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Judge Orders Madoff Aide Bongiorno Held Pending Trial

Judge Orders Madoff Aide Bongiorno Held Pending Trial

and other web gems:
122110/NO evidence to suggest that the Israelites ever practiced the debt forgiveness found in the old testament, but that didn't stop the prophets from shouting it./Deuteronomy 15The Year for Canceling Debts1 At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts. 2 This is how it is to be done: Every creditor shall cancel any loan they have made to a fellow Israelite./If anyone is poor among your fellow Israelites in any of the towns of the land the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward them. 8 Rather, be openhanded and freely lend them whatever they need. 9 Be careful not to harbor this wicked thought: “The seventh year, the year for canceling debts, is near,” so that you do not show ill will toward the needy among your fellow Israelites and give them nothing. They may then appeal to the LORD against you, and you will be found guilty of sin./self involved, greedy and ignorant p.o.s., but if she had any chance of winning i'd vote for her, being an anarchist at heart i thinnk this would certainly stop delaying the inevitable colapse of this world society thing./this whole freak show is being run with borrowed money... what i am hearing and seeing is the USA selling it's self out, cheap, so a bunch of flighty, selfish, power hungry, fools can have a tea party... they are saying, please, we will morgage everything we have just don't make us pay taxes... our jobs, our health and our kids future is worth a lot more than they are getting for them./
122010/ Prominent J[e]ws Leave Amsterdam over Anti-Semitism www.israelnationalnews.com/Jws are the only group I am aware of that has a God that historical aka the Bible, promotes wiping out all races other than his chosen one aka Jws. Be it women or babies....../>/leader of Iran's Revolutionary Guard has threatened to murder American generals to retaliate for the apparent assassinations of two Iranian nuclear scientists./Quite amusing it is to see libs call Barry "Stupid" a pit bull on a chain. he'll be fine if we keep him on a short leash /CNN) - As both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama tried to lower the tension after days of charged rhetoric over race, a congressional supporter of Clinton's presidential bid called the Illinois senator's remarks attacking her over recent comments about President Lyndon Johnson and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. “absolutely stupid.”/ Happy Hoildays Jingle bombs/Of the 30 attacks in November, only one was due to a rock attack; the rest were firebombs that were hurled at their victims. In the Gaza Belt area, there were 22 attacks, compared with 18 in October. Four of the attacks were rocket launchings, 12 were mortar shellings, four were small arms shootings and two were anti-tank missile launchings. One Israeli citizen was wounded on November 18, when a rock was hurled at him in Judea. An Israeli officer was likewise injured in October when he was targeted in a firebomb attack in Jerusalem. throughout November, five rockets and 28 mortar shells were fired at Israel in 16 different attacks, compared with three rockets and 20 mortar shells fired in 13 attacks in the month prior. Moreover, for the first time since the end of Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s counter terrorist war against the Hamas rulers of Gaza, a long-range Grad Katyusha rocket was fired from the region at Ofakim.the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) meanwhile announced Sunday that terrorists groups based in the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority have formally decided to launch a third intifada - an Arab word for "uprising."PA factions should “formulate a unified stance against” Israel./http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kHk4RFAROg bruno&christians/As a source of innovation, an engine of our economy, and a forum for our political discourse, the Internet can only work if it's a truly level playing field. Small businesses should have the same ability to reach customers as powerful corporations. A blogger should have the same ability to find an audience as a media conglomerate.This principle is called "net neutrality" frankin hp/
