Monday, March 11, 2013

31113/bama profits, Nothing else matters, No matter the cost

31113/Brownback’s tax plan the “poorest 20% of Kansas taxpayers would
have to pay an additional 0.2% more of their income in taxes each year,
or an average increase of $22; the middle 20% would pay 0.2% less of
their income in taxes each year, or an average cut of $104, and the
richest 1% of Kansans, those with an average income of over $1 million,
would save an average of $6,528 a year.” had implemented his current tax
wish list in 2012, that state would have lost nearly $340 million in
revenue- bama took 41% of the vote and he didn't campaign in Texas once
in the entire election season. Thats about a 1,200,000 vote difference.
There were an estimated 4 million hispanics who didn't vote and if they
had voted according to the national 70/30 hispanic split, Barack Obama
would have taken Texas-texas takes less, particularly for women's'
health. Go Texas Taiban! Secede Now!-people do not choose where to locate
a business based on taxes, A business chooses to locate where there is an
educated workforce and an infrastructure that allows them to move
products. Of course republicans have no interest in evidence-california
pays more taxes then all red-states combined... fact is cutting taxes in
red-states makes the federal government give them more moneym there is no
economy in red-states other then big-gooberment and subsidies welfare
rats the lot of them all red-states should only get back what they pay in
federal taxes no a penny more blue states have been paying for red-states
since reconstruction... all red-staters every last person who lives in a
red-state is nothing more then a lying cheap a(ss) loser who spends other
states money while telling them how to spend the rest of their money-the
state where preachers shoot and kill doctors providing abortion services.
This is the state with a "church" that pickets and abuses gays and
lesbians. This is a state that practically forces Christianity in your
face. This is a state full of intolerant biggots-mentally challenged
republican states are completely funded by big government contracts and
subsidies, plus welfare there is no econony in red-states period-Walker
of Wisconsin said 2 years ago that cutting taxes and a pro growth policy
and following the red state model would create 250,000 jobs in 4 years.
Two years into the plan, the state actually lost about 10,000 jobs, I
expect to hear the same excuses that Gov. Walker is already starting to
us-y/Looking Back on 40 Years of Marijuana Prohibition AlterNet/ I Got
Rich Through peoples Hard Work. Sphotos/ Inside an Arizona Drug Smuggling
Gang Phoenix New Times/ nome dislikes liberals bashing the pope and
church, on geraldo
31013/Jack Lew, Citigroup and the Ugland Truth Ugland House is
a five-story office building on Grand Cayman Island that shelters 18,857
corporations, about half of which have billing addresses back in the
States Michael Winship-Fat Cat" Laws Approved in Europe to Curb Excessive
Corporate Pay-CorpWatch/ Ten Years Ago, the Truth About Iraqi WMDs Was
Published, Ignored-far/ Massive Erupting Sunspot May Foreshadow Cycle of
Solar Hibernation but North America is Unprepared for Resulting Global
Cooling Say Friends of Science, Swept away by global warming climate
change hysteria, governments are not ready for crop failures and shorter
growing seasons of global cooling, foreshadowed by low solar activity.
Though NASA is currently reporting a massive sunspot, solar cycle 24, our
current phase, has been half as active as previous cycles suggesting
another imminent Little Ice Age that could devastate food production for
decades PRWeb-when did this #$%$ start being included in science news? 30
papers out of 200,000 oppose th Human Caused Global Warming theory. Yet
somehow these frauds get the airtime!-according to your scales any study
on the 30 side is bunk and only the 200,000 side could possibly be
correct? Man bites dog is news, but dog bites man isn't, the 200,000 side
is sponsored by the news and the 30 side isn't. You such a chump- fos
discredited oil lobby Wiki-y/An Unrepresentative Democracy America isn’t
nearly as conservative as our lawmakers think.trouble is that a brand
alone is limited. It cannot on its own sustain such a radical notion as
self-governance, especially at a moment when our representatives are so
increasingly ignorant of, and hostile to, public will. If such ignorance
and hostility continues, republican democracy will almost certainly
become just a meaningless slogan, inthesetimes David Sirota/bank
compensation up-Mary Matalin's "Parasite" speech to hear the evidence of
how extremely Republicans hate the poor-Between the Banks and the
Financial sector, The Health Care industry and the Pharmaceutical giants,
I think Western Society is pretty much doomed, nothing, will convince
them to conduct themselves ethically and responsibly, because that would
get in the way of sacred profits. Nothing else matters, and why should
it? This is all human existence is about: accumulation of wealth. No
matter the cost. Besides, they own the Government and legal process in
