Sunday, July 27, 2014

72714/Hawaii, Kenya?

72714/Hawaii, Kenya?-Bet the Republican dips are storming Google maps right now trying to find this place-Teaturds will do anything.-tea party map? They also think Canada is in the US because Crazy Cruz was born there-Ms. Operation American Spring I'm being held in a FEMA death camp. STole one of the guards iphones so this will be short. I have found someone who will help me escape but I need fifty thousand dollars. Please send me any money you can through paypal my account is under this name. I have to go I think Piers Morgan just saw me. Thank you and God bless you!-Republican Jesus ™ has a special place in his heart for America. Specifically, White America. Ask anyone who believes in a colorblind Jesus would even conceive of praying for the death of Obama? No, only those who follow Republican Jesus ™ would even think that such a prayer could, or should, be answered.
72614/We ALL Know That Putin Is An Infamous Homophobe. We All Know That The CDC Is A U.S. Military Agency! Who Could Possibly Want To Kill 100 AIDS Researchers Exposing The CDC?, Homophobes? yhal/there are going to be hundreds of thousands of Jewish traitors to execute, don’t forget. I don’t see how you can strap that many people in electric chairs and get the job done before they all die of old age; so it seems to me that mass gas chambers are going to be the only solution for the Communist traitor problem in America. the number of Jews in the world in 1939, before Ww2: 15,688,259; and the figures for the number living after WW2: 18,000,000. Now, if you take the number of Jews for after Ww2 and add the 6,000,000 you say were gassed, you get a total of 24,000,000, means that there would have to have been a 50 %increase in the Jewish population during a period of about five years. Even people as good at sex as the Jews couldn’t possibly reproduce that fast. So you see, the Jews’ own figures convict them as liars! Treason. Everybody not just Jews with suspicious records of pro communism, or treasonable Zionism, or any subversive attack on this country or its people, should be investigated and arrested and the evidence placed before a grand jury. If they’re indicted, they should be tried for treason, and if they’re convicted, they should be killed 21 Communist leaders convicted in judge Medina’s court, 19 were racial Jews. Of the so called second string Politburo Communist leaders rounded up, more than 90 per cent were racial Jews - PLAYBOY: Perhaps you didn’t know that the current Church movement toward disbelief in God originated among the Protestant clergy. In any case, Rabbi Wine’s convictions are a minority voice and could not in any way be said to represent those of the Jewish faith in general. Most Jews continue to believe in God, as set down in the Torah. ROCKWELL: Jews talk a lot about God. But actually their god, just like Marx said, is money. Cash! This is where the Jews fail, their lack of idealism. Most of them are strictly materialists at heart. Wherever the Jews have gone, they’ve moved into a friendly, unsuspecting country and promptly started to glut on its people and resources. They think they’re engaging in business, but actually what they’re doing is eating the country up alive. And when people begin to resent their viciousness and greed, and either kick the Jews out or kill them, they always scream Persecution! That’s not persecution. It’s self defense ROCKWELL Interview part one 66news4whites/ win one example of the Jewish power structure's war on dissidents who dare to speak out against the Zionist globalists whose ancient goal is to enslave the rest of Mankind
meg·a·lo·ma·ni·a greed for power: an excessive enjoyment in having power over other people and a craving for more of it. psychiatric disorder with delusions of power: a psychiatric disorder in which the patient experiences delusions of great power and importance-Daily Caller obtained an unreleased poll that says 59 percent of voters who are closely following the border surge agree that current administration policies and lack of focus on securing the border are behind the crisis. 33% political independents and Hispanics strongly blame the president. Six in 10 respondents say alien children should be ordered to leave the country- Whitey?- situation is being exaggerated by the Pharr Reight in hopes of raising Rick Perry's chances, like The W, is so dumb that he too would rubber stamp anything Wall St handed him. The Tea Baggers fall for Rick's tough guy attitude but like him they are too dumb to understand that the Wall St crowd will cut their own taxes, leave the middle class paying more, and blaming the increase on those lazy entitlement leeches. Those Tea Baggers are such SUCKERS aibafs/Look how child like Obama is by challenging them to bring it on; like a juvenile that doesn't get his way. He is itching to unleash a full compliment of slogans on the left and get them all ginned up against the Right. It will also KILL any chance the Republicans have for taking back the senate, which is MUCH more important turns every action of the GOP into a claim of obstructionism. Unfortunately, there is not a media savvy Republican, like Reagan was, that can counter the torrent of leftist sloganeering Obama is capable of delivering