121910/well over 600,000, and probably close to a million, inmates are working fulltime in jails and prisons throughout the United States. advocates,raised issues common to incarcerated people nationwide: abusive treatment,degrading living conditions, a lack of accountability in the administration andparole authorities, and a lack of basic educational and social servicesAccording tonews reports, prison staff locked down four facilities, attempted to transferout the leading troublemakers, cut off the hot water, and revoked cell phoneprivileges (yes, according to Facing South, "Cell phones are contraband inGeorgia's prisons, but widely available for sale from correctional officers."/I don't believe the true religion would burn books and ban us from even lookingat things like this. There are no explanations for modern day issues in theBible, so look around, but keep an open mind. This woman isin a closet herself where everything is either good or evil, black or white,blue or red. Divide, divide, divide.I wonder if she thinks smooth peanut butter is good while chunky peanut butteris evil? It does remind one of the preaching of Sarah Palin, Queen of theIlliterates. Fear what you do not understand./Defense Contractor General Electric, RECEIVED as atax BENEFIT, last year, especially since they can defer taxes onOverseas income INDEFINITELY. /a chart forDec 21, 2012 and saw nothing. do a chart for Dec 21, 2010, I see aspectacular, powerful eclipse lasting total phase of the eclipse will last for the mystical number of 72 minutes.. Mayan elders have been trying to tell everyone that the end of acycle on their calendar is not the end of the world. WinterSolstice this year, thanks to the lunar eclipse, and for the only timeduring this period of solar alignment, the Moon, Earth, Solstice Sun andGalactic Centre will all be in perfect alignment. The Eclipse itself takes place smack dab in the center of thePacific Ocean. Right in the middle of the ‘Ring of Fire’ where all theworlds Earthquakes have happened this year. The impact here is one ofdestabilizing one of the Earth’s most vulnerable areas.constancedemby.com /Poorer folks go "$7,800 further into debt to get a $613 tax break" but rich folks "earning between $5M and $10M get $38,590".ichardcavessa's Instablog - Posts on BHP - Seeking AlphaStop Following. You are no longer following richardcavessa. nothing .."It happened so quickly. They came and attacked us. One of them pulled a very long knife. It was like a bread knife with a sharpened edge. I was scared, but my friend became a bit hysterical, so I told her in English – they spoke in Arabic – 'be quiet, don't make any noise, it'll make them attack us'," she said. "One of them took the Star of David necklace off my neck like a gentleman – and they stabbed me 12 times. They came to kill. Nobody walks around with a knife like that for no reason. He stabbed me, but I sensed the knife did not penetrate my heart. I pretended to be dead."/March, a gunman walked into a Jewish religious seminary and shot eight students dead./In July, a construction worker drove a bulldozer down a main street in the city, killing three people and injuring 44 others.Later that month, another man drove a bulldozer down a busy street, ramming cars and injuring 16 people. All three Palestinians were shot dead at the scene of the attacks.In September, a Palestinian driver crashed his car into a group of Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem, injuring 17 people in what Israeli police also described as a terror attack.The driver was immediately shot dead by an army officer./1,300-word communique, the Vatican said: "It has not always been possible to follow every attack against Israel with a public declaration of condemnation."It said one reason for this was that "the attacks on Israel were sometimes followed by immediate Israeli reactions not always compatible with the norms of international law ... It would thus be impossible to condemn the [terrorist operations] and pass over the [Israeli retaliation] in silence".http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2005/jul/30/catholicism.israel /http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/dec/17/wikileaks-fidel-castro-barack-obama /Interesting to read the Guardian report that Cuba had banned Michael Moore's 'Sicko'. Particularly as it has aired on Cuban TV and Moore has been feted in Cuba for the film. Apparently this misinformation was concocted by the CIA and Cuban exiles..Perhaps you should have checked Michael Moore's website first before publishing this untrue story?http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/mike-friends-blog/viva-wikileaks /If you have embraced a creed which appears to be free from the ordinary dirtiness of politics - a creed from which you yourself cannot expect to draw any material advantage - surely that proves that you are in the right? George Orwell/http://www.collateralmurder.com/http://thenextweb.com/shareables/2010/12/12/wikirebels-the-documentary/./
