Thursday, January 27, 2011

BBC News - Lancet accepts MMR study 'false'

BBC News - The medical journal which originally published the discredited research linking autism and MMR has now issued a full retraction of the paper. GMC ruled that Dr Wakefield had shown a "callous disregard" for children and acted "dishonestly"/12711/After a heated and brief discussion with the Governor, the individual identified himself as not believing in God; to which the Governor assulted the individual, tearing off a “Charlie Christ for US Senate 2010″ from the individual’s chest, then screaming at the victim that he “feels sorry for” him before turning his back to the assaulted victim to continue his campaign event. /Brazil girl, alleged rape victim, aborts twins The procedure on the 9-year-old girl draws complaints from Catholic church RIO DE JANEIRO - A 9-year-old girl who was carrying twins/after being arrested over the weekend on a charge of animal cruelty. According to a report in the Charlotte Observer, the woman said that God told her to hang and burn her nephew's pit bull because it chewed her bible and was a "devil dog." She hanged it with an extension cord, then doused it with kerosene and set it on fire./charged with a single count of arson involving a house of worship, a crime punishable by five to 99 years in prison. But authorities say more charges will soon be filed against the two men in 10 church fires and three church break-ins in Van Zandt, Henderson and Smith counties.A search of Bourque’s home after his arrest recovered books titled Demon Possession and The Atheist’s Way./According to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, an amazing 92% of Americans believe in God or a universal spirit—even one in five of self-identified atheists believe in a higher power./Beck exclaimed Jared Loughner as being a madman, and as proof, gave “evidence” of this due to his being an atheist/showing off it's awesome education system. Nearly a third of Texans believe humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time/A Philosopher of Religion Calls it Quits Keith Parsons announces that the “case for theism” is a fraud/ Texas Constitution, Article 1, Section 4:“…nor shall any one be excluded from holding office on account of his religious sentiments, provided he acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being.”/Reverend Terry Jones, who last year received a huge amount of attention thanks to his threat to publicly burn 200 copies of the Quran, is looking for the limelight again with a new threat: He's going to put the Quran on trial. "Judgement Day" will take place on the grounds of his Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida./medical journal which originally published the discredited research linking autism and MMR has now issued a full retraction of the paper.The Lancet said it now accepted claims made by the researchers were "false". Dr Andrew Wakefield, the lead researcher in the 1998 paper, was ruled last week to have broken research rules by the General Medical Council/
12611/Russian President Dmitry Medvedev fired top airport security officia/Sekhmet/2011, half of U.S. households will devote at least 20 percent of their after-tax income to energy. Ten years ago, these households spent only 12 percent of their income on energy/.Tony Blair 's sister-in-law wants him tried for Iraq war crimes: /Dennis Kucinich of Ohio is suing a congressional cafeteria for $150,000 for dental damage he says he suffered after biting into an olive pit in a sandwich wrap/both parties seemed genuinely humbled a little by the Giffords incident and toning down the rancor just enough to leave the door open for a little genuine bipartisan cooperation – which I suspect really will occur when it comes time to enact those corporate tax cuts.
12511/Upton, a moderate who has backed new standards for more efficient light bulbs and admitted that "we need to reduce emissions," won the chairmanship by shamelessly transforming himself into a Tea Party wanna-be,two other frontrunners — Joe Barton, a longtime shill for the oil and gas industry, and John Shimkus, who invokes the Bible to justify doing nothing to stop global warming..jay Rockefeller declared last year. "Greenhouse gas emissions are not healthy for our Earth or for her people, and we must take serious action to reduce them." But Rockefeller's deeds don't match his lofty rhetoric. Last year, he led the charge in the Senate to prevent the EPA from regulating carbon emissions, insisting that Congress should be the one to "determine how best to reduce greenhouse gases in a way that protects West Virginia's economy."/leader of AFProsperity, a corporate front group that funnels cash to the Tea Party, Phillips is on a mission to convince Americans that global warming is a plot hatched by Al Gore to take away their freedom and destroy the economy./Tillerson also poured $27 million into lobbying, much of it directed toward killing the climate bill. Such tactics may endanger the planet, but they help protect ExxonMobil's bottom line/Donahue likes to call his organization "the voice of business." But under his leadership, the Chamber has become the voice of big polluters like ExxonMobil and the American Petroleum Institute. "The main purpose of the Chamber," says climate expert Joe Romm, "is to launder money from large industries and multinational corporations to affect public policy." Last year, the Chamber spent $81 million on lobbying now taking aim at the EPA, pushing industry-friendly studies to argue that tougher regulation of climate pollution will destroy millions of jobs and shrink the economy by $1 trillion./Boyce is the darling of Wall Street, beloved for his crisp management style, nice suits and political muscle. To keep America addicted to coal, Peabody spent $5 million on lobbying last year/Palin's Alaska, continues to ridicule climate change as a "bunch of snake-oil science."/The Kochs have contributed $5 million to Americans for Prosperity, the driving force behind the Tea Party. They also gave nearly $25 million to conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute/Murdoch's entire media empire, it would seem, is set up to deny, deny, deny. The Wall Street Journal routinely dismisses climate change as "an apocalyptic scare," and Fox News helped gin up a fake controversy by relentlessly hyping the "climategate" scandal he's recycling are the lies of Big Coal and Big Oil.: rollingstone/bulls(or sheep), keep buying this ponzi scheme FED manipulated market, without regards to anything other than "the market will keep going higher" and "don't fight the Fed" mentality...which unbelievably to me...KEEPS WORKING..?/Obama's State of the Union speech, quieting speculation that only Democratic appointees to the court would attend. Roberts had objected to the partisan atmosphere at last year's address, particularly after Obama offered rare criticism of the court during his speech./coalition of consumer, community, labor, environmental, student, civil liberties, and faith-based groups are sponsoring a rally in Rancho Mirage (near Palm Springs, California) next Sunday, January 30 to protest and draw attention to a secret meeting of right-wing billionaires and millionaires who are the key funders of the Tea Party, conservative think tanks like Cato Institute, and the extreme right wing of the Republican Party.//Ventura is asking a federal judge in Minnesota to issue an injunction ordering officials to stop subjecting him to "warrantless and suspicionless" scans and body searches./Arianna Huffington: Davos Diary: Heading to the World Economic Forum at a Crossroads Moment for the World/"Thank You, Al Jazeera"by Philip SeibInformation is the sustenance of revolution. In the Arab worl,d Al Jazeera's credibility is such that governments must appraise its influence carefully./we have a great bench, we're deep, and we know who we are," Griffin said. "Nothing changes. Our vision's the same, our goals are the same. Fox is in front of us, that's where we're heading."/Palin team was consulting with security professionals. Andree McLeod, a prominent Palin critic in Alaska, could also use such help, for she has been publicly threatened with assassination--just for requesting, under Alaska's open records act/"Yeah, I'm seeing a guy, and he's really great and Tripp loves him and we're having a good time and we're really good friends."/response to the ad's rejection, AshleyMadison CEO Noel Biderman lashed out at the NFL and FOX News for an unfair bias against porn stars. "Now that so many adult film stars including Jenna Jameson and Sasha Gray have crossed over into the mainstream, it's disappointing that the NFL continues to discriminate against them,"/French parliamentary commission voted Wednesday for a bill that would exclude cultural heritage from the stringent health legislation passed in 1991 that forbids any direct or indirect promotion of smoking,"The falsifications of history, the censorship of works of the mind, the denial of reality... should remain the ignominious mark of totalitarian regimes," the bill proposed by the opposition Socialists/TUCSON, Ariz. — The man accused of carrying out a mass shooting in Tucson pleaded not guilty Monday to charges he tried to kill Rep. Gabrielle Giffords/Under Brownback, Kansas Will Be Only State Without Arts Commission/Putin vowed revenge on Tuesday for a suicide bombing that killed at least 35 people/Cameras catch moment of Moscow bomb blast: /
12411/"Zionism is a sickness, for it takes much more than just a twisted ideology to make people think like that. It requires a profound leap of immorality of a higher order to instill this mentality in your followers. Zionism is not merely a political movement, but in its essence represents a deeply disturbed view of the world, resulting from a terrible affliction of the mind.""To blame God for the theft and occupation of someone else's land by claiming that it was He who had pledged this land exclusively to the Yews, and to seriously promote the myth of a land promised by the Almighty to His favourite children as an excuse for this crime, is insanity."to blockade the world's most densely populated strip of land for 18 months, suffocate its already displaced and miserable inhabitants by asking them to die a slow death, and then punish them for refusing to die silently by deliberately bombing their schools, mosques, hospitals and ambulances with internationally prohibited weapons and poisonous gasses in the ugliest televised massacre of children in modern history, all the while looking the world in the eyes and claiming that this is an act of self-defence, is a critical stage of dangerous psychosis, and is pure, unadulterated madness."What do we do with the criminally, incurably, violently insane? We lock them up forever in mental institutions, where they can do no more harm. I suggest the United States, where they will fit right in. more sardonic than sarcastic, at least I'm not lying my @$$ off Snakes are uncomfortable with honesty./Juornolist has planned for us two years of projected lies and fearmongering all with the intent of shutting us up or painting us as violent lunatics, racists etc/Like the unindicted war criminal was, after torturing detaineesaround the world to help justify their toppling of oil-rich Iraq."The United States does not torture. It's against our laws and it's against ourvalues. I have not authorised it and I will not authorise it." -- George W. Bush/TAKE PROFIT FROM THIS DOG Where is Hovdestaden? Does that translate to "I'm short and this is my last chance to cover"./suggest that an internet campaign be launched by those with serious illnesses to punish those insurers who are fighting to repeal the HCR law./punish the insurers who were draconian with cutting sick people off insurance and denying claims due to superflous reasons such as a person forgetting to put down hangnail surgery and being denied heart attack treatment insurance because of that!/Genghis Khan's Mongol invasion in the 13th and 14th centuries was so vast that it may have been the first instance in history of a single culture causing man-made climate change, according to new research out of the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology
