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111909/Fox News' Sean Hannity Wednesday night, "We have allies who are as concerned about Ahmadinejad's actions as we are," she said. "Cutting off the imports into Iraq, of their refined petroleum products. They're reliant ... on those imports. We have some control over there. And some of the beneficial international monetary deals that Iraq benefits from, we can start implementing some sanctions there and start really shaking things up and telling Ahmadinejad, nobody is going to stand for this."/Pukes praying for Obama's death, just like AlQueda & Talib//competing arms/ I'm Convinced That U Pukes Don't Really Understand What Has Happened... 10 minutes ago
Over The Last Ten Years! You Just Blame This One Or That One, But These Guys Foretold Of It Yet No One Gives Them A Mention!/OBVIOUSLY know NOTHING about the law,nor THE EXCLUSIONARY RULEnor the DOCTRINE OF THE FRUITS OF THE POISONOUS TREE -what YOU DO KNOW could fill a thimble/jake adelstein yokiami tokyo vice /Selling t-shirts with message: Pray for Obama's Death Verse reads, 'Let his days be few' and 'let his children be fatherless'/Nobody wants to be the grouchy old man on the corner, but we all turn into him eventually -- and you will, too.//The paranoia and fear that W's crimes will be punished is astounding! Only a deep seeded belief that W did in fact do something wrong can produce this level of hysteria. So the retaricans know /
And your proof is what? Demonstrate the link, ANY link, between Obama, Holder, Soros, and Mohammed.

Given your residence in the most obese and illiterate state, I'm pretty well convinced that you can't do it. /No I haven't! You have! You believe in lies and a cheating method. Sorry that's not a strong base! Red Necks and Yeezza Massas are not the type of people to place your livelihood Pal!//So we can expect that job losses will continue until the end of 2010 at the earliest. In other words, if you are unemployed and looking for work and just waiting for the economy to turn the corner, you had better hunker down. All the economic numbers suggest this will take a while. The jobs just are not coming back.robini/The medical marijuana debate is gathering steam in California, as two disparate engines are catapulting headlong down parallel paths that appear destined to collide in the distance. The impending collision could chart the future course on legalization of marijuana in America.

In just the past year, California has seen a proliferation of "pot doc" ; clinics sprouting up like wild mushrooms. And prospective medical marijuana patients are flocking to these clinics like Deadheads to a Furthur concert.

Meanwhile, California cities and counties have been racing to enact ordinances banning or placing moratoria on medical marijuana dispensaries, the same outlets that supply legal cannabis to medical marijuana patients.
With a physician's recommendation in hand, a cannabis patient can legally purchase or grow pot. If the patient takes the letter and registers at a local county public health department, a medical marijuana identification card will be issued at a cost of $66 ($33 for Medi-Cal patients or veterans). The county-issued ID cards provide law enforcement with a "clear line" of distinction if they come upon a cannabis patient carrying pot. The CDPH has issued 35,337 medical marijuana ID cards since the program's inception.

Under SB420, each county sets the permissible amounts a patient may cultivate. In most California counties, the amount is six mature plants or 12 immature marijuana plants, plus eight ounces of bud. In Humboldt and Sonoma counties, however, the maximum is 30 plants with up to 100 square feet of garden canopy and up to three pounds of bud.
Then in October came the sweeping news from US Attorney General Eric Holder's office, which issued a memo advising states attorneys general that "... the pursuit of these priorities (illegal trafficking of drugs) should not focus federal resources in your States on individuals whose actions are in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state laws providing for the medical use of marijuana." This represented a dramatic reversal from the Bush administration, and brought a huge sigh of relief from the medical marijuana community.