121810/On This Day In History An Overwhelmingly GOP Supreme Courtsaid that the interment of Japanese Americans during WWII was not only legal, but even those Japanese-Americans who were "undeniably loyal" to the USA should be kept interred/Playboy reportedly offered Sarah Palin $4 Million/the escape of 141 inmates from a border city prison as police stepped up security and searched for convicts on the run. apparently in collusion with prison workers -- escaped through a service entrance for staff vehicles,September, 85 inmates used a ladder to clear a wall and escape from a prison in the border city of Reynosa The prison director also "disappeared,"/Taxpayers filed nearly 143 million returns, including those from individuals and married couples. Nearly 389,000 taxpayers reported incomes of $1 million or above.Corporate audits dropped slightly, by less than 1 percent. But there was a 7 percent increase in the number of audits of firms with $10 million or more in assets. / Other media outlets suggested that the presence of 500 Swedish troops in Afghanistan, or a Swedish artist’s 2007 rendering of the founder of Islam in the form of a dog, are what may have sparked the attacker’s fury. But these explanations just don’t cut it. They all miss the point, one that has been driven home time and again since 9/11. These attacks have little to do with what the West does, and everything to do with what the West is and what it represents. The haters, killers and extremists may seize upon this or that current event as a convenient excuse to justify their actions, but what fuels their extremism is a worldview that is bent on global Islamic domination.A clue to this could be found in the threat sent just prior to the Stockholm attack, which said in part, “Now the Islamic state has been created. We now exist here in Europe and in Sweden. We are a reality.” the bomber felt himself to be part of a larger movement, one that is seeking not to alter Western policy, but the very identity and nature of the West. fall of 2009, after a popular Swedish newspaper accused IDF troops of killing Palestinians to harvest their organs, the Swedish government rejected Israeli requests to condemn it./ot since Jack sold his cow for some magic beans has a deal like this been made by our "leadership" where families earning between $35,000 and $64,000 go $7,800 further into debt pd/So, Obama is a republican in wolf's clothing. I guess we understand that. He wants a job with Goldman-Sachs when this experiment in government is over. He wants to be a billionaire. The change he wants is not to reform the system, but to make sure that blacks have a place in the corrupt power hierarchy (so they can get filthy rich) too./many of the same old people who have been lying to the electorate for years. In the south where I live, people keep electing Republicans who just claim they are "conservative". These "conservatives" just voted to extend and increase the Bush tax cuts that were done by borrowing from friends and enemies alike/men designed the CIA's interrogation program and alsopersonally took part in the waterboardingsessions. the CIA had to promise to cover at least $5 million inlegal fees for them in case there was trouble down the road,Turns out the contractors needed that secret agreement as taxpayers pay todefend the men in a federal investigation over an interrogation tactic theUnited States now says is torture. The deal is even more generous than theprotections the agency typically provides its own officers psychologists Jim Mitchell and Bruce Jessencreated the CIA's interrogation program. But former U.S. intelligenceofficials said Mitchell and Jessen also repeatedly subjected terror suspectsinside CIA-run secret prisons to waterboarding/
121710/Two pregnant women, a teenage girl, a police officer and his brother were shot on February 12[2010] when US and Afghan special forces stormed their home... NATO had initially claimed that the women had been dead for several hours…, but later admitted responsibility for all the deaths. "US special forces soldiers dug bullets out of their victims’ bodies in the bloody aftermath of a botched night raid, then washed the wounds with alcohol before lying to their superiors about what happened,”/Obama of "palling around with terrorists," has refused to call people who bomb abortion clinics by the same name. Brian Williams whether an abortion clinic bomber was a terrorist, Palin heaved a sigh and, at first, circumvented the question./http://www.infowars.com/fbi-agents-train-garbage-collectors-to-report-suspicious-activity/
121610/the CIApromised in the 1970s to compensate those who were made guinea pigs, but the2009 complaint states that the government "never made a sincere effort tolocate the survivors/Germany has owned up to one of the most disturbing examples of mass child and youth abuse in its post-war history, some 60 years after the first teenagers started being locked away and mistreated by supposedly "caring" foster homes. agreed yesterday to provide a €120m (£101m) compensation fundfor the estimated 30,000 victims who were among the 800,000 children inGerman foster homes in the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.admits enslaving and abusing a generation of children Lawsuits accuse Knights of Columbus of child abuse/ Wikileaks Julian Assange granted bail over Fake sex crime allegations/liberals not understanding the zoologyof our movement. But the use and abuse of the term 'neoconservative' hasexceeded even the high allowance for cliché and ignorance generallyafforded to those who write or talk about conservatism from outside theconservative ant farm. Infact, neoconservative has become a Trojan Horse for vast arsenal of ideological attacks and insinuations. There is nothing remotely conservative within the cult of the NeoCon"./International Solidarity Movement (ISM)Working to Destroy Israel, Supports Terorism the group Rachel, I crave pancakes, Corrie, belonged to./Nasrallah said in a speech Thursday that the removal of J[e]ws from the Land of Israel and conquering the land by Arabs was a principle that the Arab world could not surrender on. Speaking at a Shi'ite religious event, Nasrallah said that “we will bring thousands of martyrs” to kill J[e]ws in Jerusalem. “We will never recognize Israel. We will not surrender a grain of Palestine's sand.”