12311/"The owner of Hannibal TV (Larbi Nasra), who is a relative of the former president's wife, is using the channel to abort the youth's revolution, spread confusion, incite strife and broadcast false information," a statement citing an authorised source said. (Reuters)/Israel is continuously accused by its detractors of "occupying" Palestinian territory and "usurping" Palestinian land by means of an "expansionary settlement policy." "Occupation" and "Settlements" have thus become the buzzwords by which to denote and defame Israel's control of the territories across the 1967 armistices lines. This prevailing custom is wildly at odds with the realities that forced Israel to seize these territories in an unequivocal act of self-defense against threats of annihilation, in a classic preemptive exercise of the right of "anticipatory self defense."/"the maximum allowable period of sleep deprivation allowed under the CIAinterrogation program was 264 hours, though no detainee was deprived ofsleep for more than 180 hours, or 7½ days....he detainees were kept awake bybeing forced to stand, sit or recline in uncomfortable positions, withshackled limbs. At the same time, detainees could undergo stressful treatments,including significant dietary restrictions and violence, like waterboardingand walling."/According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, thereare at least 100,000 underage girls being sextrafficked in America today.That's a conservative estimate based on what little hard data currentlyexists; NCMEC believes the real number could be as high as 300,000.Most are runaways, suffering from psychological problems or drugdependence suspect adswith tag lines such as "Daddy's Little Girl" are common./teabagger tactic, even if you deny anypoliticalassociations.They keep trying to scare people about some unknown horrors about to befall us,yet don't even bother to explain how it would start, or what it would be about.They can't speculate about comets, or earthquakes or natural disasters becausethat's Al Gore stuff. /steepest increase occurred after 2001, with an average of 37 cases of parotid gland cancer annually before that date and 61 cases per year subsequently. The distribution of cases by age, sex, or tumor type did not change substantially during this time. The population of Israel increased 2.1-fold from 1970 to 2001, but only 1.1-fold from 2001 to 2006.2 Population growth could not, therefore, explain the increased number of parotid gland cancers.The proportion of major salivary gland cancers "not otherwise specified" declined from 36% before 2001 to 13% during 2001–2006. parotid gland cancers with time (72 cases per year after 2001 compared with 44 cases per year before). The INTERPHONE study (6) has investigated parotid gland tumors and other tumors that originate in tissues most exposed and proximal to cellular phones. Israelis are heavy users of cellular phones, with a 6-fold increase in usage (by minutes) from 1997 to 2006.7,8 Investigators have previously suggested a potential association of parotid gland tumors with cell phones in an Israeli case-control study.7/Thursday at 10 pm EST on the History channel there will be a show about howtheBohemian Club makes all the choices for everyone and who will be the nextleaders, etc. We will have to see if it airs or not./Thevote was 245-189, with three Democrats -- Dan Boren (D-Okla.), MikeMcIntyre (D-N.C.), and Mike Ross (D-Ark.) -- voting for repeal./SPOKANE -- The FBI confirmed Tuesday that a suspicious backpackleft in Downtown Spokane Monday did contain an explosives device.Agents say analysis revealed the Swiss Army brand backpack contained apotentially deadly destructive device/Isreal has conducted histories longest running holocaust against the Palestine Ppl US Aid $$$ & mossad drug running is funneled thru AIPAC into the best CONgress $$$ can buy. Tis the zionist banks that are laundering the mossad drug $$$-esp the FRB & IMF/men then set four similar churches on fire Feb. 7 some 100 miles west of Birmingham to try to throw investigators off any clues. Their defense attorney is claiming it was only a "joke" after a night of hunting and drinking. Benjamin Nathan Moseley, 19, Russell Lee DeBusk Jr., 19, and Mathew Lee Cloyd, 20, say they set five small, isolated churches about 50 miles southwest of their Birmingham homes ablaze Feb. 3. They appeared to have used specially-designed, military-grade thermite bombs/ "By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War."- the official motto of Mossad/
12211/evangelist Billy Graham voiced "dismay" at the way the Tucson memorial service was conducted, arguing that it was not as explicitly religious -- mainly "Christian" Why did they take God out of it? "Because the world scoffs at the name of Jesus Christ," Graham said, his voice rising in anger. "They scoff when you say he's the son of God." the scoffing and persecution against Christians is only going to get worse./Business tax breaks cost Texas $4.3 billion in the last state budget, a figure that amounts to about a third of the state's massive revenue shortfall, according to a legislative report. An exemption for bottled water sales amounted to a loss of about $250 million a year for the state, while an exemption for corporations with business interest in solar energy devices cost more than $1 million over the last two years./ Yankton, South Dakota was traced back to the USDA which admitted to carrying out a mass poisoning of the birds./
12111/Beck feels that he must compete with the comedy of The Simpsons and Jon Stewart? He's tilting at windmills at the expense of our common hope for more civility. He admits to writing a self-help book with the motive of changing an entire country. That would be a book about political religion, not psychology­. Courage and faith are common values and require no political motivation­. Beck preaches a religion based on politics and calls it "American"­, the only problem being that most Americans don't believe in THAT kind of weird privatized God, if they believe in any God at all/Every time he is confronted in apologizin­g for his rhetoric and errors, he says "oh well the other side does the same thing".Every time he is asked if he has seen how inflammato­ry he his and realizes he should change, he says "oh well the other side is still doing it, it was done throughout history, so I'm still entitled to do it"/an expert at dodging and weaving around the facts. He never answers a question directly. He throws in all sorts of tangential statements to throw the listener off. By the time you have a chance to think them through, he is off and running to the next unrelated statement./Lieberman (I-Conn) continued to insist that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction even though none were ever found after the invasion of Iraq/Report: No WMD stockpiles in Iraq - CNNOct 7, 2004 ... In fact, the long-awaited report, authored by Charles Duelfer, who advises thedirector of central intelligence on Iraqi weapons/Joe "Sweetheart" Lieberman's Long History of Lying About Iraq and WMD - / 30 portraits at Soho Photo Gallery on White Street, accompanied by their subjects' stories, speak powerfully to the quiet heroism of Muslims who hid more than 2,000 Jews from the Nazis 70 years ago./ using the e-mail address sources reveal that a massage therapist and computer technologist, SHAILEY TRIPP, had an affair with Todd Palin that lead (sic) to her arrest March of 2010," "According to the tenants in the building of her offices, they saw Todd come and go often and heard noises that sounded like someone was having sex. It was the same tenants who called the police on her."An ENQUIRER investigation has confirmed Tripp, 36, was arrested on March 4, 2010 in Anchorage and charged with maintaining a house of prostitution./Although found guilty his desire to escape from deceptive and a gun-obsessed fanatic are understandable./ /Policy makers are working behind the scenes to come up with a way to let states declare bankruptcy and get out from under crushing debts, including the pensions they have promised to retired public workers/The more you cry, the less you have to piss./realized anything that goes on in here is part of the problem and does nothing towards finding a solution. Just angry people. Just can't do it anymore. Thanks republicans for showing me how not to act/ I hope we can learn on it. There is no such thing as a free lunch and programs that were ment to give people temporary help have become ways to provide livelyhoods for people who don't want to provide them for themselves. I hope that when Europe fall first (and it will) we will adjust so that we can avoid this tragety./another example of the Dems failed economic policy/Some members of Congress fear that it is just a matter of time before a state seeks a bailout, say bankruptcy lawyers who have been consulted by Congressional aides./Dems blaming greedy brokers/Wall Street, while the republicans blame F&F. / YOU MAY BE A MUSLIM IF: 1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor.2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can't afford shoes.3. You have more wives than teeth.4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon to be "unclean."5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.6. You can't think of anyone you haven't declared Jihad against.7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing.8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.9. You have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four.10. You've always had a crush on your neighbor's goat. /How exactly does electing "unbalanced" teabaggerites make congress more "balanced", mentalmidgetboy?/16 minutes before the shooting and placed ear-plugs into his ears while inside the store's bathroom. shows 22-year-old Loughner walking around a folding table behind Giffords, going up to her and shooting her in the forehead."He didn't run but he very purposefully and rapidly walked around that table and directly up to her," Kastigar said, estimating that the shooter was between 2 and 2.5 feet away from Giffords when he fired. "That was the first shot, and it was fired very quickly and very deliberately at her."/ I would speak out against leftist aka progressive pot heads. But I do not want to be called a closeted or latent leftist aka progressive pot head. To quote lady gag gag. If you do not like it, then move to Kenya./May 30, 2009, Raul Flores heard a knock at the door of his Arivaca, Arizona, home. When he opened it, he found a man and a woman claiming to be law-enforcement officers in search of fugitives. Minutes later, the man shot Flores to death. Then, authorities say, he pumped three bullets into Flores’ wife, Gina Gonzalez, who survived but played dead. “Why did you shoot my mom?” Gonzalez’s 9-year-old daughter, Brisenia Flores, asked the gunman, according to prosecutors. Those were her last words. The man put a gun to her head, fired off two rounds, and killed her. Friday, opening arguments are scheduled to begin in the trial of the accused ringleader of the bloody home invasion: Shawna Forde, a notorious nativist with a checkered past who moved to Arizona in recent years to join up with the Minuteman movement./last week, Forde’s lawyer noted similarities in the two tragedies: the slaughter of two 9-year-old girls (Christina-Taylor Green, in the Tucson rampage), accusations that the alleged killers had ties to right-wing extremists/American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, also had a chance to stop by Charleston, West Virginia for a forum on the importance of coal with U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), held at the University of Charleston/Vatican warned Irish bishops not to report abuse to police, bishops who tried to impose punishments outside the confines of canon law would face the "highly embarrassing" position of having their actionsoverturned on appeal in Rome Tony Walsh, one of Dublin's most notorious pedophiles, who usedhis role as an Elvis impersonator in a popular "All Priests Show" to getcloser to kids./May 14, 1948. The U.S. recognized the new state 11 minutes later. The two countries have been locked in a deadly embrace ever since/*Blackwater Founder Secretly Backing African Mercenaries via Apartheid-EraSouth African. Mr. Prince sells his interest in thecompany he built into a behemoth with billions of dollars in U.S. governmentcontracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, work that mired him in controversy andlawsuits amid reports of reckless behavior by his operatives, including thedeaths of civilians in Iraq. SecurityFirm*/*Whitehall chief blocks release of Blair's notes to Bush onIraq*/ angry Fox 'News'host has exclaimed that the United States has every right to take the oilfrom Iraq and Kuwait. On his Friday show, the Great American Panel, SeanHannity, said that Iraq and Kuwait should "pay for their own liberation"/Army is struggling to find about 35,000 soldiers, most ofthem veterans now, who are owed bonuses because they were forced to remainin the military beyond their normal enlistment/Ex-LANL physicist being held for psychiatric evaluation* 14 Jan 2011High-powered weapons and ammunition were among the items seized from thehome of a former Los Alamos National Laboratory physicist who has becomeincreasingly paranoid [?] and *outspoken against the lab and the government*./New Alabama governor apologizes for saying that only Christians are hisbrothers and sisters* Two days after being sworn in as Alabamagovernor, Robert Bentley (R) apologized Wednesday for proclaiming to aBaptist church audience that only Christians were his brothers and sistersand vowed to work for people of all faiths and colors/\on-hannity-i-receive-a-lot-of-death-threats-my-children-do/Phil Anschutz, chairman of Comcast, content partner with Comcast, donated large sums of money to the First Amendment Alliance, one of the largest outside groups targeting Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections./