Capping the attorney's general's announcement, last week the American Medical Association reversed its position by urging the federal government to reclassify marijuana from the list of Schedule I drugs, which include heroin and LSD. The association noted that scant testing has been done on cannabis and recommends more scientifically rigorous research be done.//The World Health Organization has predicted that by 2030, more people will be affected by depression than any other health problem. Yet of all the dysfunctions of modern medicine, the way we treat depression may be the worst./West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd became the longest-serving lawmaker in congressional history today. The Senate paid tribute, and there was some sort of special resolution, but we thought we'd honor the 91-year-old public servant ourselves by pointing out just how old he is./two House Democrats shepherding derivatives reform proposals through Congress will close an existing $50 trillion loophole for foreign currency contracts, the Huffington Post has learned./The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Geithner Should Step Down
Geithner's problem is not that he is by nature a corrupt man. It's that he is steeped in the Wall Street way of doing business, which itself is riddled with fraud -- and billions of taxpayer dollars are at stake. /The FAA confirms that a computer glitch is causing widespread flight delays and cancellations across the country. Flight plans are now being inputted manually because of a problem with the automated system./Major investors are reluctant to put more cash to work until they are convinced that the economy is moving forward enough to warrant new investments./everyone in America thinks Sara Palin is a twit doesn`t mean you should.
YOU could choose to believe she has an "image problem" and just needs better public relations.

As the republican nominee she could hire some EXPERT PR people (and buy some new clothes.) /319k word phc bill1/6 of total US gdp?/
/111809/111709//Republicans sprang into
action. "We're so excited Holder is bringing those terrorists here for
trial," said Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. "Now wecan go to town with our fake outrage."/manna from heaven," said House Minority Whip Eric Cantor."America will see it's Republicans who want to keep them safe with our fairnd balanced torture program."/What American would vote Democrat again when we tell them liberals aregranting special rights to those terrorist killers," Texas Senator JohnCornyn asked, "special rights like the right not to be tortured, the specialright not to be denied an attorney, and the special right not to be put awayfor life without a trial? What's next for these Democrat special rightsgranters? The right for gay Muslims to marry?"
"I can't believe this outrageous pre-9/11 approach is being proposed in mycity," fumed former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. "If I had been made mayorfor life, like I should have been after 9/11, I would never let these 9/11terrorists set foot in my post-9/11 city. Did I forget to mention 9/11?"
Former Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney also had harsh words for the
Democrats. "Don't these idiots know you can't go to the dark side if trialsare out in the open?""It's a good thing that I and the Republicans had the good sense to blocksocialized medicine," said Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman (I), "or thoseterrorists would be getting free taxpayer-paid health care.""If I only had this issue during the campaign," said Senator John McCain, "Iwould have wiped Obama all over the electoral map, even with that albatrossPalin on my back."The former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, taking a break from her booktour, added had her own comment on the terrorist trials coming to New York."Where are those Obama death panels when we need them?" /15 Nov 2009 The cost of sending 40,000 additional American troops toAfghanistan is estimated to be between $40 billion to $54 billion annually,a new report says. The New York Times/
"He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security." - Benjamin Franklin //
Fighting has raged across Darfur since 2003, pitting the rebel movements against Government forces and allied Janjaweed militiamen. An estimated 300,000 people have been killed in the region over the past six years and another 2.7 million people forced to leave their homes.

The joint African Union-UN peacekeeping force in Darfur, known as UNAMID, has been deployed there since January 2008 to try to quell the fighting and protect civilians. /Pakistani Taliban said the group accepted responsibility for only some of the recent suicide bombings in Pakistan, laying the blame for others, including a deadly attack on a market last month that killed more than 100 civilians, on the American security firm formerly known as Blackwater. spokesman had also suggested that the ruling Pakistan People’s Party was involved in the attacks, adding, “All these killings by the infamous Blackwater are aimed at maligning the Taliban.” Pakistanis as akin to C.I.A. agents, and local conspiracy theories sometimes assert that the U.S. with the help of Blackwater, rather than the Taliban, are responsible for the suicide attacks. [...] From a secret division at its North Carolina headquarters, the company formerly known as Blackwater has assumed a role in Washington’s most important counterterrorism program: the use of remotely piloted drones to kill Al Qaeda’s leaders, according to government officials and current and former employees.