/Falling Rates and Energy prices. That was the key to Reagan's Economy, not TAX CUTS. The Economy runs on Low Energy Costs, Productivity, and Low Interest RATES, not Tax Cuts in the context that Repugs foolish paint in their Faux History Lessons. Bushy's entire Economy rise was built on SCAM BANKING Derivatives, Crude Oil Manipulation, and Wars for Profits. Clearly that has come tumbling down as we have the Worst Economy since the Great Depression./"Protocols of Elders of Zion..." fantasy?/ They are a bit offensive in only that they are preoccupied with the end times. Hypocritical, corrupt human beings run churches. ALL OF THE THEM. one I go to is quick to point this out. Basically man gets in the way of God's message in innumerable ways because we are humans. /all to some degree or another twist the message of God somehow. It really depends on how much twisting you personally are comfortable with. /Jesse Ventura (and Alfred Webre) on BP Gulf oil spill false flag operation.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWVQvVSeRdA/ /. /The small gains thatwere recently made in Dodd-Frank financial regulation, are now underattack by the new majority in congress. The GOP has pledged to eitherroll back entire provisions of the bill or do what they can to make thelaw unenforceable. Here's a quick look at two of the Republican leaderswho will be leading the effort to "defang" Fin-Reg:*/TheMicroEffect.com The latest have shown Ghost Troop anticipating theHouston and Chicago mail-bomb false flag fiascoes of October. Things crestedrecently when we anticipated the Portland Plot by three days (thereby perhapsdisarming an armed bombing on Black Friday). The article title wasn't intendedto be subtle: Special JFK Day update (Portland Nuclear Inquest)./ /WikiLeaks famous is being heldin solitary confinement 23 hours a day in Quantico, Va., without a pillow orblankets, according to areport /A pro-WikiLeaks hacker has told Sky News an internetinsurgent group will keep attacking those companies who target thewhistleblowing website./Defense Intelligence Agency officer whose Afghan memoir was belatedlycensored by the Pentagon filed a lawsuit on Tuesday seeking to have thebook’s full text restored in future printings. In September, the DefenseDepartment spent $47,300 to purchase and destroy the entire first printingof "Operation Dark Heart" by Anthony A. Shaffer, asserting that it containedclassified information. ...Unredacted advance copies of the book, among afew dozen distributed by St. Martin’s Press before the Pentagon’sintervention, are still for sale on eBay for $1,995 to $4,995./Italian court upped the sentences for 23 CIA agentsconvictedin absentia of abducting an Egyptian imam in one of the biggest casesagainst the US "extraordinary rendition" programme. The 23 CIA agents,originally sentenced in November 2009 to five to eight years in prison, hadtheir sentences increased to seven to nine years on appeal/Al Qaeda is planning U.S., Europe attacks forholidays* /* --'Someone spotted some lights that were was blinking in a trash can.'* 15Dev 2010 Authorities shut down the subway station at the Pentagon anddiverted hundreds of passengers in frigid temperatures early Wednesday whileinvestigating a suspicious object that turned out to be a blinking Christmasornament./25-year-old Arlington County man was arrested afterthreatening on his Facebook page to use explosives in the Washington area,writing that he could put pipe bombs on Metro cars or in Georgetown at rushhour,/*CIA report undermines Obama's upbeat assessment of Afghanwar*/*'US, UK behind Chabahar terrorattack'*/The head of Nigeria's anti-corruption body saysthe country has charged former vice president [sic] Dick Cheney with briberyto send a message: "Nobody is above the laws of the land./*Nigeria: Government Drops Charges Against Cheney,Halliburton** --Halliburton agreed to pay about N20 billion as criminal penalty, whilepromising to liaise with US govt to recover outstanding $132 million,currently frozen in Switzerland* /Evelyn Rothschild's grandson, who abandoned the family to be a Mormon. Chamish said he learned that just seven families are enjoying the 'fruits of the war'. The grandson had said of the Rothschilds: 'They created Israel as their personal toy. It makes them richer and gives them more control. It's not going to be destroyed.'