12011/The ju is incapable of being grateful to any non ju the biggest users of mankind in the worldMexicans and others should bar these parasites from their respective nations and let them barter and scam each other in israel/there are hundreds, if not thousands of descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jews living today in San Antonio, Texas, USA and throughout South Texas. Not all are aware of their Jewish heritage. Santos is a renowned San Antonio, Texas scholar in ethnic studies of South Texas secret Spanish Jewry. secret Jews of Mexico in the 1640s decapitated their chickens and hung them on a clothesline so the blood would drain into a container of water. and to use pork lard is forbidden. Only olive oil or butter can be used to make semitic bread. Tex-Mex pastries such as pan dulce, pan de semita, trenzas, cuernos, pan de hero, and pan de los protestantes (Protestant's bread) are similar to familar Jewish pastries eaten by Sephardic Jews today /Conan: To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!/[interrupting] Listen, strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony./"It's 106 miles to Chicago. We've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes. It's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses."/Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill you./"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."/The Hippocratic oath is now optional for medical Doctors 'Statins for all' – and billions for drug firms may not have saved lives, but it certainly made money /Over the centuries, it has been rewritten often in order to suit the values of different cultures influenced by Greek medicine. Contrary to popular belief, the Hippocratic Oath is not required by most modern medical schools. To see what the vaccine makers decided about being injected with> their own vaccines see this> video. /Bob Barr is identified as a Methodist at an ego problem, is that is what you are asking? Yes, givenproperly researched> & analyzed data/evidence all things are explainable. However, " what we don't know" and some answers are harder to find than others.We do have> a problem understanding the human brain and why so many are so irrational, but> are making some advances in that quest./Faux News does an excellent job of taking former Bush aidesand other carefully picked individuals, grouping them in fours in chairs in asemicircle, and laughing at anyone with data and facts. It's called peerpressure, and it wins elections if you also gerrymander, hang onto an outdatedelectoral college, and preprogram your Republican owned voting machines. I'mbusy now, but remind me to find the youtube video that shows how they rig votes,meticulously demonstrated./The Tea Party Deception Political scientist Joel Skousen lifts the lid on the hidden power that controls both parties Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet./numerous establishment blogs and websites at the time debunking the claim that Israel and the United States were behind the Stuxnet virus attack, that fact has now been admitted, leaving many with egg on their faces and proving once again that the “conspiracy theorists” were right all along..Health authorities are pushing for drugs to be added to public water supplies that cause depression and memory loss, as a new study shows that the dangers of statins have been deliberately underplayed by drug companies, in a chilling throwback to how the population in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World were mass medicated with Soma to keep them docile and easy to control..Was Loughner In Love With Congresswoman Giffords? Gunman's disinterest in politics fails to explain dangerous obsession that began several years ago..An influential professor who worked as an assessor for the United Nations IPCC has called for democracy to be replaced with an eco-dictatorship where enslaved masses are ruled over by an “elite warrior leadership” and forced to adhere to a new green religion, in yet another shocking example of how prominent global warming alarmists are revealing themselves as dangerous eco-fascists..Tucson tragedy – the right to criticize government without fear of getting a knock on your door from the feds. Despite the fact that shooter Jared Loughner was not politically motivated, the FBI is now compiling a list of Americans deemed a potential threat because they criticized their representative – and targeting them with home visits..the TSA is now forcing people who opt out of the naked body scanner to walk through the machine as part of a psychological ploy to coerce subservience out of other travelers..pp/--- Twenty-year-old Bernardo Vazquez was obsessed with the unknown and black magic, he one day told his mother that he had learned how to become invisible – through a strange ritual involving a black cat, wood from an old coffin and a tin can. He believed that by boiling the cat and using a resulting bone to place under his tongue he could be invisible at will./
11911/Palin's unfavorability rating stands at 56 percent, its highest ever, and up seven percentage points from a similar poll taken before the midterm electionPalin's unfavorability rating stands at 56 percent, its highest ever, and up seven percentage points from a similar poll taken before the midterm election/shares fell 2% Wednesday morning after the investment bank reported a 53% drop in profits in the fourth quarter to $2.39 billon./200 cows were found dead Friday on a farm in Portage County, Wisconsin. The dead cows had to be removed with semi-trucks. The rest of the farm has not been quarantined, as officials say no threat is posed toward humans or other animals, according the The AP. Mass fish kills have also been reported in Chicago, Maryland, Brazil and New Zealand, along with 40,000 dead crabs that washed ashore on England beaches./almost 100% certain that this is was caused by MONSANTO. I can't believe these news sources don't mention chemicals as a possibilit­y cause for death/The push to develop cleaner energy technologies--a widely embraced strategy for nurturing innovative new industries--is increasingly threatened by a shortage of investment, China is investing aggressively in innovation, with spending for clean energy exceeding $51 billion last year--a 31 percent increase from 2009, and ten ten times the level of American governmental support. Clean technology innovation amounts to more than the starry-eyed ravings of laboratory eggheads. The drive to develop new technologies has been propelled by a trio of overlapping potential benefits- Last year year, only eight percent of venture capital investments reached biofuels--a particularly capital intensive slice of cleantech--and four percent landed in wind. Ze-Gen, another cleantech company, practices something akin to modern alchemy, turning shredded tires and metal harvested from construction waste into synthetic gas fuel. This is precisely the sort of high-reward venture that now threatens to be denied funding. "Investors say, look, if the tax credit isn't sound and long-lived, don't even talk to me."/The nation's four biggest banks can grow even bigger, with the potential to add at least another trillion dollars onto their balance sheets before they even reach the limits imposed by the Obama administration, which collectively hold about $7.7 trillion in assets, or just about half of the entire banking system, originate and service roughly three out of every five home mortgages; hold about 35 percent of all deposits; and control about 44 percent of all credit card purchases/Democrats and Republican­s work for the same Robber-Bar­ons at the biggest banks, the Fed, and co-conspir­ators at Goldman Sachs along with Big Oil./hamsters on neocon "financial­­­­­­­ly engineered­­­­­­­" wheels.the silent coup is almost complete/Kermit Gosnell | Unsettled Christianity Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 69, made millions of dollars over 30 years, performing as many illegal, late-term abortions as he could, Methodist lobbyist warned: “May we heed the words of the prophets.” So apparently the Lord brought down judgment on the ancient Hebrews because they lacked their own version of Obamacare. According to the Religious Left, God always favors Big Government because it is more efficient and more compassionate. most poverty is caused by a lack of freedom and lack of a free enterprise system). Not shockingly, the Methodists side with the Islamists against Israel, and of course oppose America in Iraq. Tea Party Nation calls for the end of the United Methodist Church/The Bible’s canon is expanded to included secular documents, such as the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We lose our Christianity. We lose our ‘apartness’, our holiness. the United Methodist Church, once a vibrant movement that swept across this country, is in decline. The changing demographics of the United States has not affected the make-up of this majority-white denomination, and the church as a whole does not raise a voice against xenophobic and racist language and laws used against immigrants and people of color in this country. I am interested in the discourses and disciplines that fund this reality. What readings of Christian scripture and theology allow for many Methodists to be comfortable (or at least comfortable enough not to fight them) with current laws that make it criminal to give water to “illegal aliens” dying in the desert or give them rides to the hospital?/
11811/a backyard "satanic shrine" behind Loughner's house. One independent commentator is calling him a Jewish liberal satanist, Judy Clarke, a passionate foe of the death penalty, Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber; Zacararias Moussaoui; and Eric Rudolph, somehow, Loughner is, in fact, a symptom of "the national polarity produced by right-wing pundits.", disjointed comments about "a new currency" and "a rare bird",/this is posted in full is to show that every one of the pillars of your statement is founded on piles of lies, chunks of Jell-O and the inflated need to impress anybody who hasn't seen through the soulless ego-shell that you are.Go grade them 'papers', Pinocchio./ Christian Zionist.....about as Christian as Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan or Genghis Cohen!/fixed-rate agency securities where payments are guaranteed by the U.S. government or government-owned entities, such as Fannie/Raphael Mechoulam at the Hebrew University. HU-210 is 100 to 800 times more potent Spice Gold - Unbelievable European & African Drug Discussion. ... The abbreviation HU stands for Hebrew University. › ... › European & African Drug Discussion Synthetic Cannabinoid HU-210 found in SPICE - TreatingYourself.COM Raphael Mechoulam at the Hebrew University. HU-210 is 100 to 800 times more potent .... The duration of hu-210 does not add up with spice. Kansas Bans Indoor Tobacco Smoking, Outlaws Smoking SpiceMar 12, 2010 ... In addition, the smoking of the herbal blend Spice or its components ... that was first synthesized in 1988 at the Hebrew University. /James Eric Fuller, 63, who was shot in the knee, had told The Post on Friday, the day before his arrest, that top Republican figures should be tortured -- and their ears severed."There would be torture and then an ear necklace, with [Minnesota US Rep.] Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin's ears toward the end, because they're small, female ears, and then Limbaugh, Hannity and the biggest ears of all, Cheney's, in the center," Fuller stopped by the home of gunman Jared Lee Loughner and told a neighbor he was going to forgive the shooter,/ Democrats Call for Killing and Eating BabiesTypical lefty hypocrisy, rules of civility are for thee but not for me: ../