The division’s operations are carried out at hidden bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the company’s contractors assemble and load Hellfire missiles and 500-pound laser-guided bombs on remotely piloted Predator aircraft, work previously performed by employees of the Central Intelligence Agency. They also provide security at the covert bases, the officials said. Pakistani journalist and blogger Ahmed Quraishi, who dug into the Web site of the United States Training Center, which calls itself “a Xe company,” and noticed that job applicants were directed to a form — posted on the Web site — that includes Urdu and Punjabi in a list of languages that prospective contractors might speak. /

The issue is NOT the criminality of those who will be tried. The REAL issue and the REAL fear of the Bushaholics is what will come out about the war crimes committed with the permission, collusion and in some cases under the direction of TrickyDicky the Halliburton WHORE and his handpuppet Little Georgie the Drunken Failure. The ONLY moral fog is that which exists in the brains of the right wing. We are NOT at war. The criminals are CRIMINALS without honor. They are NOT enemy soldiers. What they did is NOT a war crime but a garden variety scumbag MURDER. ANYBODY tried in a US court is entitled to the same treatment. Trying these scum in a rigged up military tribunal because we are AFRAID of our own Constitutional procedures would be the work of frightened little asswipes of the sort who encouraged torture and then hid from their responsibility when the word got out. /
No wonder we failed so miserably in Iraq and Afghanistan for 8 years, none of you idiots knows what you're talking about! In America, we put people on trial for their crimes. We do not practice street least, we don't now that the adults are in charge again.//University of Pennsylvania has found that it's safer for cops to use tasers to subdue perps than their fists and batons. But safest of all? Using words and patience.

The team examined over 24,000 cases where police had used force, including almost 5500 incidents involving a Taser. After controlling for factors such as the amount of resistance shown by the suspect, they found that Taser use reduced the overall risk of injury by 65 per cent.
/ Sarah Palin’s New Book “Going Mongoloid”
Sub Titled: I did drugs when I was pregnant and screwed up my baby!/Ten democrats, five republicans; now that is bipartisanship. It is unfortunate that the only thing they can agree on is taking bribes, and allowing big banks to screw their constituents.
/found by passersby lying in a pool of blood in Braund Avenue, Greenford, at about 7pm on Monday. She was taken to Charing Cross hospital but died about four hours later. A man living close to the scene, who asked not to be named, said he believed the woman's throat had been cut, as well as her hand cut off./The report also questions a decision to pay out $35bn in collateral to "make whole" all of AIG's counterparties on controversial credit default swaps, suggesting that government officials could have tried harder to squeeze concessions from top banks such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Barclays.could prove damaging to the US treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, Neil Barofsky, who is answerable to Congress, says the government relied on an unsuccessful effort by Wall Street banks to raise a private sector rescue of AIG. When this failed, the Fed had no contingency plan and simply applied the private consortium's terms to an $85bn public loan which carried an interest rate of more than 11% and was in return for an 80% stake in AIG./upon hearing Obama's concerns about internet censorship, may respond by saying: "We are not censoring the internet, we are merely enforcing existing laws." Maybe, but the internet has been anything but silent as Obama's trip approached. Beyond the moderated discussion on the official Xinhua news agency website, thousands of voices have sprung up on Twitter, collected from the twittersphere in a tag called #obamacn, started by Rebecca Machinnon, a famous China Internet expert/'Self-centred' consultant jailed for six years for putting powder into drinks in attempt to induce miscarriage

A doctor who spiked his pregnant lover's drinks in an attempt to induce a miscarriage was today jailed for six years by a judge who condemned him as a "liar, a cheat and a predator".

Judge Richard Hone told the Old Bailey that Edward Erin, a 44-year-old father of two, was a "self-centred, vainglorious and irresponsible" man who lived in a fantasy world and had preyed on women by dazzling them with his wealth. /humor columnist Jerry Zezima will be a speaker at the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop next April, presenting his workshop, "How to Write Humor: A Subject I Know Absolutely Nothing About But Have Somehow Managed to Make More Than Minimum Wage Doing."/November 3, the Large Hadron Collider was shut down because one of its sectors began to overheat. Research revealed that it was caused by a bird who dropped a piece of bread on one of the electrical substations that sits above the accelerator. Once this “baguette” was removed, the Collider was back online within a couple days./Frank Schaeffer is one of the good guys. He is the son of one of the first televangelists, Francis Schaeffer, and in his book, Crazy for God, he did a great job explaining how he helped found the Religious Right, and why he now regretted it.