72514/totally evil. Look! More than 336,000 Tennessee residents will split $10 million in refunds from health insurance companies-Republican lawmaker Bill Kramer used donor funds to pay an attorney $10,000 for his defense against sex assault accusations-ll/Funny, libbrains say the GOP has a War On everything, Words from someone with very little brain-the left is leading a war on our way of life-did you give me a thumbs down?- 11 proposed improvements in all, Each were defeated with zero Republican votes, basically, in an election year, Democrats forced Republicans to say they don't want to disclose conflict of interests in this case, costs to the taxpayers, whether lobbyists and outside companies have a financial stake in the outcome, and the contracts they made with outside counsel-go back to 1984) 16 years to pass some kind of health insurance law. W. did pass his Medicare law, but that was about adding prescription drug coverage for seniors; it didn’t insure any previously uninsured citizens. What the GOP did instead, of course, was to fight to stop the two Democratic attempts to insure more people, succeeding the first time, failing the second. tooth and nail hardly begins to describe the demented and nearly sociopathic reality of opposition to trying to make health insurance affordable for working-class people. Opposition to doing so has been one of the four grand accomplishments of the Republican Party of our time, which I would rank as follows, one scratched on each side of the obelisk: one, start disastrous wars and commit torture; two, make people despise the government; three, nearly cause a new Depression; and four, deny health insurance to as many people as possible, as aggressively and nastily as possible. It’s a grim record generally, and with regard to health care specifically, inarguably one that has promoted insalubriousness and suffering and, indeed, deaths that might have been avoided or delayed if people had had insurance yhal/as a 777 reference, Remember the london 2005 turror event known as the 777 attack? Well tomorrow is a 777 date in the eyes of the psychopath financiers and this was a clear warning that they have plans for tomorrow, only a few people will get to read this and pass it on, search for lagarde and occult to hear it in her own words, something massive is planned, good luck people 777 awaits!yc/bO in His CA fundraiser yesterday. Wants to stop U.S. companies with any merger with a foreign company. To him it does not matter if it would be beneficial to company or shareholders. He needs the money in taxes to fund His welfare parasites to keep their VOTES! This Obama person obviously never took Econ 101 and has made it clearly apparent. How incredibly challenged could a person be! All He knows is how to DESTROY an economy, doing a good job of it! We MUST remove this POTUS from any power come November. Just do it!-to pay $16.6 million to resolve U.S. sanctions violations- ybac/Planned Parenthood Nurse Gives Teen Advice on Sexual Role Playing-Solar Storm Two Years Ago Was Almost Catastrophic-Botched Execution in Arizona Reignites Debate-aca Battle Is Capitalism vs. Socialism O'Reilly:-Israel Travel Ban Politically Motivated?-Cruz This Is Most Anti Israel Admin We Have Ever Had-Kelly Why Did Palestinians Elect Hamas? fni/Black GOP staffer fired for fb complaint about opponent’s white privilege-Mi mayor: Giving atheists equal treatment like favoring the Nazis or the KKK-Second casino cancels Ted-Maddow goldmine for the Democrats-CA hate crime suspect who ripped hijab from Iraqi woman’s head and choked her-tx judge risks his political future by seeking to house 2,000 immigrant-FL man distracts cops with fake 911 murder call to get out of speeding ticket-Robertson: in the ‘old’ days Parents could kick out a pregnant stained woman-Navajo president calls beating deaths of homeless hate crime-War College probes plagiarism claims-Colbert slams conservative outrage over vulgarity of True Blood-Maryland men pose as father, son to lure her 14 on Instagram and repeatedly rape- Minnesota man guns down teen girl after she asks him to stop riding lawnmower in her yard-GOP wants Americans to fight government tyranny with bazookas-open call for ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from an Israeli deputy speaker-Alabama man sues hospital he claims amputated penis instead of circumcising it-thanx b0-Mormon feminist tells elders: Do the right thing and reinstate me-Idaho teen held in Gitmo like conditions as he awaits trial for killing father, brother: ACLU-rsy/racehorse owned by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has tested positive for morphine, a banned substance on race days in the United Kingdom, British Horseracing Authority tests on five horses under the care of various trainers showed the presence of morphine in monarch's mare5, the horse will likely forfeit its second finish, as well as the prize money of 80,625 pounds ($137,671 aibafs/joan gets a good visit, bark inthe park levin, on imus/depth of intellect, pakman/ debunking snoops growing potato in vagina hoax, stephie finds soulmate in troll caller that waits 40 min knows mcstain is an idiot/