11711marlyn savant/supplied documents to WikiLeaks that he alleges detail attempts by wealthy business leaders and lawmakers to evade tax payments.Rudolf Elmer, an ex-employee of Swiss-based Bank Julius Baer, said there were 2,000 account holders named in the documents/Reagan, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease five years after leaving office/France's health minister vowed Sunday to rebuild a more transparent health care system following a scandal over a diabetes drug that was linked to more than 500 deaths/World Health Organisation chief Margaret Chan warned Monday that the health community needs to tackle strong and "worrisome" public mistrust of vaccines, following signs of a tail-off in flu vaccination/10. Obtain an Irrevocable Power of Attorney from the Seller for the Title of the Property:/ /Also not nominated was 'I Love You Philip Morris,' Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. Two heterosexual characters pretending to be gay," he said. "So the complete opposite of some famous Scientologists, then."When the crowd started booing gasping, Ricky hedged his words."Probably," he said. "My lawyers helped me with the wording of that joke. They're not here." /Travolta and Cruise have kids. So people like Gervais, going for a cheap laugh, do not really care if the kids of stars come up for permanent ridicule. There is funny, and then there is ill-consid­ered and mean./h­e even slipped in that bit about the TSA and Homeland Security-a­nd made fun of the Globes themselves­, "honoring" him with 3 minutes worth of clips, for 70+ films./to suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree. Charles Darwin/, the official website for Republicans in the House of Representatives, says flatly: “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the main cause of the nation’s current financial turmoil.”Government data show Fannie and Freddie didn’t take the same risks that Wall Street’s mortgage-backed securities machine did. Mortgages financed by Wall Street from 2001 to 2008 were 4½ times more likely to be seriously delinquent than mortgages backed by Fannie and Freddie./latter-day bets on high-wire mortgages contributed to a sea of government red ink and exacerbated the size of the mortgage meltdown and level of pain that borrowers and other Americans are now suffering. Taxpayers have already had to shell out some $150 billion to keep them alive./Atheist remind me of the little mouse flipping off a Giant Bird about to swoop down for lunch, God being the Bird and Atheist a Mouse/Work for the State 5 Years, Pay in Zero, Get $130,000 Pension... Work for Yourself 45 Years, Pay In $260,000 Get $28,000 Social Security You and I are in effect tax slaves whose purpose in life is to work and pay exorbitant taxes so the elitist politically connected public employees can live in luxury when they retire - on our dime of course.The person from the first line of the title is Dr. Renee Hartz, a thoracic surgeon hired by the University of Illinois to teach surgery. I am only guessing about what she actually did because records of her activity are very limited. In a Freedom of Information Act request I asked for her contract or offer letter outlining her job responsibilities plus pay and benefits included in her job offer. Despite pay totaling $567,479.10 per annum from 1991 to 1995 there were no records related to her hiring./interviews with the authors of a Secret Service study which showed that political assassins, at least in the U.S., almost never are motivated by politics. Loughner appears to fit the prototype of the mentally disturbed assassin focused on personal fame and a need to address fictional problems created by their diseased minds. /China had 169 million people over 60 by the end of 2009, or 12 percent of the population. That number will jump to 250 million people by 2025./So, he burned Nancy Pelosi in effigy on his set. He tried to poison her with a chalice, OK? Some weeks later, somebody tried to firebomb Nancy Pelosi's house. That guy's mother went on television and said he gets all of his ideas from Fox News. Do you know about Senator Patty Murray and the death threat that she got? It's recorded -- the guy says after the health care vote. He says you have a target on your back and I can accomplish what I want to accomplish with one bullet. Now he's tried, convicted, and in the sentencing phase, his cousin writes in for leniency, and she describes in a very chilling memo -- it's on our website -- that he was slowly drawn into Glenn Beck's world. And she portrays the guy, the attempted assassin, Charlie Wilson, as a victim of Beck./Drills That Go Live!911, London Bombing, Haiti But let me politely tell you, that I am reluctant to call you a "stupid j32w" or a "stupid I$reali," for fear of "appearing" to be AS, that which I am not, but that is EXACTLY what you are.You cannot formulate coherent thoughts nor ideas, but you only express your stupidity, for all to see. You look stupider than that mental retard/messy business and it needs to be sorted out. That's what courts are for. This is the United States and Mexico, not Israel. /U.S. Border Patrol says Sergio Hernandez Guereca, 15, was pelting U.S. agents with rocks from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande river last June when Border Patrol agents on the U.S. side shot him to death."/exonerates US Border Patrol of, Avril? Further, they fired across a border./I'm worried for America looking like Israel./. The beginning of the end of darkness has begun. Those that arewithin the structure that think they will control humanity will becomevictims of their own fear. The structure creates fear for those thatare within their creation. they will look at each other with distrustand theywill turn in on each other. They will create a spy vs spy within theirranks. The system will collapse as all systems do. They will chase eachother as animals chasing their own tails. There will be many tails tochase and each tail will have a tale. The leadership within will becomea leadership without. Allow evil to destroy evil. Mitakuye Oyasin :" things will be difficult in the very near future, but we can dosomething about it and "...start drying foods and saving water and soon." We were also told that "We should not wait for anyone. Don't waitfor anyone."//Gabrielle Gifford makes a miraculous recovery. ChristinaTaylor Green is laid to rest, as are Dorothy Morris, Phyllis Schneck, DorwinStoddard and Gabriel Zimmerman/
11611/Water torture ofbabies is one way some members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter Day Saints instil fear of authority when her daughter was 18 months old, she was becoming quite a handful and, as a result, was being held under the tap on a regular basis../Yeshe Aro's ancient prescription for happiness: "Onthis depends my liberation: to assist others -- nothing else."/'Someday Boooooom while your setting in your offices,' read one of the posts cited in media reports. 'And you know I won't even be the one pulling the trigger,' Cheryl Allen of Martinsville was being held on $100,000 bond /Department of Homeland Security on Friday canceled aprojectto build a technology-based "virtual fence" across the Southwest border,saying that the effort -- on which $1 billion has already been spent/Gutless republicans blame me and the media for their crimes.... 16-Jan-11 11:16 am It's the oldest trick in the book.......And the only defense the republicans have...../just getting used to the term "Neo-con" for "J*w."/
Concerning "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", Repugs have been crying foul for decades about folks waging Class Warfare against the Very Wealthy. What Repugs don't say, The Very Wealthy won that WAR, a long time ago./
11511/while the BP spill was conspicuous, an even more profound wave of environmental destruction has been steadily battering the Gulf Coast with little public scrutiny for most of a century: Continuous oil and gas development has contributed to the disintegration of nearly 2,000 square miles of Louisiana's coastline -- an area larger than the state of Delawarehp/McCain is a Republican and u r not. U r a member of a bellicose fringe extremist element calling for violent overthrow of the US Government that contributed to the killing of six people in AZ, including a nine-year-old girl./70 percent of people released from prison are re-arrested within three years. /The internet is abuzz with the insidious claim that Arizona mass murderer is alleged to be Jewish, /"Politics is a knife not a subject." - Sanity Clause/Assange, to be added to the Treasury Department's 'SpeciallyDesignated National and Blocked Persons List,' also known as the SDN List.Rep. King's request evokes the story of another banned journalist, DonaldJames. Woods was the editor of the South Africa's 'Daily Dispatch'/groupof unidentified gunmen [aka Xe] in southwestern Pakistanhave set ablaze 20 NATO tankers carrying oil to US-led soldiers stationed inwar-hit Afghanistan./ i want hardcore kinky rough sewx with whips n honey and chains n midgets so we do got honey and sandpaper n midgets/Behind Dimona’s barbed wire, the experts say, Israel has spun nuclear centrifuges virtually identical to Iran’s at Natanz, where Iranian scientists are struggling to enrich uranium. They say Dimona tested the effectiveness of the Stuxnet computer worm, a destructive program that appears to have wiped out roughly a fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges./200 Dead Cows Found In Wisconsin Field Authorities Said There's No Threat To Humans/FBI Chief, Ted L. Gunderson, makes a statement regarding the chemtrail "death dumps", otherwise know as air crap, on January 12, 2011. Ted says the following: "The death dumps, otherwise known as chemical trails, are being dropped and sprayed throughout the United States and England, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Europe. I have personally seen them not only in the United States, but in Mexico and in Canada. Birds are dying around the world. Fish are dying by the hundreds of thousands around the world. /
11411/found with her throat slit shortly after the employee, Constant Bio, a citizen of Benin, received word from Peace Corps officials that he would be dismissed from his contractor position. the Peace Corps attempted to keep the case and the mistakes quiet, and keep them in the dark about what happened."It hurts us very deeply," said Kate's fatherThe suspect has been in custody since the murder in March 2009/only 57 percent of those who’ve held elective office know what the Electoral College does, while 66 percent of the public got that answer right. (Of elected officials, 20 percent thought the Electoral College was a school for “training those aspiring for higher political office./specifically to the $7.2 billion estate of Jeffry Picower, a philanthropist and Madoff associate who died of a heart attack in 2009. On Dec. 17, 2010, Picard reached a deal with Picower's widow Barbara, who agreed to turn over the money her husband received from the Madoff scheme so it could be returned to victims. This is the largest forfeiture in U.S. history.verified nearly $6 billion worth of claims from 2,372 victims. More than 10,000 claims have been denied/ Mother admits she was playing Facebook game as 1 year old son drowned/
11311/The topic is not about threats and not about the Tea Party but about the necessity for our Left to join the American Culture and organized Left-wing military-type Militias, taking as an example the existing Right-wing Militias./Guns are glorified by Left-wing Hollywood Dumb Down Assembly line and they are glorified by the Right-wing Political Propaganda machine./Rep. Darrell Issa, the House Republicans’ new chief investigator, is expanding his oversight committee to focus on the heart of President Barack Obama’s administration “corrupt,” says he will hold hundreds of hearings as chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform./Foreclosures were at a record high in 2010, and more than 1 million people lost their homes,In total, there were nearly 2.9 million foreclosure notices filed during the year, The firm predicts 1.2 million homes will be repossessed this year./hnhi/"Locked in a Loss" i.e. permanent bailout and continued Union and government vs. the world./people ain't gonna be happy until there is war and starvation all over this country. None of you rich whinners are without sin, you should be ashamed of yourselves. When war breaks out inside the USA then all you rich whinning babies will be crying for help. You better go ahead and kill yourself or give your soul to God. Cause the war is going to be within the USA, people who are sick and tired of all you liars and theives/Tanker filled with sulfuric acid capsizes on the Rhine river. Authorities say no leak has been detected, but caution cleanup crews to follow basic procedures/Cherokee"It is a fight to the death, and it is between two wolves."One is darkness -- he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego."The other is enlightened -- he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."/ Arizona Shooter and Giffords Belonged To Same Synagogue/Jared Loughner put Mein Kampf down as "favorite reading" to irritate his Jewish mother/Kryptonite Palin was cancelled as a tv star, today. They used theploy that it wouldn't be fair to give her so much face time if she is reallygoing to be a political candidate/>12 Jan 2011 IsraeliPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for "acredible military option against Iran" to force Tehran to end its nuclearenergy program./Nearly 360 Iraqis, including240 high-level security officials, have been killed by so-called 'hit men,'a recent phenomenon that has taken root in Iraq, General Kamal added onTuesday, the Iraqi daily *Al-Zaman* reported. The [Blackwater-style] tacticinvolves utilizing silencers on pistols and rifles to enable an attacker tosilently kill their victim and then flee without being noticed, /Chicagoharbors. Thousands, perhaps far more than that, of dead gizzard shad in the3- to 5-inch range are frozen in the ice of Chicago harbors or floatingaround in open patches of water./three years on the conspiracy charge and five years on themoney-laundering charge. But the judge will allow DeLay to serve 10 yearsprobation with community service on the laundering charge in lieu of theprison sentence, and the two sentences will be served concurrently./Palin released a video statement Wednesday calling therush to pin blame on conservatives for the shooting in Tucson, Ariz., a"blood libel." "Acts ofmonstrous criminality stand on their own," she said."They begin and end with the criminals who commit them."/Palin accused the media of "manufacturing a blood libel" against her. Many have been quick to point out that she does not know the meaning of that word, which actually is a reference to false charges that Jews murdered Christian children and used their blood for baking matzah. Oh Sarah./