/The Hitler regime was funded by Illuminati-Rothschild agents like the Rockefellers, Harrimans and Prescott Bush, grandfather of the idiot president. that blamed Hezbollah for everything, supported the mass murder of civilians, sorry 'Israel's right to defend itself', and showing no desire to secure a ceasefire, are typical of how Israel controls the US government through the Illuminati network. So is the mantra of 'Iran and Syria are to blame'. These are both on the Illuminati hit list and they need an excuse to target them./A photograph released by the Israeli army shows an Israeli navy vessel shelling a beach in the northern Gaza Strip on June 9th 2006Huda Ghalya screaming alongside the body of her father after the Israeli attack. Huda lost seven members of her family - across three generations - on that Gaza beach. Here's the video if you can stomach it. The Israeli government will have no problem - http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article13593.htm. And Israel has the nerve to talk about the terrorism of others./What a way to bring up your children ... Israeli kids writing messages on the bombs waiting to be fired at Lebanese civilians and children just like them.. But then God is on their side .../There is no path to peace. Peace is the path' - Mahatma Gandhi, David Icke's NewsletterArticle from: http://www.davidicke.com/content/view/2346/47/ . /just because jews are committing genocide on Palestine, run corp media, steal passports for false flag ops, murder peace activists in cold blood, have nukes with no sanctions, arrange organ trafficking syndicate ...BiasBias - http://bias.cimpago.com/AIPAC spy scandal turned sordid last week, with the pro-Israeli lobby releasing its deposition of fired official Steven J. Rosen in which he confesses he engaged in extra-marital sex and watched @#$%ography on his office computer.Rosen had received "over $1 million in gifts or severance or payments of benefits between '05 and '09." Rosen detailed gifts that amounted to $670,000.http://blog.washingtonpost.com/spy-talk/...controversial proposal by officials at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives calls for a measure strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association: requiring gun dealers to report multiple sales of rifles and shotguns to ATF.Meanwhile, drug cartels support the NRA...and the slaughter of continues./Boehner enlisted in the United States Navy but was discharged honorably after eight weeks, because of a bad back..1977, Boehner accepted a position with Nucite Sales, a small sales business in the packaging and plastics industry. He was steadily promoted and eventually became president of the firm, resigning in 1990 when he was elected to Congress. maintains especially tight ties with a circle of lobbyists and former aides representing some of the nation’s biggest businesses, including Goldman Sachs, Google, Citigroup, R.J. Reynolds, MillerCoors and UPS." Obama mentioned Boehner by name nine times[33] and accused him of believing that police, firefighters, and teachers were jobs "not worth saving./this year, he voted against providing money to take care of our fellow citizens who became ill while doing rescue and reclamation work at ground zero after the terrorist attack.Twice./P.J. Crowley stressed that the U.S. has no involvement in Sweden's case. He said of Assange's release, "Perhaps that will put the conspiracy theories to bed once and for all." Air Force is blocking computer access to The New York Times and other media sites that published sensitive diplomatic documents released by the Internet site WikiLeaks/an opportune moment for David, all but one of Saul's heirs are assasinated. And David claims Saul's throne. Coincidence? Maybe, but I don't think so./Ever notice how not much was said about the devil until the Romans Catholics made claim to the meantions in order to get rid of a revival church and an entire sex/gender by making reference to devil, evil, and witches?/ /
121510/1951, CIA agent William Colby, based at the CIA station in Stockholm,supported the training of stay-behind armies in neutral Sweden. (Sweden)Since then the CIA and its friends have been very active in Sweden.aangirfan.blogspot.com/This NOTICE is intended to provide fair disclosure of my rights and my intention to enforce them. I will not brook impairment of travel, due process, liberty or freedom, nor unreasonable searches. Since I may feel threatened for my life by invasive searches and radiation exposure, I will use all lawful means to protect myself and to hold violators personally responsible. If you believe you are legally immune – think again. There is a doctrine of law that no one can grant authority to commit a crime against another. Please consult the Constitution for further information as to the limits of your authority. I do not grant consent or jurisdiction to the United States Federal corporation. Nothing I do or say can be interpreted as the contrary. That I am able to make sure my rights will not violated or limited in any form or that at least violators