Basically, atheists like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Maher and others like them are building a movement of atheistic dogma that is every bit as intolerant as that from the right. In Patience with God, I argue that these are really part of the same movement. It is a movement of intolerance that sees the whole country as being in a civil war where your side has to win in order for it to be a better place. And I don’t feel that hopeful. I also don’t feel it’s true because I don’t think that that is how things work. /flew on a red eye from Kona, Hawaii to Los Angeles, California. We flew first class for more comfort and service. We awoke to music playing and the lights coming on when the pilot announced that we were about to land. The music was a shock to me in that it was specifically Christian music. The words of the song being played praised Jesus and God and instructed listeners to pray and “adore him.”/Rich Orman for his great podcast: Dogma Free America. It was one of the first times I have been able to go into the details of my deconversion and the journey to atheism. If you are (or were) a Christian, I also go into some of the “Biblical” reasons for becoming a nonbeliever./Netanyahu discussed a number of issues in the U.S.-Israel bilateral relationship. The President reaffirmed our strong commitment to Israel’s security, and discussed security cooperation on a range of issues. The President and Prime Minister also discussed Iran and how to move forward on Middle East peace."/
//in THEORY a country of laws, but until Bush, Chaney and the Rest of the Criminal Cabal Stand Trial for all the crimes they committed America will be seen as a place where if you have political power you can get away with murder only way for America to regain the moral high ground is for a full and open trial on TV of Bush, Cheney and the Criminal Cabal followed by a first class hanging also televised of course./
I'll bring the rope Those 2 murderers are worse than any in captivity now
They lied and 4500 died/would rather see Charles Manson walking the streets insted of the Bush/Chaney Gang.//111609//
[[As regards circumcision, I think that one of its objects is to limit sexual intercourse, and to weaken the organ of generation as far as possible, and thus cause man to be moderate. Some people believe that circumcision is to remove a defect in man's formation; but every one can easily reply: How can products of nature be deficient so as to require external completion, especially as the use of the fore-skin to that organ is evident. This commandment has
not been enjoined as a complement to a deficient physical creation, but as a means for perfecting man's moral shortcomings.
The bodily injury caused to that organ is exactly that which is desired; it does not interrupt any vital function, nor does it destroy the power of generation. Circumcision simply counteracts excessive lust; for there is no doubt that circumcision weakens the power of sexual excitement, and sometimes lessens the natural enjoyment: the organ necessarily becomes weak when it loses blood and is deprived of its covering from the beginning.]]/313 circumcised male respondents, 49.5% cited a sense of parental violation, 62% expressed feelings of mutilation, and 84% reported some degree of sexual harm [progressive loss of glans sensitivity, excess stimulation needed to reach orgasm, painful coitus and impotence].(24)
Body image survey found 20% of circumcised respondents cited dissatisfaction with their circumcision.(25) //My motto is "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"
Doesn't always work so I rely on the fact that God is in control.

Not easy for people losing jobs and homes and the results from these things.
I guess the only thing for people in this boat is to have the attitude that
" my Government will take care of me" because they don't want me to starve but it isn't too bad if you happen to be homeless but you can still have a cardbox over your head. (if you can find one)
And about racism still being around.. always was and always will be.
It doesn't necessarily apply only to the color of skin.
There will always be cultural differences and rich and poor.