11211/i'm just not an idiot who is going to binge on their delusional idealism/,_Fish,_People.html /Rockefeller's -- according to Economics expert and advisor Antony Sutton and others -- had financially backed BOTH the Bolsheviks AND the Nazis in their military efforts as two Hegallian or Machievellian 'clubs' to 'beat' the planet into submission to a New World Order. /Jack Shafer, who probably goes farther than I would when he writes, "Any call to cool 'inflammatory' speech is a call to police all speech, and I can't think of anybody in government, politics, business or the press that I would trust with that power."Meanwhile, many proud liberals, not to mention dedicated journalists, see no problem with fueling a mass panic over our "political discourse." The fact that liberal rhetoric and images are often just as "extreme" is irrelevant. Also irrelevant is any violence that might be linked to such rhetoric. The fact that the shooting suspect's motivations may lay in a reality of his own design? That's irrelevant, too.These critics' aim is simply to exploit this horror as an opportunity to yell "shut up" at their political opponents./long before anyone heard of the "Tea Parties" or, in most cases, Palin. Moreover, his grievance with Giffords appears to be unrelated to any coherent -- or even incoherent -- ideological platform. Rather, it drew on the bilious stew of resentments this young man cultivated as he lost his grip on reality. a fascinating interview in Mother Jones with one of Loughner's close friends, this twisted soul was apparently an ardent believer in "lucid dreaming" in which he could control an alternate " 'Matrix'-style" reality./I do remember "bring it on", or is that not wot he ment?'s sad this discussion has regressed to this....howsabout dealing with reality? please/Jared Loughner's 'ideas' are irrelevantLast Updated: 12:18 AM, January 12, 2011Jonah GoldbergIn the wake of the horrendous shooting rampage in Tucson, why isn't anyone talking about banning "Mein Kampf"? Or "The Communist Manifesto"? Or for that matter, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "The Phantom Tollbooth"?/WikiLeaks' Assange: China is our real enemy Reuterz/
11111/Tom DeLay Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison/
11011/You cannot get at the truth except through objective obsevrvations by multiple poeple from multiple perspectives./(in Jewish tradition, embarrassing someone in public is considered a very destructive and violent act, and is strictly forbidden). While complaining about others and shaming a rule-breaker at an event intended to teach equanimity is -- ironic, it teaches an important warning: The desire to control others in order to create a "perfect" environment that nurtures our sensitivities is a calling card of spiritual narcissism. It is not a spiritual feat to feel equanimity only when everything is going exactly as one would like. True spirituality takes place in the holy messiness of the world, in open-hearted relationship with others, and in a kind smile to one who accidentally stepped on your foot. In that moment of connection, one can clearly see that the annoyances and upsets are actually wake up calls pulling us out of our self-involvement and in to relationship. the "standing" prayer -- in which we are in soul connection to God, so that we can praise our Creator for the beauty and bounty of the world, ask for peace, health and understanding and express gratitude for our lives. What is surprising to many is that most of these prayers are in the plural form; we do not pray alone and for ourselves, but for everyone. In this prayer are words that are, for me, the summation of an antidote to the lure of narcissism: "Purify our hearts to be of service in truth." With this one powerful sentence we yearn to move beyond our ego-selves, and to know our true-Selves so that we can be a blessing to others. This is why Judaism teaches us to focus on acts of kindness: inviting someone to your house for lunch, treating a stranger with kindness and giving money to charity are the highest levels of spirituality. Spiritual narcissism can be very appealing fukwit /we wonder where the jobs go. This should help with the explanation!Don't blame the greedy executives, blame the workers and their union reps./deplorable working conditions that werecausing numerous injuries, but only phone-ins from OSHA, they couldn't get apenny in support from the main office, because a prior sister group (inMichigan) had already depleted their slush fund. Management literally trashedthe machinery meeting quotes, and the workers went back with no compensation forthe time they were out, and no concessions at all./woman apparently licking Bono's breast is Edra Blixseth, a disgraced former billionaire who is at the center of a criminal investigation probing whether she made fraudulent representations about her financial worth to a number of banks. /Two disturbing things here...1) politician partying with a criminal billionair­e and 2) the fact that you could drive a mack truck through Bono Mack's cleavage--­spend a little more on your next boob job!/Centre for Constitutional Rights filed papers encouraging JudgeEloy Velasco and the Spanish national court to do what the United Stateswill not: prosecute the "Bush Six"/Barack Obama works in an ice cream shop and givesice cream to his friends without paying for it: ... They laughed and said,“OK, he gave us free ice cream/he maggots in the USA government wouldrather let Americans die than to stop sending money to 'pigsrael' so it canmassacre Palestinians.USA pumps 16 Million Dollars each day into Israel./The FederalReserve is the Enemy of America. The central cause for the financialcollapse of the country rests upon the fractional reserve debt created moneyracket, which relegates the taxpayer to chattel slave status./mamaAs a natural food substance, manna would produce waste products; but in classical rabbinical literature, as a supernatural substance, it was held that manna produced no waste, resulting in no defecation among the Israelites until several decades later, when the manna had ceased to fall.[24] Modern medical science suggests the lack of defecation over such a long period of time would cause severe bowel problems, especially when other food later began to be consumed again. Classical rabbinical writers say that the Israelites complained about the lack of defecation, and were concerned about potential bowel problem Moses also said that the manna is literally the "bread of the lord" which is remarkably similar to the literal Aztec name for psilocybe mushrooms, "flesh of the gods."/Ark of the Covenant was specifically built to store manna it is logical was also tied to manna through the ritual act of circumcision, which gave each Jewish male his own mushroom-like penis./United Atheists Front blog) that the Westboro Baptist Church will picket/protest the funerals for the victims of the Arizona shooting/ JJ says:January 10, 2011 at 9:39 ami would love to be the first to show you the gifts GOD has given me. like my glock and shotgun and maybe even my sniper rifle./Yet you sit in your pews, wide-eyed and almost foaming at the mouth when>pseudo-Christians like Hagee and that noxious Pat Robertson preachcherry-picked>passages from the OLD Testament that always talks about the Jews/Israelite's>killing these people or butchering en masse those tribes who were minding their>own business, until the blood-thirsty Jews decided to steal some land or wealth/"The Rapture" is>contrived from the footnotes contained in the Scofield Reference Biblethat was>edited by C.I. Scofield, copyrighted, and first published in 1909. The 1917>edition is infamous for its propagation of the false teaching known as>premillennialism with "the Rapture" being a popular part of that system of>belief.\pentagon_official_john_wheeler_confused_on_video_before_death_cops.html> Congressional aide who worked most recently as a lobbyist[Progress Energy Inc.] and was married to White House legislative affairssenior official was found dead in her car Monday behind the couple’s CapitolHill home following a low-speed car crash and subsequent fire/Court in Virginia secretly subpoenas information relating to accountsof four WikiLeaks associates* 09 Jan 2011 Staff at the whistleblowingwebsite WikiLeaks were last night preparing a legal challenge afterdiscovering that US officials had issued a subpoena on their Twitter accountto demand private messages/a former CIAofficer says. "The Patriot Act was similar to legislation carried out by theNazis because essentially it was using terrorism in both cases as an excuseto strip civil liberties that were enjoyed in both countries; in the UnitedStates and Germany," Phillip Giraldi/New York Times reportedSaturday. The newspaper cited reports it obtained from the Pentagon thatshowed almost 5,500 soldiers were injured in 2010 in the NATO interventionto 'oust' Taliban and al-Qaida insurgents from Afghanistan. In 2009, 2,415U.S. soldiers were wounded in action/a mysterious, significant change in him a year before theshooting. "He was a good person that just somehow changed so much," formerclassmate and friend Tong Shan told ABC News in an exclusive interview. "Idon't know what the hell happened to him."/2009 Roll ruledthat a $32 million civil-rights case between illegal immigrants and anArizona rancher could go forward, according to the *Arizona Republic*. Rollwas put under the protection of U.S. Marshals after he received threatsincluding over 200 threatening phone calls in one afternoon.// /Corporations at any cost (like theirseats in the last election), to pass the 700 BILLION Dollar Bail Out forMega Banks and Wall Street, which in June of 1010, less then 2 yearsafter it had passed, had reached 250 TRILLION DOLLARS.The War is still costing us 2 Billion Dollars A DAY, and ourrepresentatives want to cut programs _we have paid into_, and use thatmoney for things the Corporations want, like more of that oh soprofitable war, and high risk loans/There are claims that his mother is Jewish, and apparently this is supported by his close friend. /