will suffer the full consequence of the law, see my newest book: The Only Answer to Tyranny at www.theonlyanswertotyranny.com and www.drleonardcoldwell.com /He seemed like Superman, able to guide jumbo jets through perilous skies and tiny tubes through blocked arteries. As a cardiologist and United Airlines captain, William Hamman taught doctors and pilots ways to keep hearts and planes from crashing.He shared millions in grants, had university and hospital posts, and bragged of work for prestigious medical groups. An Associated Press story featured him leading a teamwork training session at an American College of Cardiology convention last spring. turns out Hamman isn't a cardiologist or even a doctor. The AP found he had no medical residency, fellowship, doctoral degree or the 15 years of clinical experience he claimed. He attended medical school for a few years but withdrew and didn't graduate.more at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40633530/ Jim Boswell suppression incident - electromagnetic power generator*** COPY THIS INFORMATION AND SAVE IT TO ANOTHER LOCATION ONLINE ASAP!!! *** Jim Boswell has been a target of suppression in recent weeks (March-April 2009 timeframe). Since articles were posted online several weeks ago discussing Jim's advanced energy technologies, Jim has experienced the following: * Jim has received multiple death threats over thephone. * Jim received a hard copy death threat - placed on the windshield of his vehicle. * Unmarked vehicles have been parked outside Jim's house at night on several occasions. Whenever Jim walks outside to confront the person(s), the vehicles quickly drive away. * Two uninvited men interrupted a meeting in Texas between Jim and a prospective investor, one of which claimed he was former NSA, using a fake name to identify himself. After one of the men briefly walked out of the room to make a phone call, this man walked back into the room and mentioned information that could only have been known by someone monitoring Jim's email/phone communications. * The morning after Jim posted a video on youtube demonstrating his technology, a man parked his personal vehicle outside Jim's house, placed a PG&E cone behind the vehicle, and was loitering around Jim's house and accessed Jim's home electrical box outside. Jim walked outside and confronted the man. The man immediately walked to his vehicle. Jim walked inside, grabbed his camcorder and recorded the man leaving. In one of the videos, the man can be seen holding a taser close to his leg. The license plates were recorded on the video. The local police department said the gentleman has a long list of convictions, to include being hired as a hit man. A private investigator identified the owner of the vehicle by name, and an internet search for the name brought up only one name on the Fresno area. This individual's mother was also listed on the registrationof the vehicle. She was murdered in 2006 according to online articles. This individual is considered very dangerous, so do not approach or contact him directly. For the videos, see http://tr.youtube.com/user/JimBoswell2008 or http://www.youtube.com/user/JimBoswell2008 * PG&E confirmed that no one was scheduled for an appointment to work on Jim's house electrical box on that day. The phone call is recorded. * Jim received a death threat on paper the night after the abovementioned incident stating: WE WARNED YOU! STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR INVENTIONS! YOU WILL NOT MANUFACTURE YOUR INVENTIONS OR THE NEXT TIME YOU ARE DEAD! Jim's phones are apparently monitored by an outside party with covert electronic surveillance capabilities, based on information conveyed in the threatening phone calls and from one of the two men who interrupted Jim's meeting with a prospective investor in TX. Jim can hear a click shortly after he begins a phone call. The measured voltage on his phone line increases from ~24V to ~40 volts when the click occurs, and the voltage returns to ~24V when another click is heard towards the end of his phone calls or when it is determined that he is talking about an unrelated topic that is not of interest to the monitoring party. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Based on other advanced energy researchers' experiences of suppression, the next likely event is vehicular assault, where someone will drive into Jim, run him off the road, try to hit him in a parking lot or on the street, etc., in order to stop him from continuing his work and public interactions, to ensure his technology does not make it out to the public. All of the abovementioned information can be confirmed upon request. Simply repost this information somewhere on the internet with a request to be contacted via email (anonymous email OK), and within a few days the search engines can be used to identify keyword phrases from this original post, and a message will be sent to the email posted along with this message. This information is intended to 'go viral', as a means of protecting Jim Boswell from future incidents, as local authorities and the FBI are not positioned to provide the protection necessary to ensure Jim's safety, so we must do it through the Internet - a million watt spotlight on these incidents will minimize the likelihood of future incidents. *** COPY THIS INFORMATION AND SAVE IT TO ANOTHER LOCATION ONLINE/the hypocrisy: Several Republican senators are now opposing the omnibus spending bill because they say it has too many earmarks—including their own. Senate Minority Mitch McConnell, for example, says he is “actively working to defeat” the bill, even though he has larded it with over $5 million in earmarks for Kentucky. Senato/
