the tragedy. son Jeffrey, a CFR member of Marsh & McLennan, situated on floors throughout the North Tower as well as the top floors of the South Tower. Marsh had ties to the CIA. Son Evan Greenberg, a CFR member, was CEO of ACE Limited, Kroll, closely related to the CIA, ACE and Kroll, were run by the Greenberg family.Tower 7 also contained offices of the FBI, Department of Defense, IRS (which contained prodigious amounts of corporate tax fraud corporate, including Enron's), US Secret Service, Securities & Exchange Commission (with more stock fraud records), and Citibank's Salomon Smith Barney 2006/Understanding Hitler's Secret Relationship to the House of Rothschild, Hansjurgen Koehler's "Fatal File" By Clifford Shack 1999, a book was published entitled "The House of Rothschild: The World's Banker 1849-1999/ W Bush,Chabad-Lubavitch,Rubashkin's Agriprocessors: Kosher Guns, Drugs, Ilegal Rabbis,Guatemala Wage Slaves/ nwostuff/
42311/Rima Laibow, MD: Intravenous EDTA chelation is said to remove radioactive heavy metals. If the contamination is ongoing, the chelationn needs to continue.statement above is cmade in the link by Natural Solutions-Amermed has other anti-oxidents that fight free radicals / Tis aboot time the zionist element was removed from America-look at what we gained-911, illegal wars, patriot act, QE 1 & 2, the CFR put options on 911, ICTS, chertof writing the Mossad Act, er patriot act & The Gestapo Dept of HomelUNd Security, FTG/Unions representing Central Florida teachers, firefighters, police and other government workers are pulling an estimated $10 million from five banks affiliated with the Florida Chamber of Commerce, blaming them for an attack on public employees. banks in question sit on the Florida Chamber's board of directors, and the chamber has pushed legislation that would prohibit state and local governments from collecting union dues through payroll deduction. AFSCME Council 79 will no longer do business with banking institutions that directly advocate against the best interest of the middle class./BP North America’s PAC gave $5,000 each to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), along with $10,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which are tasked with electing more Republicans to Congress. also gave $5,000 to Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), who has used his chairmanship of the Energy Committee to push legislation friendly to oil companies like BP. However, Upton told The Hill “he is not accepting the contribution and will return it to BP.” The company also gave $1,000 to Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), who chairs the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee. Rep. Pete Visclosky (D-IN), the only Democrat to which BP donated, received $3,000./One year after the spill and there has still been no action on health care,” said Anne Rolfes, Founding Director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade. “BP is the culprit, but the state and federal government are not fulfilling their obligation to stand up for us and make BP do the right thing. This action was all about highlighting the fact that people are truly sick and the government and BP are just standing by.” 2009 there were 2,500 accidents in the Gulf, and hundreds more onshore at refineries. “The oil has vanished from sight, but something else is becoming visible: respiratory infections, kidney damage, liver psoriasis, neurological damage, chemical pneumonitis, and defatting of the skin. Those effects are all due to the dispersant we used, Corexit, and are part of the reason Corexit is banned in the United Kingdom. Here in the U.S., it’s legal, and so we used it/Pseudo-Intellectual Hit Piece Emblematic Of Crumbling Elitist Media New York Magazine smear portrays Alex Jones as paranoid, Fox News-wannabe..Americans are living in a predatory police state, then this story completely eviscerates it. Michigan state police have been using a handheld mobile forensics device to steal information from cell phones belonging to motorists stopped for minor traffic violations..the government has launched a total takeover of society under the pretext of keeping everyone safe, when in reality the move is a calculated coup d’état against individuality and is designed to oppress and enslave the American people.pp/Kissinger recently told fellow elitists at three different globalist confabs that the US needs to launch a ground invasion of Libya and keep the war running for at least another year./

sorry about tthe missing 11 days, hopefully not on purpose....glta

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