all of these States. Who's going to stop them?-y/ jebbie comeback at the
reagan library, joe drone bellyaches, wont do the harlem mcconnel shake,
pauls filibuster draws fire tyranny of the majority, tulsi gabbard,
coburn washington dysfunction, in a dysfunctional way, agreeing to spend,
without paying for it,  mtpnbc/dick dismisses honor for torture excuse
3913/New Type of Bacteria Reportedly Found in Buried Antarctic Lake-Be
careful that you don't bring up something bad that we have no immunity
to-Is there anything we are actually immune to? i still get a cold or the
flu at least once a year,granted been lucky in avoiding any flesh eating
bacteria but i'm sure i'm not immune to that either- Considering how
science has perverted things in the last hundred years it´s more likely
that the are bring up the cure-I love how "scientists" get off over
bacteria 2. It hasn't been there for a million isn't that
old, theory? I came from an ape? Although our DNA does have many
similarities to an ape, we actually have a lot of the same DNA as a
banana. But that doesn't mean we evolved from a banana, does it?  well
established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of ACTUAL
FACT. Theories have nothing to do with TRUTH. They test the truth.     if
you read anything outside of the lies you like to read...maybe your
narrowmindness would be expanded. BUT you'd rather let someone else tell
you what you think, so you accept a scientists THEORY of how old the
earth is a true when he himself has no real proof of how old the earth
is? He's just guessing? and where the *&^( are you getting information
regarding ignorant peasants from? u must be a lib-I'd guess you're a
Christian, Entire libraries filled with evidence to the contrary are
simply no match for his little mythology book-I do hope these people are
taking every precaution with this stuff. As cold as it is where this was
found to be living, I'd say it's very difficult to kill.--Information
Technology and Innovation Foundation, a lobbying group, said
sequestration would leave the United States $511 billion behind in
research and development investment, compared with expected growth in
spending on research in China. CUTS, AND MORE CUTS, NIH will reduce its
budget by $1.5 billion, or 5 percent, according to estimates from the
Office of Management and Budget. The National Science Foundation (NSF)
stands to lose $290 million. NIHealth has said sequestration means it
will likely reduce funding for existing grants and it expects to make
fewer new awards in fiscal year 2013, beginning this fall. NSF said it
will absorb the cuts by awarding approximately 1,000 fewer grants in
fiscal year 2013, though it will not cut existing standard grants.
Exactly which grants might suffer is unclear. About three-fifths, or
$40.8 billion, of all university research funding in Fiscal Year 2011
came from the federal government, according to a recent National Center
for Science and Engineering Statistics survey. Money from states,
localities, foundations, individuals, companies and other sources make up
the rest-jama has targeted certain employee groups to experience some
life altering pain, Thanks to all who voted this nasty basterd back in
office.-STop telling the truth,the Low information voters may hear you,
and you know how the Democrats will hate you for spreading truth around-
You are hereby forbidden to tell the truth! You might motivate someone to
think! Brain as a terrible thing to use, specificly when your motivation
is to generate fear-Reuters, please start your story with this line
before diving into the propoganda-what impact all this may have (if any)
on the pharms who rely on basic govt. funded research to fill their
development of new drugs, etc. Will new drug development slow down?-You
mean to tell me we pour millions of dollars into each of these
universities, yet tuition are at an all-time high? Perhaps these schools
wouldn't be in such dire straits if they learned a few budgeting
skills-pity for all the people hurt by the cuts. How about some pity for
people like me who have been taxed into oblivion to pay for all the
government bloat, and our poor children who will have to foot the bill
for an inept and incompetent congress that can't even add. The only
problem with sequestration is that it is an order of magnitude too small-
funding from NIH and NSF is earmarked for research only in almost all
cases. It can't be used to pay professors or other general university
expenses for undergrads (energy, IT, facilities, and maintenance costs,
etc). In most large universities the education and research sides of
things are completely different entities with separate funding- Romney's
idea PBS $300 million can that be used for scientific research instead-
It's called liberal welfare. Jobs for all the archeologists! You know the
modern liberals that criticize the evil rich but praise the achievements
of past civilizations that used slave or forced labor. If you think
government jobs are good, look at the history of the building of the
Great Wall of China. The building of the wall almost destroyed an empire.