72414/not interested in your motives or intentions, or your political strategy. It's really just a moral issue, and nothing more. You think you have the right to initiate force and government aggression on peaceful people because you disagree with an activity their engaging in, Bottom line is you don't-WAR on women tells you all you need to know about liberals. It's not about a reasonable or intelligent conversation. It's a campaign slogan meant to demonize those liberals disagree with- more buzzwords, propaganda and sloganeering. Also known as politics-Ukrainian Prime Minister Announces Resignation ABC-fb/IDF needs you See and Participate in genocide first hand, Ban on flts for TLV lifted, Get your tkts now, Flights filling up fast- NATANYAHOU ASSASSINATED 187 CHILNDRENS IN GAZA. SHOULD HANG ygs/Hey left wing low info lib troll blogger, why are you even here posting all your garbage? Everyone knows obama is the worst prez in 70 years and by your rants, it confirms he only caters to clueless nuts like you-Why do the right wing jackasses use BACs message board to dump their sub human waste? Is their Klan chat room's litter box full?-There're numb between the ears, they can't find their way to the Obama yo Mama board. They are not smart enough to trade, so all they do is talk about politics. I would like to say it in a way they could understand, but yahoo would censor it- just heard that they think the Algerian plane ran out of gas. Tanzanian airport that stated; Pilots must be 18 years old. I hope that isn't the criteria used in Algeria, but running out of gas has to be a huge fundamental error-It's simple BAC is a target of Obama and Holder. They support conservative principals, lib left troll blogger is like a gnat, doesn't realize we just laugh at it. I have them all on IGNORE, but do look at their dribble as amusement from time to time. You have to feel a little sorry for it though. It lives on welfare and is too lazy to support itself, yet hates the very earners that pay for it's sorry existence. It finds the place where it's dribble is the most irritating in it's own mind. It votes Democrap (if it can even vote) just to get a free ride-more democrap corruption on medication and was dealing with the stress of a fellow veteran's recent suicide, blamed on PTSD, Walsh of Montana his failure to attribute conclusions and verbatim passages lifted from other scholars work in his thesis to earn a master's degree from the U.S. Army War College was an unintentional mistake caused in part by post traumatic stress disorder. the second potentially damaging issue raised this year involving the Democrat's 33yr military career, I don't want to blame my mistake from his service Iraq PTSD, but I do want to say it may have been a factor, My head was not in a place very conducive to a classroom and an academic environment, The apparent plagiarism first reported by The New York Times a cornerstone of his campaign to keep the seat he was appointed to, when Max Baucus resigned to become U.S. ambassador to China. National Democrats 100 percent behind Walsh in his campaign against Republican Daines-The guy Boehner babbling clod, is now the overall most unpopular leader, only 26% think hes doing a good job, hes unpopular with EVERYONE whos not, AND some right wingers-45 years ago tonight the wake for Mary Jo Kopechne was held did ted kenedy stay sober thtnight?-Those who knew Him advise He was a foul mouthed, drunken lecher of a person. Saw Teddy at a dinner function in NY, seated at a table not Teddy's wife using incredible profanity, and loudly. Lastly, Ted had a lot to do with Obama's nomination. That about says it all-Was there a crime? GW Bush got 4000+ Americans killed in Iraq for NOTHING. Perhaps you should reassess your priorities-Yes, in Law there were 2 crimes . Drunk driving wherein a person is killed is referred to as negligent homicide. A felony. failure to report same in a timely manner is also a felony if a person is killed. The rich man used His wealth to buy off the parents-It wasn't for nothing, and Iraq was in good shape at the end of Bush's term. Then Obama abandoned Iraq. Obama made it all for nothing. The Iraq government begged Obama for help against ISIS and Obama refused. If Obama had intervened when requested, ISIS would not be a threat today-LBJ lied and 58300 Americans died. So what is your point- almost half were under Nixon's watch- scuba dived Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne and then paid off her family to keep them quiet-Again. What was the crime? Other than leaving the scene to which he pled guilty- Nixon handled Vietnam SO much better-At least those 4000 were volunteers. LBJ (D) got over 60,000 killed in Viet Nam many of whom were drafted. If your parents could afford college for you then you got a deferment but if you were poor you were expendable-he killed jfk Demacraps have Killed and Hurt this Country more than you will ever see. Someday all this will come out ybac/Manned Moon landing has never happen, judging from common sense, I understand the programming that we all had been subject to. I know that it is hard. It took me about two years to fully process this notion in my mind, There is a guy who actually went to the space museums in DC and TX, and tool measures of the command module and lunar module on display. He concluded that what was shown on TV was impossible for the astronauts to perform in those modules on display. Check out youtube for his video, I exam only the probability. From 1959 to 1967, NASA sent more than 40 robotic probes to the Moon, most of them failed until 1966. Manned mission is arguable many times more complicated than unmanned ones. What is the probability of a manned mission to be successful on its first try?