1911/Arizona, I think, has become the capital. the mecca for prejudice and bigotry a center for tea party radicals sheriff, and your counterpart in Maricopa County is one of the more dangerous bigots./"Quitter on Twitter" paints the bullseye on her website and they all pretend it was a liberal/you're addressing Hitler at "THE LEADER"?-dumb fat putz-only a Nazi or a Joo hater would do so. calls Hitler, his hero what the other pro-nazis did.Face it-you're a dung heap of anti-semitic garbage and belong in a zoo with people feeding you bananas-correction, tostitos./young American students don't care about Israel, future Palestine and the Middle East. And if they don't care, they are likely to drop their support for Israel and the rest, They better learn about Mexico and China./where children are taught to be juice, such as Yeshiva University in whose Board of Trustees the distinguished Bernard L. Madoff served/If the statistics are right, the J[e]ws constitute but one quarter of one percent of the human race. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people, and his importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallness of his bulk. What is the secret of his immortality? --Mark Twain, September 1897/my name was mizz.... "I am mizz..i will jizz cheese wiz"/to find out who talked the two retards into doing it?....flag half staff, joo holiday/Goldman Sachs: A Dividend Stock With a 10%-Plus Options Yield/doubling of bank leverage ratios, which itself was supported by easy lending standards, the failure of regulators to remain abreast of financial innovation, the housing bubble, and outright fraud.As this house of cards began to crumble, the pain was first felt by the capital markets. When the commercial paper market dried up, the crisis engulfed the financial sector and lending markets all but ceased to function. As credit, the grease for capitalism’s gears, ground to a halt, corporations prepared for economic Armageddon and the unemployment rate doubled./CNBC - Roubini: 'Housing Prices Can Only Move Down'Nouriel Roubini's/ EconoMonitor by
1811/Anyway, eat shit and die, you donkey-raping shit-eaters. Yeah, I just called you a middle easterner. /Drug Bust in Albany! Due to a new law prohibiting the sales and distribution of the 'bath salts' it is now illegal to sell, possess, or smoke these 'legal drugs'. Cops came with cameras today../If they get their way, insurance companies will once again have the right to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, drop or limit coverage if you become sick, and charge women higher premiums than men. Seniors will lose critical prescription drug savings and free preventive care under Medicare.It's sad but not surprising./Boehner's talent for perpetuating our corrupt and debt-addled status quo: He's a five-tool insider who can lie, cheat, steal, play golf, change his mind on command and do anything else his lobbyist buddies and campaign contributors require of him to get the job done. Both parties have now made the servicing of the giant handout machine their primary raison d'être — and it's this perception, that Washington is occupied by an unbreakable bipartisan conspiracy of favor-churning hacks, The irony is, no one — no one — represents all of these bile-inspiring qualities better than John Boehner. the past 18 months he has run up a $67,000 tab at the Ritz-Carlton golf resort in Naples, Florida. He flew on a corporate jet 45 times between 2000 and 2007, and took at least 41 other corporate-sponsored trips in the past decade. When the news broke in September 2006 that Rep. Mark Foley, a Republican from Florida, had been sending sexually suggestive e-mails to a 16-year-old male page, it turned out that Boehner had been sitting on the information for months. Mary Ann, had just died. The aide, who at the time worked for a prominent Democratic congressman, suggested that his boss offer Boehner condolences. The Democrat, who had just heard that he was going to face an unexpected challenge from a state senator in his own re-election campaign, went along with the aide's advice, despite the fact that he didn't have a good relationship with Boehner.The story goes like this: The Democrat approached Boehner, and said, "Hey, John, I'm sorry to hear about your mother."Boehner, not missing a beat, shot back: "And I'm sorry to hear you have an opponent.""That's John Boehner in a nutshell," last year when he publicly campaigned for Kaptur's opponent, Rich Iott, a lunatic whose weekend hobbies included dressing up in Nazi costumes in military re-enactments. George Bush, famous for giving colleagues nicknames, called Boehner "Boner.") His pseudo-acceptance speech on the night in November when Republicans retook the House was brilliant clown theater, a Wayne's World version of a right-wing political rally. At the very moment when millions of GOP voters were celebrating their ouster of the great socialist enemy Obama in the name of patriotism and liberty. waved his hands in a "No, I can't go on" gesture, then went on anyway, as the crowd nonsensically chanted "U-S-A! U-S-A!" his political career has collected nearly $4 million from the finance and insurance sectors, backed TARP from the start, summoning his full rhetorical arsenal to argue for the bill. "None of us came here to have to vote for this mud sandwich!" he declared during the infamous vote on September 29th. "I didn't come here to vote for bills like this!" Then he paused, took a $4 million gulp of air into his lungs, and pulled out all the stops to move his caucus — hilariously whipping out his Coffee Talk crying act on behalf of JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. "So I ask all of you, both sides of the aisle," he said, tearing up. "What's in the best interest of our country? Not what's in the best interest of our party! Not what's in the best interest of our own re-election! What's in the best interest of our country!" He choked back tears again. "Vote yes!". "Is Boehner going to let the Tea Party shut the government down?" GOP leadership largely succeeded this past fall in appropriating the political energy of the Tea Party for its own ends, pulling off a brilliant coup by using Tea Party rage to push through the long sought-after extension of the obscene Bush tax cuts./Professing his love for the sacred document, Boehner pledged to "stand here with our Founding Fathers, who wrote in the preamble: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident.'" The crowd was silent. Boehner had confused the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence, a lifetime company man who didn't give a shit about most Americans but could shed tears on national television on behalf of Jamie Dimon's bottom line. he would push to cut committee budgets and member allowances by five percent, for an anticipated savings of — cue the clueless Dr. Evil laugh — $30 million. "It likely would be one of the first votes we cast," Boehner declared proudly, failing to recognize that paying for trillion-dollar bailouts and $900 billion tax breaks by cutting $30 million at a time is a little like planning a hostile takeover of IBM with a stack of Rite Aid coupons. That's not government; it's stand-up comedy "mt/Blair's religious awakening horrified Plant to the point that he stopped writing new songs. "The last time I lifted a pen was when Tony Blair became a Roman Catholic," he says. "We were supposedly going into the Gulf, determined to sort the world out in the name of tyranny. Then, once he had to leave the throne, he became a Roman Catholic and became a peace envoy in the Middle East. That's when I knew the world was completely upside down."/The extensive underground economy within Italy may also be considered an added bonus in regards to addressing the country's value. Folks there have beaten repressive taxation by going around the bureaucracy to create a suprisingly vibrant economy./Palin put crosshairs on a map w/ Rep. Giffords & 19 other Dem congressmen/women, she urged followers to “reload” & “aim” for Democrats." - Michael Moore/Benedict said that some scientific theories were "mind limiting" because "they only arrive at a certain point ... and do not manage to explain the ultimate sense of reality .and says that the account in the book of Genesis is an allegory for the way God created the world. objects to using evolution to back an atheist philosophy that denies God's existence or any divine role in creation. It also objects to using Genesis as a scientific text./U.N. Environment Program (UNEP) urged more research into baffling deaths -- ranging from why whales sometimes make the fatal mistake of swimming onto beaches to recent bird deaths, dubbed the "Aflockalypse"/Giffords, 40, is a three-term moderate Democrat who narrowly won re-election in November against a tea party candidate as conservatives across the country sought to throw her from office over her support of the health care law. Her office in Tucson was vandalized in the hours after the House passed the overhaul last March Jared Loughner and over a YouTube video published weeks ago under an account "Classitup10" and linked to him. The MySpace page, which was removed within minutes of the gunman being identified by officials, included a mysterious "Goodbye friends" message published hours before the shooting Palin listed Giffords' seat as one of the top "targets" she expressed her "sincere condolences" /murderous Teabag invective has begun to reap its expected fruits: that wacko put her in his sights just like Palin's website told him to. That's NOT from 'smoking pot', either! You baggers sound pathetic trying to distance yourself from YOUR gunman. He espoused YOUR issues in his rants (revolution, replacing US currency, etc). He's YOUR guy; own it/landmark ruling in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in the Ibanez case has many wondering about the implications. The underlying process that the court found unsatisfactory to prove ownership in foreclosure was fairly normal; most banks endorsed in blank, carried off several trades of the mortgage and passed them along in less than pristine ways Delta∆V: From @Wikileaks, "WARNING all 637,000 @wikileaks followers are a target of US gov subpoena against Twitter, under section 2. B - Let the witch hunt begin, bring it on./
1711/ Canada - Israel's best, least known, friend Only as long as Stephen Harper (Conservatives) are in charge/IS THERE A SAFE,CIVILIZED,CHRISTIAN PLACE OTHER THAN AUSTRALIA WITH NO JUIFS RUNNING AND RAPING A NATION/The Joos control your brain via the Joo rays, paranoid putz. I would say you are a loser financially and blame your poor earnings and the trailer park you live in on Joos, not your lack of brainpower/between 115,000 and 120,000 J[e]ws live in Australia, around 10,000, makes up .23 percent of the total New Zealand population of 4.2 million/ /GOP: "Math? We don't need no stinking math".More republican deceit and deception./Orwell said in 1984: Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct; nor was any item of news, or any expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to remain on record. All history was a palimpsest, scraped clean and reinscribed exactly as often as was necessary./“Scientists say the magnetic north pole is moving toward Russia and the fallout has reached -- of all places -- Tampa International Airport. [photo 3rd left]The airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to repaint the numeric designators at each end and change taxiway signage to account for the shift in location of the Earth's magnetic north pole.”‘critical failure’ of the Tupolev-154’s electronic avionics systems that was unable to compensate for the rapidly changing shifting of our Earth’s magnetic poles. Earth’s historic past about this “mysterious visitor’s” long warned return by the ancients from all around the World, and from every culture humanity has. From it’s ancient Babylonian name Nibiru, to its 20th Century moniker Planet X,/
1611/Michael Brea, slashed her to death last November in Brooklyn, N.Y., with a 3-foot-long Masonic blade, his crime made the front page: A sword nut gone berserk./What's going on with the 207 million gallons (PDF) of oil? Will the Gulf ever be oil-free again?/Boehner, the new House speaker, went the other way. He started in the dust—the Catholic Ash Wednesday ritual of smearing ashes on the forehead. "The ashes remind us that life in all—all of its forms is very fragile, our time on this Earth fleeting," "But as the ashes are delivered, we hear those humbling words: Remember, you are dust, and to dust you shall return."/China has pledged to improve living conditions for the 20,000 leprosy sufferers living in its 600 state-run colonies. / /As for his voting record, we all know it. He's a lazy good-for-nothing, double-talking shill for corporate interests. He's a classic beltway hack and a K-Street toady with a long history of lying, cheating and stealing. He's the total package of "corrupt politician" who'll take money from anyone for a vote./Obama should cry once in a while. It might make him look human./"I've spent my whole life...[choking up]...chasing...[choking up again]...the American dream,"What a farce! Another clueless Republican yutz put in charge, specifically BECAUSE he's a clueless yutz./