So....I am still alive and I am stronger and God is still in control./Officials managing the multibillion-dollar bailout of the insurance giant may have overpaid other banks to wind down A.I.G.’s business relationships, a government watchdog says./ome of the world's largest financial firms on Monday urged a top U.S. lawmaker not to pursue big bank break-up legislation, an idea attracting interest in Congress and causing alarm on Wall..//Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a student who complained that high school officials violated her constitutional rights when they turned off her microphone during her religion-tinged graduation speech.During McComb's speech at the Foothill High School graduation in 2006, officials turned off McComb's microphone when the school valedictorian strayed from an approved text to provide a graphic account of Jesus' crucifixion and credit God for her success in school. /too bad you have not run into me, you scum lib. that would be your last deed on this earth. your house and family would be machine gunned and burned to the ground. we, russians, have no use for crap like you. consider your self warned. your are asking for a big trouble.//111409//wurd! "spiritual swordfight"/(ACLU) had sued
for the release of 21 color photos under the Freedom of Information Act. The
Obama regime filed a brief with the Supreme Court late Friday saying
that *Gates
has invoked new powers blocking the release of the photos*../Any nation that plans to drop the US dollar as the global reserve currency (petro-dollar) will be placed on the Blackwater list as "terrorists". ----- Meanwhile the US media is distracting us loudly with the Health Insurance Mafia tea parties. Obama has gone to smoking in the Air Force 1 crapper over how much blood to spill with more troops to "AfPakistan". At the right time, Blackwater/CIA will likely spring yet another False Flag event that will mind-control and Thimerolsol the US sheeple into sending every last troop into "AfPakistan" to help Eric Prince continue the job of door-to-door genocide.//This is how we do it. Get Obama to come out 100% against legalizing it. Fox news will hold rallies to get it legalized, he flips we win!//judge who sentenced Alamo on Friday to 175 years in prison for child sexual abuse warned of another kind of justice awaiting the aging evangelist."Mr. Alamo, one day you will face a higher and a greater judge than me," U.S. District Judge Harry F. Barnes told the preacher. "May he have mercy on your soul."/a Down Side To Trying the Terrorists are we going to do when the names of the Americans who trained them, armed them, recruited for them, ran drugs for them and sponsored them start coming out in the trials - bet the gopers wouldn't like it./courts could put a string of republicans together who would love to defend themselves by saying "I was just following reagan's orders"/we will stand with all of our Asian partners in combating the transnational threats of the 21 st century: by rooting out the extremists who slaughter the innocent, and stopping the piracy that threatens our sea lanes; by enhancing our efforts to stop infectious disease, and working to end extreme poverty in our time; and by shutting down the traffickers who exploit women, we will stand with all of our Asian partners in combating the transnational threats of the 21 st century: by rooting out the extremists who slaughter the innocent, and stopping the piracy that threatens our sea lanes; by enhancing our efforts to stop infectious disease, and working to end extreme poverty in our time; and by shutting down the traffickers who exploit women, children and migrants, and putting a stop to this scourge of modern-day slavery once and for all. /
atheianity? theoanity truthianity
!FATHER: ill say it dave has no reason/ /Tuesday, State Sen. Dave Schultheis, Republican from Colorado Springs, compared President Obama to the terrorists on 9/11./Most books with known ghostwriters list their co-author's name on the cover. In this case it was Lynn Vincent (a well-known homophobe). Going Rogue Palin has really spent very little time outside of Alaska, and according to John McCain's campaign advisors, was shockingly unfamiliar with American geography it's the former governor who suffers from low self-esteem and frequently projects that onto other women. In addition to not knowing whether or not Africa was a continent, according to sources in the McCain campaign, Palin also didn't understand the difference between England and Great Britain legal bills of more than $500,000 resulting from what she calls "frivolous" ethics complaints filed against her. The lion's share of those bills resulted from the ethics complaint she filed against herself in a legal maneuver to sidestep the Troopergate states that she found out only "minutes" before John McCain's concession speech that she would not be allowed to make remarks of her own introducing McCain asserts that her effort to award a license for a natural gas transmission line was turning a "pipe dream" into a pipeline. implies that the McCain campaign intentionally bungled the release of information regarding her daughter Bristol's pregnancy and refused to let her rewrite it. Schmidt & Co. were encumbered with the task of keeping Palin from lying and misleading people throughout the campaign, from her well-documented lies about the "Bridge to Nowhere" to her duplicities about her husband Todd's assocation with the Alaska Independence Party. Palin's lying to those in the McCain campaign was so troubling to them that they cringed every time she went "off script."/ree today is not the same as free 50 years ago with all the laws against U.S. citizens passed over that period. Free today is not free tomorrow, and it can change quickly. Your neighbor today can claim to the local police you are abusing your kids or using drugs or whatever it may be, called whistlblower laws, and guess whom goes to jail first and whom stay's anonymous is this scenario and gets to sleep in their own bed tonite? Your good neighbor does, the righteous one. Good luck with that kind of freedom pal. Shoot first ask questions later.Guilty before delared innocent today/caldwell,cristopher11.11colbert/ree today is not the same as free 50 years ago with all the laws against U.S. citizens passed over that period. Free today is not free tomorrow, and it can change quickly. Your neighbor today can claim to the local police you are abusing your kids or using drugs or whatever it may be, called whistlblower laws, and guess whom goes to jail first and whom stay's anonymous is this scenario and gets to sleep in their own bed tonite? Your good neighbor does, the righteous one. Good luck with that kind of freedom pal. Shoot first ask questions later.