It did provide lots of jobs-i am tired of subsidizing calls made by all
members of a family of welfare cheats- agenda driven back scratching in
it's highest form-screw curing cancer, we need more drones and more dems
sucking on the government teet!-get in line behind all those "porklard
repubs" to share in any access to funding, the "Pubs" live "higher on the
Hog than most Dems-They vote Democrap. The gang bangers, drugies, and
thugs are where the crime is and they vote for all the give away programs
you libretards love so much-You are a complete idiot if you believe that
druggies, thugs and gang bangers vote, having a hard time accepting the
fact that you uneducated morons are now the Minority in America?-all
about posturing for political reasons and nothing to do with what's good
for the country. you think these funded institutions run
efficiently, like our GOV does. What a damn joke, these people need to
step out into the real world and not be in there little protect
ideologies. these people are all living off the backs of the American
taxpayer the little elitist mentality, high price bozos running
things!-Obama is taking mmoney from those who work for it like the
researchers and just giving it to people who do nothing but collect. This
takes away from the available research money- Wrong, it's the current
anti-science of any kind attitude in this country! -The Smithsionian is a
liberal bastion and will be spared. The DOD Commissary Agency which
serves the troops will be eviscerated. Hiring freeze and reduction to 19
hours a week. When we all quit(heck we are only PT anyway! my commmissary
is experiencing these events and we are all looking frantically for a
job. I made second level interview for one and am waiting for the hire
notice or passover. The anxiety is palpable and there are 15 of us nearly
having nervous breakdowns-Trade you situations? Even living in your mom's
basement is preferrable to losing my job and home. Smokin dope and eating
your mom's cooking sound very nice about now. So please be quiet now, the
adults are talking--new study looking at 11,000 years of climate
temperatures shows the world in the middle of a dramatic U-turn, lurching
from near-record cooling to a heat spike, further evidence that modern
day global warming isn't natural, but the result of rising carbon dioxide
emissions that have rapidly grown since the Industrial Revolution began
roughly 250 years ago--    If Israel claims to be our biggest self
proclaimed ally where were they in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq ,
Afghanistan-Israel was told not to get involved in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Jolene you're not very bright are you?-Israel seems to talk the
talk of an ally but refuses to walk the walk I think the french are more
reliable than the Israelis-Israeli MOSSAD were DIRECTLY involved in the
INSIDE JOB of 9/11, staged flying dummies out of the WTC, hit the WTC &
SUBMARINE, in a FALSE FLAG OPERATION/deception blamed on 19 guys with
BOXCUTTERS( hahahhaha) to draw the USA into increased military presence
in the Middle East, do some research.... and maybe THINK for yourself,
since the 1950's-To show Bipartisanship will Obama bow as low to
Prime minister Netanyahu as he did to the King of Saudi Arabia?-Do you
remember the famous photo of GW slobbering all over the King of Saudi
Arabia? It's probably somewhere on the net. It's called diplomacy, my
dear. I'm not taking a cheap shot at Bush, only pointing out that you
have a double standard, all but kissing a Saudi Prince on the mouth. It
can be accessed by googling "flicker Bush kisses Saudi Prince." The photo
is hilarious to me because I'm not one to make a big deal over these
public gestures-Every country in the Middle East is milking Uncle Sam for
foreign aide $$$. If we just stopped sending $$$ to all these a-wholes,
Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Saudi, Syria, etc etc. they'd make peace with
each other in about 5 minutes. They know its crazy to crp in your own
house. They only do it now, cuz they know Uncle Sam's throwing Big Bucks
at them to lessen the white guilt, Stop paying em to hit each other y/
3813/Live long enough and you realize that politics is often extremely
contentious. The nastiness of past campaigns tends to fade away and only
good, rose-colored memories remain. I feel that Warren's comment about
constant campaigning was right on the money. I yearn for the days when
candidates were selected at the conventions and presidential campaigns
lasted for three or four months. Twenty-four months of campaigning is
cruel and unusual punishment. li/I want their definition of "Engaged in
Combat". I mean, after all, there IS a 'war on religion homosexuality
drugs guns...' I'd hate to be popping a vicoden for my bad knee, while
asking God "Why me?!", and cursing my doctor with a bad sexual reference,
and get taken out-The capitalist,imperialist model(of war, greed & excess
materialism) threatens to destroy life on this planet It's a system that
generates misery, poverty, death (among the oppressed),” Hugo Chavez-fb/
3713/Justin Bieber was 2 hours late, but his poor announcer was the one
to face the horde of ticked-off tweens coco/"Dad? Is that you?" exclaimed
a startled Mada, who did not recognize her father after not seeing him
for nearly a month. "His hair was big and his face was like this," she
said squeezing her cheeks in. "My mother told me he was traveling to
another country, but I knew he was in jail," Mada said. "We ran and
hugged each other very tight," said her father Zaidoun Zoabi, an
outspoken Syrian government critic. crammed into a small room, 21 square
meters (221 square feet) with 91 men, Zaidoun said he spent 26 days in a
regime detention facility, and was released looking like a "ghost." He
said his health deteriorated and he lost more than 18 kilos (40 pounds).