1511/Coptic Christians represent an African branch of the Orthodox Church. They're prevalent in Egypt, but they trace their origins to Abyssinia -- what's now, roughly, Ethiopia. They're a distinct minority in Europe. Some 6,000 Copts live in Germany, 6,000 in the Netherlands, and 45,000 in France."We're afraid," /"so-called" intellectuals, ministers, politicians and television anchors who oppose the blasphemy law and support those committing blasphemy should learn a lesson from Taseer's death.Taseer was shot 14 times from a distance of about six feet/The FACT that you run around with such arrogance will only compound Jws future problems.Jws are not nearly loved as you seem to think./more possibilities for a return to "extreme anti-Semitism" than were about when the Nazis gained power. And, unlike the period before the Nazis came to power, there was no Israel dragging J*ws down/in the 30's.In Toronto there were signs on beaches "no dogs or Jooos allowed."Joooish refugees were turned down by both Canada and the USA and sent back to Europe in the late 30's. hypocritical Muzzies are a major threat to humankind everywhere, and that includes Jooos./I am not saying that this human dreck will not trying something evil one day but there are plenty of Joo lovers everywhere and ... Joos are ready to teach you a lesson/ The New Nazis..Jws would make the Old School Nazis Proud./Let's quit calling it the Federal Reserve and rename it what it really is, THE PRIVATE RESERVE/while Eisenhower was in office was 92% and things were prettygood. The middle class had jobs , college was more than affordable , mom stayed homeif she didn't want to work/.RUN A NATIONWIDE LOTTO DRAWING WITH ALL 50 STATE AS PARTICIPANTS WITH ALL MONEY GOING TO REDUCE THE DEFECIT/You're a huge sack of shytE and you make illegal Mexicans look like wastes of sperm.Huge Sack of Shyt - Would you have preferred to have swallowed it, instead of it being wasted? Your momma should have opened her mouth instead of her hairy a$$. She wouldn't have defecated-birthed you out otherwise./ "Many wolf populations may have contributed to the genomic diversity of dogs, but the dominant signal comes from the Middle East," says Wayne. The new research appears in the journal Nature. "I can't say that I am surprised by the results," says Tamar Dayan, a zoologist at Tel Aviv University in Israel. "I would have been surprised if they were different."> Dayan says dog skeletons 12,000 or 13,000 years old have been found in what is now northern Israel. "They're found in burials with humans in a very clear human context."Archaeopteryx. It's a fossil that has feathers like a bird but the skeleton of a small dinosaur. It's one of those missing links Northern China that are claimed to be feathered theropods (meat-eating dinosaurs). The fossils, Protarchaeopteryx robusta and Caudipteryxzoui, are claimed to be "the immediate ancestors of the first birds."Dawkins, states: "Feathers are modified reptilian scales," "Archaeopteryx: Early Bird Catches a Can of Worms," /"Bush has made 142 trips to the Camp David retreat in the cool Catoctin mountains of Maryland, by Knoller's count. Those usually involve weekends. They total 450 days. has made 75 trips to his ranch, totaling 466 days "/Why oh why? Charles feeding the trolls is not very positive or conductive to agood day. Whoever this randy g-tard is not worth the time but you persist. Ohwell its your waste of time./Qiao Xing wins bid and acquires equity interest in large copper-molybdenum mining company (XING) 2.96 : Co announces that its subsidiary has placed the winning bid and completed the acquisition of a 34.53% equity interest in Chifeng Aolunhua Mining for RMB185 mln ($28 mln) from a local Chinese government agency. The consideration for the bid will be paid in two cash installments within six months./everyone complains and gripes about the criminals in our political and corporate elite while they rape our country for their own gain and nobody can muster up the energy to get off the couch. Where are the patriots??? Doesn't anyone love this country enough anymore to try and take it back? Turn off the @#$% media, get out of the chair and begin talking to your friends and neighbors about what to do about the problem. Stop buying from the thieves in corporate america, stop buying from the companies who ship our jobs oversees, reduce your expenditures on fuel, taxes, and anything else that supports the criminals in control. Play their own game and starve them for capita/5-year-old Dyson Kilodavis, a self-proclaimed "Princess Boy" who told the Today Show, "I love wearing dresses and I love the colors of pink and red," adding, "It makes me feel happy."/would-be suicide jumper in New York was alive on Monday after leaping from a ninth-floor window but landing in a giant heap of garbage/Boehner Speech Preview: Will He (Republican) Party Like it's 1995?/Evangelical Independents on CNN/any creationist will overcome their self imposed ignorance, /Mass Bird and Fish Die Off Connected to Government Testing?1977 Senate Hearing found that U.S. government had infected hundreds of cities with biological agents,Die-Offs Go Global, Spark End Times PanicBrazil, Sweden and New Zealand hit with strange phenomena as speculation rages/500 or more birds dropped dead from the sky in Louisiana on Monday or why a Kentucky woman found dozens of dead birds in her ..'Stress event' blamed after birds rain from sky - ‎ /100 tonnes of dead fish wash ashore in BRAZIL!?!]A survey conducted by the Federation of Fishermen's Colony of Paraná, Paranaguá on the coast of the state, indicates that at least 100 tons of fish (sardine, croaker and catfish) have turned up dead since last Thursday off the coast of]'/private legal open cemetaries/Mobbed-Up Wall Street Insider For Powerful Administration RolePresident gives another backhander to notorious Daley political machine/Technology created 50 rainstorms in Abu Dhabi's/Vaccine developer Paul Offit has just published a new book, Deadly Choices, in which he turns up the volume and the rhetoric against what he likes to call “the anti-vaccine movement.” His target, he argues, has launched a dangerous assault on the public health, and its misguided disciples are everywhere/How many vaccines is it safe for a pediatrician to give a two month old infant?" "It depends how much they are getting paid." An old joke. /1988, I was told a number of interesting facts about the adjacent Aspartame factory. Bacteria with genes inserted generate a sludge which is centrifuged to remove the aspartame and many hundreds of contaminant organic and amino acids are present. We were told not to report illness or worker's compensation issues for fear of being fired by the hospital, now the Augusta Regional Medical Center. Many of their employees presented with psychiatric, neuropathy conditions, chronic fatigue and organic cases of loss of cognitive function. This powder from the dried sludge was then transported for packaging in factories elsewhere in the US, before sale as Equal and now the myriad of names of this neurotoxin." /manufacturers of the most prevalent sweetener in the world have a secret, and it`s not a sweet one. Aspartame, an artificial sweetener found in thousands of products worldwide, has been found to be created using genetically modified .../ Pakistani scholars and clerics... have warned against any expression of sympathy for slain PPP leader,described the policeman who gunned down the Punjab governor Salman Taseer as a 'Ghazi' saying it would tantamount to an act of blasphemy."-- Quite a scholarly consensus, one must admit.In other words, in Muslim very own academically defined terms, gratuitous murder is an act of piety, while compassion - a blasphemy punishable by death.So much about Islam./
1411/5000 dead birds and 100,000 dead fish in ArkansasI have noticed that the right wing mainstream media does not talk about the oil plumes anymore/Fox is like the Mafia. They are trying to go legit after years of tabloid journalism. Yet, it may be too late, because we've been too lax in discerning news from opinion for a couple decades now and have forgotten the difference./fauxsnooze shep smith tries truth/Same thing happened in Austin, TX, was no fireworks there. No explanaition either./Nothing to see here. Move along. Oh my God. A dead bird. Look. It is the end times./Most definitely, mushy feet, chemical poisoning through permeation./i know the majority of yahoo message board posters are ignorant, slightly racist bigots. But no one on here is THAT stupid. something is up, something the powers that be really don't want us to know.../Well no @#$% to the likes of you two mambie pambies, you two jack slappers are a flippin disgrace, pooped what makes you an authoritarian on ignorance? Look no further than yourself for idiocy, And Glenda you are what they consider a useful idiot, shame on you clowns./I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle/dhs act 2002 statigic plan datashareleverage Thestrategy is to remain customer-focused and output-oriented– empowering customers to set priorities to meet theneeds of tomorrow’s homeland security – while proactivelypursuing technology that could offer our DHS customers revolutionary means to better secure our Nation/nazi fascists... their allies were cons, monopoly capitalists, and thugs and their enemies were socialists, communists, ethnic minorities, anarachists, and republicans (republicans = small r, those that believe in republican government)./w who did more damage to Capitalism than any communist who ever lived.Mr tax free war!/ Scalia Attends Michele Bachmann's Tea Party: /masons did murder a man in broad daylight in the 1830s/
1311/typical Tea-bagging double Bush voting RepubliKlansman.Hates the "bleeding heart" "Libs" who freed the slaves, marched against apartheid segregation, human civil rights, etc, etc.Considers himself a "conservative" member of the "Moral Majority".Par for the course./"clearly inappropriate" videos shown through the nuclear-powered ship's closed-circuit television system as part of an onboard movie night. The star of the videos, made in 2006 and 2007, Gay slurs, suggestive shower scenes and mimicked masturbation in clips made not by some sailor run amok but by the ship's second-most powerful officer. Capt. Owen Honors, who now commands the USS Enterprise / /, “Christianophobia” will become a buzzword./increasing acceptance as they organize cooperation between nontheists and theists toward the common good./the media will find more zealous Christians reacting to the issues of the day whose extreme positions will further divide the evangelical church into radical positions, and turn away seekers looking for a peaceful resolution to the churning in their own souls/the GOP would be wise to remember that Mormons don't actually belong to them. /Park 51 will become less of an issue as more New Yorkers decide enough is enough and that they will not allow a few people with an Islamophobic agenda to dictate location of places of worship./hitler's favorite movie was the 7 dwarfs, someone who's favorite movie is a kid's film could never mean any harm! / pastor Tom Daniels was arrested December 9th. According to records at the Sacramento County Jail, he is facing one charge of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age, and another charge for engaging in multiple sexual assaults of a child./being religious is not the same as having faith in God. The challenge we face is that there is no longer a widespread acceptance of absolute truth. The God of heaven exists in the hearts of millions and millions of people./Religion is a disease that has enslaved, brutalized, and destroyed Humankind for thousands of years./"Brother will kill brother, spilling blood across the landKilling for religion, something I don't understandFools like me who cross the sea and come to foreign landsAsk the sheep for their beliefs, do you kill on God's command?A county that's divided surely will not standMy past erased, no more disgrace, no foolish naive standThe end is near, it's crystal clear, part of the master plan do you kill on God's command?A county that's divided surely will not standMy past erased, no more disgrace, no foolish naive standThe end is near, it's crystal clear, part of the master planDon't look now to Israel, it might be your homeland"I predict Darwinian Atheism to be revealed as the greatest fraud the world has ever seen. Untill idiots like you go away we will NEVER learn terraforming, or create universes of our own./scientific ‘proof’ that God exists, check out information on Medjugorje. Six kids, ages 10 to 15 seeing Mary starting in what was then communist Yugoslavia. Arrested, threatened, and then psychologically and scientifically tested, eeg tests, bright lights flashed in eyes with no response, etc. Search for the truth. There are scientific studies which give information on the tests and results. It’s only ‘proof’ if you don’t want to blindly write it off as fake tests and brainwashed kids who have been living very religiously and lying for the past 29 years! But they have committed themselves to this ‘lie’ far beyond anyone who has ever claimed an apparition before, since they have said there will be a permanent and undeniable sign left before their lives are over and the whole world will know that God exist ,Jesus’ strongest words of condemnation were against the religious leaders, so obviously leaders of churches mess up sometimes (many times?) but that doesn't invalidate the religion. And He said what really matters, loving your neighbor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, etc., so as long as you’re doing that, you should be alright, but stop attacking all religious people as mindless nuts. The complexity of a bird’s wing just happened randomly from bat-like or pterodactyl creatures gradually mutating hairs into feathers – with no intelligent ‘force’ directing them? All just random. I don’t think so.Read and look at the pictures under the link to 'scientific studies' at /"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." "I am a deeply religious nonbeliever – this is a somewhat new kind of religion." And "To take those fools in clerical garb seriously is to show them too much honor" And "About God, I cannot accept any concept based on the authority of the Church. As long as I can remember, I have resented mass indoctrination. I do not believe in the fear of life, in the fear of death, in blind faith. I cannot prove to you that there is no personal God, but if I were to speak of him, I would be a liar. I do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil. My God created laws that take care of that. His universe is not ruled by wishful thinking, but by immutable laws."