Guilty before delared innocent today/ Terrorism to me is defined as someone whom takes your money, then spends it on you for health care most of us don't need and then calls it a Christmas gift they are giving to us. Now they would have been better off sending money to those without any health care and telling them go out and buy whatever plans cover you and your family the best. No instead they have to mess with everyones health care because they need their fingers into all our lives so they can better control the surplus population. Now the dollar is being tanked around the globe so the most wealthy among us can get it in the currency structure they wish to use going forward. You all mean nothing to our leaders or the most wealthy among us. Live and learn little sheep. / Can anyone with any brains on this board direct me to the place in our U.S. Constitution, a document our representatives have sworn to uphold, that is states they can pass mandatory health care coverage for all Americans and illegals as well? Show me where it says that in the U.S. Constitution and I will live by the upcoming vote and go to jail not buying it. / Can anyone with any brains on this board direct me to the place in our U.S. Constitution, a document our representatives have sworn to uphold, that is states they can pass mandatory health care coverage for all Americans and illegals as well? Show me where it says that in the U.S. Constitution and I will live by the upcoming vote and go to jail not buying it. /law enforcement has a vested interest in keeping pot illegal. Granted we, as a country could save a lot of money if we legalized it, i.e. money saved on prosecuting and keeping pot users in jail. But a lot of people make their living on the "war on drugs."/McVeigh is a war hero to Conservativesslaughtered women and children and is undeniably, a war hero to Conservatives because he killed American Government workers.
/111309/ Cheney's New Book Talks About 8yrs With Bush
"idiot" /most companies look to generate 2 dollars of revenue for every ad dollar spent./Former bankers look to buy failing banks:/
. Murdoch concedes FOX NEWS is his pet blog and nothing more than a political blog//RNC received a phone call from a reporter on Wednesday asking whether the RNC's health care policy, through Cigna, covered elective abortions for employees. On Thursday, published a report citing two sales agents for Cigna who said the RNC's policy covered elective abortion./ MODEL REPUBLICAN FAMILY VALUES HYPOCRITE
made several sex vids for bf... yes, MISS KALIFORNICATE AND FAUX NEWZ AND SARAHCUDA //NEW YORK – Federal prosecutors took steps Thursday to seize four U.S. mosques and a Fifth Avenue skyscraper owned by a nonprofit Muslim organization long suspected of being secretly controlled by the Iranian government/Alaska — President Barack Obama’s strategy for Afghanistan will include a plan for “how we’re going to get folks out”//111209/Ted Nugent said when Curt Cobain formerly of Nirvana blew his brains out with a shotgun? After he heard the news someone was interviewing him and asked him what he thought about the incident. He said the best thing that could happen for his child is that Courtney Love (his girlfriend) would kill herself so the child would have a chance of growing up correctly./
dreamertk: lookit, here's my pic: In fact if you lost one you might cry your guts out. Well, now tell me how much a fetus knows. or an egg or a sperm cell. See you guys care more for what has'nt even seen the world, than what has, thats why you have no bones about sending someone in the prime of their life, mayby with families, out to fight a made up war. Or shoot animals in the wild for fun./
DoubtingDaniel: VATICAN CITY – E.T. phone Rome. Four hundred years after it locked up Galileo for challenging the view that the Earth was the center of the universe, the Vatican has called in experts to study the possibility of extraterrestrial alien life and its implication for the Catholic Church./ 111109///One in seven soldiers return home with post-traumatic stress disorder. Now some military vets have found a peaceful way to deal with war through yoga
/Massachusetts Man Says He Was Fired for Telling Colleague Her Gay Marriage Is Wrong/numbers of wounded U.S. soldiers coming home have continued to swell. The problem is especially acute among those who fought in Afghanistan, where nearly four times as many troops were injured in October as a year ago/Your sarcastic ill timed remarks are indicative of your lack of intelligence. You try to turn your words into a left versus right argument at the expense of our troops, and this is vile and deplorable. How dare you exploit the brave in such a cowardice attempt. These men and women volunteer to put their lives on the line,, and you, you devalue their lives with mockery. Have you ever been in the service?/WHY? Isn´t everyone making a lot of $$$ because of the wars?/Only a republican would trash our troops over his/her political agenda,,,,no wonder you retards lost the last few elections!/NO greedy whore monger in going to "wise up", get it thru your heads, THE ILLUMINATI IS NOT FOR YOUR GOOD OR ANY GOOD OF THE PEOPLE!!!! DA! WAKE UP/Get outa here you r**h*** douch bag!!! The ONLY troops that should be "at war" for the good ol buck is obama and his merry little puppets in the white house!!AND ALL THEIR SONS/US Govt spends millions of dollars on each soldier... for what? to stay at home?Just send more troops and stop talking and thinking about these blood sucking clowns in army./"Islamicdem:" If you really thought critically about what your comment reads to Americans, I would absolutely be fearful of a backlash perpetrated upon Muslims in this country. You are a verbal terrorist, and so not intelligent, whose only attempt is to incite negativerepercussions.