- It did happen. And to some of your other post, it was in 1969. There was no such thing as computers. It was built with slide rules and mechanical controls. Some computers existed, but only mainframes. Humans were the only way to operate those machines. The moon race was more of a military operation than civil. It was a major weapon against the USSR in the cold war. You sound young and don't know the pride and ambition of Americans in those days. Don't judge the greatest generation and America of that era based on the temperature of America today. Those Astronauts would have gladly given their lives in that program if the landing failed. Millennials today could even begin to accomplish what we older Americans did in those days. Before you succumb to your common sense, I suggest you visit the museums in Washington's Smithsonian and the space center in Florida.yc/ Walmart head of the US division William Simon steps down effective immediately aol/not an accident the jet was blown out of the sky, Biden in Detroit-Santorum Considering Another Run-Bachmann There's A Chance I Could Run ll/ Doctor Explains How Scorpion Venom Could Help Fight Cancer-Veteran Gets Locked Inside VA Facility While Waiting-O'Reilly: Americans Concerned With Wallets & Personal Lives, Not Events Overseas-Kelly: Top Marine Voices Rare Criticism Over Iraq-Levin: I Would Like to Educate Jon Stewart & His Clapping Seal Audience-Barrasso: New Ruling May Be Crippling Blow to ObamaCare fni/True Blood troll succeeds Sarah takes the bait-during brutal rape at his mansion: Memphis businessman forced woman to eat feces-refugee kids worse than anything that al Qaeda could blow up-Montana’s top court suspends judge who blamed girl 14 for being raped- Fox outraged Texas 911 operators forced to help dying non English speakers- deGrasse Tyson: before Congress will opt to protect the planet US must sink lower-Border agents hold Iowa Boy Scouts at gunpoint for taking a picture- Stewart hammers McCain: Let’s see who’s been absolutely wrong more often-group harasses Unitarian church’s moment of silence for dead member- Gohmert: Israel’s invasion of Gaza means it is time to bomb Iran-CA security guard posing as cop forcing Central American men into sex acts- ND woman accidentally shoots herself while trying to scare off intruder-Gambler left wheelchair bound mom 98 in hot truck-Kansas man charged with murder after kidnapped girl 5 dies in police chase-US renews ban potentially hazardous situation flights to Israel rsy/Austria Pro Palestinian protesters have disrupted a football match in Bischofshofen, Israeli players attacked during training thelocal/colmes returns imus/ wog winning?/ shit throwing planes down world gone crazy insane, black guy slapping dollar store toys out of childrens hands thanx bo, jackie researchers killed conspiracy,'s blowjob grabs censors by the balls, issa assisms unhinging jaw shutting down investigators, stephanie/728 vs 32 gaza death toll, kcwabc/
72314/war implies some equality in combat, Gaza is a massacre by one of the world's most powerful armies, abetted by the silence of western nations fb/ Shameless rats, planned and executed by Netanyahu Fearing the Unity, In the kidnap and murder of 3 teens, NEVER found any evidence of Hamas involvement, used to blame Hamas, attack Gaza ybac/Protesters converge on Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s fundraiser with private prison CEO-Operation Normandy with 3,500 volunteers on the border-Cruz bares fangs at misogynist True Blood episode mocking him-Congress is officially less popular than the worst Star Wars character- TN R admits he can’t prove his anti Muslim smears against Democratic rival-Bible says no trans people in church so they shouldn’t use bathrooms either-Looks like Poopy pants Ted lashes out at unclean vermin after Idaho Native American tribe cancels his concert, cranky again, Someone needs to let the right wing loons know he needs his diapers changed rsy/ISIL may have changed its name, but that it's still al Qaeda. In fact, it is worse than al Qaeda, also has its eye on b0, threatening We're coming for you, Barack Obama, The terrorist group is now in possession of as many as 52 M198 howitzers, The Hill reported- Sunni terrorists have told Christians they must convert to Islam or die by the sword-anti gay anti immigration barack obama batshit crazy border chris mcdaniel contraception gay gun guns hamas Hobby Lobby idiot idiots illegal immigrants Impeach Iraq Iraq War Israel media mississippi north carolina NSA Obama Derangement Syndrome obamacare Palestine police poll polls racism religion Russia sarah palin SCOTUS sex tea party television texas Thad Cochran ukraine War on Women wtf- Trey Gowdy would be appalled if this money were spend on, say, welfare recipients. But if it’s to try to get President Obama on something, that’s a different story. The House could spend up to $3.3 million in taxpayer dollars over seven months on a special committee-ll/ iman74/600 vs 29 shooting fish in a barrel protecting itself, stephie/ white flag attack, geraldo quells the warmongers complaining about ukraine rebels/savage sez atheist are taking over/
72214/An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind, Said Gandhi, and Israel Is Losing Its Sight in Gaza- There is no exclusivity to victimhood- True Blood Cruz Fundraiser at Bush Library Driving Wingnuts Crazy cnl-Eight Key Questions That Will Decide Control of the Senate PBS-Nancy Pelosi Supports Jump Start for Middle-Class Women Colbert- Twenty Million Americans Get Insurance Under Obamacare-Blood on American Hands- Indiscriminate Bombing in Gaza Pushes Death Toll Beyond 500-Truthout/20 more victims today, of them 8 women, 1 pregnant fb

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