- Einstein/Can't God just rapture these mother fockers already?/approximately 90% of people in the world today who callthemselves Jews are actually Khazars, or as they like to be known, AshkenaziJews. These people knowingly lie to the world with their claims that the landof Israel is theirs by birthright, when in actual fact their real homeland isover 800 miles away in Georgia./1848: Karl Marx, an Ashkenazi Jew, publishes, "The Communist Manifesto." Germany invades Poland. Thiswas because the German leadership were a Christian leadership, who understoodthat Soviet Russia was led by Rothschild funded Communists, and they feared thatas the Soviet Union grew in strength, these Jewish Communists would invade andwipe all the Christians off the map.1940: Hansjurgen Koehler in his book, "Inside The Gestapo," states thefollowing, of Maria Anna Schicklgruber, Adolf Hitler's grandmother,"A little servant girl…….came to Vienna and became a domestic servant…….at theRothschild mansion…president Kennedy is assassinated bythe Rothschilds for the same reason as they assassinated President AbrahamLincoln in 1865, he wanted to print American money for the American people, asoppose to for the benefit of a money grabbing war mongering foreign elite. 1990, onJanuary 16of this year the United States and Britain began an aerial bombing campaign oftargets within Iraq. On 24 February the ground campaign commenced which was tolast 100 hours until on February 28 when a horrendous war crime occurred.This crime was the slaughter of 150,000 Iraqi troops with fuel air bombs. TheseIraqis were fleeing on a crowded highway from Kuwait to Basra. President GeorgeHerbert Walker Bush ordered United States military aircraft and ground units tokill these surrendering troops, they were then bulldozed into mass unmarkedgraves in the desert, some still alive. Norman Lamont, a former Rothschild banker.1986: Mordechai Vanunu a technician at Dimona, Israel's nuclear installation,from 1976 to 1985, discovers that the plant was secretly producing nuclearweapons.His conscience made him speak out and in 1986 he provided the London SundayTimes with the facts and photos they used to tell the world about Israel'snuclear weapons programme.His evidence showed that Israel had stockpiled up to 200 nuclear warheads, withno debate or authorisation from it own citizens. On 30th September 1986, Vanunuwas lured from London to Rome. There he was kidnapped, drugged and shipped toIsrael. Jewish groups, primarily AIPAC, forces Fox News to removethe story from their website. Two hours prior to the 9-11 attacks, Odigo, anIsraeli company with offices just a few blocks from the World Trade Towers,receives an advance warning via the internet. Bush makes the following statement as part of hissecond inaugural address, "When our Founders declared a new order of the ages."This is not true. The founders did not declare a, "new order of the ages,"President Roosevelt did when in 1933, he put it's latin translation, "Novus OrdoSeclorum," on the dollar bill./"Wooden Horse of Troy" / $2.7 billion in outstanding repurchase requests from Fannie and Freddie not covered by the settlement. $462 million settlement between Ally Financial Inc and Fannie Mae from Bank of America /Ex-Treasury chief Paulson loses $1 million on DC home/Murder, adultery, rape, armed robbery, drug trafficking and apostasy -- the renouncing of Islam -- are all punishable by death under Iran's Islamic law/Buddah says: "There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."/
1211/Yes it is a growing problem and because of the leaders everyone has chose to elect it is becoming an even bigger problem. I, Myself do not get government assistant and I do not frown on the ones that do. Some need it and yes some do abuse the system but the majority do not. The system is ran by the government, by people who we elected (if you don't vote you have no voice anyways!). All government ran programs they will all fail because of who runs them. You want it to change? Its not going to change here, write your congressman and request drug testing, better job monitoring, stuff that will make the people on the system prove they need it and are working on getting off it. Don't be fooled by these people, its not as easy as they say it is to get this assistant and with new laws coming down it will become even harder. As for some of the people who posted on this; like the uneducated and must only have a two word vocabulary (MF) and they probably refer to everyone as "yuse" too! I didn't waste my time reading that post because I can spot a retarded person from a mile away and that post had Retard all over it. $30,000 and on food stamps....Don't think so, if your going to get into peoples business at least know what they really have. Lets talk about the stalker... really are you running around town following this person? Get educated and know the facts before you open your mouth. Free speech empowers the retarded people to remember that. /If you even try and deny that then your just looking for a fight, you will not win because you know what I say about spics and niggers is a fact, they breed like rabbits and lie through their teeth, and kill, steal and destroy anything near them. /"We were not trading arms for hostages, nor were we negotiating with terrorists." --Ronald Wilson Reagan/
1111/Israel that has been exposed as lying and two-faced, makes the Arab world writ large view the WikiLeaks operation as a huge Zionist conspiracy. nd Israel controls the world through its satanic power, “these documents should have provided the decisive argument” against Israel./AP - A powerful bomb, possibly from a suicide attacker, exploded in front of a Coptic Christian church as a crowd of worshippers emerged from a New Years Mass early Saturday, killing at least 21 people and wounding nearly 80 in an attack that raised suspicions of an al-Qaida role. Obama: Dems, GOP must cooperate in new year, 3 US missile attacks kill 18 in northwest Pakistan (AP)/Alleged crimes by US unsubs include mutilating bodies, collectingfingers and skulls from corpses as trophies..criminal probe into computer attacks launchedthis month against perceived corporate enemies of WikiLeaks, the FBI hasraided a Texas business Tailor Made Services, a Dallas firm providing “dedicated server hosting. and seized a computer server that investigatorsbelieve was used to launch a massive electronic attack on PayPal. second IP address used by “Anonymous” was traced to an Internet service provider in British Columbia, Canada. Investigators with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police determined that the Canadian firm’s “virtual” server was actually housed at Hurricane Electric/Nearly1,100 Palestinian children have been arrested by Israelitroops in 2010 clg/>,all over the planet. They have been involved in executions, torture,arbitrary detention, human trafficking, environmental poisoning, andother criminal activity, at great financial cost to U.S. taxpayers aswar becomes increasingly privatized. /UN Genocide Convention."Tommy Franks that "We don't do bodycounts.", there are 4.5 million dead inAfghanistan as a result of the invasion and occupation. Combined withthe 2.5 million who died from twenty years of war and sanctions in Iraq,we arrive at the rough figure of 7 million dead.*But if 7 million people died, anyone you ask on the street can tell you 6 millionJews died in the Holocaust. Why aren't 7 million Muslims importantenough to notice?/Prescott Bush at Union Bank was indicted for laundering it's money here in the US-that's why the family packed up and left Wall St./DC to hide in the backwaters of Midland, Texas), and Krupp and IG Farben weren't far behind in working with the Nazi's to illegally rebuild the german war machine using the forced slave labor of jews, blacks, gypsies, and other 'non-ayrian types/faces a maximum of more than 10 years in prison if convicted of the felony drug conspiracy charge. Over an 18-month period, Wiltshire received prescriptions for more than 2000 Adderall pills, DEA investigators reported, adding that the prescriptions “were frequently filled in a succession of dates too close together to have been used exclusively for legitimate medical purposes.”agents received a package containing 11 Adderall pills that had been “shipped from a post office in the 37902 ZIP code in Knoxville, Tennessee/We do not need criminals to defend us, they will harm us more than theenemy. Liberty does not come nor is it maintained without cost. As truepatriots, if need be, we are prepared to defend our Constitution and Libertywithout any help from mercenaries of any type. Like any good American who isable to fight, if I am called to serve, I am ready to serve. I will not however,obey any unlawful orders, violate anyones human rights or Libterty, or act inany way against our Constitution. Nor will I rob anyone, that includes the taxpayers.Alan Van Arsdale/a visual sign fromYahweh that the fake and misguidance of Christianity that has been going onsince Christ gave his life on this planet, which became twisted with lies, isnow dead. It was what it was meant to be. A message that this world of people areon the final course of Yahweh’s impending wrath to be delivered at Armageddon.Christianity in its falsehood is officially dead."/Hypocritical, corrupt human beings run churches. ALL OF THE THEM. Even theone I go to is quick to point this out. Basically man gets in the way of God'smessage in innumerable ways because we are humans. Some churches follow scripture better than others, but all to some degree oranother twist the message of God somehow. It really depends on how much twistingyou personally are comfortable /Mysticism ( pronunciation (help·info); from the Greek μυστικός, mystikos, an initiate of a mystery religion)[1] is the pursuit of communion with, identity with, or conscious awareness of an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight./WikiLeaks detail efforts to promote genetically modified (GM) crops and biotechnology across the globe, including the Vatican, where US diplomats pushed the Roman Catholic Church to support biotech food in developing nations. 2007, the former US ambassador to France wanted to "retaliate" against the French for creating anti-GM momentum in Europe and questioning the safety/The Real War on Christmas: Pilgrims Outlawed It; Congress Stayed in Session on Christmas Day from the 1790s until the 1850s/17th century, a wave of religious reform changed the way Christmas was celebrated in Europe. When Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan forces took over England in 1645, they vowed to rid England of decadence and, as part of their effort, cancelled Christmas. after the launching of the GOP’s Fox channel in 1996 — is a prime example of how they have learned to use both their own Fox propaganda outlet and the “liberal media” to commandeer political discourse with positions that are so anti-factual as to be laughable and really should be unworthy of serious consideration./Air Force Academy infiltrated by religious fanatics,American Taliban/the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America, are refusing to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference in February because a homosexual activist group, GOProud, has been invited./UK minister declares 'war' on Rupert Murdoch By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press /
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