Decent, law abiding Muslims do not approve of your hostile rhetoric. Watch your back,/Damn straight right wing NUTS!We need some more BS wars don't we?You guys were so much more comfortable with an illiterate, incompetent president weren't you?You gave that a-hole 8 years to completely wreck this country and you swallowed his sticky mess whole.
The GOP's tactics aren't even concealed, but they still fool many people. They hired a guy a few years ago who held forums and conducted "word choice" polls, so that they could figure out how to speak to the minds of the masses with words which would change the debate without actually changing the message./Every other industrialized nation and many countries much poorer than the US provides basic health care to every citizen. It is a shame and a disgrace that a country as rich as the US leaves 45 million people uninsured and millions more vulnerable to bankruptcy if they actually get sick and find out that their insurance company denies care or terminates their coverage.
If Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, etc., can provide health care for all for much less cost, why do right-wingers have so little faith that the US can do at least as well. Are they not truly patriots, who have faith and confidence in their country? Do they think the US is a special case, more incompetent than any other industrialized nation, unable to reform and restructure a dysfunctional system that is bleeding us dry?/anger over soldier arrestwife of a soldier arrested and charged after taking part in an anti-war protest speaks of her's city council has given preliminary approval to an ordinance banning medical marijuana dispensaries inside city limits/consortium of Chinese and American companies goes to Washington and announces plans to build a $1.5 billion windmill farm/ prominent social-conservative activist group is using comments made by readers on a gay-rights Web site as "evidence" that the LGBT movement is mulling using "organized terrorism" against Christians.../THEY'RE the victims when THEY are the ones oppressing the gays? That is infuriating./Radical bigoted right wing fringe group is radical and bigoted /Unfortunately the bigots seem to be the ones making all the noise and giving Christians a bad image. If all Christians would stand up to the bigots like Rick Warren, Pat Robertson, and the rest then they could reclaim that peaceful image./I don't think they've blamed us for the Titanic yet./Like Christians don't have a LONG history of their own terrorist tactics. /Obama uses the word 'teabagger' to Democrats that a failed health care bill would "encourage extremists." "“Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care?"//fungica/ 1-800-828-0498 to be connected with a Capitol Switchboard Operator/lone domestic terrorist'suspect in the shooting of a Seattle, Washington, police officer is also believed to be behind the bombing of four police cars,/Italian government is vowing to fight a European court ruling that crucifixes in classrooms violate students' right to freedom of religion./ /When You have to inject too many explanations for a given set of facts-none of them are True, tis the most simplest explanation that holds//Government Signs in Kamdesh Have Been Replaced
By Signs of The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan --Muhammad Othman, a Talibanleader in Kamdesh: *"We have defeated the U.S. forces, with the help of God.All these regions are completely free ofAmericans. /Breaking: Blackwater Paid $1 Million In Bribes to Iraqi Officials After
Shootings/If Bush was responsible for 9/11, then Obama is responsible for Fort Hood!!!!!/
/"Unless we wrest control of this planet from the Illuminati, we are doomed, like
Rev. Jones' followers at Jonestown. And we will deserve our fate. Hidden Hand is
right. "You are complicit in your inaction, every time you 'look the other way'
when you see an injustice." Let's be "Service Oriented" and reject the
Illuminati รข€“ their phony terror, fascist government and Satanic religion.Let's
throw their kool-aid in their face."/'s personal White House Pastor Teddy Haggard...who liked to have Crystal Meth crammed up his keester, whilst being buggered by male prostitutes.....Nothing 'hypocritical' about that!!!/amazing to me - so catholics don't pass the purity test cause we don't bible thump but scumbags at the c street whore monger house do cause they DO thump the bible? and real family values guys like newt, rush, beck, rudy, sanford, ensign, duval, vitter, etc are people we should emulate and pass a PURITY test? seems ass backwards to me -/Are they investing the money in American business? “No, they are mostly buying Treasuries.” So the money is just being shuffled from one Federal bank account to another, with each Wall Street bank skimming off $1 billion per month for itself? “Pretty much.”/
What happens when the bottom causes the top to adopt its ideas and issues? Sometimes craziness, but sometimes democracy, and maybe even elected officials actually representing the true interests and concerns of their constituents. Or those elected officials could just represent the loudest voices. That's also a bottom up consideration. Squeaky wheels will always get the grease.