121410/Catholic nun with a reputation for gambling trips to Atlantic City was accused of embezzling more than $850,000 from a college where she oversaw the school's finances/piginsoc, You have proven yourself to be a disgusting drama junkie. Ihope you fade away...fall off the earth and disappear forever. STOP fu$%king up this board with your unbelievably idiotic posts. Some of usare dependent upon the advice of the well-meaning people here...youare nothing more than a horrifically disgusting distraction. PLEASE goaway. /defend myself from the pumpers. Your objection is???/Reuters) - Chase DeBlase and his sister Natalie endured cruelty and torture before their father John DeBlase allegedly murdered them and dumped their bodies/authorities on Thursday and Dutch police arrested a 16-year-old boy suspected in attacks on credit card sites of Visa and MasterCard. Putin questioned whether the U.S. Foreign Service was a "crystal clean source of information." /EPA administrator Christie Todd Whitman (R) cautioned Republicans against overreaching in the new Congress, noting that they're already "misinterpreting this election" by "standing up and saying `no' to everything."/TSA Policies To Be Reviewed After "Humiliating" Pat Down Of Indian Diplomat "Livid" Ambassador to United States vowed never to return to America/Father Harassed By CPS For Feeding Kids Organic Food /Massive anti-Israel protests across Scandinaviahttp://www.swedishwire.com/politics/4786-massive-anti-israel-protests-across-scandinavia//obama the gop house ni@@a/
121110/2009, Exxon Mobil, the most profitable corporation in history made $19 billion in profits and not only paid no federal income taxes but they got A REFUND OF $ 156 MILLION DOLLARS.../Today in 1972, Apollo 17 landed on the moon. Here's a historical photo of the crew with the moon rover: http://cot.ag/fDJrAn /http://beforeitsnews.com/story/301/167/Wikileaks,_the_US_secret_bunker,_the_Gulf_of_Aden_Vortex:_Contact_made.html /http://beforeitsnews.com/story/301/773/Busted_Wikileaks_Working_For_Israel.html Wikileaks has never had a document mentioning the 9/11 investigation, the controversy over the “9/12″ secret flight to Israel or the “dancing Israeli’s,” the 5 Mossad agents arrested on the George Washington bridge on 9/11 in a van with 2,000 pounds of explosives. This group, admittedly “documenting” the 9/11 attack for the Israeli government was kept in custody for 10 months and only released after diplomatic wrangling and a major lobbying effort. Gingrich, Assange and Murdoch have several things in common. All are avid Zionists. in an FCC complaint made by NBC. They contended that foreign ownership of Fox, Murdoch was not an American, was illegal. Murdoch then gave Gingrich $4.5 million through his publishing company, Harper Collins, to write a book. Murdoch had offered similar deals to Margaret Thatcher and other politicians where Murdoch had regulatory problems. This time, when Newt was found to be meeting with Murdoch’s lobbyists, it all blew up in his face and he was forced to give the money back. When it came down to “splainin’ time,” Newt and Murdoch denied it all, then it came out that they met secretly on a park bench. Then they claimed Murdoch’s agent, Lynn Chu and Gingrich’s “associate” Jeff Eisenach had cut the deal and forgot to tell them about it. Rupert Murdoch got to keep Fox News and the Neocons gained control of content, making Fox the unofficial voice of Israel, the Republican Party and the military/industrial complex./If Israel were to gain from this, what are they gaining - Mistrust in the Middle East? Obama was surely their's to pawn with but this whole leak business has left him with egg on his face so much so that he has withdrawn the recent offer of 35 F-20 Aircraft for the freeze on settlements. Oh well, why do we pontificate.... its all a fraud, a moneyed elite make us believe its their puppets who govern us - they are taking our civil liberties rather rapidly these days and the Wikileaks at least is highlighting that problem with the very undemocratic, uncapitalistic way the state department has pressured anyone having dealings with Wikileaks. Its a Shame the US didn't do that with Israel a long time ago./http://beforeitsnews.com/story/303/852/ UFO_may_have_crashed_in_the_Austrian_Alps.html / Putin said

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