"Food is one piece of bread in the morning and then they give you three
olives. Every day we lose five to six people who die, One said: "Just
imagine, you cannot move for a single second for 24 hours", Keffah says
she was not physically tortured, but she endured what she says was worse.
Everyday Keffah would hear the sound of people being tortured outside her
door. "Whenever I'd hear a voice, I would think its Rami. So I would jump
on top of the sink in my cell and look through a small fenced opening,
She could not see much through it, but she was able to see men in their
underwear being beaten up. "Are you fasting you animal?" she watched as
they would then take the man to a tap and let him drink, but they would
continuously slap him, beat him up and curse him while he drank the
water. She would then hear the old man thanking them for giving him
water, Tears rolled down his cheeks as he realized his fellow detainee
was a young woman, before their release. The old man thanked the
investigator. "When he spoke I realized this was the same old man who
would beg for water. I remembered his voice," she said. As the
investigator gave the man his belongings, he apologized: "Sorry old man,
we apologize, we picked you up by mistake." Keffah said crying: "All
this! All he went through! And it was a mistake?- Rebels close in on key
Syrian airports- Syrian Kurds flee to Iraq--one video on CNN where the
rebels gunned down Syrian army prisoners begging for their lives-Silly
you, presenting both sides of an issue fair and balanced doesn't fit in
with peoples agendas-Welcome to corporate America. People don't want to
hear the truth. They want to hear what they want to hear-but CNN is on
side with Rebels/Terrorist in Syria who will someday wage a war
against/sabotage America/American interest-since you are giving your
opinion of CNN, give us your opinion of the terrorist Assad Al Alam TV,
Iran Press TV, and Hezbollah MANAR TV-CNN is an American media company
and they know it well that those guns pointing against Syrian Army and
civilian now will be pointed against American interest sooner or later.
But still they are supporting the campaign. Forget about those media
channel because they ain't American. Assad army won't invade American
soil but the terrorist fighting in Syria will someday soon. As history of
Sept 11" proves it all. Same terrorist attacked American Soil to whom
they supported to fight against Soviet troops in Afghanistan-Have you no
idea what Assad is systematically doing to the people of Syria? It is NOT
the same! shabiha armed men in civilian clothing who assault protesters
against Assad started off as racketeers and smugglers. But now, as
ultra-loyal enforcers of Syria's brutal regime. Long live the rebellion
aganst oppression and the fight against ignorance. It is easier to decide
that all are wrong than to stand up for what is right. Your argument is
the argument of cowards-why Guantonomo Bay is not refer to as Bush's
prisons? please not everyone here is dull-Maybe because Assad is now
considered a dictator, while Bush was never considered a dictator. Have
you perhaps thought that may be the reason why?-    I deplore racism and
fascism, and Islam has both attributes in spades. if you find my posts
bigoted then so be it- 15% of Syrians are christians- just like the
christian germans killing 6 million jews and 5 million orthodox
christians?-think about it for a moment. 11m humans killed in camps - do
you realize that is a lot of bodies/ash to bury? Almost 1.5x popn of all
boroughs of NYC - disposed of in a relatively small geographic areas in
Germany/Poland. I'm not aware of bonafide proof of artificial mountains
created either by bodies or displaced dirt-there are no FSA prisons, the
FSA does not take prisoners, they murder their prisoners by cutting off
their heads, or throwing them off buildings. I have seen all to much the
work of the FSA. I hope Assad blasts every one of you FSA and FSA
Islamist out of the middle east. He may be brutal and suck, but at least
Syria is stable and far more free than if the FSA ran the show. In order
to fight off psychos like you Islamists, you have to be even more crazy.
You Islamists hate Humanity, hate women and hate freedom. Your solution
to all of life's problems is to kill anyone who disagrees and turn every
region that you dominate into a violent oppressive nightmare-There's
nothing to see?- cnn/crackheads anonomus, bring ur own rock/ colostomized

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