//Post editor fired after speaking out against a cartoon depicting the author of the president's stimulus package as a dead chimpanzee has sued the paper. And as part of her complaint, Sandra Guzman levels some remarkable, embarrassing, and potentially damaging allegations./Obama will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House on Monday evening after a rough stretch in U.S. efforts to settle the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict./650,000 troubled borrowers have been put into trial loan modifications under the president's foreclosure rescue plan/Christians tried to use that source as a sign of all the "miracles" which he supposed to have performed, could not find a single case to support that. In Roman texts, he's simply some guy who was nailed to a cross, who had a bunch of fanatic followers./HE WAS A FAGGOT BASTARD. JUST LIKE HOMO PRIESTS THAT MOLEST ALTERBOYS. VIRGIN MARY WAS GANG BANGED BY A BUNCH OF ARABS AND THATS HOW JESUS WAS BORN A BASTARD LIKE ALL YOU BRAINWASHED SINCE YOU CAME OUT OF YOUR MOMMAS HOLE."/everyone on here argues for 'their' side regardless if it makes sense or not. Everyone is either a republican or a democrat simply for their own selfish reasons- not because they give a @#$% about some ideology or what is the best for the country. The only thing that matters is what is best for you./MaryContrary
It's not being evil. It's just being mercenary. The insurance companies don't do it because they're mean, they do it because they want to make more money. But at the same time, some insurance companies will drop your policy or deny your coverage if it becomes too expensive for them to provide that coverage. This can be a pretty traumatic experience, and even if it 'only happens sometimes', we should try to make sure it never happens.Just recently, there was a story of a guy in upstate New York who had muscular dystrophy, and his care was going to cost his insurance provider a little over $1 million. The company couldn't cancel his coverage because of laws saying they couldn't target specific patients. So they just ended all their policies that covered Muscular Dystrophy to cut their losses, effectively leaving that man out to dry. I could dig up the story, but it's the anecdote that's important. No, insurance companies are not evil. But some of their actions, while in pursuit of profit, are pretty horrific./ yec is yiddish for - thumbing my ears and humming loudly//agreed to a $722 million settlement with the SEC stemming from a risky derivatives deal that drove Alabama's most populous county to the brink of bankruptcy. As part of the settlement, JPMorgan neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing -- despite ample evidence that it had engaged in plenty of wrongdoing. This is what passes for justice on Wall Street: regulators give a company a ding to its bottom line, and are ready to quickly forget the whole thing and allow the company to move on to the next lucrative money-printing scheme. When corporate perpetrators don't have to admit they did anything wrong, it's as if the crime never happened. Which, of course, makes it much more likely that it will happen again./is our Congress really as stupid and blind as they act? No they are the most corrupt, treasonous body ever assembled.They have endangered the economic security of the entire country and should be investigated for treason and as enemies of the state./AMERICA = TH1RD W0RLD LAW ENF0RCEMENT/Kissinger plans to kill 5 billion people is being implemented by mass vaccination, only criminals like Rumsfeld will accept to produce the killer drug that his company now is getting billions
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sloth, envy, greed, delusions of grandeur.

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